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I picked this story because it was my first time being in Nevada. It was my first time being in Arizona. It was my first time I took my cousin home. It was my first time going to visit my grandpa instead of him visiting us. That’s why I picked this story.

The Horrible Pinky Story

By Kameren Hawkins

When me and my family where coming home form they store and, we where getting out

Of the car then I was the last one out of the car. Then when I was closing the car door I did not

realize that my hand was in the car still and

Mom said, “Kameren shut the door!”

Well you have to say ok because she is my mom.

“Ok mom” I said

So I closed the car door, and my picky was smash I sow blood coming from the door , and my mom came outside. She opened the car door and there was blood eve ware in and out of the car. Then my mom was holding my pinky, and we went inside and she pout my pinky in the water.

Then me and my mom went to the hospital and .the people handed me some peals my mom said It will help with the pain in my hand. Then me and my mom went to a little room they hade me sit in a little room. We sow the doctor come in the room he had a very big case he asked me to sit’in the chair. But it was not like any chair I have ever seen it it was like electric chair / a dentist chair with straps for your hands and, feet in.

But I went in the little room and sat on the little chair my mom handed me a book . “gust read the book and don’t think about your hand” my mom said

But when some one says to not think about some thing that is all that you can think about. Or you try not to think about it but you do.

“Thanks mom” I said

Then the doctor stared on my pinky I think my mom sow how much it heart me. “gust pout it on a butterfly rap on it” my mom ,said I was so glad that she said that.

My Personal Narrative

By: Madilyn Howard

My personal narrative is going to be about when I got my dog. I was younger when it happened. But hopefully I can remember most of it. I hope you enjoy reading my personal narrative.

One day my parents decided to let us get a dog. “Hurray for us” yelled me and my sister. So that night me, my mom, and my sister went to go the puppy. And we were getting a puppy so me and my sis were very exited so we were acting crazy!!!!

My mother is very VERY bad at directions. Were super lucky if we can get to our destination if she is in front of the wheel. Well that night wasn’t one of those lucky days sadly. We had no idea where to go or what to do. We were LOST!!!!!

Somehow luckily we found our way. When we got there my mother was so happy that we weren’t lost anymore. After my mom celebrated with her joy we went inside “WOW!!!” said me and my sister in amazement. We saw tens probably even hundreds of dogs but oddly they were in hampers. It was realy funny looking but the puppies inside of the hampers were sooooo cute!

I just wanted to take all of the cute puppies home. The owner of the pet shop helped us find a puppy. “ So what type of dog are you looking for tonight.” The owner said. “ There are lots to choose from.”

“Well no type in particular, just a dog that is nice.” Said my mom. And finally we found the cutest puppy for us. Now he is the best dog even thou he didn’t turn out to be nice.


I hope you enjoyed reading my person narrative. I defiantly had a fun time writing and typing it. I remembered it lots more than I thought I would. Thanks for reading hope you liked reading learning about when I got my dog!

My vacation to Hawaii!

By, Nicholas Jensen

The morning I left for Hawaii was the middle of flood season and my house was finding out my dad was going to stay home from one of the fun nest vacations you can go on as a family but luckily we had good neighbors that were able to stay at our house and protect it from water coming in. My dad was able to come with to come with us to Hawaii.

The reason our house was flooding our sump pump (this white tube with water in it that would go up and down according to the water level)sprayed all over my dad’s books from when he was a kid, sleeping bags our heater and air conditioner. Most of my dads books got black mold and had to be thrown away.

When we got to the airport, we were all almost jumping with joy. Part of the Carrigan side of the family was already there in Hawaii relaxing in the sun swimming in the ocean and in pools at the Ko Olina which means the happiest place on earth and I have to agree with that. But the other part was back here in Utah finishing the school year, so mainly all the kids in high school and younger. When we entered the plane everything was like it usually is a lot is quieter and squishier. But who cares we were going to Hawaii.

When we landed on the island of Oahu it was hot and humid and hard to breathe. We rented a car and drove to the Ko Olina. It was around 5:00 P.M. so 9:00 here the sun was shining bright the trees were swaying rapidly the waves were lapping down on the grains of sand. And you could here people having the time of their lives.

