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1832/01/23 Mary Ann Cavner ("Mary Ann Cavender"?, "Mary Cavner", “Mary A. Cavender” & "Mary Cavender"?) married William Parks in Portsea, Saint Marys Parish, Hampshire County, England (thus became “Mary Parks”).399
1832/04/08 Rosanna Cavender married Johnson Griffith in Pickaway County, Ohio.
1832/10/13 Betsey Cavinder ("Betsy Cavender"? & “Elizabeth Cavender”?) married Samuel Oiler in Gallia County, Ohio with George Payne performing the ceremony. 279

1832/10/15 Westley Cavender ("Westley Cavender & “Wesley Cavender”?") married Jane Grayham ("Jane Graham") in Miami County, Ohio. 282 & 314
1831-1832 Stephen Cavender paid property taxes in Williamson County, Tennessee, during each of these years. 122
1832-1833 Silas James Cavender joined Bethel Primitive Baptist Church which was formed July 17, 1824 in Graves County, Kentucky and he was ordained a minister at the church about 1843.86
1832/02/27 Land Grant No. 12140 was issued by the State of Tennessee to Stephen Cavender for 15 acres of land in Williamson County, Tennessee, adjacent to the 50 acres granted to him on June 14, 1826. The tract was surveyed June 21, 1832 and recorded January 13, 1834. 90
1832/04/02 Two deeds were executed by Stephen Cavender, as grantor, to Ezekiel Inman(?), as grantee.
1832/05/07 James Cavendar ("James Cavender") was living in Rowan County, North Carolina adjacent to George Greaver, William March, Elizabeth Nesbit, Jacob March (deceased), Norman Owens (deceased), Lawrence Roberts (deceased), and Asa Wyatt. 355
1832/07/29 James Cavendar ("James Cavender") was a witness to the will of Allen McDaniel in Rowan County, North Carolina. 355
1832/07/30 Ann Cavender married William Hopkins in Greene County, Ohio. 314
1832/07/31 Mrs. Amey Leggett Cavender ("Amy Leggett Cavender", apparently the daughter of Henry Cavender, married John Absalom ("John Absolem" & "John Absolam") in Princess Anne County, Virginia. This probably is the same marriage as the marriage of Mrs. Mary Cavender who married John Absolem ("John Absalom"? and thus became “Mary Absalom”) on July 31, 1832 in Lower Norfolk County (district?) of Princess Anne County, Virginia with Rev. George Norris (“George Morris”) performing the ceremony. 133 & 279
1832/09/04 John H. Cavender ("John Cavender" & “J.H. Cavender”) married Henrietta Royster in Granville County, North Carolina which is located just south of Lunenburg County, Virginia from which county Eudaley James Cavender ("James Cavender"), son of Hugh Cavender, migrated to Williamson County, Tennessee in either late 1805 or early 1806. Thomas Matthew was the bondsman and David Laws was the witness. 371
1832/11/07 Philip Cavender (“Phillip Cavender”) married Martha Ann Ryland (“Martha Ryland) on this date in New Castle County, Delaware. 269 & N.C. Cnty. Del. Vol.11, pp 177
1832 (1) A.S.A. Cavender was then living in Rutherford County, Tennessee.148

(2) Benjamin Cavender was then living in Grainger County, Tennessee.148

(3) Francis A. Cavender ("Francis Cavender" & “F.A. Cavender”) was then living in Newport, Coke County, Tennessee.148

(4) Henry Cavender was then living in Grainger County, Tennessee.148

(5) James Cavendor ("James Cavender"?) was then living in Williamson County, Tennessee.148

(6) James B. Cavender ("James Cavender", “J.B. Cavender” & “James Benjamin Cavender”?) was then living in Rutherford County, Tennessee.418

(7) Jarrott Cavender ("Jarrett Cavender"? & “Garrett Cavender”?) was then living in Hickman County, Tennessee.418

