Final 28. 14 For wssu’s Arthur Hardin, Sugar Bowl was Sweet Success

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FINAL 1.28.14

For WSSU’s Arthur Hardin, Sugar Bowl was Sweet Success


The sugar may not have been as sweet for the University of Alabama in their loss to the University of Oklahoma in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, but for NCAA official, Arthur Hardin, just being there was as sweet as honey.

Hardin, a WSSU academic counselor, was selected as one of the NCAA officials for the 2014 Sugar Bowl. Hardin began his officiating career in 1983 as a basketball official and four years later began officiating football.

Hardin joined the Southern Conference football officiating staff in 1996 and was elected president of the Southern Conference Football Officials Association in 2008. The Atlantic Coast Conference extended an invitation to join their staff in 2009. In addition to the Sugar Bowl, the 2007 Football Championship Series national semi-final, the 2010 ACC Championship Game, the 2011 Army-Navy game and the 2012 New Mexico Bowl.

In addition to college football, Hardin officiates high school football and basketball. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has selected him for 4 state championship games in basketball and one state football final. He also serves as one of the clinic leaders for the der for the Winston-Salem clinic of the North State Football Officials Association.

“The Sugar Bowl was a high point of this season and of my entire officiating career,” said Hardin. “What is most pleasing is performing well during the game while representing my family and friends, officiating colleagues and the entire WSSU community. All of the congratulations and well wishes have been heartwarming and appreciated.”

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