Football Player Jason Adame

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My first soccer game

Our hearts pounded, we moved around restlessly. This was our first soccer game ever. The anticipation was killing me, I absent mindedly played with a ball at my feet, fantasizing being the best player on the field.

We didn’t know it, but at the time we all looked rather silly, in our heavy wool knee socks and our oversized jerseys. So, this is our first soccer game of the first season in AYSO. Our jerseys were green, and the ‘enemy’, as I thought of them at the time, were in blue. The position whistle blew, our small team of three walked on the field (we were like four so it was a tiny field with tiny kids).

We started with ball, the overly serious parents shouting things we didn’t understand like ‘mark up!’ or ‘shoot!’. My mom uselessly trying to direct me on the field, my friends parents shouting encouragements. I guess they didn’t understand that they weren’t supposed to take it seriously. We made goals, got scored on. I don’t remember who won, though. I walked off the field thinking it was the coolest thing ever, but we didn’t really play soccer. We Just kind of followed the ball.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this one game would have a huge affect on my life. I played in AYSO for three more years. More people came and went, teams getting better as more kids could be put on the field. Then I got my big break.

My mother found a soccer club named Laroca. I don’t remember if I had to try out or anything, but I got on the team. My coach was named David. The season started soon after that. I’ve got too many memories to type on this paper, but it was a good year. The next year at tryouts, there was a different coach for us, Andres. He was a friend of the clubs owner, who was short on coaches. Again, too many memories.

Two years later we got another coach, Eduardo. He was an average coach, tried to teach things and whatnot. But, again a new coach…… but this one is the best coach I got in Laroca (no offence guys). He taught us real things, got us into shape. But, unfortunately, his job took him to north Carolina. Then a guy named Nate became the coach. I don’t think he was very serious about it, though. That was last year. Little soon did I know… I was going to leave my friends at Laroca very, very soon.

My family was in cedar city for, surprise, surprise, soccer. My current coach, Eric, called my mom while we were down there. He wanted me to play for him. You have to understand, this team was better than the one I was on at the time. But, I had been with Laroca for years. It took a lot of thinking, but I decided to switch teams. Now I am on a wildcat premier team, and it’s the best team I’ve ever been on.

By: Konnery Cage Vigil

Concussion 2011

BY: Jax Weaver

My most memorable thing that happened to me in my life was when I got a concussion. I am writing about my concussion because I hardly remember it that is what a concussion is. I am also writing about it because it will stick with me all of my life. I don’t like knowing that I had a concussion because now I don’t know what happened and I cant ride my bike or any thing with out having to have a helmet on, and I don’t like my helmet at all it makes me look goofy.

The date was august 13 2011. All I remember was going to work with my family and filling up a water jug and then I don’t remember any thing after that. But when I “woke up” I was sitting on the couch and my mom was pointing at my brother and asked me “who’s that” ‘”Jace?” I replayed’.

My mom asked me that because I didn’t know any thing while I was “out”. I missed my first football game of the year as quarter back because of my concussion.

The way I feel about my concussion is that I really don’t like knowing that I had one. Now I can’t do any thing wit bout having all the proper equipment I can’t even ride my scooter wit out my mom being worried that I might break an arm or head. I feel like I can’t do as many things as I could as before. I get scared when I see people hitting heads if football or in any sport because I am afraid they will get a concussion. I am also scared to hit kids that are bigger then me and stronger then, because if I get two more concussions then I wont be able to play any sports.

When I First Started Football

BY: Kyler Wilson

When I first started football, I was in 4th grade. I didn’t really like football back then because, all I ever did was sit on the bench. For the whole entire year I sat on the bench, until finally after 7 games of sitting there I got to play.

It was Octoberfest of 2009 I was sitting on the bench like usual and then my coach came up to me and he said

“Have you ever caught a football?” I was shocked by the comment.

I replied. “Umm.. uh, yea?”

Then he said. “Well then get out there and play!”

I ran out on to the field feeling felled with joy and excitement, but at the same time felt nervous with butterfly’s in my stomach I went into the huddle. Then they called a pass play my side. We broke the huddle and lined up in our positions

“Down--- Set---- hut!”

Then the play started. I ran my route, which conveniently was my favorite route at the time. I was running a ten and across the middle route, otherwise known as a ten and in. I ran thinking that the quarter back would never pass the ball to a rookie.

But sure enough he did, He released the ball and when he did it almost seemed as if the throw was in slow motion I tried to have good concentration on the ball in order to catch it right as soon as the quarter back released the ball he got smashed by a defensive end.

I put my hands down almost touching the ground. I grabbed the ball right before it hit the ground It was a pretty low pass but I don’t blame the quarter back because he was under pressure with the defensive end rushing him.

I caught the ball and ran I ran as fast as I could and then I heard

“You’re ok now you can stop running.”

As you know it was my first time playing football so I didn’t know where the end zone even was. I had ran about 10 yards too far. I was super embarrassed, but I was also filled with joy.

I learned that If you set your mind to something and you want it really bad, you can achieve it with just a little practice and a little bit of luck.
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