We found out where the rest of the family was and where their room was. We went there and ate dinner and then walked around the resort. After when we were done walking around I went into the room and got a passion fruit Hawaiian soda went out on the deck and drank I to the last drop with the sun beating on my face.

We went to my family’s room and I walked out to the deck and looked out onto a pier and the new Pirates of the Caribbean ship was there in the pier because the A’aulani the new Disney resort was opening. But there was also a massive oil ship.

The next day we went to BYU- Hawaii because my going to school there. She took us to Hukilau Beach for a second and let us look at the beach and play in the water that she’d taken so many pictures at. It was a really cool beach. Finally though she took us to a beach to body board and the beach was called Pounders beach and we played there and hung out there the rest of the day.

The day after that we went to the Dole Plantation and saw a lot of cool pineapples that grew in the ground, and in the air and on a plant, some red, some orange. and ate dole whip.

The day after we went to the P.C.C. and saw some of the Polynesian tribes such as Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Aotearoa, also known as New Zealand, and Hawaii. And we had dinner and ate purple rolls with ham.

The next day we went snorkeling at sharks cove and I went int the shallow water at first and saw something flapping then I stood up and realized it was a trapped sea turtle but you aren’t allowed to touch them so eventually it got out. I went out with a group of people and there was a bright yellow fish that looked like it was glowing above the water even.

Until the end of the trip we stayed at the Ko Olina and played around at the beach.

While in Hawaii I thought about how pretty it was and how relaxing it was too. I’m glad I was able to go on that trip with my whole family because it was one of the last trips I went on with my awesome uncle Mitch who died April 23. So it was a good trip to go on.

Personal Narrative Dance Camp

By: Hallie Jenson

“Beep, beep, beep”. Its Friday July 13th 2012 3:00am. My plane leaves in the Salt Lake City airport in. 3 hours. But my eye lids seem to be glued shut!

“Hallie, are you up yet? “That’s my mom yelling at me from the other room; I guess I better get up now. California awaits! I was sleeping until the pilot said “we’re now beginning our descent into Long Beach International airport”. That’s was pretty much the only sleep I would get for the next 3 days.

“Welcome to dance camp U.S.A.. on the ground and give me 50”. Rachelle always starts our day with plenty of stretching and the famous U.S.A. Power abs. she was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had but the power abs make me want to die. I would spend the next to days doing drill downs, and learning 3 dances 2 of which I had to pick. I went to my dance teacher and asked her which 2 I should learn.

She said “ Hallie I want you do the advanced lyrical and intermediate hip hop”.

I said “are you sure I’m ready for that hip hop?”

She responded “oh yes!”

So first we started with our camp dance; the song was I’m glad you came.” Oh my gosh it was the hardest dance I have ever done”. But the dance wasn’t actually the hardest part. Kneeling on the scorching asphalt with peddles grinding into my knee left a lasting impression, literally. I was bursting with excitement to learn my next dance, the lyrical dance. Much to my surprise it was the last dance the hip hop one, ended up being the most import one. Savannah the hip hop choreographer came up to me on our last practice Sunday morning and said “Hallie you’re going to the first round of super sensational”. I was shocked to be selected in the 40 out of 250. I said “are you serious?” she replied “you better get ready”.

In round one I had to preform the camp dance Jackie picked me to go to the second round. In the second round I had to learn and preform an across the floor in 5 minutes. Rachelle had picked me to be in the finale round, the top ten. I had to choreograph and preform a solo in front of the whole camp.

I love to dance and I love to do things that make me better like going to ballet and tumbling. One of the cool thing I do to get better at dance is go to dance makes me a million times better! It gives me better technique and better style. I learned how to do drill downs and lots of other stuff. This was the best 3 days of my life!


By, Allison Judkins

“Come back her,” I yelled.

I was chasing my friends little brother. Me and my friend we at her house entertaining a bunch of little kids.

“Ok I am going back with Paige now,” I yelled to Paige’s little brother.

