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I said, “What?!”

She said, “Jessi and Corrie have decided to get married on the 7th of October!”

I said, “Wow! That’s so awesome I am very excited and happy for them!”

She said, “I know! Me too! I love them and care about them so much and I am very excited for this special thing! Jessi said she wants her color for her wedding to be cameo, as in black, green, and brown, but I told her, “ No, cameo for a wedding would be awful and would look horrible and ugly!’”

I said, “Mom! That’s mean!”

She said, “Well, she wanted my opinion so I gave it to her.”

Jessi said “Since mom won’t let me do cameo for my wedding color, then I want my color to be cream and I want my theme to be a cowboy and cowgirl wedding. I want the girls to wear cream dresses and there cowgirl boots and the boys to wear tuxes with cowboy boots. I think that would be very cute! Don’t you think mom?”

My mom said “Yes I think that would be way better than cameo! Cream and Cowboy stuff would be darling! I love it Jessi good thinking!

So, Jessi is going to have a cowgirl and cowboy wedding, and we all think it is going to be so cute!

One day, my grandma was printing out the invitations and putting them in envelopes.

I said to my grandma, “Grandma what are those?”

She said, “They are Jessi’s and Corrie’s wedding invitations.”

I said, “Oh! Those are so cute! Can I see one please?”

She said, “Sure.”

She handed me one. It was so cute! It looked sort of like this…

You’re Invited to a Hoedown-Showdown Wedding…

Jessica Adams


Corrie Bright

Have decided to get married! This very important event will happen on October7 2012. It will be held at Steve Adams house. We are going to ride horses and have tons of food! Please come and celebrate with us!

I thought it was so cute! It was not exactly like that but pretty close. It had pictures of horses on it and it was all decorated. I am very happy and excited for Jessi and Corrie. We all love them both very much. I think the wedding will be great!

I chose this event because it is my sisters wedding and that is very special to me! I get to be a bridesmaid! I only have one sister and this is my first time ever being a bridesmaid and hopefully the last. When my sister is happy, I am happy. I hope that my sister and her cute family is happy!

My Favorite trip to Disneyland

By: Adyson Rizzi

“Beep, beep, beep, beep…” I jumped out of bed and got ready as fast as I could! We were going to Disneyland. But it wasn’t just any trip to Disneyland. I was going to dance on a stage there!

We started the eight hour drive there good, but then we all woke up and it wasn’t as nice as it had been before. There was really nothing there to see on the way.

“Ohhh. We’re finally here! I’m so tired though!” I said. My parents went in and got us checked into the hotel.

Once we got in the room my brother said, “Well, we’re here. What do we do now?” “Let’s go to the beach,” my mom answered. We all started jumping up and down with excitement! So, we piled back into the car and drove to the beach. On the way to the beach we put dibs on who got what bed. We all ran out of the car and got in the ocean water. “Hey look! I’m a ninja!” said my little brother Tony. My whole family started laughing at him. He was jumping over the waves that started coming towards him. It was so funny!

We went back to the hotel to go to bed because the next day would be full of fun! I’m pretty sure the next morning I woke up first because I was so excited! It felt like forever until we finally got up and ready.

When we walked into Disneyland, my mom and I had to hurry to the pavilion to meet my dance team. When we were all there a lady came and got us. She took us back stage to the studio where our instructor was. She told us, “Have a great time! If you don’t, then you can’t dance tomorrow!” That really worried us!

After we got done with the class we took a picture of our team. Then, after that we all went with our families and went on all the rides. The rides were so much fun!

The next day everyone had the jitters! We would be dancing on the stage there! When we got to the dressing room, we started putting our costumes on. They were teal with diamonds. Our hip hop dance had a black tutu and a fishnet jacket. And for our jazz we had a matching teal skirt. There were also other studios there. They said, “Good luck! Have fun!” We went out to the park and got in the tunnel that took us to the stage. It felt like there were thousands of butterflies in my stomach! I was really nervous, but once I started dancing I had so much fun!

