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2006 Ann B. Davis – The Tenth Anniversary

Tossups for The Finals by Craig Barker and Mike Burger

FIRST PERIOD – Fifty-or-nothing bonuses in effect
1). During one episode, we learn that the title character used his winnings from The $10,000 Pyramid to begin his agency. Among his employees are trusted right-hand man, Stanley Babson, (*) played by Michael Boatman, and loyal personal assistant Rita Wu, played by Sandra Oh. Beginning each episode with a do-as-I-wrote, not-as-I-do voice over from his book subtitled "The Art of a Sports SuperAgent"--for 10 points--name this HBO comedy without comedy from 1996-2002 starring Robert Wuhl.

Answer: Arli$$

2). Frank comes back to Connecticut after his time in the military and finds one time high school flame Helen. After (*) a whirlwind romance at a high school reunion, they combine their families into a seaside house complete with a lighthouse. With supporting actors Rip Torn and Jerry O'Connell, this is a remake of the 1968 original with Tim Matheson, Lucille Ball, and Henry Fonda. For 10 points--name this 2005 movie with 18 kids featuring Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid.

Answer: Yours, Mine and Ours

3). Taking its cover art from St. Mark's Place in New York City, one track has the lead signer remembering a girlfriend who made him choose between her or music a decade earlier, (*) hence "Ten Years Gone". Its best-known single, however, is the symphony-backed eight-plus minute track inspired by a drive through the Sahara Desert by Robert Plant, the geography-challenged "Kashmir". For 10 points--name this 1975 double album featuring "Custard Pie" and "Into the Light", the sixth studio release from Led Zeppelin.

Answer: Physical Graffiti

4). She was introduced on August 22, 1966, watching her friend Roy write a letter to someone he met at summer camp. At the girls' camp, she was tent monitor to a young girl with glasses (*) and eventually ended up in the same school. A whiz at determining the pattern of true-false tests, disaster struck when she and her guard beagle could not confront burglars due to a waterbed mishap. For 10 points--name this baseball team manager, pal of Marcie and tomboy friend to "Chuck" Brown.

Answer: Patricia "Peppermint Patty" Reichardt

5). Experts point to one of its member schools' first bowl appearance in 2004 as the part of the reason why the Silicon Valley Classic went defunct. Having sponsored football since the 2001 (*) season, its members have won just 15 of 105 non-conference games against One-A opponents. 2005 saw Idaho, New Mexico State, and Utah State leave for the WAC while Florida Atlantic and Florida International joined in their stead. For 10 points--name this Division I-A football conference, won in 2005 by Arkansas State.

Answer: Sun Belt Conference

6). A boyhood friend of Tony Curtis, he started out as the librarian at WNEW when he was just 17. Appearing as himself in both Broadway Danny Rose and Ghostbusters (*), Bart used him as an example of why not to get rid of cable. Billy Crystal parodied this man's show during his one year on Saturday Night Live, making a carbon copy of his 1950 to 1993 late night talk show. For 10 points--name this TV host who unwittingly became a punch line to a Sarah Silverman routine in The Aristocrats.

Answer: Joe Franklin

SECOND PERIOD – Unlimited guessing on completed tossups
7). Despite his preference for diplomacy, he was known as one of his order's greatest swordsmen and the definitive master of Form III or Soresu (*) combat. Although just 57, he is constantly referred to as "the old man" and Grand Moff Tarkin even mused that "surely he must be dead by now" shortly before the battle of Yavin. At 25, he was made a Knight for defeating the Sith Lord Darth Maul on Naboo. For 10 points--name this Jedi Master, portrayed by Ewan McGregor and Sir Alec Guinness in the Star Wars films.

Answer: Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi

8). Moon appears to shine and light the sky, with the help of some fireflies. I wonder (*) how they have the power shine shine shine. I can see them under the pines. But don't hesitate, 'cause your love won't wait. Hey--For 10 points--name this song that was either a reggae hit for Big Mountain in 1994 or a #12 hit off of Frampton Comes Alive.