Paige is my friend. I turned around and then started running across the street to the other side of the cul-de-sac. Next thing I know I was on the ground. I had a hole in my pants and my hands hurt. I finished walking over to Paige.

“I think that I am going to call my mom and go home now,” I said after lifting up my pant leg and seeing my cut.

“Oh owe,” Paige said with her hands cupped around her mouth.

“Are you ok Alli?” Paige asked.

All of the little kids were standing there with their mouths hanging open.

“It doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks,” I said.

I called my dad and he came and picked me up. He had to take me to the doctors. When we got there we waited in a room until the doctor came.

“I am going to have to scrub it out so I need to numb you,” The doctor told me.

“Ok,” I said.

“Let’s go into the other room,” The doctor said.

So we walked over to the room and I got into the chair.

“This will be your lagoon ride of the day.” The doctor said raising the chair into the air.

“Yeh,” I said sounding scared.

“Well there might not be enough skin to give her stiches,” The doctor said.

Then she put this big, long, needle in my leg to numb me. It made my knee got really, really big.

“Ok now I am going to scrub it out,” The doctor said.

“Oh I hope this doesn’t hurt,” I said.

Then she scrubbed it. I couldn’t feel it or see it. But I could imagine it. I was so grossed out.

“Well you need stiches,” She said.

“Oh, I have always wanted stiches but now I don’t,” I said with my shaken voice.

Well she had to give me five stitches. I could occasionally feel the needle pock me we it wasn’t numb. That I did not like so much.

I learned that I shouldn’t run in the road something I have been taught my whole life. And that I really need to slow down. I also learned that we are lucky that we have the medicine that we do or else that would have hurt a lot worse than it did. But I do every thing way to fast no wonder I got hurt. So just remember no matter what age you are or how slow you think that your going DON’T RUN IN THE ROAD!!!!!!!

R. I. P.

By, Ben Lamont

It all started when I woke up. We got a call from my grandma. My mother said “we will be right over.” She said then she said to me “grandpa die from a heart attack in his sleep. He was always a good grandpa to everyone.

Every time I came over he had always had cokes in the little frig down stairs . I had nightmares for an entire year. I could barely sleep for an entire year as well. The rest of that school I wasn’t happy at all. My friend said “Why so glum Ben” I said “my grandpa died yesterday. He said “sorry that happened Ben.”

I couldn’t smile laugh or do anything happy. I was temporary depressed you could say. Then a year later I finely got over it. Well I wasn’t completely over. I could finely smile once again. I am now happy once more. I’m still a little bit sad. But that is a okay.

I am back to my old fun self and I’m very happy again. My grandpa is still to my heart. But I wish He could finish his story about when he was in WW2. I’m still wondering what happened. I’ll never know now, so I can still be one of the happiest people I know. I will never get depressed again. I am still happy as I’ve ever been and I can be invincible to sadness.

I’m going to do anything that will keep my spirits up in the sky for my whole life. As long as nobody does anything to extremely make me sad or very angry I will be just fine. Besides there isn’t really anything to be sad about your whole life. I will not be sad for a very long time.

I can’t just get mad over very little things my entire life. If anybody does they should get help with that. So everybody should try as hard as they can to live there life anger and sadness free.

I have definitely learned to live everyday as it where your last day. I’ve also learned when a family member passes its ok to feel sad but don’t feel sad to long. It could mess up your whole life. Another lesson is you should try to be happy your life. If you are depressed you should get some very good help.


By: Saydee Larsen

All the kids ran out of the door screaming in excitement!! You could see all the joy that filled there faces!! As soon as I walked out the back doors of the school all the excitement came and slapped right on to my face! All of the 6th graders were so excited to be sprayed by the fire truck at the Riverdale Fire Station! Our school was right next to the Fire Station.

We ran down this hill so we could get to the church parking lot a lot faster! There was a 6th grade graduation party! As soon as we got there, there were games and candy. We had a lot of food to eat it was one of the best times of my life.

“Hey does everyone want to play kickball??” I said.

“Yes!!” Yelled everyone!!