I chose to write about this experience because it was so much fun! I got to hang out with family, ride all the rides, and dance. What could be better? I get to go dance there again in February next year! When I looked at my time line it really stood out to me because I got to do some really fun stuff that I got to do with my family.

The Time I Broke Both of my Arms

By Layla Rodriguez

To day is 2012 and I remember back in 2002 when I was 2 years old. I really liked reselling and jumping off the couch, and there was a book shelf right by the arm of the couch. I fell back and my arm got caught on the book shelf. My mom said that my arm looked like an s shape. I was crying and crying and crying.

They were trying to calm me down. When I was calmed down, they drove me to the doctor’s. They said that it was broken, and that they have to do surgery. They put two screws and two huge needles in my arm. We still have the two screws and needles.

When my arm healed, my mom took the cast off, and when she did, I came crying and wanted her to put it back on. The doctor said put it back on, and to only take it off like 3 to 4 times a day, because I was so little that I got attached to it and that I didn’t fill securer with it off. When it was fully off, my brothers were being rude so I waked them both with my cast. I got in lots of trouble.

Well I told you how I broke my right arm when I was 2. Now I will tell you about the time when I broke my left arm when I was 9. How I broke my arm when I was 9 years old, I was reselling on the couch with my brothers. I fell off the arm of the couch, I caught myself with my arms, but in the left arm I felt a huge crack.

My mom didn’t believe me because she thought that I was faking it but I really wasn’t. So she made me wait 4 hole days. Then when she did take me to the doctors, they said that it was a bad fracture in my left elbow. My mom felt so bad. I was happy that I was right.

They said that I didn’t need surgery. I was glad, I hate surgery. The next day I went to school every body kept asking and asking what happened. Then I started to get annoyed. Then I was walking with my friends and I fell backwards and hit my elbow and then I went home.


Broke My Arm

By: Kennedi Roper

When I was 7 years old I broke my right arm. It happened about 5 years ago was at recess and being a 2nd grader trying not to get stepped on by those 6th graders. So my friend and I were a sand castle and

I said, “We should go on the monkey bars!”

“Ok!” she said with a smile.

So we did and I was like in my own world just swing and swing and swing. Then BOOM! My eyes flew opened and my head was in so much pain. Water dropped from my eyes and hit the ground. I looked at my arm it was gross and cool at the same time I was running so fast like a cheetah to the recess lady.

She turned around and said, “Are you ok.”

“NO!” I said in pain

So we went to the front office and they wrapped it with masking tape and put a painting stick under the tape. A few moments later my Dad came and picked me up and went to drop Dustin off at my Grandma’s house. We went to the hospital and I had to wait a few minutes because my dad was checking me in. They X-rayed my arm and put a sling around it.

When I got home and lied down on my parents bed a few hours later my sister came in and was crying so much. I felt bad.

She said something trying not to cry “Are you ok can I get you anything.”

“No I am ok but thanks so much.” I said.

And on that day I kept looking at my arm, it looked like a worm moving short and squishy. On those days without school I watch the Little Mermaid, like 20 times. On my day of my surgery my Mom took a picture of me in my Scooby Doo pj dress and I was gone. I know it took an hour or so but it felt like 3 minutes. I woke up in a different room it felt like I was in a different world.

“Mom” I said dead asleep.

“Yes sweetie” she said in a soft voice.

“Where’s my gram crackers and apple juice.” I said

“I threw them away sorry.” She said in a sorry voice.

I said, “ its fine”

Then I fell back with my eyes closing one by one. I woke up and I was in a different room again.

The doctor said,” lets go”

So we went and the doctor wanted to talk to me

“ Kennedi”

Right then I was scared.

“ Your right arm is fixed we put some rods in your arm.” Doctor said

I sat there with my cute smile. On the way out they gave me a face marker and a stuffed animal and a water bottle. When I had my sling on it was hard to write because it was my right arm I broke. When I got my cast on it was green I wanted a glow in the dark but I couldn’t. my brother Dustin fell off the side of my parents bed and landed on my cast and scraped is forehead. When I got my cast off my arm felt air and I kept scratching it and it felt good.

I felt like I was going to die when I broke my arm. I was in pain I only have 2 scares one on my elbow and the other near my wrist. A lot of people felt bad I was happy without my cast.