Answer: Baby I Love Your Way

9). The fourteenth most popular flavor in the United States today, it was created in 1929 by Oakland's William Dreyer "to calm jitters" during the Great Depression. Only the fourth mass produced ice cream variety ever created, Dreyer's original recipe used walnuts, (*) which have since been replaced with almonds, and used his wife's sewing shears to make the bite-sized pieces of marshmallows. For 10 points--name this chocolate ice cream flavor variation, which is anything but smooth sailing.

Answer: Rocky Road

10). Born in 1963 in Hamilton, Ontario, he was drafted by the Sabres in 1982 and had at least 25 goals in 9 of his 10 Buffalo seasons. He was sent to Toronto with Daren Puppa (*) for Grant Fuhr, and responded to his new town with consecutive 50 goal seasons. He missed chances for the Cup with New Jersey, playing with them in the seasons between their 1995 and 2000 Cups, but finally got one after 22 years in 2004. For 10 points--name this left winger–the recently waived former captain of the Lightning.

Answer: Dave Andreychuk

11). In his 1999 biography, he credited his experiences as an altar boy in Cleveland as being useful in understanding the behind the scenes nature of power. A Columbia alum, he also attended Oxford's Balliol College and eventually became executive floor manager (*) to Dick Gephardt. Aaron Sorkin admits to basing both Lewis Rothschild in The American President and Sam Seaborn on The West Wing on this Clinton staffer. For 10 points--name this man, ABC's chief Washington correspondent and host of This Week.

Answer: George Stephanopoulos

12). He has a Tony nomination for 1992's Conversations with My Father and is the cousin of radio personality Jonathon Brandmeier. He made his directorial debut in 2002's Made-Up and (*) was Tech. Sgt. Chen in Galaxy Quest. Major roles for this Arab-American include pairing up with Stanley Tucci to be an Italian in Big Night and playing the Hispanic Eddie Reyes in Primary Colors. For 10 points--name this actor who played Minion in the Spy Kids series but is better known as obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk.

Answer: (Anthony Marcus) "Tony" Shalhoub

THIRD PERIOD – No special rules in effect
13). A classically trained pianist, he has had his driver's license suspended at least 48 times. A registered taste expert, he also claims that he began the blinged grill craze with his gold teeth. (*) All three of his solo albums, including the aptly named It's About Time, were all rejected by his label Def Jam, but he has had a career resurgence in recent years as a reality star for VH1. For 10 points--name this clock-sporting rapper, Chuck D's comic foil in Public Enemy.

Answer: Flavor Flav or William Jonathan Drayton, Jr.

14). The Masterminds collection for this product include Zayzoo My Alien Classmate and Cinderella's Magic Wishes. The (*) joystick can be pivoted around the four buttons to be either left or right handed while it was the winner of the Toy Industry Association's Toy of the Year for 2005. For 10 points--name this orange console that comes with storage space for your Smartridges, a learning video game console produced by V-Tech for children three to eight.

Answer: V.Smile

15). Entering his 26th professional season, he was hired by his current team after he had become a fixture at Veterans Memorial Coliseum delivering birthday telegrams. An (*) original among his NBA brethren, he was the first to make use of a mini-trampoline during his highly acrobatic routines between the third and fourth quarters. Currently played by Bob Woolf--for 10 points--name this member of the inaugural induction class of the Mascot Hall of Fame, the Phoenix Suns' CGO.

Answer: Go the Phoenix Suns Gorilla

(Author's note: The Suns' website lists the Gorilla as their CGO, Chief Gorilla Officer.)
16). He doesn't speak Spanish, but he can handle cases involving bank fraud or embezzlement, however, he requires a cash payment for identity theft defense. Sometimes (*) he stays late at night to work on his blog and he'll bill you for a half-hour if you mention the word divorce. One of the attributes he has over Barry Zuckercorn is that he skews younger to juries. For 10 points--name the Bluth family attorney on the third season of Arrested Development, played by Scott Baio.

