Enrollment Agreement for Joining Online Intermediate Japanese 2 (japn 2002)

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Enrollment Agreement for Joining Online Intermediate Japanese 2 (JAPN 2002)
Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to our online Japanese courses at Georgia Institute of Technology. Online language classes are very different from classroom-based language classes. The biggest challenge we face is the physical distance between students and the teacher. We utilize technology to overcome such distance and create a live classroom environment in which students and the teacher can interact virtually in real time through voice, screen sharing, images, text chat, etc. Virtual classroom experience is only one half of the entire learning experience in our online courses. The other half of our online courses consists of “asynchronous” learning in which students are expected to visit our Website on a regular basis and study the online materials without the presence of a teacher, complete homework and submit it on time according to the semester schedule. If there are questions and comments on these self-study materials, a teacher is standing by to answer questions from students sent via email, posted on the discussion board, or asked during the live classroom sessions. In order to have successful language learning experience, it is necessary for us to meet certain technical requirements, to keep the same schedule for the live classrooms, to be “on the same page” regarding expected live classroom behaviors, and to take responsibility in submitting homework in time, monitoring his/her own progress and taking the exams under a prearranged proctor. We also would like to remind you that you will be joining college courses and the requirements and expectations in college classes will apply. These requirements and expectations might be different from those of high school classes. Please read the following the section carefully. If you and your parents (or guardians) agree to accept all of the conditions described below, please sign the form on the last page, obtain other signatures and fax the last page of this form to your instructor (404-385-7335). If you cannot accept them, please withdraw from our online courses as soon as possible.
Technical Requirements:

  1. All technical requirements listed below must be met for this course. The details on how to reconfigure your computer are described on our Online Language Support site (http://japanese.gatech.edu/online/). If these technical requirements cannot be met, please withdraw from our courses as soon as possible.

  1. Operating System (with Admin privilege to install necessary software): Windows XP (Windows 2000 may work) or Macintosh OS X.

  2. Localize your computer to display and input in Japanese.

  3. Broadband Internet connection (DSL or higher)

  4. A sound card and speakers and a microphone headset

  5. A monitor that can display at 800 x 600 resolution at minimum (1024 x 768 preferred)

  6. Configure your Web browser. The latest versions of Internet Explorer available from Microsoft preferred for accessing WebCT Vista. (The course may also work with latest versions of FireFox or Mozilla). (Macintosh users need to use Safari to access Live Classroom.) This course may not work properly with unsupported browsers.

  7. Install Java (http://java.com) --- Windows users only. Java is preinstalled for Mac OS X users.

  8. Install virtual classroom software called “Live Classroom” (http://gatech.horizonwimba.com/).

  9. Install Quicktime (http://www.apple.com/quicktime).

  10. Install Flash Player (http://www.macromedia.com/)

  11. Install Adobe Reader (http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html) If Japanese fonts are not installed with your Adobe Reader, install a Japanese version of Adobe Reader.

  1. Any individual technical problem needs to be resolved in a timely manner prior to the live classroom sessions. It is students’ and students’ parents’ responsibility to resolve the technical problems by contacting support centers for either WebCT Vista or Live Classroom. (Instructors’ assistance with technical issues is limited.) Please visit the Online Language Support Center mentioned above for the links to receive these assistance.

  2. Unless the problem is system-wide, any individual technical problems will not be accepted as an excuse for missing course requirement (homework, live classroom sessions, exams, etc.).

  3. If technical problems occur during the live classroom sessions:

      1. If audio problems develop (not being able to hear or be heard) and cannot be corrected, students must immediately call a simulcast phone number and enter a PIN obtained in the Live Classroom to rejoin the live classroom session by using a regular telephone without relying on the audio functions of your computer. A long-distance call charge to N.Y. area will apply. (Live classroom session points between 5 and 10 will be given only when students participate orally. Chatting on a messaging board or just staying online with no response will receive 0 points for the live classroom session.)

      2. Stalling or claiming to have "audio difficulties" whenever you are unable to respond is not tolerated. If you cannot answer some questions, it is much more productive to say so and get help immediately instead of stalling or pretending to have audio problems.

Course Requirements:

  1. All students are expected to participate fully in the course (attending all live classroom sessions, submitting homework, taking tests and exams on time, etc.) and to keep up with the course schedule. Viewing recorded archives of missed live classrooms does not count as participation.

  2. The course content will not be changed or the teaching method will not be altered just because students had instructors who used different teaching methods in the past. (If you are in doubt as to whether or not you have sufficient knowledge and skills in Japanese that are prerequisite for the current course, please take a placement test prior to enrolling in the course.)

  3. Understand that our online courses are laid out as four-credit (or three-credit) college courses, and that all students (college students or otherwise) in the class will be treated equally. All students must complete all homework and exam requirements, and follow the schedule and syllabus including the grading policies. Negotiation for reduced course load will not be accepted. No late homework is accepted. No curving will be applied.

  4. Those who make a C (70%) or above in the final grade will pass the course and be allowed to advance to the next level.

  5. All homework is required to be submitted in time for the deadlines. No late submission is accepted.

  6. All quizzes, tests and exams must be taken according to the schedule. If you have predetermined circumstances that prevent you from taking them according to the schedule, notify the instructor well before the deadlines, not after them.

  7. You must be able to create and edit text files in Japanese. Some homework may require you to draw something or send some image files. If you don’t have a painting program or a scanner, you can fax hand-drawn images to the instructor.

  8. Most written homework requires handwritten answers. When submitting such homework, handwritten work must be faxed to the instructor OR scanned and uploaded to a designated location on the Web.

  9. For further details on grading, consult the online syllabus and read the grading policies section.

  10. If you have disabilities that prevent you from completing requirements as described in this agreement form, please consult the instructor ahead of the course.

Enrollment Agreement for Joining Online Intermediate Japanese 2 (JAPN 2002)
The parties who have signed below have read this agreement form and agree to accept all of the conditions described.
In order to facilitate students’ learning progress, we encourage communication among students, students’ parents, high school facilitators, and instructors. We would like to ask students’ parents to be involved in the course, and ask them to communicate with the instructors via WebCT Vista email. Parents are encouraged to visit the WebCT Vista site and feel free to email any questions and comments to the instructor using WebCT Vista Mail tool.
Masato Kikuchi, Ph.D.,

Email address: kikuchi@gatech.edu

Mailing address: School of Modern Languages, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332-0375

Phone: 404-385-0201

Fax: 404-385-7335
Principal of High School:

(Print)__________________________________ (Signature) __________________________________

Email address:

Facilitator of High School:

(Print)__________________________________ (Signature) __________________________________

Mailing address:


Fax (if any):


(Print)__________________________________ (Signature) __________________________________

Email address:

Parent/Guardian of the student:

(Print)__________________________________ (Signature) __________________________________

Email address:
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