Facebook: Hired or Fired?

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Cameron Poortinga

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Facebook: Hired or Fired?

The most interesting statistic that stood out to me in this article was the fact that thirty percent of companies are looking at different social media platforms to learn about applicants. This did not surprise me because I thought it was high, I just imaged that it would have been much higher. In my mind I would have said that about fifty percent of companies looked at applicant’s social media accounts before an interview. I think I thought the number would be higher because all the jobs I have worked at have been minimum wage jobs and all the works are very active on social media. Also, at my current job my manager is constantly checking the employee’s social media accounts to make sure that we are not doing anything to damage the company’s image. Another statistic that stood out to me was how fast Facebook is growing and the fact that it hit 150 million users in 5 year. This stood out to be because that is 150 million people putting their information on a public website willingly. Also, that at any time the information we put on our accounts can be used against us. Currently there is no issues that would impact me when I enter the job market. As of right now I do not have a Facebook and I have no photo on Instagram and I am very careful with who I add or let follow me across all forms of social media. Phishing is a lure that cyber criminals they and get someone’s personal information. An example of this is getting an email saying you won a contest then you have to go to another website and enter your personal information. Spear phishing is the same thing as phishing however it is a target group with something in common. Such as, student who attend the same university or people work at the same business. Whaling is like spear phishing, but it is more of a personal attack on someone. Meaning it is usually targeted towards one individual for a certain reason. According to the article whaling is usually target to those with a high net worth or high in authority. According to the article many companies are now limiting the types of websites that can be accessed when you are at work. This is not illegal since you are most likely working on a company computer and using the company’s internet. The companies have the power to limit the websites you can use and even search your computer if they suspect something. Since the paper was published many things has changed. Like possibly the amount of companies look at applicants social media and how many Facebook users there are. Also, the amount of time a person spends on social media has increased since thing articles was published.
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