Europa-Park establishes the Adventure Club of Europe

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Season 2017

New Story World

Europa-Park establishes the Adventure Club of Europe

The new Voletarium is the largest Flying Theater on the continent, the new major attraction for 2017 and one of the first tangible adventures of the Adventure Club of Europe (ACE) at Europa-Park. The club unites fictional explorers, who achieve sensational expedition results and reveal mystical secrets of all kinds. Now these feats will be showcased step by step at Germany’s largest theme park. Not only this, the ACE isn’t only to be discovered in Europe’s most popular theme park, but also beyond the borders of the park too.

In 1716, the buccaneer and mercenary Bartholomeus van Robbemond founded the Adventure Club of Europe. His vision was to explore the unimaginable and to share it with all those who believe in the mysteries of the world. Ever since, the ACE members have travelled and explored the entire globe. Whether on land, at sea, or in the air - the spirit of discovery unites.

With these concepts, a background story that spans across several different attractions is created. This enables visitors to deal with the respective attractions even more intensively and to receive an even larger experiential value. The Europa-Park’s own think tank, Mack Solutions, designed the key-ready concepts. The flagship project of the new endeavour is the new major attraction, Voletarium. Thankfully, the ACE adventures are not limited to Germany’s largest theme park alone, but can also be experienced outside via various channels, including the homepage (

The Eulenstein brothers joined the Adventure Club of Europe in 1817 and are currently the first characters to appear at Europa-Park within an attraction. They are the original constructors of the Voletarium and tinkered in there for many years to make their big dream come true: to fly as free as a bird. Back then they worked in much secrecy on different flying machines. In 1825, they eventually realized their vision with the flying machine Volatus II – however, later that same year the brothers would disappear forever.

Other attractions that are connected to the ACE at Europa-Park include: Alpenexpress Coastiality in the Austrian themed area, Pirates in Batavia in the Dutch themed area, and Atlantis Adventure in the Greek themed area.
Europa-Park is open daily during the 2017 Summer Season from 1st April to 5th November 2017 from 9am to 6pm (extended opening hours in high season) Infoline: +49 7822 / 77 66 88. More information available at

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