So we all ran to the field to play kickball. As soon as we picked our teams we began the game. My team was first to kick. I didn’t want to be the first kicker but they all chose me. When they saw that I got a homerun the wanted me to kick for mostly everyone I didn’t kick for the boys just the girls it was so much fun!!  When are game got over we went to have some more snacks and took some pictures and then some people did karaoke.

“Hey Jess do you want sing with me??” I said.

“No way I’m terrible!” says Jess.

“Oh come on!” I said.

“Oh fine!” says Jess.

*Party Over*

As the boring summer went on my mom decided we should go on a vacation to Bear Lake (the part in Idaho). My brother-in-law and I went on a four wheeler ride. It was so much fun because my two sisters were in the back on another four wheeler. They were so scared they would not stop screaming because they just kept hearing a bark!! Haha. They really hear a howl!

We were on our way to the top of the mountain. It was a dark, dark night while we were up at the top of the mountain. We were on our way back down and then boom!!!!! We crashed the four wheeler flipped I fell my brother-in-law fell right on me then the four wheeler fell on Kevin (brother-in-law). I was okay but Kevin he messed up his shoulder. It was terrible.

This summer has really been great especially with all the people I have seen over this summer it was amazing!!:) I had one of the best times of my life!! I love my life!! :)

My Big Injury By, Ty Larsen

Since I turned twelve in February, I have gotten soma big injuries. The huge injury was when I broke my collarbone. I was in 6th grade and it was time fore recess. I went out side and played football, and when there was about five more minutes of recess I was thrown to the ground. When I hit the ground, my shoulder started to hurt. If I moved my shoulder, it would be even more painful. Therefore, I sat there until recess was over.

When recess was over I went inside and asked my teacher, “can I go to the office my shoulder really hurts.”

She said, “yes.”

Therefore I went to the office and told them about my shoulder. They told me to go sit down. So I sat down and they gave me an icepack.

The principal came in and asked me,” what happened?” Therefore I told him what happened. When I was done telling him, he started to looking at my shoulder, He used to be a paramedic before so he did not think it was broken because is was no swelling but he was not sure so he called Roy Junior because that is where my mom teaches. They called her to see if she could come to the office. But she said no because she was teaching a class but they said that she needed to come to the office. So she ran down to the office and took the phone call and heard what happened to me. Therefore she called my grandpa to pick me up and take me to a doctor. So my grandpa came and took me to the doctor.

The doctor said,” its broken and you might have surgery but since you are young you might not have surgery.” The doctor said that I can’t play soccer; I could not go outside for recess. I had to stay inside and not do any thing rough. The doctor said it would take three months to heal. So a month passed by and we went to the doctor. They took an x-ray of my collarbone and it was healed well and he said that I probably don’t have to have an x-ray if it continues to heal like it was then.

While my collarbone was broken it felt like I was in a timeout, a really long timeout. At school, I could not go out side for recess but I could play on my IPod. Sometimes I would work on some of my homework so I could get it done. At home, I would sit and do my homework or video games. I was on an AYSO soccer league but since I could not play, I would go there and watch. When AYSO soccer league was over, I tried out for a comp team. I did the try outs for three days and I made the team. The try outs were difficult because my collarbone was not totally healed.

After all of this, I decided not to play football ever again. I learned to be careful with my body. I’m going to stick with soccer.

Moving By, Luke Laseure

I’m going to tell you about one of the biggest things I remember about being a kid, moving 1500 miles across the United States of America from Utah to Wisconsin.

The first part about moving was packing up, I put everything into boxes then I helped my mom move all my stuff into the van. Then we packed up my parent’s room, then the kitchen, then the living room, and bathroom. That took two whole days.

After that we put our house on the market. We waited and waited and waited and finally a nice young couple bought our house.

Two days later we went one our journey. It was so boring. We drove for 23 hours straight, found a apartment to live in, unpacked, then went back another 23 hours and stayed for a day and packed up again. Then we drove another 23 hours. Then finally unpacked for the last time and just hung out and sleep for a day.