(8) John Cavender was then living in Franklin County, Tennessee.148

(9) John Cavender was then living in Greene County, Tennessee in 1832.148

(10) Jonas Cavender was then living in Smith County, Tennessee.148

(11) Thomas Cavender was then living in Giles County, Tennessee.148

(12) William Cavindor ("William Cavender"?) was then living in Williamson County, Tennessee.148
1832 Evelena Cavender, daughter of Henry Cavender and Elizabeth, was born about 1832, died on January 16, 1851 at the age of 19 years, and is buried in the Greenhill Cemetery near Brandywine Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware.Del. Archives, Dover, Del.

1833/03/11 Obediah Cavender ("Obadiah Cavender"?) bought 100 acres of land in Jasper County, Georgia from James R. McCorkle for $100. The land was known as Lot #62 and was adjacent to George Cavender. 359
1833/03/18 Obediah Cavender ("Obadiah Cavender"?) bought 120 acres of land in the 16th District of Jasper County, Georgia, formerly Baldwin County, from James R. McCorkle for $250. 359
1833/04/13 Thomas Cavender married Sarah Kirby in Saint Dunstan Parish, Stepney, England.399
1833/05/06 Date of the decease of Charles Cavender who was born in 1750 or 1756 in Ireland, served in the Revolutionary War in the New Hampshire, married Elanor Addison ("Elenore Addison"? & “Eleanor Addison”?) and died in Greenfield, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, at the age of 82. 265
Note that a Mrs. Hannah Cavender, who died September 29, 1834 at the age 42 in Antrim, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, is also listed as the wife of Charles Cavender. 326

1833/06/08 Robert Cavender married Isabel Boas in Jackson County, Indiana. He may be the son of the John Cavender who was born about 1788 and in 1820 was living in Jackson County, Indiana.337 & 418
1833/08/19 Frances Cavender married Elisha Baldwin on August 19, 1833, and lived in Rankin County, Mississippi.
1833 (1) Robert Cavender was born in New Hampshire and in 1850 was living in Madison County, Illinois. 310

(2) William B. Cavender ("William Cavender" & “W.B. Cavender”) was living on a 90 acre farm in Mill Creek in Williamson County, Tennessee, and he has 1 poll and 3 slaves. No William Cavender again appeared in Williamson County until 1840 when the name appeared in the 10th. District of Williamson County. 122

