Fuschia color is tony L. Johnson, Peggy Johnson and Lee Johnson’s Relations mostly: Burton Farmer, Carter, Dale, Lound,Haile & Hatcher relations

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Elijah Rogers

Genl Green

Col William ----- and

Col Lee of the regulars

Col Hampton

Genl Marion

Col Campbell &

Captain Ellerbee

Captain Wade

1758 January 13, in Rowan Co William Hill married Hannah Elizabeth Halbert on January 13, 1758 in Rowan Co., (daughter of Joel Halbert and Frances Elizabeth Jones) who was born September 17, 1742 in Caroline Co., VA, and died after 1811 in Surry Co.

William Hill was born 1737, Caroline Co., VA to William Hill and Susannah Smither. He died in about February 1785 in Surry Co., NC. He was a Baptist minister. He Reverend William Hill and his family came to live in Townfork Settlement in Surry County, North Carolina. Here some information on life there and in those days. Information on his family follows.
The December 1928 issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly Magazine states that Rev. William Hill, Jr., came to NC a few years before his father, and owned land on the Dan River, in today's Rockingham Co., NC. His plantation was called "Popular Hill." The magazine article says Reverend William Hill lived there until his death.\

Joel Halbert

Frances Elizabeth Jones

Rev. William Hill, Jr

1777 Dec 5 - Surry Co., NC - From Will of James Charles:
Lastly I do constitue and appoint my son Oliver Charles & William Hill Jr. Executor to this my last will & Testament http://rancho.pancho.pagesperso-orange.fr/Revhill.htm

1778 Aug 17 - Surry Co., NC - Land Entry #595 - William Hill Jr. enters 200 acres of land in Surry Co. on Ash Camp Creek the waters of Townfork adjoining Thomas Evan's claim and my own deeded land, including the above place from compliment. Warrant granted to C. M. http://rancho.pancho.pagesperso-orange.fr/Revhill.htm

1778 Aug 17 - Surry Co., NC - Land Entry #596 - William Hill, Jr. enters 150 acres of land on Ash Camp Creek the waters of Townfork adjoining Thomas Heaths and my former including the above place for quantity. Warrant granted C. M. http://rancho.pancho.pagesperso-orange.fr/Revhill.htm

William Hill

Petition from inhabitants of Guilford County concerning the location of the county public buildings

Rollston, Richard; Et Al.


Volume 09, Pages 806-809

To His Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire, Captain General, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Province of North Carolina, To the Honourable his Majesties Council and to the Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly now met

The Petition of the Inhabitants of Guilford County
Humbly Sheweth
That whereas some persons Inhabitants of this County through lucrative views have made it their Business to raise Disquiet and uneasiness in the minds of the people who live in the enterior parts of the County relative to the fixing the Court house Prison and Stocks for said County by industriously forwarding a Petition to the General Assembly for appointing other Commissioners to establish the same Agreeable to their Schemes and lucrative Views And Whereas the Commissioners Appointed by the late Act of Assembly for establishing the above mentioned County have already laid out a place for erecting the Publick Bulidings which we are satisfied of to be the most Convenient and Centrical Place to the Inhabitants of this County particularly for good Water and plenty

-------------------- page 807 --------------------

of Timber for Carrying on the buildings. We would therefore humbly beg that you would reject every Petition to the Contrary & that no alteration be made relative to the Said Buildings as it will be attended with Great Inconvenience (as well as the expence of paying two setts of Commissioners) to the Inhabitants of the said County, And we as in duty will ever pray &c &c
Robert Rollston

Robt Rollston

Henery Cook

Jos Cook

Thos Blear

Thos Hogan

Thos Allen

Robt Brasher

Assa Brasher

Nathl Harris

Alexr McClarin

Darby Calleyhan

Zebolin Davis

Richd Vanlandingham

Forlin Dobbs

Wm Dickson

Rubn Dickson

Reuben Grady

William Crump

Thomas Gray

William Hopper

James Cotton

Robert Fisk

John Fisk

Naam Michel

Francis Cook

John Glen

Richard Davison

William Bostick

Charles Galloway

John Walker

Joel Walkor

Gidion Johnson

Ozinben Headpath

Nathaniel Fields Jr

Jonas Frost

Reubin Shoar

James Harrison

John Nitson Sr

Robert Nitson

John Nitson Junr

Exlander Nitson

Frances Young

Saml Young

Joseph Cunningham

Michael Troulenger

James Hays

Isaac Sanmon

John Willots

David Pursall

John Pursall

Richard Henderson

Charles Mitchell

Zachariah Roberson

Nath. Watson

James Sanders

Charles Philups

James Philups

William Dickson

Reuben Dickson

Fortus Dobbs

Mathew Scoot

Isaac Wheaton

Andrew Scoot

James Preston

Thomas Connor

Wm Campbell

Saml Fulton

James Lay

Moses Short

John Niel

Saml Short

James McBride

William Steal

John Steal

James Steal

Thomas Statt

Richard Sharpe

John Sharpe

George Oliver

James Varnan

William Lewes

John Simmond

John Wotton

David Wotton

William Wotton

David Fulton

Joseph Buffinton

Thomas Willson

Saml Buchanan

William Buchanan

Saml Morrow

Nath. Fields

Timothy Murfey

Wm Boyd

Giles Carter

Benjaman Carter

John Parish

John Thomas

Gehu Fanning

John Hill

William Hill http://docsouth.unc.edu/csr/index.html/document/csr09-0238

Numerous legal documents that show William as having died intestate give him four sons John, William, James, and Green, and three daughters Elizabeth, Cynthia, and Frances. After William's death, Elizabeth married John Glenn. Nonetheless, three other children have been attributed to them.

i. THOMAS HILL, born December 22, 1759. He married KATHERINE SHROPSHIRE on July 17, 1783. A child of THOMAS HILL and KATHERINE SHROPSHIRE is WINKFIELD HILL.

ii. JAMES HILL, born July 25, 1761, Rockingham Co., NC; died 1834, Claiborne Co., TN. He married NANCY ROYALTY on June 6, 1789 in Surry Co., NC. She was born February 22, 1768 in Albemarle Co., VA, and died after September 8, 1834. I have 10 Children for JAMES HILL and NANCY ROYALTY.

A son Reuben Mason , b. July 23, 1809, kept the family Bible After the death of his parents. It was damaged in a flood on Sacramento River in CA and preserved as well as could be. After Reuben died one of his daughters removed the record portion copying it for preservation of the data.

iii. MARY POLLY HILL, born 1764, Surry or Stokes Co., NC; and died November 14, 1816 in Lincoln Co., TN. She married OSBORNE CHILDRESS on January 18, 1805 in Stokes Co., NC. Then she married THOMAS BLOUNT after 1806. A child of MARY HILL and OSBORNE CHILDRESS is MINERVA HILL CHILDRESS.

iv. JOHN HILL, born about 1767, Surry Co., NC; died 1830, Wayne Co., TN. Herbert Hill's ancestor.

v. ELIZABETH HILL, born 1768 married JOHN MOORE. I have 11 children for them.

vi. WILLIAM HILL III, b. September 23, 1773, Surry Co., NC; d. October 29, 1857, Raleigh, Wake Co., NC. He married Sarah (Sally) Geddy on April (January?)1, 1803 who died February 14, 1833. He then married FRANCES CONNER BLOUNT after 1833. She was the widow of Joseph Blount. A child of WILLIAM HILL and SARAH GEDDY is WILLIAM G. HILL, b. 1806; d. 1877.

William Hill III came to Raleigh as a clerk to James Glascow, who went out of office in 1798 when William White was elected. On the death of White in Oct. 1811, William became Secretary of State for NC, and served at that post for forty years.
vii. JOAB HILL, born October 5, 1775, Surry Co., NC; d. October 5, 1847, Revere, Clark Co., MO. He married ELIZABETH LANE June 14, 1802 in Claiborne Co., TN, daughter of ISAAC LANE. She was born December 24, 1784 in Probably Washington Co., NC (now TN), and died September 18, 1864 in Revere, Clark Co., MO. I have nine children of JOAB HILL and ELIZABETH LANE.
Elizabeth Lane Hill went to OR with her son Isaac Hill in 1849 and returned to MO in 1856 by boat from San Francisco via Panama. Her son William Hill's second marriage was to his first wife's sister. In 1849 he went to Oregon in the wagon train of brother, Isaac. He gold mined in Yreka, California area, and returned to Missouri with Isaac to visit relatives. He went back to Oregon again in 1852 as head scout for his brother's wagon train. Returned to Missouri for 2nd marriage and apparently remained in the mid-west.

viii. CYNTHIA HILL, b. 1776, Surry Co., NC. She married A. CRAWFORD. I have three children for them.

Daughter Julia married John Hill was educated at the University of NC at Chapel Hill. He was elected seven times to the legislature and once to Congress in 1839. He was opposed to secession, but against his will was elected to the convention that carried the state out of the Union. He said before going that if the state seceded, he did not want to live any longer. He was stricken with apoplexy during the convention and died on April 24, 1861, Raleigh, Wake Co., NC.

ix. FRANCES HILL, b. 1778, Surry Co., NC. , married Major Mark Hardin on January 26, 1796 in Rockingham Co. NC. He was born 1776, and died 1812. I have four children of FRANCES HILL and MARK HARDIN.

Mark Hardin was a Major and Paymaster during the Seminole War (DAR Application # 44735).
x. GREEN HILL, b. 1782, Surry Co., NC, married Nancy Geddy Mitchell, born around 1782 in Surry Co. Children of GREEN HILL and NANCY MITCHELL are: WILLIAM R. HILL, b. 1804; d. 1890; MARTHA HILL, b. 1814, Wake Co., NC; d. 1865, Wake Co., NC. http://rancho.pancho.pagesperso-orange.fr/Revhill.htm

Susannah Smither

Townfork Settlement

"Popular Hill."

Joel Halbert

Frances Elizabeth Jones

February 10, 1758, DANIEL BOONE BRYAN, b. Rowan Co., NC; d. February 1845, Fayette Co., KY


1758 Mar 15: James Jones of Rowan Co NC to Jerred Erwin of Philadelphia PA 422 acre on Dutchmans Creek next to David Johnston 2:332

Jerred Erwin

David Johnston


Abstracts of Minutes of Court of Pleas and Quarter, 1759.

Rowan County Court ordered that Joseph Cloud's mill on Rock Horse Creek be recorded a public mill http://mykindred.com/cloud/TX/getperson.php?personID=I68803&tree=mykindred01

Rock Horse Creek

1759 Tax List Rowan County NC William Johnston




Notes: John McAdoo; John Mcadow

RESERCH NOTE: 1752 Jan 7 New Style Page 529: Lunenburg Co. ( Historical Virginia Roads) Jeremiah Hatcher is appointed Surveyor of the New Road from Wiltons FOrk over the North Meherrin to the old road and it is ordered that he together with the following assistance to wit, Philip Pondexter and his hands, John Twitty and his, John CHANDLER, Phillip Cockrum, Jeremiah Hatcher adn his, William Macadiue (? mine McAdoo), Daniel Haynes, or whoever lives on his place, Nicholas Hobsons and his, John Hawkins, RIchard Hawkins, John Hobsons and his, hands at Masons Quarter, do forwith Clear and keep the same in repair according to law. 

c1758 born: - Guilford County, North Carolina David McAdow Child of John McAdow and Ellen Nelson McAdow: married: 6 March 1786 - Guilford County, North Carolina wife: Margaret McClain died: 27 February 1839 - Guilford County, North Carolina; He was the sheriff of Dickson County, Tennessee for six years.

1760 April 10 born: - Guilford County, North Carolina Samuel McAdow; died: 24 March 1844 - Bond County, Illinois; buried: Mt. Gilead Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bond County, Illinois; 1st marriage: 24 November 1788 - maybe Guilford County, North Carolina; 1st wife: Henrietta Wheatley died: 20 April 1799 -

Presbyterian Minister until 1810; Cumberland Presbyterian Minister; 2nd marriage of Rev. Samuel McAdow: wife: Catherine Clark
died: 17 May 1804

1762 CA: John McAdow: born: c1762 - Guilford County, North Carolina:

died: 1856 - Humphreys County, Tennessee married: - Dickson County, Tennessee wife: Cecilia Hannah McNeiley: born: c1804 - Davidson County, Tennessee [daughter of Hugh McNeilly and Margaret Martin]
He was the trustee of Dickson County, Tennessee for fourteen years.

1764 CA: 4. William McAdow born: c1764 - Guilford County, North Carolina died: married: 31 October 1788 - Guilford County, North Carolina wife: Martha Black

1 March 1764: Benj. Starratt to David Karr for £20 NC money, 547 A adj. John McAdoo granted by Granville 26 Aug 1762. Wit. James Carter, Hugh Forester. http://www.columbiagypsy.net/davker.htm

1766 ca; James McAdow born: Guilford County, North Carolina died: 1800 - wife: Margaret Houston

Notes: 1770 Guilford County formed from Orange and Rowan County NC, so this is note true it would have to be Orange Co. NC or Rowan Co NC: Per 1759 Tax List John McAdoo lived in what was then Rowan Co. NC

John McBRIDE (b. 22 March 1765, PA d. May 27, 1843 Orange Co., NC). Lived in Guilford Co. for many years. Married in 1783 in Martinsville, Guilford Co. to Ellenor RYAN, daughter of John RYAN and Ellenor McADOO.

My Notes: This Kerr families ( BELOW) are married to the Wiley families of Buffalow Creek Guilford Co NC and then they go of to  Dickson Co. Tn. by 1809. This McAdoo Families of Dickson Co. Tn are those that lived by Anne Johnson in 1837 Tax District of Humphreys Co. Tn.


Buffalo Creek goes up and into Henry Co. Va. where William Johnson lived by Roland Chiles. Our Hudson Johnson died 1828 Dickson Co. Tn. lived with William Johnson in one of the tithes lists of 1776-1780 Henry Co. Va


Buffalo Creek is where we find the Shropshire families at in Guilford Co. NC: This Shropshire families came from Guilford and Rockingham Co NC. to Humphreys Co. Tn.


the Macdoo family is actual on lands on Buffalo Creek in 1759 in ROWAN CO. NC these lands go into Guilford and then into Forsythe Co, and some into Rockingham Co. NC on Buffalo Creek, where we find the Matrimony Baptist Church in Rockingham Co. NC by the Henry Co. Va Line

On January 6, 1775, John Ryan married Margaret Greer.  John McAdow was the bondsman for this marriage bond. Source: Guilford County, NC marriage bonds (original record from the NC State Archives).

JAMES JESTER - Born July 29, 1763 in Kent County, Delaware and in 1777 moved to North Carolina with his father.  He enlisted in Guilford County, NC under Capt. John McAdoo, Col. Martin, etc.  He also served under General Washington. http://www.obcgs.com/revolution-2.htm

Notes: Guilford Co. Deeds: Kerr, William BOS from John Galbraith K-283 ca. 1809
Kerr, William, of Guilford Co., from John McAdow, of Dickson Co., TN, 24 Oct 1809, filed 4 Feb 1815, for $50. "...on the waters of Buffalow Creek Beginning at a pine and Turning thence East Sixty seven poles to a grub on William Armfields line thence south along his line one hundred and twenty poles to a Black Jack thence West Sixty Seven poles to Bush thence along David Gillaspies line North one hundred & twenty poles to the first Station containing fifty acres..." Etc. Signed John McAdow (seal Witnesses: John Howell, John Gullett.
Kerr, William to Ralph Gorrell, both of Guilford Co., 13 Sep 1814, for £510 "...being a certain tract of land which David Kerr Dec'd --- by his last will & Testament bearing date " 19 Nov 1802 "and by his sd Last Will & Testament did Devise the following Tract of land to his Son William Kerr...Beginning at a Parcel of Small Racks (?) whereon stood Two white Oaks & on the South Side of south Buffalo Creek on Adam Lacknon line running thence North Crossing a Small Branch of the Creek Eighty poles to a Black and Sweet Gum on S. Lackey's line one on Each side of a small Branch thence went forty one poles to an Ash & Two White Oaks & Ellum Tree thence North Crossing Two Small Branches Two hundred & fifteen poles along Duff's line to a post oak thence south on John Hanner's line Eighty poles to a post oak thence East seventeen poles to a post Oak thence South Crossing a Branch one hundred Sixty poles to a grub in S. Gorrells line thence East Crossing the eek three Times along and with the sd Ralph Gorrell's line Two hundred & seventy nine poles to a Bent Hickory Grub thence North eighty three poles to Walter McConnell's line thence west forty poles to the first station Containing by Estimation three hundred & forty acres...more at less..." Etc. William Kerr (seal) Witnesses: Jos Davis, David Kerr.
Kerr, William to James H. Starrat, both of Guilford Co., NC, 15 Sep 1814, for $75. On the "...waters of South Buffalow. Beginning at a pine & turning thence East Sixty Seven Poles to a grub in Wm Armfields line thence South along his line one hundred & twenty poles to a Black Jack thence west Sixty Seven poles to a White Oak Saplen thence along David Gallaspies line one hundred and twenty poles to the first station Containing 20 acres..." Etc. Signed William Kerr (seal). Witnesses: James Dunning, David Kerr.

Researchers Notes: The McAdoo Flippen is married to the McAdoo Families and the Flippens will be involved in lands in Washington Co NC with the Sevier Families. The Sevier are involved in lands on Big Creek in Washington Co NC where we will find land owners of Rev. Thomas Murrell, Hudson Johnson, James Randolph Robertson a Dodson Family which will also be a cousin line of the Sevier families coming off the Goad and Isham Familes. The Adam Symes married to ? Isham his families will also be found on Big Creek as James Bartlett Syme a land owner beside Hudson Johnson-Hudson Johnston
Researchers Notes: The Widow Ann Johnson of Humphreys Co. Tn and her families will sell lands to these McAdoo families
Oct. 22, 1782 File No. 584, Winkfield Thropshire 100 acres On the north fork of Buffalow Island Creek http://mars.archives.ncdcr.gov

Researchers Notes: This is Winkfield Shropshire
Researchers Notes: 1785 July 16 Pittsylvania DB 7 p.460 Charles Burton Sr. of Louisa Co. Va to William Quinn of Pittsylvania Co. middle fork of Sandy Creek of Dan River 200 acres. http://www.rootsweb.com?~vapittsy/qu.html
1790-1812 ( Est) FIrst Settler of Humphreys Co. Per Goodspeed: 1888:: Henry Johnson 640 acres William and Samuel King, David Biib, Daniel Forsee, Moses Box who came from N.C. in 1800 and settled on Trace Creek. John McAdoo and Gen. Jarman from NC during the same year (1800): William LOMAX ,  Joseph Shouse ,  Drury Taylor, CHarles Brown, and John Johnson from Georgia all of whom settled on Hurricane Creek.
1793 April 15 page 365 Deed Book 9 from Joseph Flippen to Pittsylvania Co. to John Johnson Jr. for 30 lbs a certain tract of about 100 acres of land in Pittsylvania Co. on the drafts of Middle Sandy Creek & bounded by Weatherfords old Order line. Anna Daniel, said Joseph Flippen said John Johnson. Signed; Joseph Flippen wit. Grief Barksdale, Robert Walters, Asa Thomas recorded April 15 1793::: http://www.rootsweb.com/~vapittsy/flip.htm
Notes: Flippens are connected to McAdoo or McAdows of Orange County NC ( Rowan and its split Counties) They are also connected to the Scott lines off the Mayo Lines
NOTE:: Anne McDaniel's of Halifax CO. is the widow of William McDaniel's whose will was proved Jul 16 1778 in Halifax Co. Va: Grandson is Johnson McDaniel , Anne Mc Daniels is left 482 acres on Sandy Creek of Dan river to be used to pay William Mc Daniels debts.
NOTE first Thomas Deeds for Sandy Creek is a deed : Daniel (X) Tommus of Rollyey parish to John Tommus of Rolley in July 1740 the witnesses are Richard Ward and Elizabeth land is Southside Appomattox River and Big Sandy Creek:: see http://www.rootsweb.com
NOTE: 1791-1801 Places Named in Patrick Co. SANDY CREEK
NOTE: 1749 Nov 17 This Sandy Creek is in Amelia CO. Deeds See Below in Prince Edward Co. Philip Thomas Deed.
NOTE:1753 Sandy Creek of Dann River in Lunenburg Co. Records: James Parrish Will
NOTE: 1778 Jan 27: sandy Creek deed in Amelia Co.Va: in Nov 1779 this is is Pittsylvania Co. See Joseph Jackson Jan 27 1778 Amelia Co; then in Pittsylvania Co in Nov 1778.
NOTE: 1809 Mar 28: Sandy Creek of Dan River is in Patrick Co. Deeds see below William Gaines
NOTE: AGAIN WEATHERFORD Line this is in early deeds in this report
NOTE: Asa Thomas and Peyton Thomas are sons of William Thomas and Joyce Thomas: See note at bottom of Pittsylvania Co. info.
1794 April 19 page 542 John Johnson and Anne his wife, Pittsylvania Co. to Asa Thomas of Pittsylvania Co. for 14 lbs 3 shillings and 9 pence about 56.75 acres in Pittsylvania Co. on the head of Sandy Creek and bounded by the road on William Dix 's line, Anne Daniels a dividing line between said Johnson and the Excers of John Watkins Deceased. Sign John ( X) Johnson, Anne (X) Johnson Wit. William Payne Jr., Peyton Thomas, William Walters, Richard Rannolds, W. Wilkinson. recorded April 21 1794 http://www.rootsweb.com/~vapittsy/johnson.htm NOTE: Pittsylvania County Deed Book 9
NOTE :: This ties back to 1740 Amelia County Deed of Daniel Tommus selling land to John Tommus and another Question does this connect to Philip Thomas?? in 1749 Amelia Co. va. Deed with Gideon Thomas and wife Anne
RESEARCH NOTE OF KAY HADDEN: My husband has direct ancestors in both the Thomas and Walters families represented above. Asa and Peyton Thomas were brothers to his Nathaniel Thomas. William Walters was a brother to his Robert Walters. Thomas and Walters will eventually intermarry.
RESEARCH NOTE IS THIS PAYNE Connected to Josias Payne who died in 1785 Pittsylvania Co. who owned lands on Little Byrd Creek and Licking Hole Creek: Where James Johnson the elder son of Michael Johnson d. 1718 and also where one Charles Johnson owned lands in 1728-1738.

1795 John Thurman purchased 132 acres on Stewart and Sandy creek. Stewart, Strawberry and Sandy creek are in the Eastern part of Pittsylvania Co. some 30 miles from the Staunton River and straightson Creek. http://www/rootsweb.com/~vapittsy/Thurmangen.html :

Research Notes: a Phillip Thurmond in Jul 26 1765 Lives by a Benjamin Johnson in Albermarle Co. Va.

Also in 1785 a John Thurman living by Jessie Thurman ,Christopher Johnson are Listed as Head of Households:

1796 May 12 D.B. 10 page 478 Christopher Robertson buys land on Sandy Creek that flows into the Dan River http://www/rootsweb.com/~vapittsy/Robertsongen.html
Note this is the brother of Edward Robertson who was in Amelia CO. then came into Pittsylvania Co. in

1786: his brother Christopher was married to Mildred " MIlly" Ann Thompson of Amelia CO. Va.

Land was bought from Joseph Tombling
1808 Jan 19 John May transferred 121 acres on the branches of Sandy Creek and south side of White Oak Mountain to James May for 400 dollars: adjoins Charles Clay, James Lawless: Witness George Adams, Shelton, William Ware, Drury Puliiam, Cuthbert Price , William Williams . Deed Book A pg. 352 Pittsylvania Co.
RESEARCH NOTE: 1751 Oct 2: O.S. page 464 Lunenburg County ( Historical Virginia Roads) William Williams is appointed surveyor of the road leading from SMITHS RIVER to Leatherwood and it is ordered that he together with the male labouring tithables persons convenient therto do forwith CLear and keep the same in repair according to law.
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