The apartment we got we stayed at for about 3 months. Then one of our neighbors tried to burn our building down but our building was all wet so he went to the building next to us and burnt it down and after that we got out of there and bought a new house in Washington terrace and the whole process started again except we only had to move 10 miles not 1500 miles

Up to this day we still live in our house in Washington Terrace

From this event, I’ve learned that it sucks to move all the way across the United States of America and that I never want to move anywhere ever again. That is what I remember most about being a kid in the United States.

Arizona By, Katelyn Martindale

The very first time I went to Arizona I was about six. My little sister MaKell and I were going to be sitting in the back of the car, meanwhile my brothers Zack, and Xavier would be sitting in the middle row of the van. I got pretty mad about that, but soon got over it.

On our way my step mom decided to video tape all of us, “There’s Katie and MaKell cute as always, Zack and Xavier watching a movie, Jason driving and oh yeah and dork me!” she said. We all laughed and just got back to watching a movie, “Or in my case, playing cards with a 3 year old!” At first none of us kids knew where we were going until Zack said, “Mom where are we going?” she then replied, “We are going to go see Great Grandpa Knight, in Arizona where he lives!” I started to say stuff like, I haven’t seen him in years or I miss him so much. Then as night fell we all went to sleep in the van.

The next day was the best because we were in Arizona, but of course it took us about three days to get there. Anyways, as we pulled up into our Great Grandpa Knight’s drive way he and his wife came outside. The four of us kids jumped out of the car and ran over to them giving them plenty of hugs! “Look how big you all have gotten.” They said. Later that night we had a big dinner and I was stuffed. After dinner we played games ate cake and also cooked some smores. They were delicious! After that it was time to watch a movie and go to bed. I got the big purple bed and MaKell got the yellow one. They were so comfortable. I had a great night sleep.

In the morning we had breakfast and then started packing up to go home. When we got home, I was so glad to be there, even though it was nice to visit family in Arizona.

I learned that going to visit family is always nice. Well because when family lives far away you won’t get to see them very often!

My Birthday Surprise

BY: Hannah McBride

On March 30th 2011 it was my birthday and when I got my new puppy! Her name is Dazee. I said, “She is so cute.” Then at six pm I had a birthday party sleepover on my birthday. My brother had some of his friends over to but with them we still had so much fun when they were with us. On of my brothers friends played Just Dance 3 with us it was so funny to watch them play the game with us.

We played so many games! My puppy had a triangle face. She was three months. Now she is eight months old. She is very playful every day. She is so fluffy. On my birthday we played Just Dance 3. We had a popcorn fight and we ate lots and lots of junk food that day it was so much fun.

Dazee is a mix Schnauzer and Chihuahua and who knows what else. Born in one out of four. She has a curly Chihuahua tail. She has brown eyes like a Chihuahua. Short floppy ears like a Schnauzer. I like to take a lot of pictures of Dazee and Yogi. I love my little pup. She felt soft and she was so fluffy.

On my birthday we had yummy pizza and soda. We made tie-die shirts. When we were playing around we had a popcorn fight. I have another dog named Yogi. My two dogs like to play so much they tackle each other. They are so funny when they play.

When we first got Dazee she learned a lot from Yogi. It’s so cute. When they look out the window when we go to the store or something. She is so funny when she plays with Yogi. When Dazee is rowdy she bits me and tries to play with me that’s why she will bit me and lick my ears, nose. And forehead.

Dazee takes Yogi’s toys all the time. When you say, “Dazee get your chewy.” Then she will go grab her bone or her toy. They like the stuffed animal snoopy. Yogi will eat a whole blanket! Dazee will chew on it. Yogi likes the snow, but I don’t know if Dazee likes snow. They both like to go camping.

Dazee hates baths she will shake and be cold. We barely give Yogi Baths. We will give Dazee baths kind of a lot. They both hate baths. Yogi hates thunder storms. We went to the terrace day’s parade and when the fire trucks come by us and the noise scared Dazee and she howled and howled over and over again. She is so scared when big noise’s go off.

I chose this one off of my timeline because I like my puppy and my birthday. It’s mostly about when and what we did when we got my puppy. I had like ten friends over that night on my birthday. Only five of them stay the night because it was a sleepover party to so that’s why I picked this one off of my timeline. The end

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