What I learned from this was to be careful of what you do. I hated when I broke my arm.

SAN DIEGO! By, Parker Sewell

Once, I went to San Diego for 5 nights and 6 days. It was very exciting except for the 24 hour drive there and back. I hate to ride in the car. It wasn’t fun at all. After 12 long hours, we finally made it to the hotel was pretty nice. There was an odd smell but it was still fun. We went to Sea world and Lego-land.

On our way to get dinner, the craziest thing happened. My dad got a flat tire! There was a 6 inch nail sticking right out of the side of his tire! So we couldn’t eat, we had to get a new tire. One of the funniest things was that when we went back to the hotel to ask where there was a tire store, they said “There is one about 10 miles south.” After a drive we found out there was a tire store right next to the hotel! I guess they didn’t know there was a tire store right there. So then we came back and they asked “Did you find it?” So my dad replied “There is one right there.” Then they said “Oh, good to know!” After that we went to dinner and went to bed knowing that we were going to Sea World!

Sea World was the coolest place ever! I loved it! My favorite animal is a sea turtle so when I got to go see them all day it was really cool. I even got to touch them! They had a pond full of baby sea turtles and you could go look and touch them! We went to see Shamu and that was very cool also. I sat in the “Splash Zone” with my sister. I got really excited when the trainer came over the speakers and said “SPLASH ZONE, ARE YOU READY?” and at that moment, here came Shamu like a bolt of lightning, around the pool and soaking everyone! I’ve never gotten so wet in my life! All of the other exhibits were really cool to. I also loved to see the penguin show. It was a big group of penguins that were trained to do slides and stuff. It was a lot of fun to go and see!

Two days later, we went to Lego-Land. It was very cool also. There was a very big Toy Story 3 place with the coolest Lego creation ever, a 10 foot tall replica of Rex! I asked a worker named Brian “How long did it take to make this?” he replies with “About 18 days from start to finish, with 6 workers!” I then asked “how many Legos?” he said “Nobody can count that high!” He was very nice to us. I also rode many roller coasters. They had so many I couldn’t ride all of them! The coolest thing was they all looked as if they were made of Legos! They had a really fast one that was very fun. They also had one that you could use a laser gun to beat you friends and family by hitting the targets!

My trip to San Diego was very fun. Even after the flat tire! I think the worst park was when we had to leave. The weather was so good and the things we could do were endless. I wish I could stay there. The ocean was so beautiful and I loved all the nice people are the reason I wasn’t to stay there, and that is my family trip to San Diego.

The terrible story of when I cracked my head open!! Michaela Shaw

When I was little, me and my cousin Amber where swimming. I had on my little swimming suite on and my little life jacket on and my foodies on and Amber was wearing a t-shirt and short’s .We where swimming and we had a 6 feet ladder that led to a slide. I would climb up and Amber would climb up after me then I would go down then Amber would go down after me .we would do it over and over again.

I got out first and I said Ammy Ammy I want to go on the slide again she said wait but I went anyway. Almost got to the top when I took one more step my feet so wet I slipped hitting my head on the ground, Amber got out of the pool picked me up and saying are you ok? Then seeing the blood dripping from my head and every one come running out of the house my mom calling 911 then me blacking out.

Waking up in the ambulance remembering the scared look on my mom`s face scared. Arriving at the hospital being picked up and put on a stretcher me blacking out again waking up with at least 100 stitches in my head from one ear to the other. Ok so when woke up I saw one of those sprinkler things they put on the roof to put out fires I thought it was a spider and I said to my mom look mom look at the spider she said what spider the spider on the ceiling it`s guan get you it`s guan get you the spiders going to bite you she said that I was saying that because I was saying that I last to much blood and that I was seeing things.

Amber said it was all her fault but in the end it was all mine and over time she was just happy I was still alive. That was the time that I cracked my head open from one ear to the other.

The end..

my summer vacation

By, Max Shivers

This summer we did a lot of fun things. One of my favorite things we did was going to Orlando, Florida. I went with my Grandparents and my family. We went to a lot of fun places like Disney World, Cocoa Beach, and Dolphin Cove.

