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Florida Atlantic University

Center for Teaching and Learning

Faculty Learning Community 2010-2011
Advanced Topics Online Teaching/Learning


Facilitator: Dr. Mara Schiff

Associate Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Focus: This FLC is designed to follow-up on a very successful FLC on a similar topic. The previous FLC was designed for those already engaged in online teaching, and explored strategies and processes to enhance student engagement, creativity, critical thinking, and active learning in online courses. The success of that experience, combined with the commitment and active engagement of its multi-disciplinary participants, suggested that a deeper examination of critical issues inherent in online teaching would be productive. To that end, this FLC will be exploring aspects of the technological, ethical, policy and practical issues surrounding online teaching and learning. Thus, the focus of this FLC is to examine and discuss advanced topics in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of online courses at FAU, and it is recommended for faculty who have already taught at least two online courses and can use their own unique experiences to support and enhance the group. Participants will co-create the group by leading meetings on topics in which they have particular expertise.
Outcomes: Upon completion of this FLC, participants will have expanded their skills in:

  • using advanced technological strategies for online instruction;

  • creatively using online tools to enhance student learning (i.e. social networking, gaming, web-quests, use of video/TV clips, thematic environments, word games, collaboration, competency-based learning, etc);

  • effectively using complex online resources (free shareware, testing, avatars, interactive media, in addition to those mentioned above) in online courses;

  • understanding the guidelines that enable faculty, students and administration to deliver quality online programs;

  • measuring personal and student success in online teaching and learning;

  • delivering quality online programs to large and small graduate and undergraduate classes;

  • encouraging student interaction and building community in an electronic environment.


Meeting Time: Selected Fridays at 10:30 AM or Tuesdays at 1 PM - Boca Campus
Stipend: You will receive a $1,000 stipend for your active participation in the FLC and upon fulfilling all FLC expectations. These expectations include attendance at 80% of the group meetings, participation in the FLC’s project and the scholarship of teaching and completion of the end of experience feedback survey.

Download 6.54 Kb.

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