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By, Jeffrey Montague

I’m going to be writing about the time I took a trip to Alaska. The pilot came over the intercom and said “We are now entering Canadian airspace. That means about another hour or so and we’ll be descending in to Anchorage.” I remember thinking that some of the cities we were flying over were pretty small for being Canadian.

An hour and a half later we were descending into Anchorage we were descending me and my mom saw a moose running alongside a river. Our eyes popped with awe as we pointed at it through the window. We knew that Alaska was teeming with wild life but not so close to a major city. Then our plane safely landed and we got off and claimed our baggage. Then we went to the pickup zone designated by my aunt Karen.

Then we saw her pull up in her Subaru. We put our baggage in the back of the small somewhat lame car. Then we got in and she said “Welcome to Alaska!” then we began our forty mile trip to Girdwood, a small town outside of Anchorage. That was where my aunt lived. The drive was nice. On the right we were right up to the shore of the Pacific Ocean and on the left we were walled off by an almost ninety degree cliff. The cliff had mountain goat on it. The mountain goats had some serious parkour skills, it was mesmerizing.

Once we got to Girdwood we met Jon my aunt’s boyfriend. “Hello how was the drive?” Jon said. “It was good.” I replied. “What’s the plan” asked my mom. “Well tomorrow we can up to the mine. Then on Wednesday my friend are throwing a party up in Chikaloo. On Thursday we can go to the glacier and Friday thru Sunday we have forest fair.” Said Aunt Karen.

Tuesday came and we went to the mine where Karen worked. They gave us a lesson on how to pan for gold in the river. Let me tell you that was hard cold unrewarding work. We paned for an hour or so, then me and my mom got sick of it and went home.

Then on Wednesday we went to that party in Chikaloo. Which must have been a four hour drive. Because we drove right into the heart of Alaska. Chikaloo was in a very small town that consisted of a general store and six houses. The party was on a property of twenty acres split up among three people. I met two new friends, named Barrow and Eve. There was actually a stage that was playing reggae. During that me and Barrow were chilling in the log fire hot tubs they had there. At 12:00 AM (which looked like 6:00 AM for the record) all of us just laid in these hamics and talked.

We also went to porter glacier which was really cool. We went on this tour of it on a boat. They said that the water was 37 degrees farhanhight, so you wouldn’t want to swim in it or you’d get hypothermia.

Now I want to talk about forest fair which was the best part of the trip. Forest fair is like one big famers market in Girdwood. My aunt sells hats at forest fair. Lots of people sell food and its good food. There are tons of stands all around the forest. They all sell amazing things. Lots of stands sell art. There was this one stand that sold statues made of metal tools, like he had pigs made of propane tanks and snails made out of nuts and bobby pins. But yea forest fair was just a huge 3 day party.

What did I learn? I learned that Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Oh and I guess that my aunt Karen isn’t the horrible blood sucking creature she was when I was five.


By Zak Moss

The evening was cool and peaceful. The truck pulled up on the gravel. We step out onto out onto the hard rocks. There was a pool, water slide, hot tub and barrel racing.

“ Hey you’re here,” yelled Pedro.

Pedro is my mom and step dads’ friend. “Go play,” said my mom.

The first thing I did was go straight to the pool. The water was refreshingly cool.

I was having lots of fun until the barrel race. All the kids lined up at the back of the pasture. There’s the horn and we’re off. My sister hauls but down to the other end and got us in first place. We get down there and I hop out and I start to push. I go as fast as I could. Then out of the blue I hear my sister scream but it was to late the last place people hit us and I smack my nose in between the handles and flew back words about ten feet. My mom comes running on the field and carries me off. I sat on the ground for about an hour with ice on my nose so cold it hurt. After about another 30 minutes they let me go play.

The second time I broke my nose I was at recess in 5th grade playing basketball and me and Ty Larson went to get the ball at the same time and he got and was coming back up while I was still going down and I smacked I nose on the back of his head. Red blood dripped from my nose I looked.

“I think it’s broken,” said Nick. “Yeah I think it is.”

“Wow what happened?” said my teacher.

“I broke my nose on Ty’s head,” I said

They took me down to nurse and had me wait for my parents.

After my dad got there we went to insta care in North Ogden. Then he sent us to another doctor and then we went to Macadee hospital and then they fixed my nose.

After that I learned never to play basketball with Ty again just not be close when he is going for the ball in any sport just kidding cause he is fun to hang out with.

The first time I broke my nose to never drive with my sister because she blows my ear drums out of my head. And that I never want to go to a red neck festival again but it gave me lots of sympathy both times.

Freeport Bahamas By, Maelan Pierce

It was the evening of September 202012. My dads 40th We had been to dinner and when we came home, my mom excitedly said,

“I have one more surprise for dad”

She then put on the TV a DVD that she had made. We watched anxiously to see what the birthday surprise was. Pictures of cruise ships and the Bahamas were shown on the screen.

I excitedly said, “Dad you’re getting a cruise for your birthday!”

me and my older brother thought the cruise was just for our parents, but at the end of the movie it said the hole family was going!!! Two weeks later I found myself walking up the long gangway in sunny Cape Canaveral Florida getting on my first cruise!

