Examples of mnc and Industry Case Studies

Two other good examples of similar new industrial areas are

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MNC and Industry Casestudies
Two other good examples of similar new industrial areas are:
1. Silicon Glen in Central Scotland.
2. Silicon Valley in California, USA.
Science Parks Cambridge

The first Science Park was established on the west coast of the United States near to Stanford University in the s. The first one established in the United Kingdom was outside Edinburgh in 1971. Now there are many dotted around the country that all share specific characteristics that sets them aside from the normal industrial estate. Science Parks are areas of industry that have grownup on Greenfield sites outside of major cities around the world. The land is less costly than in the cities and the access to transport routes is a prime consideration in their location. Often, Science Parks have a large amount of green land to try to make it as pleasant a working environment as possible. Business Parks are very similar, however Science Parks have one other thing that sets them apart. They usually have very close links to a major research institution, probably a university. In Britain a very good example is the Cambridge Science Park. Cambridge is a perfect location for the types of hi-tech, often quaternary industries that locate there. The M offers a very quick route to London and beyond. Stanstead airport is 30 minutes down the motorway. There are close links with the university, allowing researchers from thereto work in tandem with researchers from the companies of the Science Park. Much of the work is research and development in areas such as pharmaceuticals and microelectronics.

Industry in Europe The Ruhr Valley

The Ruhr Valley is the industrial heartland of Europe. It is located on the western side of Germany and encompasses large cities such as Dortmund and Dusseldorf. During the Second World War it was one of the prime targets for the Allied Forces. The region is served by two of Europe's largest rivers, the Ruhr and the Rhine. These allowed the region to develop as they initially provided power,as well as transport, which is still used today. Huge barges travel along the River Rhine loaded with raw materials or the produce of the Ruhr Valley industries. Its central location makes it a perfect place for industry, as export to the whole of Europe is very easy. The many local cities mean that there is a huge workforce in the area.

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