1833-1834 Tobert Cavender and Jane Cavender apparently of Franklin County, Indiana completed a property transaction during this time period in Shelby County, Indiana.
1834/01/07 Mary Cavener (“Mary Cavender”?) married George H. Shell (“George Shell”) in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.
1834/02/27 Mary E. Cavender (“M.E. Cavender”) married John Bolten (thus becoming “Mary Bolten” & “Mary Boltoen”“) in the First Methodist Episcopalian Church in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland.
1834/03/13 Sarah Cavender married Samuel Zelcut in Miami County, Ohio. 282
1834/03/30 Mary Cavender married Garland B. Bruce ("Garland Bruce" and thus became Mary Bruce”) in Miami County, Ohio. 282 & 314
1834/06/29 William Cavendar ("William Cavender"), son of William Cavendar ("William Cavender") and Elizabeth Cavendar ("Elizabeth Cavender"), was christened in Portsea, Saint Marys Parish, Hampshire County, England 170 or he was christened in Saint Marys, Portsea Parish, Hampshire County, England.439
1834/07/10 Mary Cavender of Princess Anne County, Virginia, widow of Henry Cavender, executed her Last Will and Testament naming her children: Susanah Cavender ("Susannah Cavender" then "Susanah Peatross", "Susanah Peatross", "Susannah Peatree" & "Susanah Peatree"), William E. Cavender ("William Cavender" & “W.E. Cavender”), Henry Cavender, Amy Leggett Absalom ("Amy Cavender", then "Amy Absalom" and possibly "Amy Leggett"), Rebecca Cavender (then "Rebecca Wicker"), Mary Cavender (then "Mary Robertson"), Nancy Cavender (then "Nancy Diggs"), and Margaret Cavender (then "Margaret Dunn"). Her Will was probated August 4, 1834. 91
1834/09/29 Mrs. Hannah (surname unknown) born in 1792 and who married a Charles Cavender, probably around 1810-1815, died at the age of 42 and is buried in Antrim, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. 326
1834/08/04 Mary Cavender's Will probated in Princess Anne County, Virginia.91
1834/10/04 James Cavender witnessed the sale from John Cornatzer, Sr. of Rowan County to John Cornatzer, Jr. of 100 acres of land in Davis County, North Carolina. 355
1834/10/12 James S. Cavender ("James Cavender" & “J.S. Cavender”), believed to be the son of Eudaley James Cavender and grandson of Hugh Cavender, first married Tincy Jackson in Williamson County, Tennessee, and John Hughes performed the ceremony and Henry W. Sweeney was the bondsman. On April 20, 1848 James S. Cavender married Nancy A. Underwood ("Nancy Underwood") and Patrick Cavender (“Patrick H. Cavender”? & “P.H. Cavender”?) was the bondsman and Rev. J. M. Burns performed the marriage ceremony. 76
1834/01/03 John Wesley Cavender (“John W. Cavender” & “John Cavinder”, "John Cavender" & “J.W. Cavender) was born on January 3, 1834 in Tennessee according the the 1860 census reports, both his father and his mother were born in Tennessee, first married Henrietta Beard of Ohio on July 6, 1848, and later married Susan E. Drake (“Susan Drake”) on June 5, 1884 in Davidson County, Tennessee following the death of his first wife on December 4, 1881. He died on July 16, 1904, and is buried in the Old City Cemetery in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Henrietta Beard was born either about 1832 in Tennessee according to the 1860 census or about 1832 in Ohio according to the 1870 census498or about 1831 in Ohio according to the 1880 census, died on December 4, 1881, and is buried with her husband.355 & 498 Susan Cavender died on October 23, 1907. It is said that they had 4 small children who died early in life.

According to the 1860 census, the John Wesley Cavender (“John W. Cavender”, “John Cavender” & “J.W. Cavender”) family was then living in Davidson County, Tennessee and then comprised himself, then listed as being age 36 and thus born about 1824, and his wife Henrietta Cavinder ("Henrietta Cavender") was then listed as being age 26 and thus born about 1834. His children at that particular point in time comprised:

Martha Cavinder ("Martha Cavender" & “Minnie Cavender”) age 11 and born about 1849;

Mary Tennessee Cavinder ("Mary Cavender", “M.T. Cavender” & “Mary Tennessee Cavender”) age 9, actually born December 25, 1850, and married Samuel John W. Dixon (“Samuel Dixon” & “John Dixon”) on December 22, 1870. Samuel Dixon was born December 25, 1870 Samuel Dixon and Mary Dixon had 5 children:

Lee Frank Dixon (“Lee Dixon”) born about 1871 in Triune, Tennessee, moved to Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee as a very small child, and is buried at the Mt. Olivet Cemetery;

Mary Etta Dixon (“Mary Dixon” & “Marietta Dixon”) born about 1872 near Triune, Tennessee, moved to Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee as a very small child, and is buried at the Mt. Olivet Cemetery;

Charles Henson Dixon (“Charles Dixon”) born about 1873 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, and is buried at the Mt. Olivet Cemetery;

Lula Jane Dixon (“Lula Dixon”) born about 1875 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, and is buried at the Mt. Olivet Cemetery; and,

Clara Dixon born about 1878 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, and is buried at the Mt. Olivet Cemetery;

Julia Cavinder ("Julia Cavender") age 7 and thus born about 1853;

John Cavinder ("John Cavender"?) age 5 and born about 1853; and,

William T. Cavinder ("William T. Cavender"?, “W.T. Cavender”? & “William Cavender”) age 2 born about 1858, and married Mary Ivey (“Mary Ivy”?) on May 3, 1880 in Davidson County, Tennessee.