Answer: Bob Loblaw

17). Despite unprecedented realism for its era, it still had major flaws, including unrealistic ease in blocking kicks and any pass thrown to a covered receiver would be picked off. (*) Though it did not have an NFL license, it did have an NFLPA license, which meant that real players were available in the game, including ESPN's "greatest video game athlete ever", Los Angeles' running back Bo Jackson. Followed up by a "Super" version in 1991, this is--for 10 points--what 1988 football title for the NES?

Answer: Tecmo Bowl

18). The original road course was designed by Cameron Argetsinger and was replaced by a permanent circuit was finished in 1956. It hosted its first NASCAR race in 1958 and it held the U.S. F-1 Grand Prix from 1961 until 1980. (*) Closing in 1981, it reopened in 1984 and NASCAR came back in 1986. The IRL added a race in 2005 which saw Helio Castroneves set the track record on the 11-turn course. For 10 points--name this race track, current host of a Sirius-sponsored NASCAR event, located in New York state.

Answer: Watkins Glen International

19). Her first film part was as a waitress in the Jimmy Stewart film Strategic Air Command, a scene which was later cut. During the latter half of the 1950s, she won a pair of Emmys (*) for her role as love-struck assistant Schultzy on The Bob Cummings Show. Her most recent television appearance was in an ad for Swiffer, reprising her most famous role in her trademark blue work outfit with white apron. For 10 points--name this actress, a 1948 alumnus of the University of Michigan, best known as Alice Nelson on The Brady Bunch.

Answer: Ann B(radford) Davis

20). It holds the record for most Oscars won, eight, without winning Best Picture, an honor that went that year to The Godfather. Based, in part, on Christopher Isherwood's (*) stories, subtle nods to changes from the Broadway source include five songs from the musical included as background music, and Brian expressing surprise that Sally is an American. The story of the decadence and despair of Germany's Weimar years--for 10 points--name this story of the Kit-Kat Club, a 1972 film by Bob Fosse starring Liza Minelli.

Answer: Cabaret

21). Their original drummer actually died in a gardening accident in 1992 due to a reaction to a pesticide. Their last studio album was a 2002 covers collection called Through the Looking Glass, (*) while they just released a 25th anniversary live album. Their 1987 album Fahrenheit produced the ballad "I'll Be Over You" while their self-titled second album produced "I'll Supply The Love." For 10 points--hold the line and name this session musician super group known for hits such as "Africa" and "Rosanna".

Answer: Toto

22). Steven Joseph sued the makers of this product in 2003 claiming that the 1998 declaration that they were Kosher was invalid since they use hydrogenated oils. Some (*) varieties, such as Golden and Uh-Oh, have had the hydrogenation removed but others like Big Stuff are still hydrogenated. Introduced by the National Biscuit Company in 1912, it took 94 years for them to force competing brand Hydrox off the market. For 10 points--name this cookie that puts the cookie in Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.

Answer: Oreo

23). During a 2005 taping of PBS' Austin City Limits, Coldplay's Chris Martin stated that he believes that it is the greatest song ever written (*) before launching into a cover version with the songwriter on vocals. An extended metaphor on growing up, the video was a faithful recreation on the skinny dipping tale laid out in the song's lyrics. Saying that the title activity "deserves a quiet night"--for 10 points--name this single from the 1992 R.E.M. album Automatic for the People.

Answer: "Nightswimming"

2006 Ann B. Davis – The Tenth Anniversary

Bonuses for The Championship by Craig Barker and Mike Burger

1). Draw 10 points each for these questions about Uno-related games.
(10) A version of the game Spite and Malice, there are 12 sets of cards numbered 1 through 12 and 18 eponymous wild cards.

Answer: Skip-Bo

(10) Yellow 13 replaces the Queen of Spades in this variant.

Answer: Uno Hearts

(10) This version adds the fun of Jenga but maintains the colors, numbers and the draw 2.

Answer: Uno Stacko

2). The NFL Draft Class of 1996 is seen as a bumper year for wide receivers. For 10 points each--name some of those members of the Class of '96.
(10) While the very loud Keyshawn Johnson went first overall to New York, his current Cowboys' running mate was the second wideout taken in the draft.

