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How to Describe a Job in English?

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How to Describe a Job in English?

Full-Time or Part-Time

these expressions describe the length of time we will spend at our work either daily or weekly. We all hope to secure a full-time job but for some, a part-time job is all they can get or indeed it might be all that they want. Usually, if you have a part-time job you only work part of the working week. If you have a full-time job you work every day in the working week (usually Monday to Friday).


Johnny had been looking for a full-time job for six months after he left college. He finally accepted a job in his local enterprise centre which was initially only on a part-time basis, two days per week, but if he proved himself it might increase.

Full-time jobs can also be referred to as permanent (not so easy to be sacked or made redundant) and you usually have a contract of employment (legal document) which offers a lot of protection.

Part-time jobs on the other hand do not have this protection and are often referred to as temporary.

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