English Vocabulary About Employment

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Your job is difficult but in an enjoyable way. For example, the demands for results and the KPI’s (key performance indicators) are never easy to achieve, and they increase annually.


Martha worked in sales. She had the most successful area in her team. However, every year her targets increased and became more challenging. When the KPI’s were set she spent many weeks wondering whether she could achieve the new goals and the previous year was soon a distant memory (forgotten about).


A job that makes you feel satisfied. There are many ways in which you can define a job as rewarding. A rewarding job can be measured by the satisfaction you get in simply doing a good job. For example, saving someone’s pet if you work as a Vet, helping a student pass a difficult exam if you are a teacher or building a wonderful kitchen in someone’s home if you are a carpenter.


Ivan found his job very rewarding. He worked long hours but he took great pleasure from helping to cure an old woman’s sick dog and seeing the happiness in her face when her favourite pet was returned to her.


Every day you do the same things again and again, repeat the same tasks. None of us wants to use these words to describe our jobs but at times even the most rewarding of jobs have their boring days!

However, if the work is the same on a regular basis, then we can definitely describe it as repetitive and if there is no fun or excitement it will certainly be seen as dull (a very boring, depressing) and if this goes on for days weeks and months then the only word to describe it is mundane (very ordinary). But you know we have a saying “someone has to do it!” and it is true even the most repetitive, dull and mundane jobs have to be done by someone.


Your job is very exciting because it’s connected with fame and success. What might we describe as a glamorous job? In the past, air hostesses considered glamorous. Nowadays jobs that may now be considered glamorous might include fashion models, travel bloggers, famous YouTubers, influencers, beauty consultants and international sports stars such as golfers and tennis players. The glamorous part is reflected in the style of clothes they wear the cities they visit and the people they are surrounded by.


The life of a modern tennis star is a fast life of tennis tournaments in the worlds’ capital cities, living in the finest hotels and constantly in the public eye. However, while we might see it as all glamour and glitz (style) they may see it as repetitive and perhaps lonely (away from friends or family).
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