Ethical Issues of Nanotechnology

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Ethical Issues of Nanotechnology

Fall 2008

EE453 Project Report

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Lacey Garcia
Imagine a future where people no longer need to go to hospitals because of cell sized nanorobots that operate and heal us; a future in which cancer is no longer a disease to be scared of since through the use of nanoparticles, it can be cured; a future where human beings no longer age or where nano-sized devices are being created.
Sounds impossible to believe? Well even though it seems like this is only something that happens in science fiction, a new technology has emerged which has the potential to make all this possible. From quantum dot lasers to nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and treatment or from nanorobots to nanobiosensors, nanotechnology makes all this possible.
The figures below demonstrate some of the capabilities of nanotechnology.

Figure [1] Figure [3]

Although all of this sounds nice, certain ethical issues in nano-technology arise because cells are now being created or destroyed by nanorobots or devices that are created at the atomic level and have the potential to take away ones security or privacy. Thus, in this paper, we will discuss some of those ethical issues.

Figure [2]

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