Examples of mnc and Industry Case Studies

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MNC and Industry Casestudies

South Wales is experiencing something of a recovery again, thanks to being atone end of the M4

Corridor. Industrial Parks have been established outside of the main cities, to benefit from the large workforce,good transport links and available land. There have also been government grants and loans made available to encourage industrial location in the area. Companies such as Sony, Bosch and Toyota have all relocated to South Wales.

Hi-tech industry The M Corridor
New industrial regions in Britain have tended to grow up along main communication routes. The best example of this is the "Sunrise Strip", which takes in the area around motorways such as the MM, M and, most importantly, the M. These industries are described as being footloose. They have generally grownup over the last 25 years in "growth areas, along communications routes. Although they do bring prosperity to regions, the new industries actually employ few people in comparison to the older, declining, heavy industries. Traditional location factors have been super-seeded by newer ones. As access to raw materials is relatively unimportant nowadays, location, although dominated by communications considerations, also can increasingly take into account the social needs of its employees. Thus climatic, scenic, health and entertainment factors have to be included. In turn the industries try to locate near to places where a skilled workforce could be employed, such as around the university towns of Oxford or Cambridge.
The Sunrise Strip has many locational advantages:
1. The motorway system, which allows easy access to all parts of the United Kingdom.
2. Easy access, via the roads, to the Channel Tunnel and ports to allow export abroad.
3. The close proximity of Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton airports, all of which could be used to export products.
4. The skilled workforce found in university towns of Oxford, Cambridge, Reading and Bristol.
5. Close proximity and good access to London, where the major government functions and financial trading occurs.
6. The concentration of other industries means that ideas and knowledge could be shared, there will be a concentration of suitable skilled labour and transport costs maybe reduced between agglomerated industries.
7. Avery attractive natural environment, which would provide a very pleasant place to live for the workers. Areas such as the Cotswolds and the Mendip Hills are in easy reach of the Sunrise Strip.

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