Disney World was a lot of fun. One of the rides we went on was Space Mountain. On the ride we rode in a space car. At first it was all dark, then all of a sudden lights started flashing everywhere like eye illusions. Then it took off super fast. If you were to look up there would be stars everywhere. It felt like you were in space.

Next we went to Blizzard Beach Waterpark. There was a slide called the Tobagon racers, with six slides. You would go down it on a mat and six people would race. Then we went on a slide that was really tall and steep. At the bottom of it, it looked like you were going to launch off a jump, but you just go straight through and under.

We also went to Sea World. There was a ride there called The Manta. You would sit down in a chair, then once everyone was buckled you would drop forward so you are hanging by your stomach. It was the funnest ride I have ever been on.

At Universal studios there were lots of rides. There was an area that was themed super heroes. We went on a ride called the Hulk. When we got on the ride it started to rain, it went fast and we also got hit in the face by the rain really hard.

One of the last things we did was Cocoa Beach. We played on the beach. We played on the beach and got in the water with our boogie boards. The sand was really hot but not when our feet wee wet. Then we got to go pairasailing. It was really fun and we got high above the ocean.

My florida vacation was one of my favorite trips. It was a busy trip and it rained a lot of the time. I’m glad I got to go.

My Personal Narrative

By, Rocio Solorio

Once upon a time my family, I, and my friend had a sleep over named Monica. It was on my birthday March 1st, 2005 I was five. We were getting ready to go to Lagoon, but before that my mom said, “Rocio go clean your room to go to Lagoon.” Then I said, “Okay mom because I want to go to Lagoon.” I asked my friend Monica if she could help me and she said sure. After that we got ready and got in the car. When we got in the car Monica and me were so excited to go to Lagoon that we started yelling in the car. After my mom and dad got mad and said, “Please be quiet because you guys are driving us crazy.” We were sitting and sitting then we got bored and we kept asking, “are we there yet,” then when we said it again we got there.

When we got there my mom and dad had to pay 8 dollars to park, so they paid and then went to the park. We got off the car and we walked to the front of Lagoon where it said tickets and my mom got all of our tickets out and gave them to the lady and she cut the bottom part of the ticket and she got a stamp and stamped our hands. When we got in we went on the swings then the small and big bumper cars. Then on the cliff hanger and those are all the rides I remember. We rode a lot of more rides. After we went home and got McDonald’s to eat.

I learned that if anybody is getting ready to go to Lagoon it is hard work to get stuff ready. I choose to write about this is because it was fun. I will never forget it and because it means a lot to me because my family and one of my friends was there. It was also the best time of my life even if I did not get to ride some rides.

My Best Friend’s Death

By, Gabrielle Stofferahn

Do you ever wonder why the people you love slip away from your finger tips? Please take my word for it, love the people and loved ones now, because later they will be gone forever.

You may think that am going to talk to you about a person that died in my life, but you’re wrong. I am talking about my best friend, my family member, my cat, Sampson. He was more than a cat, that may sound crazy, but it is true. He was heroic, brave, soft, cuddly, and one of my best friends.

He saved our blood from a deadly daddy mosquito. When we were all afraid, he stood up for us and fought our fears away. He ate the bugs and the nasty critters that made us squeal and run away in fright.

He would also have a schedule for the night. He would first come into my room and sleep either beside my belly or on top of my pillow. When I’d fall into my nightly coma he would go down to my brother’s room and sleep on his bed until morning.

He also was funny because he would throw up in the most random places. One night my brother fell asleep and Sampson threw up on Christian’s back!! When Christian woke up he didn’t want to move. Another spot that he threw up was smack dab on the TV remote. The funniest time that he threw up was all over my homework when I was in 5th grade, but one day the sickness got out of control.

Christian woke up one morning and saw that Sampson had thrown up all over the basement and was still throwing up. I was with my mom at the time when Christian called her.

“Hello,” my mother asked. There was some conversation on the other end. “Can we schedule it tomorrow?” There was more talking and then my mom said, “Okay, I am on my way.”

