Entrepreneurial training undertaken at: victradeam manufacturing ventures limited

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ENG223 Discourse Analysis
Truly this scheme can be described as an eye-opener for students in general. Based on the knowledge and experience I acquired in the industrial attachment the following recommendations are made with the aim of improving the scheme and upholding its objectives;
1. The search for an internship position in a well-recognized establishment still remains a huge problem for aspiring interns. The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) should look into this and encourage industries to participate in training and equipping students with relevant skills and knowledge.
2. The employers should endeavour to provide medical care for Students within the limits of the employers' condition of service during attachment..
3. Tertiary educational institutions all over the country should make serious efforts to secure quality industrial training placements for SIWES participants in their respective fields.
4. While in school, students should be well exposed to the use of CAD software. Generally, modern-day engineering has adopted the use of computer software for quite a large number of functions. So therefore, it will be rather unfortunate if students are lagging behind in the use of software in their respective fields.
5. The faculty of Business Administration should act as a link between students and organizations or training centres in order to help the former secure impactful attachments.

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