According to the 1880 census report for Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, John Cavender and Henrietta Cavender also had a son named James Cavender born in Tennessee about 1870. (See 1880 cenuses for Tennessee.)

1834 (1) William C. Cavender ("William Cavender" & “W.C. Cavender”) was born in Illinois about 1834 and in 1850 was living in Pike County, Illinois. 310

(2) John W. Cavender ("John Cavender" & “J.W. Cavender”) was born in Ohio about 1834. In 1870, he was 36 years of age and then living in Barkley Township in Jasper County, Indiana with his wife, Nancy E. Cavender ("Nancy Cavender" & “N.E. Cavender”), age 36 and born in Ohio about 1834, and their children: Lucinda J. Cavender ("Lucinda Cavender", “L.J. Cavender” & "Lucy Cavender") age 12 and born in Ohio about 1858; Samuel Cavender age 9 and born in Indiana about 1861; John C. Cavender ("John Cavender", “John Charles Cavender”?, “J.C. Cavender” & “John Calvin Cavender”?) age 7 and born in Indiana about 1863; and, Eldridge Cavender age 2 and born in Indiana about 1868. 282 & 337

1835/03/09 Margaret Cavender was born on this date in Delaware, and married George Potter June 22, 1858 in Delaware, and who had been previously married. In the 1900 census for Delaware, Margaret Potter was listed as a widow even though her former husband was apparently still alive, and was then living with her daughter Sarah Potter George ("Sarah George"), wife of John George. Margaret Potter is buried with George Potter and her daughter Annie in Fredrick, Delaware. George Potter was born about 1819 and died November 5, 1905. George Potter and Margaret Potter had the following children:

Benjamin Potter born about 1859;

Anna A. Potter ("Anna Potter" & "Annie Potter") born about 1860 and died about 1875;

Sarah R. Potter ("Sarah Potter", "Sally Potter" & "Sallie Potter") born about 1863 and married John George;

Thomas G. Potter ("Thomas Potter") born about 1866; and,

Charles G. Potter ("Charles Potter") born about 1869. A John Potter family was listed in the 1800 census report for Sussex County, Delaware as comprising 1 male and 1 female under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-26, 1 male and 1 female 26-45, and 1 female over 45.279

1835/03/11 James Cavender married Nancy Tiney (“Nancy Tiner” & “Nancy Tinly”) in Pope County, Illinois. 355

1835/05/14 George Mendenhall sold a unspecified piece of land in Craven County, North Carolina to Elizabeth Cavender and Hubbard G. Peters ("Hubbard Peters" & “Hubbard J. Pebbles”?). Joseph Howe was a witness to the sale of the land, and apparently he was also the witness to the marriage of Obediah Cavender ("Obadiah Cavender"?) and Cinthy McMellen (“Cynthia McMellen” & “Cynthia McMellon”?) on December 15, 1846. 355
1835/05/14 Elizabeth Cavender married Dr. George D. Mendenhall ("George Mendenhall") in Rowan County, North, Carolina. Hubbard J. Peebles ("Hubbard Peebles" & “Hubbard G. Peters) and Joseph Hewes ("Joseph Howes"?) were the witnesses and sureties.355, 371 & 374
1835/07/02 William Cavender was an heir of the estate of William Absalom ("William Absolam" & "William Absolom"?) in Princess Anne County, Virginia.