I said to my family, “I am so excited! I can’t wait”

My brother said,” I know it is going to be so much fun!”

We spent the first day cruising the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The second day was my 11th birthday! I woke up and happily asked me mom,

“Where are we spending the day?”

My mom said,” we are spending the day at a resort in Freeport Bahamas”

I couldn’t wait to spend my birthday on a white sand beach and playing in the ocean with my family. We had a great day! I got my hair braided 3 times, got a big conch shell and ate a HUGE piece of chocolate cake, and bought a fun T-shirt from a village shop. Definitely my most memorable birthday!

We spent the rest of the week cruising to Nassau Bahamas and then we spent two fun filled days that included going to Atlantis waterpark! Which was sooo much fun! My favorite part at Atlantis was the waterslide that you go threw a tunnel of sharks!! To finish off this AMAZING trip we spent two days at the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter! It was so much fun!

The reason I chose to write about this experience is because it was the trip I have EVER been on!! My favorite part was probably Atlantis, because I love water parks! This was by far the BEST birthday ever!! I would love to go on another cruise someday. I thought it was fun getting to open presents on my birthday on a cruise ship.

Daniel Rhead

English 4th Period

September 9, 2012

Cannon Beach

One of, my best memories is of a family vacation we took to Cannon Beach, Oregon. We stayed at a hotel where you could walk out the door and be right on the sand. We had a great view of Haystack rock the main attraction at Cannon Beach. When I stood on the balcony, I could smell the salty sea air and hear the waves pounding on the shore. We were also right next to a great restraint called, “Moe’s”, that I discovered had the beat hot chocolate I ever tasted. The first time I tried it, I knew I had to share it with my family because it was so creamy and chocolaty. It steamed throughout my mouth and made my taste buds tingle.

Early, the first morning, I opened the drapes and stood out on the balcony of our hotel room. I was amazed to see that the Beach had vanished. We were completely covered in fog. It seemed as if I were blind! I couldn’t see the shoreline or the giant Haystack rock at all, even though I could still hear the sounds of the ocean. As I waited for my family to get ready for breakfast, I watched the screeching seagulls patiently hovering over the doorway to Moe’s. They were getting ready to bombard the tourists with their demands for leftover food.

After breakfast, my brother sister and I headed out to the beach to look for seashells. The sand burned my feet if I stood in it to long, so I ran quickly to the water to cool them off. The wet sand oozed between my toes and soothed my scorched feet. Most of the shells I found were broken so I stared catching sand crabs and trapping them in a sand barrier that I made. It was fun to watch them escape through the sand and bury themselves below the water.

My brother and I had fun playing in the ice cold water. It was so cold, it made my heart pound. It felt like it might come right out of my chest. We saw a jellyfish head wash up on the shore, which was cool. We poked it with a sharp stick and I was afraid I would be electrocuted if I touched it. To warm up, my brother thought it would be fun to bury me and my sister in the sand. He stared piling scoops of sand on top of our legs and bellies. It felt good to feel the weight of the sand on my body. It was then we decided to take a break and walk to Haystack Rock.

We decided to race each other to the rock. We ran past people throwing Frisbees and playing fetch with their dogs. Some people were riding large yellow tricycles around the wet sand. I decided I was going to ask my mom to rent one for me when I got back to the hotel. It didn’t take us long to reach haystack Rock but the tide was high and we couldn’t explore the pools that we heard about, so we turned around to head back. It was then that my sister and I noticed a big problem.

“I can’t run anymore. My legs and bottom are on fire!” I said to Scott.

“Mine hurts to!” said Emily.

“There are red dots all over my legs, and they itch!” I said

“Let’s hurry back and tell mom!” said Scott.

It was hard to walk back to the hotel. We had to waddle with our legs apart so they wouldn’t rub together. Once we got back, my mother took a look at our red dots and said we probably got sand fleas which hid in the sand that covered our bodies. I hurried to the hotel room to shower. It felt good to rinse the sand off in fresh water instead of salty sea water. It was several hours later before I could walk the right way again.

At the end of our vacation, I just had to have one more cup of Moe’s hot chocolate. I decided to take it to the beach to drink and say goodbye to the ocean. My family bought some, too and we took pictures as we sipped our steaming drinks. I will never forget Cannon Beach.


The reason I chose to write about Cannon Beach is because it’s one of my favorite places to go. I wish I could live there forever. I imagine myself running along the shore every day with my pet bulldog

My Sister’s Wedding

By: Mikai Ricketts

Well…it all started here… My sister was on her way to the 4th day of work. At work, there was this guy named Corrie. He really likes my sister. Oh sorry, my sister’s name is Jessica but we call her Jess or Jessi. She is twenty-four and has one son Wyatt, he just turned four about 2 weeks ago. Anyways, Corrie likes Jessi and so he asked her out and she said “Yes!”

Well, they really loved each other and they had a cute little baby boy and named him, Corver. Corver is the cutest little baby you will ever see. When Corver was born, he had to stay in the NICU, which is the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. It was very sad and he was very sick, but eventually he got better and he was out of the hospital in a few months!

Jessi and Corrie loved each other very much and decided to get married. My mom said to me one day…

“Guess what?!”

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