She hung up the phone; I looked at her and said, “Who was that?”

“That was your brother, he said, ‘We need to put Sampson down today.”

We drove home and picked up Sampson, I went with my mom to the vet, but Christian stayed behind because he said he couldn’t handle it.

The doctor came in and we explained everything, he listened diligently and then explained to us what he would do, and then got Sampson ready for the injection. As the doctor did this I just stroked Sampson’s head and whispered my goodbyes. The doctor held up the needle and asked, “Are we ready?”

I nodded and the doctor injected the needle. At first nothing happened but as the medicine began to flow, Sampson’s head dropped and his eyes closed. The doctor picked up Sampson and carried him away and to this day I still haven’t recovered. Even as I write this story it is a struggle for me to hold back the tears.

Watching your pet die is the worst feeling in the world. The pit in your stomach never goes away. He is gone but I will be able to see him again, but until then I will still love and miss him with all my heart.

This experience was horrible, but I learned that even when they leave you they are still with you. It also thought me to love what you have now because one day, it will just take one shot, and your most favorite thing in the world will be gone.

2012 All-star Lacrosse Brady Thornock

May 12, 2012. I found out my lacrosse coach wants me to be on the all-star lacrosse team. I’m so excited to play with the older kids, but I’m also worried. The older kids are more violent. The reason I’m playing with the older kids is because it is a U13 league so that meant the early 8th graders are on this team.

It’s our first practice, I think it’ll be fun. All we are doing is drills. Our coach tells us “our first tournament is in 2 weeks.’’

2 weeks later… It is time to play, we are playing a team we have never heard of before. I am starting at left attack for the Bonneville Lakers. On the faceoff, josh who plays for Bonneville, gets the ball, runs down the field, shoots and misses. The other team clears it up field and scores a goal. I’m thinking “uh oh.’’ But when josh gets the ball again he passes to Skyler (starting right attack) and he rips it at the net for our first goal. The won the faceoff but Jonah (on defense) gets it back. He clears it to me, and I make a move on the first defender run, fake a pass, than shoot and score.

We went on to win that game 6-3. The next game we won 10-8. And then we won the next. It is championships now and we are playing a team we lost to 2- 6. We lost the faceoff and they score right off the bat. Then the same thing happens again. To make a long story short they beat us badly.

Tournament #2

Our first game, we won 8-2. The second game we win 5-0. They forfeited before halftime. The next game we won 7-4. Championships. At the start of the game the score, 0-1 already. Than Skyler hits a shot. 1-1. After, he tries again but it bounces off the goalies foot, I caught it, shot and scored. The rest of the game we don’t score again, and lose to come in second place, wich is a great score, because these teams come from all over the west of our country.


What I got out of this is fun and I also learned to be a better lacrosse player. I had a good time and I hope I make it on the all-star team again with even older kids.

My first big competition

Targee Tomisin 9/14/2012

I am in a snowboard competition at Powder Mountain. It is a nation wide competition. I am about to hit a fifty foot jump doing a backflip 360 and that’s called a cork. I start to go and I go and fly off the jump I feel like I am flying and do the cork and land a little off I raise my hand in the air. I take off my snowboard and starts walking up the hill.

I go to look at what the judges gave me as my score. One of the judges gave me an 8.5 the other said I got a 9.0 and the last one gave me an 8.0. Then I see some guy name Fred start to go and they do a backflip and land it really good the judges said that he gets a 10.0 from two of the judges the third gave him a 9.5 I got mad and threw my snowboard and had to go get it.

So I get ready at the top of the hill ready to go again and I see someone start to go they do a backflip and land it all weird all the judges gave him an 8.5 I was happy.

I started to go and I do a backflip I want it a little of but not much two of the judges gave me a 9.5 the other gave me a 10.0. I got up on the podium and they give me a free snowboard I get second place I was so happy.