Also, in July 1835, William Cavender signed an affidavit that Edward Absalom was a soldier in the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment re Bounty Land Warrant No. 2357 for 100 acres. The heirs of Edward Absolam ("Edward Absalom" & "Edward Absolom"?) were: Edward Absolam; William Absolam; Henry Absolam ("Henry Absalom" & "Henry Absolom"?); William Face; Mary Gaskins (formerly Mary Absalom?, Mary Absolom?" & "Mary Absolam?"); and, Mary Cavender (formerly Mary Absalom?, Mary Absolom?" & "Mary Absolam?") 350, 355 & 441

1835/08/13 Nancy Cavander ("Nancy Cavender"?) married William Culpepper on this date in Henderson County, Kentucky.
1835/09/26 Liphey Cavender married Major Upton in Rowand County, North Carolina. Daniel Overs ("Daniel Owens"?) and William Holland were the securities and S. Chapman was the witness. 355
1835/09/xx Liza Cavender ("Lisa Cavender"?) married William Cumager in Gallia County, Ohio, with the cermony being performed by Rev. John White. 276
1835/11/12 Sally P. Cavender, ("Sally Cavender") believed to be the daughter of Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender") and grand daughter of Hugh Cavender, married Edward H. Trent ("Edward Trent") in Williamson County, Tennessee. William Anderson was the bondsman and the ceremony was conducted by Joel Anderson, minister of the Big Harpeth Baptist Church. On the same date, Mary McConnico married Spencer Buford by James King. 92 & 122
1835 (1) Silas Cavender was appointed the first minister to the newly formed Brush Creek Primitive Baptist Church.86

(2) Charles Cavender was then living in Troy Township, Perry County, Indiana.418

(3) Nancy Cavender was born in Kentucky about 1835, and married John Bates in Tennessee, probably Hickman County, Tennessee. They raised a rather large family in Perry County, Tennessee.
1836/02/03 Mary Cavender transferred land in Pike County, Illinois on February 3, 1836 and apparently the deed was also signed by her children: John Cavender, Mary Cavender, Richmond Cavender, Elizabeth Cavender, Charles Cavender, Clemeth Cavender and Joseph Cavender.Ill Land Records-Pike County
1836/02/27 Clemeth Cavender ("Clemith Cavender"?), son of Ezekiel Cavender who immigrated from England prior to 1770, of Hall County, Georgia sold land to Humphery Tarebutton of Cherokee County which is believed to have originally been a part of the Cherokee Indian Territory (or "Cherokee Nations" territory).297
1836/04/18 Obediah Cavender ("Obadiah Cavender"?) sold two 50 acre lots in Jasper County, Georgia to Robert M. Hardwick for $150. 359
1836/04/18 Obediah Cavender ("Obadiah Cavender"?) sold 120 acres of land in the 18th District of Jasper County, Georgia, known as Kinard's possession, to Robert M. Hardwick for $300. 359
1836/04/30 Sarah J. Cavender (“Sarah Cavender”) was born on this date, died on October 11, 1904, and is buried in the Hickory Grove Cemetery in Hickory Grove, Port Penn, Delaware.Del. Archives, Dover, Del.

1836/05/24 Obediah Cavender ("Obadiah Cavender"?) joined the Jasper County, Georgia State Militia as a First Sergeant during the Creek War. He served in the 38th. Regiment under Captain Davis Lane. 359
1836/08/26 Stephen Cavender of Williamson County, Tennessee, sells the last of his land to Isaac Jones. 122
1836/12/09 Samuel Cavender married Rebecca Knick in Miami County, Ohio. 282
1836/12/13 Silas Cavender ("Silas Cavander") was granted a Land Grant by the State of Kentucky for 160 acres of land in Range 9 of Graves County, Kentucky. 93 & 129
1836/12/18 Robert Cavender married Rebecca Cavender in Miami County, Ohio.282 &314
1836 (1) Charles Cavinder ("Charles Cavender"?) was then living in Independence County, Arizona.418

(2) Stephen Cavender was then living in the 6th District, Williamson County, Tennessee in 1836. He apparently moved out of the county in either late 1836 or early 1837.