Answer: Terry Glenn

(10) Selected by Kansas City one pick ahead of Michigan's Mercury Hayes in the fifth round was this player from Itawamba Community College.

Answer: Joe Horn

(10) Thanks to a trade with Atlanta, the Colts were able to select this Syracuse receiver, easily the most productive member of the Class of '96.

Answer: Marvin Harrison

3). The British seem to have this thing for combining game shows with projectiles. In honor of that, you will play the Brit game Bullseye. Each player will throw one dart and will receive the points they hit if they answer a question. Only the dart thrower may answer, there is no conferring on this bonus. The bonus is over once 30 points is hit.
(X) He is currently the coach of the Nashville Predators.

Answer: Barry Trotz

(X) Joe Elliot is the lead singer of what 80s metal band.

Answer: Def Leppard

(X) Louise Lasser played Nancy in what '70s Woody Allen movie.

Answer: Bananas

(X) For Better or For Worse is penned by what Canadian cartoonist.

Answer: Lynn Johnston

4). For 10 points each--name these movies from the film career of Jennifer Aniston. Pause for laughter.
(10) Her first feature film role was alongside Warwick Davis in this 1993 schlock horror bomb which only became a "hit" after repeated airings on HBO.

Answer: Leprechaun

(10) Featuring a soundtrack by Tom Petty, Aniston received higher billing than Cameron Diaz in this 1996 film, Edward Burns' follow-up to The Brothers McMullen.

Answer: She's the One

(10) Aniston ventured into a dramatic thriller in 2005 when she co-starred alongside Clive Owen in this film about married business executives blackmailed by a violent criminal.

Answer: Derailed

5). On the heels of the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon, name these things related to Ringo Starr's solo career, for 10 points each.
(10) The second single off of Beaucoups of Blues, it hit #4 and was Ringo's contribution to The Concert for Bangladesh.

Answer: It Don't Come Easy

(10) Name either of his two #1 U.S. singles, both off the Ringo album. One was co-written with George Harrison, the other was a cover of a Johnny Burnette hit.

Answer: Photograph or You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful, and You're Mine)

(10) Hitting #3 off his Goodnight Vienna album was this Hoyt Axton-penned novelty song that sees the key verb in the chorus change from smoke to sniff to drink.

Answer: The No No Song

6). In December 2005, listed the most popular toys of each of the last ten decades. Name some of the examples listed, for 10 points each.
(10) The most popular toy of the 1930s, beating out Monopoly was this red-plastic brainchild of piano tuner William Gruber that was eventually used in military training.

Answer: View Master

(10) The 1940s winner, beating out the Magic 8 Ball, was this "sweet little game" from Milton Bradley which can be found in an estimated one in three U.S. homes.

Answer: Candyland

(10) This Coleco product beat out Trivial Pursuit, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Transformers, and the Koosh Ball as "toy of the 1980s".

Answer: Cabbage Patch Kids

7). It wouldn't be the Olympics without controversies – both hilarious and sad. For 10 points each:
(10) Tim Nardello, the USA coach in this sport, is presently on leave from the team while his sports federation is investigating sexual harassment claims.

Answer: skeleton

(10) Tanith Belbin of this sport was given a special fast-tracked American citizenship in December 2005, allowing her to compete at the Olympic trials in St. Louis.

Answer: ice dancing (do not accept: figure skating)

(10) This 2004 Canadian Figure Skating champion had to drop out due to injuries. She shares her last name with a Calgary defenseman who was left off the Canuck team.

Answer: Cynthia Phaneuf

8). For 10 points each--name these things related to the 2005-06 invasion of Times Square to ring in the New Year.
(10) Dick Clark returned to rock in 2006, as he co-hosted with this new executive producer and heir apparent when Clark decides to retire.

Answer: Ryan (John) Seacrest

(10) While Jay Leno usually does hosting duties for NBC, since New Year's Eve fell on a Saturday this year, the job went to this NBC personality.