I go down the hill for my victory run and did a cork and landed on my arm and broke it. The ski patrol had to take me down the mountain on a stretcher and my friends parents took me to the hospital and when my parents go there they ask what happened and I told them that I took second place in the competition and when I when for my victory run I broke my arm

The End

Big Time Rush Concert

By:Jannely Urrutia

On July.25.12 like around 9:00 I woke up and came to the kitchen and got my breakfast and ate. After I was done eating I went to go brush my teeth when I was done brushing my teeth, I went and started doing my chores like usual. And like around 10:00 they finally woke up and I mean like the whole family woke up.

So then they came to the kitchen and they said” Good Morning. Then I said” Good Morning to you to. So then after we said Good Morning my family started eating breakfast and I was just sitting there doing nothing waiting for them to finish eating because I was done with all my chores.

Later, that day like around 12:00 my family started doing there a chores around the house everyone was going back and forth and it was so crazy around the house. So they kept cleaning until they were finally done they sat down and cooled off.

After those hours passed and like around 3:00 my aunt called and my mom picked up the phone and she said “Hello Who Is This? My aunt replied “its me Angelica Jannely’s Aunt. Then they kept talking .and then my aunt said “Can Jannely come to the concert with Jailene Then my Mom said “Yes she can go I’ll tell her. Then my aunt said were picking her up at 5:00 Ok Bye.

After my mom was done talking she told me and I got ready took a shower did my hair then I was finally finished then I went to my living room to watch a movie and it was called The Three Investigators It’s a good movie so I watched it and then like around 4:30 they came and picked me up so I said “Bye. Then my family said “Bye have fun. After that I left and I got in the car and we started driving.

So we were in the car and we were heading to Salt Lake City for the concert we drove and drove and we finally got to the place where the concert was going to be we got off and Me My Cousin Jailene and my other cousin Stephany.and we started walking to the entrance so they can scan our tickets


One bright and shiny day I woke up and I was called by friend traft and he told me, “Today is your last day in California.” He said “let’s hang all day.” I said,” yes.” So we hang out at the park and the school and the fair so at the fair we went to get a gift for good bye then he said, “let hang out at my house.” We played all night in his backyard and his games and his dogs then we ask if I can stay the night his mom and dad said yes.

The next day me and traft were up set that we might not be able to see each other but I said that I will see them all again . The time I was on the road we stop 15 times and when we stop at a sinecure gas station and when we stop I looked at my dog abbey and when I looked at her she was gone so when we stopped at the gas station we were all sad that she was go so we put her in a cooler and got some ice and put the ice in the cooler then it took us five hours to get to Utah.

So when we got to Utah it took us two hours to get to my grandma and grandpas house and we got there we grabbed Abbey and we put her in the back yard under my grandpas tree and every time I go to my grandmas house I go to the backyard to the tree and wish she would come back show I can see her one lasted time.

So the next day I woke up in a new house and a new state but I wish I was still in California and the next day I was going to a new school. When I went outside from my grandmas house. My mom wasn’t there she was looking for a house and a job. My uncle came out and he said “hey Zach how you doing.” I said I’m doing fine.” Then he said he will take me to see his neighbors and when I met them they were so nice they said that they would take me to school and I played games with there daughter and son and we had so much fun.

I was still upset that I left California but I think I would be able to make so good friends and have a good time. So the next day I went to the neighbors and there daughter said. “Are you ready to go to school Zach?” I said “I’m ready but I am a little nerves and I hope I will make some friends.” So we got in to there truck and we went to my new school Marlon and when we got there we went In and I was nerves to talk to anyone then I was introduce to my new class I met a kid name Kobe I said. “Hi my name is Zach and your name.” he said. “My name is Kobe it’s nice to met you Zach your first time here.” I said. “Yes” then we hangout at recess and at school and after school.

When I got home I told my mom I met a new friend named Kobe. She said. “That’s good what he like is.” I said. “He was a good kid he likes to play basketball and he likes to play video games and he like to hang out with friends.” The next day I went to school with the neighbors help again. When I got to school I saw Kobe and he introduces me to his friend max. Max was a good kid he told me that he was able to talk Spanish. I said. “That’s cool can you tech me.” He said. “I can’t it would take me to long to tech you.” I said. “ok then do you want to hang out after school with me and Kobe.” He said that it would be nice to hang out see us after school then.”

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