Florida Supplement to the 2012 iecc post-glitch correction version note 1

Section C103.1.1 Compliance certification. Add section to read as shown

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Section C103.1.1 Compliance certification. Add section to read as shown:

C103.1.1 Compliance certification.

C103.1.1.1 Code compliance demonstration. 

C103. Residential.  See Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation: Residential Provisions.

C103. Commercial and multiple-family residential. Completion of procedures demonstrating compliance with this code for multiple-family residential building shall be in accordance with the provisions of Section 481.229, Florida Statutes, or Section 471.003, Florida Statutes.

Exception: Where HVAC systems are ≤ 15 tons per system, air conditioning or mechanical contractors licensed in accordance with Chapter 489, Florida Statutes, or State of Florida certified commercial building energy raters certified in accordance with Section 553.99, Florida Statutes, may prepare the code compliance form. (Post-Glitch Comment EN5 AS)

Design professionals responsible under Florida law for the design of lighting, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems and the building shell, shall certify compliance of those building systems with the code by signing and providing their professional registration number on the energy code form provided as part of the plans and specifications to the building department.

C103.1.1.2 Code compliance certification. The building’s owner, the owner’s architect, or other authorized agent legally designated by the owner shall certify that the building is in compliance with the code, as per Section 553.907, Florida Statutes, prior to receiving the permit to begin construction or renovation.

(EN5069 AS)

Sections C107Fees. Delete in its entirety and reserve to read as shown:



Section C108 Stop Work Order. Change to read as shown:



C108.1 Authority. [No change]  

C108.2 Issuance. [No change]
C108.3 Emergencies. Reserved.
C108.4 Failure to comply. Any person who shall continue any work after having been served with a stop work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe condition, shall be subject to penalties as prescribed by law. liable to a fine of not less than [AMOUNT] dollars or more than [AMOUNT] dollars.

Section C109 Board of Appeals. Delete in its entirety and reserve to read as shown:




  (EN5695 AS)

Section C110. Delete section to read as shown:



C110.0 Reporting to entity representing the Florida Building Commission. A reporting form shall be submitted to the local building department by the owner or owner’s agent with the submittal certifying compliance with this code. Reporting forms shall be a copy of the front page of the form applicable for the code chapter under which compliance is demonstrated.

C110.1 Reporting schedule. It shall be the responsibility of the local building official to forward the reporting section of the proper form to the entity representing the Florida Building Commission on a quarterly basis as per the reporting schedule in Table C110.1.

TABLE C110.1 



                Group I*              Group II*             Group III*          

Quarter 1             12/31     1/31       2/28      

Quarter 2             3/31       4/30       5/31      

Quarter 3             6/30       7/31       8/31      

Quarter 4             9/30       10/31     11/30    

*See Appendix A of this chapter for group designations.

(EN5073 AS)(EN6111GlitchAS)


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