Answer: Carson (Jones) Daly

(10) P.O.D. played "Alive" while Stuart Scott hosted ESPN's first New Year's Eve bash alongside this Sopranos' regular.

Answer: "Little" Steven van Zandt or Steven Lento

9). Look at the screen and combine the 2005 movie with a movie before 2005, for 10 points each.
(10) Answer: Chicken Little Big Man
(10) Answer: Ice Princess Mononoke
(10) Answer: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firestarter
10). For 10 points each--name these songs, recently covered on modern rock compilations.
(10) On Volume 4 of The O.C. soundtrack series, little-known artist matt pond PA got a career jump start with a faithful cover of this seven-and-a-half-minute Oasis anthem.

Answer: "Champagne Supernova"

(10) Fountains of Wayne's cover of this Max Martin-penned 1999 #1 hit appears on Out of State Plates. It also has been covered by Bowling for Soup, Weezer, and Travis.

Answer: "(Hit Me) Baby…One More Time"

(10) Better Than Ezra's 2005 Greatest Hits album featured a cover of this 1993 modern rock hit for the British act James; the original can be heard in all three American Pie movies.

Answer: "Laid"

11). Every April, the Science Fiction Writers of America conduct an award ceremony. For 10 points each:
(10) Along with the Damon Knight lifetime achievement award and the new Andre Norton young adult award, this set of 5 awards is given based on excellence:

Answer: Nebula Awards

(10) The Nebula categories are broken down by amount of words. All or nothing – name any three of the five categories.

Answer: Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story and Script

(10) The last novel award given in 2005 for the 2004 writing years was given to Lois McMaster Bujold for this work.

Answer: Paladin of Souls

12). For the second straight year, Sports Illustrated selected a Boston athlete as Sportsman of the Year. For 10 points each:
(10) Boston also had an amazing run in the late 1960s, with three out of four Sportsmen of the Year from 1967-1970 being from Boston teams. All or nothing, name any two of the three athletes so honored.

Answer: Carl Yastrzemski (1967)

Bill Russell (1968)

Bobby Orr (1970)

(10) The only person to win twice was this non-Bostonian, who was honored in 1996 at the age of 21 and in 2000 when he won the year's last three majors.

Answer: Tiger Woods

(10) The first SI Sportsman of the Year in 1954 was this British medical student who posted a four minute mile that year in Britain's sporting annus mirabilis.

Answer: Roger Bannister

13). Since Steven Seagal loves Japanese culture, he must love haiku. Given a Steven Seagal movie plot in haiku, name the movie for 10 points each.
(10) Gary Busey boards ship,

Ex-Seal, now in galley, mad,

Cake chick – she kicks ass

Answer: Under Siege

(10) Airplane has nerve gas,

Halle Berry stewardess,

No, she kicks ass, too

Answer: Executive Decision

(10) Now with native coat

Stops big oil man Michael Caine,

Joan Chen – no kick ass

Answer: On Deadly Ground

14). For 10 points each, name these television industry members of Connecticut's so-called "Wesleyan Film Mafia".
(10) While this Emmy-winning Best Supporting Actor was attending Wesleyan, he roomed with the brother of his future co-star Richard Schiff.

Answer: Bradley Whitford

(10) Calling himself "the world's first third generation television writer", he directed his first feature film in 2005, an adaptation of one of his short-lived television series.

Answer: (Joseph Hill) "Joss" Whedon

(10) This member of the Wesleyan Class of 1978 has won a pair of Emmys, in 1989 and 1992, for her portrayal of Lt. Colleen McMurphy.

Answer: Dana (Welles) Delany

15). Mike Music.

16). For 10 points each--name these things related to books which will be released in the next two months.

(10) Called Last Dance, this author of the recent football tome Next Man Up examines the NCAA Tournament and Final Four from as many perspectives as possible.

Answer: John Feinstein

(10) The single most in-demand pre-order on Amazon at present is the annual outlook from this group of experts founded by Gary Huckabay. The writing group, together, consults with 26 of the 30 MLB teams.

