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This standard defines the minimum mandatory requirements for the design and installation of foam fire protection systems for atmospheric storage tanks. Section 8
also includes requirements for fixed foam systems that maybe used in a variety of facilities such as piers, wharves, sea islands (SAES-B-060), offshore platforms (SAES-B-009), and bulk plant truck loading racks and tank farms (SAES-B-070). Requirements for each type of atmospheric storage tank are summarized in Table 1 of SAES-B-019.
Exception: Where this standard is in conflict with specialized requirements for offshore platforms,
covered in SAES-B-009; for piers, wharves, sea islands, in SAES-B-060; and bulk plants/air
fueling operations, in SAES-B-070, those standards shall govern.
Conflicts and Deviations
Any conflict between this document and other applicable Mandatory Saudi Aramco Engineering Requirements (MSAERs), shall be addressed in writing to the EK&RD Coordinator. Any deviation from the requirements herein shall follow internal company procedure
SAEP-302, Waiver of a Mandatory Saudi Aramco Engineering Requirement.
All referenced specifications, standards, codes, forms, drawings, and similar material shall be considered part of this standard to the extent specified herein and shall be of the latest issue (including all revisions, addenda, and supplements) unless stated otherwise.
Saudi Aramco References
Saudi Aramco Engineering Procedures
SAEP-302 Waiver of a Mandatory Saudi Aramco Engineering Requirement
Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards
Fire/Blast Protection and Safety Requirements for Offshore Production Facilities
SAES-B-017 Fire Water Systems Design
SAES-B-019 Portable, Mobile, and Special Fixed Firefighting Equipment
SAES-B-054 Access, Egress, and Materials Handling for Plant Facilities
SAES-B-060 Fire Protection for Piers, Wharves, and Sea Islands
SAES-B-070 Fire and Safety Requirements for Bulk Plants, Air Fueling Terminals and Sulfur Handling Facilities
SAES-H-002 Internal and External Coatings for Pipelines and Piping

Document Responsibility Loss Prevention Standards Committee
SAES-B-018 Publish Date 13 February 2020 Next Revision 13 February 2025 Foam Systems Saudi Aramco 2020. All rights reserved
Page 4 of 14 Saudi Aramco Company General Use
SAES-L-132 Materials Selection for Pipelines, Piping and Process Equipment
Switchgear and Control Equipment
SAES-S-040 Saudi Aramco Water Systems

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