Fuschia color is tony L. Johnson, Peggy Johnson and Lee Johnson’s Relations mostly: Burton Farmer, Carter, Dale, Lound,Haile & Hatcher relations

and subscribed the day and year aforesaid

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and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.

S/ John Johnson, X his mark

[William Tackitt, a clergyman, and Thomas May gave the standard supporting affidavit.]

His answers to the Questions –

1. He was born [indecipherable word] in the year 1760.

2. He has it only by the count of the family.

3. In Burke County North Carolina and then moved to Tennessee and then to this state.

4th He was drafted for 6 months in North Carolina Burke County for 6 months, the 2nd tour was

as a volunteer for 6 months -- the 3rd tour for 6 months as a substitute.

5th He knew but few officers -- Captain Blair Colonel McDowell Captain William Nelson, A. Lofton Captain, Colonel Ware & Colonel Sevier and Colonel Otlaw [Outlaw?] who lived at the end of French Broad for many years afterwards -- he states that he served 3 tours of 6 months each against the Cherokee Indians during which time many were killed, and some few whites were massacred by the Indians, he was never in any battles of any particular. The hardest fighting was some way the year of our first served.

6. He received his discharges & they were all given by his Captain As he now remembers, but what has become of them nobody knows and they are all not among his papers.

7. There is Thomas May Esquire, General Ratliffe, Rev.d James Roberts, Rev’d William Tuckitt, Samuel Hall, George Tuckitt, Henry Newson and Hart Newson.

[Thus ends the horrible handwriting—hallelujah!]

[In a letter dated July 9, 1935, the War Dept. personnel interpreted some of the names in the application as follows: Captain Samuel Henry, Colonel John Sevier, Captain Samuel; Colonel Cocke, Captain Blair and Colonel Wau (?).]

Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements

Pension application of John Johnson S30512 fn24NC

Transcribed by Will Graves 10/23/08

William Tackitt, a clergyman,

Thomas May

General Ratliffe,

Rev.d James Roberts

Samuel Hall,

George Tuckitt,

Henry Newson

Hart Newson

Substitute for one John Clarke

Colonel Cocke

Captain Samuel Henry,

Colonel John Sevier in Burke County North Carolina

Captain Jamieson,

Lieutenant Caleb Wallace

Captain Samuels,

Joe White from Rowan [County] was killed

Colonel Cleveland,

Myer Jones [Major Jones?],

Capt. John Harris

Captain Black,

Captain Fisher

substitute for one John Clarke

Colonel Ware interpreted this as Wau

Captain Blair Colonel Ollaw [?],

Major Harrow,

Capt. Speight,

Lieut. Privel [?could be Privet],

William Tackitt, a clergyman, and

Thomas May

Captain William Nelson

Captain Blair

1760 Bartholomew Grogan when he purchased a 384 acre Lord Granville land grant in 1760 on Buffalo Island Creek on the north side of the Dan River for ten shillings sterling. (Rowan Co. NC Deed Book 5, p. 74.)

Bartholomew Grogan

Then in 1764, Bartholomew Grogan and his wife Lurina sold 186 acres of this land to John Simons. (Book 5, p. 538) In the Rowan County Minute Book 3, p. 158, Bartholomew Grogan is appointed the overseer of the road from Grassey Spring(sic) to Orange Line (County line) in 1769. There are no other records of any other Grogans in Rowan County at this time.

Thomas Hill was born in 1759 near the Dan River, close to the Virginia border, in what is now Rockingham County, near the presently existing town of Eden. We know by pension statements, and his son Abner Hill’s “Obituary,” that his parents were William and Hannah Hill. Certainly William Hill seems to have legally considered Thomas his own, and Thomas never indicated otherwise.


However, DNA says otherwise. The Hill descendants of Thomas Hill are genetically descended from a male with the last name of Grogan. The Hill descendants of Thomas’ brother are not connected by DNA to Thomas’ descendants. So now the investigation into our Hill roots before Thomas, shifts gears to the Grogan family. DNA will give us no more information; from here we must rely on the familiar paper trail of deeds, censuses, tax lists, etc.


What do we know about the Grogans? According to Grogan descendants, two brothers came to America from Kings County (today called Offaly County), Ireland probably in the 1750s. The brothers are Thomas David and Bartholomew Grogan. Thomas David is believed to have been born around 1727 and Bartholomew around 1730. Some believe they landed in Pennsylvania and made their way south.

John Lemons With his original 186 acre purchase on Buffalo Island Creek (Feb. 27, 1764 from Bartholomew Grogan), his plantation comprised about 1,400 acres.After the war, John was an active citizen and participated in various local civic affairs. Court minutes for the Guilford County Pleas and Quarter Sessions show that he was appointed tax assessor in 1781 for the District of Dan River. This area was at that time still a part of Guilford. Many of the duties of the old court were later delegated to a newly created group called the Board of County Commissioners. In 1782, John was designated overseer of the public road from Grassy Springs to Smith River. These Springs rise in a marsh near the present-day intersection of Rural Road 2148 and NC 135, the latter of which runs through his old plantation. In former times, instead of paying a direct tax in the form of money, the people living near a public road maintained it themselves under direction of a local gentleman appointed as overseer. After the northern end of Guilford was authorized to be formed into the County of Rockingham, John Lemons, Sr.


1760 The widow, Margaret Ludman Teter and the children moved to Dutchman's Creek, near Salisbury George Teter, Sr., b. 1740, as referenced above, was the son of George Teter, d. 1744, probably Orange Co., VA, [Kellogg also says George, