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The parent accident ally bloomer

there was once a really old race car. just sitting in a junk yard. but what other peopple diddnt know was that. it was a magic car. but you will find out more about that later.

But any ways there was also a girl name Dallas. Who was looking for a car. But not just a car. She wanted to fix a car by her self. You see she wasn’t a normal girl. She wasn’t in to the normal girl thing.

but that’s ok. That’s how her and her best friend Henry got along. But henry wanted to be more than friends. But was afraid to ask her out. So he just spent as much time with her as possible. And that is how it started.

Henry and Dallas always meet at the end of school.and Henry as always wanted to hang out but Dallas said she was going to look for a car. Henry said well I could help you. Dallas said ok meet me at the junk yard at six ok. Henry of course said ok see you at six.

And like he said Henry was there at six. And was looking for a car. A few minutes later Dallas showed up. She looked at the old race car. And fell in love with it and took it home. Even though Henry was trying to talk her out of it.

And in a month the car was finished. And Dallas called Henry straight away. When henry came over he told dallas. that he didn’t think she could do it. dallas said you know i can fix anything.

He said yeah right and then right there they heard something say hello my name is Kasey. And they both said what was that?. And they heard the voice say the car. They both looked and it was the car blinking talking and all and he sounded like it was like 9 years old.

My Dad’s Broken Foot..

By, Brainna Brady

It was a nice sunny summer day, with a little breeze of wind. I knew it was going to be a good day for my father because he had a softball game to go to. He loved softball and he put so much effort into every move he made. I was kind of surprised when I found out he was on a team, because me dad is kind of chubby, and I couldn’t really picture him playing a sport.

After the day of my boring summer, my dad got home and asked, “Who is all going to my game?, be ready in 20 minutes!”

I thought to myself “Hmm, should I go?” I didn’t really want to go because I thought old people playing softball would be boring. After a few minutes my dad came out and asked, “Who is all coming?” I heard silence..

“Is nobody going?” I asked myself. I waited a minute and that was when I realized nobody was going. I could see the sadness in my dad’s eyes. I then sat up and said, “I guess I’ll go..”

On the ride there we listened to music and I laughed while my dad tried to rap along with the radio. The ride felt like forever and I was bored out of my mind. A big smile appeared on my face when I saw the park. We were finally there, and the sooner the game started the sooner it would be over.

The game started, I was sitting on the bleachers and my back was aching. I had been sitting there for about an hour when suddenly I noticed it was the third inning! It was almost over “finally” I thought to myself. I then noticed my dad was next to pitch. It was his last time pitching for the game so I decided to watch, “ Old people actually aren’t that bad at playing softball!” I thought to myself

I watched my dad walk up to pitchers mound, I could see the dirt flutter in the air while he took each step. I watched furiously while the pitcher was getting ready to throw the ball. He then threw it right towards my dad and my dad swung the bat with all his might and the ball made a “clunk” sound and bounced far into the air. My dad threw the bat and ran. He kept running until he got to third base, then he decided to slide into it.. He didn’t get up, he just remained laying there. People ran towards him, when they noticed his ankle was broken. He sat out and I had to make tons of calls trying to get somebody to come and take him to the Emergency room.

My mom finally made it out there and my dad got token care of (:

I’m actually glad I went with my dad to his game because he would have been there alone with a broken ankle. I was there for when he needed me, and he is always there for me when I need him. I hope he plays softball next season, I will be sure to go to every game.

Stetler Buttars

September 13,2012

Grandpa Gary

In 2010 my grandpa died it was really sad. We used to play basketball, baseball together. I used to go over there ones or twos a week to mow his lawn. And after that we would do stuff really of the things really fun we did was go to fat cats or to the movies we did real fun things.

My grandpa has pretty cool neighbors I almost always hung out with them every time I went over there. But I see one of them because she goes to T.H. Bell she is pretty cool. The people that live across the street from my grandpa can do awesome moves on there jumps and stuff. And they have these really cool remote controls cars.

I and my grandpa went four wheeling a lot. One of the funniest rides I have ever been on was in Clarkston. I still go there with my dirt bike and ride. My grandpa like always used to take me four wheeling. My grandpa is very awesome; we did a lot of very cool things together. We went to fat cats and played games, we went to a lot of movies, and dinner places and we just did a lot of things together.

My grandpa has 3 brothers and 2 sisters, my grandpa’s brothers names are Mike, Steve, and Marty, and his sisters names are Ronda, and Kate. They are really cool people and they are really funny. They are just like my grandpa a little. They like baseball, and basket and basketball. They all like to go to the Raptors game I think.

My grandpa favorite music to listen to is Maroon 5. He likes a lot of their old music old songs. I kind of lke them to but I like Eminem better. My favorite song by him is Till I Collapse.

Me and my grandpa used to go and eat at McDonalds a lot. He always got a big mac there. They are really good but ever since he died I have any gone there 4 or 5 times.

Some of the hardest things since he passed away is missing just him, and riding dirt bikes , and going over to his house going, to movies, and fat cats, and all the things we did together.

Girls Camp

By Chelsea Christensen

This event took place in Mantua Utah, in Box elder county, Box elder campgrounds July 10th- 13th. The campground was surrounded by trees a natural spring in the middle, a fire pit, and if you went through to another clearing there was a rope swing.

Day 1 we started bright and early at 6:30 A.M. (well 6:30 doesn’t seem so early anymore). We got to hike up to our destination. A man named Nathan foster explained the basics to repelling (did you know a carabineer can hold up to 5,100 pounds?). A girl named Candice porter was first to go repelling, she was down in under a minute. Then another girl went, and another so on and so forth. Girls got to go repelling g (I didn’t) or make Para chord bracelets (I did) . After two and a half hours of this we finally left for the campsite, before we left another group came up. A man in the other group pointed out that the bush we were sitting near was poison ivy! (Luckily I didn’t sit over there)

We finally got to the campsite I was assigned tent #2 along with Abbie Makin, Rachael Carlisle, and Harley Davis? (I could be wrong about her last name). I tried roasted starburst for the first time that night, not bad.

Well the next day was reasonable 7:45 A.M. tent#2 was on breakfast duty (apparently I can make pancakes and they are edible). Once everyone was up and ready we got our swimsuits on and went to the Brigham City pool. After a few hours there we went back to camp. It was seven eleven day so we got slurpies on the way back. Later in the evening we got to hear a woman named Meg Johnson (motivational speaker) speak. She is confined to a wheel chair. At night we put on our rock star costumes and performed songs. Then we had an initiation ritual.

Well first off we went on a nature hike(yay?) well after we got back we got to make our own ice cream (mine was more like vanilla slush) Later my dad and Heath gilberts put on an amazing rock concert!

“That was awesome dad” I said

“It was pretty fun to did someone record that?” he asked

“I got it on my camcorder” called Abbie Makin

Great” he replied

The next morning we packed up camp and went home ( during this entire experience I was eaten alive by mosquitos it was horrible)

What I learned was to be more out going, also that I am allergic to Mosquitos. It was a wonderful experience I can’t wait for next year

How I learned to saddle a horse

By, Sophia Cole

“Hey dad can you teach me to saddle a horse?” said Sophia

“Sure if you pull out the saddle I will pull out patina.” said Roy

“Okay and I will pull out the bridle too so I can ride her once we are done.”

“Instead I will pull out cricket since crickets less strong headed okay.” Roy said

“As long as I get to ride after I’m done then its fine with me” said Sophia

“Hey Sophia before I pull out cricket can you brush the stallions and give them treats please”

“Okay.” said Sophia

Sophia brushed the big horses and combed out their long manes. She gave them treats and told her dad she was done. Her dad pulled out cricket. Sophia was trying to find the right saddle and the bridle. When Roy got over there and tied the horse up she found the bridle and saddle and was barely bringing them out she put them on the bar so she could have both of her hands first was the saddle she threw it on to the horse and straightened it out she saw it was the wrong saddle so she went back into the tackle barn and found the right saddle.

Then she said “I think I found the right one this time” luckily it was the right saddle.

Roy said “This is how you do a saddle up you go through the lower loop then you reach the top and you pull through and go through the side and you go in the other side then you go between the rope and you pull down as hard as possible.”

“I think I got the hang of it.”

She messed up the first and second time but she got it the third fourth and the fifth time.

Well I learned that it isn’t easy to do a saddle up that’s for sure it looks easy but it’s truly hard I still can’t do it sometimes


by, Peyton Daily

It all started when my mother wanted a new cat. She hoped another cat would make my cat Raider, happier. So she drove down to the pet store, the whole ride thinking about what kind of cat she wanted, a brown one, a black one, a young or an old one, a furry one or a hairless one…

At the store, she looked at many discontent faced, meowing cats, all of them hoping to get chosen and taken to a home forever. She saw many cute ones, but when she looked into the yellow eyes of the small, puffy orange cat, she knew immediately he was the one. With his orange fur and innocent face, she knew the perfect name for him. “Cheetoh” she said, “Will be your name.”

The whole way home, a rumbling purr came from the kitten as he rolled around in the back seat. A laugh slipped from my mom’s mouth as she watched the kitten prance to the front door and meow. She thought to herself, “This is the perfect cat.” She then opened the door, letting herself and Cheetoh into the house.

“Awe,” Everyone cooed. “He’s adorable!” All of us said happily, as he pranced around playfully. “Go get Raider Sydnee,” said Drew, my oldest sister. “Okay,” she calmly replied, then skipped off to grab the cat from the basement, off in her own little world.

At first, the two cats didn’t get along so well. But, as time passed, the cats grew a special bond. Soon enough, they were constantly side-by-side, eating, drinking, and doing everything together.

Four years passed, and we were now living in a house across from Bonneville High School. Cheetoh was now a permanent part of the Daily family. He was a little retarded, though. He would walk down the hall and instead of turning, he would run into the wall and then meow and run away. He’d hiss at Sydnee’s Fur-Real-Friend cat, and then attempt to fight with it, staring into its plastic eyes, believing it was real.

The day came when he needed to get introduced to the outdoors. The other two cats already loved it outside. “Cheetoh needs to learn how to survive outside. He is just so stupid.” My dad would say.

My mom thought about this for a while. “You know, not a bad idea. We could just put food and water outside for him and keep him out a bit.

And they did. Constantly, my siblings and I tried to convince them he would die out there. “You know it… He is retarded! He will die.” Yelled Drew, but they did listen. That night they put him outside along with a food and water bowl.

I believed it was the last time I would see the fluffy cat. But I was wrong. I would see him again. He would just be a lot different.

The next day, my family and I frantically searched for the big, puffy cat. But we never did find him that day. Tears dripped out of all our eyes. My sisters and I all sat on the couch together, heads in our hands, with tears rolling down our face then falling to the couch. The tears puffed our eyes and soaked our cheeks. It seemed we would never get over it.

Late on night, about two weeks later, my parents sat on the back porch, just like any other regular night. Suddenly, a pair of glowing, yellow eyes shone in the darkness. “Look,” said my mother, “I think it’s Cheetoh!”

Quickly, my mother ran into the kitchen to fetch some food and water for her cat. She hurried outside and attempted to get him to eat something, but he wouldn’t. He drank the water with a look of agony and distress on his scratched up, clumpy face. “Now eat, Cheetoh,” My mother seemed to plead for him to eat with a tear on the edge of spilling over her eye. She knew he was sick and probably hurt, but was certain that she could fix him. So she then wrapped him in a towel and went to bed.

The next morning, we were all very eager to see our darling cat, but he wasn’t doing much better. We struggled to get him to eat solid food, so we tried tuna. He still would not eat. Soon enough, he even ceased to drink.

All throughout the day, we tears literally spilling out of our red eyes, but we still sat with him all day, stroking his straggly fur with our shaky hands, so he would feel happy and loved.

Later that night, my mother called my grandpa to take Cheetoh to the vet. By the time he arrived, it was too late. The cat had passed away, halfway underneath my sister’s bed, as he was trying to hide before he’d died. With tears cascading down my face, I tried to get over it. For weeks we were all so heartbroken over our cat’s death. Every night it seemed I could hear his hopeful meow, smell and feel his beautiful fur, and see those shining eyes.

Still, I remember holding Cheetoh in my arms, bending my head over so he could claw at my hair. He would purr and rub his head against my ankles, and once I sat down, he would come and sit in my lap with me. And even though he is no longer with me, I know he still will live in my heart, forever.

Now I have learned to never underestimate how stupid your pet actually is, and what he can’t do. Also, I learned how strong a bond can be between a human and an animal, and if an animal really loves you, then they will come back to you, as Cheetoh did. Now I can know when my cats are ill if I need to. Cheetoh taught me that he wasn’t really that dumb, or he would never have found his way home.


By, Kobe Davis

When I first found out it was in an all-star tournament for baseball. I remember we had just won a game and we were all happy, then my dad pulled me aside and said into my ear,

“Hey, Kobe we might be moving to Utah.” I tried to act happy but what my dad had just said had ruined my whole day.

That day I went home, my family and I discussed if we should move to Utah. I was nervous,

“Alright,” my dad said,

“ This is a discussion on if we are going to move.”

Of course right away my little brother, Hunter, exclaims, “YES!”

I really think he didn’t understand what moving meant. On the other hand my sister looked a little undecided after a minute of silence she mumbles, “It’s fine by me.”

I was sitting on the other side of the couch every one of my family members were looking at me smiling as I say, “I’m not sure, I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Well it was the last day of school, I had to make my decision. After school that day my dad picked me and my sister up.

“Have you decided,” whispered my dad.

I said, “Yes, I think we should move.” He looked very pleased, I felt like I had made the right decision. So, later that day my dad had told me that we were moving to Utah in the middle of the summer. He also told me that the half of the summer was going to be the best half summer ever!

So, as promised it was the best half summer ever! I was still doing all-stars so I got to see those friends every day for practice and then tournaments. It is now my last week in CaliforniaI had to try my hardest to have fun. The first nightI spent the night at my friend Matthew’s house. The other six days I either had baseball games or went to Disneyland and all six night I spent the night at my friend Kyle’s house.

All in all I lived a great life in California. I learned that if you like or like living somewhere , do your best to have as much fun as you can while you still live there. I loved living in California, but I think I made the better choice on living here, what about you?

Personal Narrative

By: Kenzie Dwyer

This is the story of the time I went Chicago and Indiana to visit my family. I go every year, but last year was especially fun. First, we took a 26 hour drive (which was not enjoyable.) but when we finally arrived we were greeted by my grandparents.

“Welcome! Would you guys like some soda”, my Grandma said.

“Of Course!” my brother I said in unison.

We went inside to get our rooms and put our bags down. My grandparents live in a lake house just off the lake. So we can literally walk to the lake. They have to boats and two wave runners.

“Get your suits on kids, we are going to Colorado Cove.”, my grandpa said. Colorado Cove isn’t really in Colorado, we just call it that, I’m not really sure why but we do.

So all we really did was go swimming go on the boat, got on the wave runners and go out as a family.

After 3 days of Indiana we took a three hour drive to Chicago. When we arrived, we stayed at my Dad’s parents’ house.

We mainly did two things; hang out with my nine cousins on my Dads side. We went to this really good pizza place called Giordano’s and this other really good place called Portillo’s. We also went to this place called Brunswick it is kind of like a Toads or Boondocks.

Our trip ended with a 24-hour ride home. When we finally got home it was like 4 in the morning. It was fun while it lasted, but I was ready to be home.

My trip to Chicago and Indiana was so fun! I really enjoyed boating in Indiana and eating in Chicago. Even though it was a long drive there, it was worth every minute. My Dads twins’ brothers’ daughter and I are really close so I liked hanging out with her. In the end, Chicago was fun and hopefully soon everyone will come out here to visit us in Utah.


The day my brother was born.

By: Jessica Ermer

I stayed over at my friend’s house because my mom had to be at the hospital extremely early.

“Good morning”, said Saydee.

“Good morning”, I said back.

“Lets go get ready for school”, said Saydee.

About thirty minutes later we were in class. The day took forever to get by because I was so anxious. The end of the day took so long to get here. The school day was finally over.

I was running across the park for my grandma to pick me up from school. When I got there, she wasn’t there yet! I was so excited! She finally pulled into the parking lot. I opened the door and she said.

“ Hi Jessie.”

“Hi, Grandma, do I have a new baby brother yet?” , I asked.

“Not yet”, said my Grandma.

We drove in the car for about three minutes to get back to my house. The day went by quick. It was dinner time already. We ordered Chili’s and went to pick it up. On our way home to my house from Chili’s my Grandma says.

“Jessie, I got a text, you have a new baby brother. Do you want to see the picture?”

A couple days passed and my mom came home with my new baby brother. I was so happy!

I was so happy when my brother was born because I got to touch him and see his cute, little face. I was very excited for him and my mom to come home from the hospital. It was a great experience having a new baby in our family. I love him so much. He is my favorite sibling ever!




This is the time I scared grandma. It was early September, I and my little brother and my dad had gone down to my grandma’s house. It’s a long 2 and a half hour drive. It took forever.

Anthony (my little brother) asked “are we there yet”.

Before my dad could answer.

I snapped at him “do you see there house, do you hear jasmine”.

“Gosh you don’t have to be such a freakin’ jerk about”. Said Anthony

“Be quiet both of you or Ill turns the car around right now”. Yelled my dad.

That shut us up. But I still heard Anthony mutter “butt-sniffer”.

Anthony fell asleep; I stayed up and listened to the radio. It took 1 full whole hour.

We finally arrived at there house. It was almost 10:30. Anthony was asleep.

I screamed “wake up”. He responded naturally by screaming and then punching me for “scaring him”. He’s so sensitive. Went we inside my grandpa were watching a movie. I think it was called breaking bad or something kind of like that.

Finally he noticed us.

He said “hey kids how it is going”.

“It’s going good grandpa.”

“Do you kids want some food” said grandpa.

“Yeah, sure” I said.

So we waited for are grandma outside. It took a really long time. It was almost 10:45! But then in the distance I heard my grandma’s voice saying “so I heard Michael was coming up” then I heard my aunt’s voice. “I think their up hear right now”. I knew I couldn’t miss my chance I snuck down a long twisting and winding road down to my aunt’s house. I got top the steep road leading down there. I snuck down 3 4ths of the way crouched and hid.

My grandma stared coming up the hill. But then I heard Jasmine (that’s my grandmas dog) she came up the hill. I held my breath hopping to not get noticed when Jasmine stared sniffing around. Then she sniffed me out she came over and started barking at me. My grandma came over saying.

“What is it jas. Then I jumped out and scared her. She screamed super loud I ran up the hill laughing and laughing and laughing.

That story is about how to scare grandmas. Old people are also scared of small animals like mice and fake rubbery lobsters and stuff like that. They also hate plastic hands.

The end

When I won 450 dollars

It all started when I was given a paper about an art contest at Dinosaur Park. My teacher then encouraged me to enter in the contest. I thought about it for a long amount time. Then when there were only two days left I decided to enter. Then I sat down for two hours straight and tried to draw a dinosaur. I drew furiously trying to get every detail in I could in the smallest amount of time possible. Then the next day I was thinking how I could make it better. I then decided that it would be a good idea to boarder it. I went to the store bought all the utensils to boarder it and I did that as quickly as possible and raced to school

Back at School

When I got back at school my teacher loved the drawing. During lunch my teacher ran the drawing up to Dinosaur Park. I was barely able to eat because I was so nervous if she would get there in time or if something happened while she was heading over there. When she returned she told me she barely made it and got it in to the judges for the judging day. Then the worse part about it was waiting for them to tell me if I had won or if I had lost or gotten third or second place. I was so mad because I had spent so much time waiting for them to tell me anything about it. I was beginning to become very impatient with them. Then one day when I was all over it the judges showed up with a certificate and cookies for my class then they gave me one hundred dollars a certificate and two hundred fifty to Utah Idaho supplies and I gave that to my teacher so we can buy games.