Answer: Baseball Prospectus

(10) What if a pulse sent out through cell phones turned every person using one of them into a zombie-like killing machine? And what if painter Clayton Riddle has to get back to his New England home in Cell, the new novel by this author.

Answer: Stephen King

17). For 10 points each--name this NCAA coaches who are in their first year with their teams.
(10) Formerly the coach of the Denver Nuggets, he hopped down I-25 to coach the Air Force Academy.

Answer: Jeff Bzdelik

(10) While Gene Keady "enjoys" retirement as an assistant with the Toronto Raptors, this former player under Keady has taken helm of Purdue.

Answer: Matt Painter

(10) This former NBA star and Louisville assistant replaced Lou Henson at New Mexico State.

Answer: Reggie Theus

18). For 10 points each--name the following songs which appear in the movie Caddyshack.
(10) Al Czervik dances to this Journey tune, much like Larry Burns does at the end of The Simpsons' episode "Burns, Baby, Burns".

Answer: "Anyway You Want It"

(10) This Kenny Loggins tune closes out the film. It is also the music featured in the 14" stuffed plush dancing gopher merchandising tie-in.

Answer: "I'm Alright"

(10) Carl Spackler sings this militaristic #1 hit from 1966 as he makes his own explosives to hunt down the gopher.

Answer: "Ballad of the Green Berets"

19). What's wrong with geography in quiz bowl? It's even better when it's TV-related. For 10 points each:
(10) Believed to be the only show ever to use North Dakota as its locale, this 1988-91 syndicated show had Jerry O'Connell combating both acne and being a super hero.

Answer: My Secret Identity

(10) On The Golden Girls, Rose Nylund once said that this Minnesota city, her hometown, was "The Broken Hip Capital of the Midwest."

Answer: St. Olaf

(10) The Alison LaPlaca of TV towns, no less than five one-year wonders were based in this western city, including Hello, Larry, The Boys Are Back, and Under Suspicion.

Answer: Portland, Oregon

20). For 10 points each--name these things related to iTunes "Best Selling Albums of 2005" lists.
(10) Number 2 on the list was this artist's In Between Dreams.

Answer: Jack Johnson

(10) Number 8 on the list was this artist's 2005 album Guero, which featured the single "E-Pro".

Answer: Beck

(10) The best-selling soundtrack on the list slid in at #17. Songs on this 2004 soundtrack include Bow Wow Wow's "I Want Candy" and Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat"

Answer: Napoleon Dynamite

21). For 10 points each--name these "name" television producers from some of their flops.
(10) Total Security, Public Morals, The Byrds of Paradise

Answer: Steven Bochco

(10) Snoops, Girls' Club, The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire

Answer: David E. Kelley

(10) D.C., The Wright Verdicts, Players, Feds, H.E.L.P, Mann & Machine

Answer: (Richard A.) "Dick" Wolf

22). For 10 points each--name these MLB players who had a lot of at-bats during the 2005 season without going long.
(10) This Oakland A's catcher made 676 plate appearances in 2005 but didn't hit a homer. His career season best of 14 homers came in 2000 with the Pirates.

Answer: Jason (Daniel) Kendall

(10) This former D-Back shortstop turned Yankees utilityman started at five different positions for the Bombers in 2005, but didn't hit a home run in any of his 351 plate appearances.

Answer: (Anthony Darrell) "Tony" Womack

(10) This utilityman currently holds the all-time Washington National record for plate appearances without a dinger.

Answer: Jamey Carroll

23). Where are they now, namely, much of the cast of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I've looked everywhere. For 10 points each:
(10) He's playing newsman A.W. Merrick in Deadwood, since being a high school principal is out of the question due to the fact he's now a registered sex offender.

Answer: Jeffrey Jones

(10) She left acting, or acting left her, in 2002, although she was Cynthia in The Pompatus of Love and Melissa in Timecop.

Answer: Mia Sara

(10) Now mostly doing TV guest work, this Mom of Ferris also played the mother of Heidi Fleiss in The Making of a Hollywood Madam and the mother in Sleepwalkers.

Answer: Cindy Pickett


Finals Ann B. Davis 2006

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