Entrepreneurial training undertaken at: victradeam manufacturing ventures limited

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ENG223 Discourse Analysis
Just like every other endeavour of man, the SIWES experiences came along with its challenges too and below are a few of them:
1. The first major challenge faced by me during the internship was that of
familiarisation, i.e. getting to know the work environment and our trainer, knowing her approach and ethics
2. Another significant challenge that was faced by me was adhering to the resumption time which was 9am and sometimes 10am. Considering the unavoidable traffic faced along my route (Oron Road, Uyo).
3. Being able to cope with the harsh weather condition while going to the training center.
4. Ability to multitask. As a group leader, it was a huge task to to control the people and also focus on the training.

The industrial training over years has been found to be effective and efficient in closing the gap between the scientific study and practical study. The Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) has exposed me to practical works but also has opened me up in the way to interact with senior entrepreneurs in the field, which has exposed me to industry based skills necessary for a smooth transition from the classroom to real-time practice of the profession. In summary this training has exposed me to the following important spheres of development:
1. How to deal and interact with other fellows in the field of entrepreneurship.
2. Finding that team work is the most important element in every successful project.
3. Learn that the entrepreneur is capable of a lot of work such as supervision, implementation, the calculation of quantities and determining qualities of products. Also, an entrepreneur can work as a consultant.
4. How to control and manage the business and how to behave when there is a problem by taking a professional decision.
6. Successful entrepreneur must design an economic structure without impairing the safety of the structure and the project is implemented on time.

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