Later that Month

With the money I had won I bought myself an Xbox 360 and five games. Then after thanksgiving break they called and told me they currently had my drawing up in a show room place and they wanted to buy it and they said they would pay me one hundred dollars so without thinking twice I said yes and then about a week later I received a check for one hundred dollars. Then not to long after I had made thank you cards to all the sponsors of the art contest and I spent all my money on different things. And that’s pretty much it.

The End

By, George Garcia

Personal Narrative By, John Garcia

First hunt

It was the day before the hunt started and we were just getting up to the property and it was so beautiful. We started the fire and started roasting marshmallows. Oh they were so good I ate like five of them and my dad said “you better stop before you get sick.” And guess what? I sure was sick. I started puking everywhere. I was so sick so I went to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off at 5:00 am so I got up and said “get up!” so everybody sure did get up especially my dad he jumped up as fast as ever. My dad said” get all your gear on so we can leave.” So I got my boots on and all of my orange and started to load my book bag. I put bananas and oranges and waters because I was gunna hike all day because I really wanted a deer. I grabbed my gun and all of my bullets and put them in the truck.

We got in the truck and started driving to the “spot” when we got there I got out and loaded the clip to my gun and grabbed my book bag and left. Once we got tot the vantage point I sat down and started eating an apple. Then all of a sudden it looked like the whole mountain started moving and there were 20 deer sitting there but not one of them were a buck so I just sat there waiting.

All of a sudden I hear movement behind me. I turned around and it was a doe and a four-point buck. I shot twice and the four-point dropped. The doe took off and spooked up an even bigger five-point buck. I couldn’t shoot it because I had already shot the four-point.

I started gutting It it was so gross I wanted to puke. Skinning it was the easy part all you have to do is flip the knife upside down and go up the stomach dragging it back to the truck was the hard part. So I asked my dad “dad can you help me drag it back to the truck please.”

When we got back to our camp I was so happy everybody was greeting me and telling me good job and talking pictures. It was the best hunt ever

My trip to Nevada By, Kayleece gentry

My trip to Nevada was to take my cousin home. My mom said,” we are going to grandmas to get her because owers would not make it.” we started going that night. My mom said,” we are going to stop in St. George and go in a hotel.” We went off.

We kept listening to country the most the way there until my cousin said,” can we change the station.” My mom changed the station to rock. I was relieved we didn’t listen to country the whole way there.

My baby brother started to sleep around half the way to St. George. He is so cute when he is asleep (also because he beats me up).after getting to St. George we were going to stay in a best western but they were filled. They told us to go to another hotel but I cannot remember the name of it. We stayed there and it was nice it was one room with a TV, a couch/bed, a bed, and a was a good room. It was so fun. It was my first time being in a hotel.

In the morning we did not get up early enough to get the free hot breakfast.

So we packed up and got in the car and left. We went through Arizona to get to

Nevada. When we got to a town we stopped by my cosines dads work. He went in to say hi. His dad said, “When you get home the door should be unlocked. My cosine said,” ok.”

We went to my mom’s dad’s house because we have not seen him for a wile. He was happy to see us. He has like 13 cats. They are so cute. 3 3 of the cats are baby’s. a little boy would trough them at his house or would trough them on his roof and watch them roll off. His wife saved them. After visiting them we went to my cosines house. When we got to his house. When you go to his house it looks like it is on the left side of the road but it is on the right. He has 5 palm trees in his front yard, in a row. When we dropped him off he did not look like he wanted to be there. I think he wanted to stay in Utah but his dad would go to prison.


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