(3) James S. Cavender ("James Cavender" & “J.S. Cavender”) paid poll taxes in the 10th District, Williamson County, Tennessee. In 1837, James S. Cavender (“J.S. Cavender”) was listed as James S. Cavender, Jr.122

(4) James Cavender was born in Illinois about 1836, and in 1850 was listed as then being age 15 and born about 1835 and was then living in Bloomfield Township, Davis County, Iowa in the household of his widowed mother Elizabeth Cavender who was then listed as being age 43 and thus born about 1807 in Ohio?, his sister Sarah Cavender age 22 and born about 1828 in Illinois, and his brother Joseph Cavender age 21 and born about 1829 in Iowa.310 Apparently, this is NOT the same James Cavendeer listed as being the son of the particular John Cavender (“John I. Cavender, “J.I. Cavender’, John C. Cavender” & “J.C. Cavender” who was born about 1807 in Kentucky, married Elizabeth Jones of Kentucky, and died about 1836 in Pike County, Illinois. Apparently, the second-named James Cavender became an orphan and was either adopted by or became under the guardianship of Abraham Jones, and who later apparently changed his name to James Carpenter. Apparently the Rebecca Cavender married Abram Jones ("Abraham Jones"?) on November 27, 1828 in Pike County, Illinois. Abraham Jones who apparently had a brother that was a captain of a steamship on the Mississippi River and with whom the second-named James Cavender lived when he ran away from home about 1846 because he did not get along with his step-father, Abraham Jones. Also, there is a good possibility that this Rebecca Cavender was the sister of the second-named James Cavender. In any event, the second-named James Cavender left home about 1846 and thus was not living in Pike County, Illinois in 1850.

(5) Joseph Cavender paid poll taxes in the 10th District, Williamson County, Tennessee.

1837/02/24 William Rook Cavender ("William Cavender"), son of William Cavender and Jane Cavender, was christened in Portsea, Saint Marys Parish, Hampshire County, England170 or he was christened in Saint Marys, Portsea Parish, Hampshire County, England.439
1837/04/29 Jesse Cox, a primitive Baptist preacher then living in Williamson County, Tennessee, recorded in his diary: "Today at Brother Siales' ("Silas Cavender"). The congregation not very large. I was unfeeling." 100
1837/05/01 James Cavendar ("James Cavender") of Davis County, North Carolina either sells to or purchases from William March two tracts of land of 93 acres and 109 acres on Crouses Mill Creek adjacent to William Bailey. The deeds were witnessed by James Smith and William Crouse. 355
1837/07/28 Betsy Caventer ("Betsy Cavender") married John Sherrin in Wake County, North Carolina. 371
1837/08/01 Stephen Cavender, son of Eudaley James Cavender (“Eudaley Cavender”) purchased 120 acres of land in Maury County, Tennessee. He later purchased 111 acres, a house and lot (and grocery store) in the town of Hampshire at Main and Jefferson Streets, a 200 acre tract of land, a house and lot next to the grocery store, and 84 acres of land, for a total of 515 acres. He apparently married Matilda Bryum (“Matilda Byrum”) in 1843.
1837/09/07 Benjamin Cavender married Mary Ann William ("Mary William" & "Mary Williams") in Montgomery County, Ohio.279
1837/09/12 John Cavender died. He was born 1760 in New Castle County, Delaware, moved to Pennsylvania and from there to Hamilton County, Ohio.14

1837/11/07 Sally Sammons ("Sarah Sammon") living in the household of Archibald Lytle of Williamson County, Tennessee, executed her Will naming her three daughters, Rebecca Roberts, Fanny Tatom and Elizabeth Cavender, wife of Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender"). Elizabeth Cavender's share was put in trust with Archibald Lytle for her benefit. The Will was witnessed by Gilbert Marshall and Elizabeth C. Lytle ("Elizabeth Lytle") and was probated prior to May of 1844 and Archibald Lytle requested that James C. Irvin ("James Irving") be substituted as the Administrator. 96 & 122

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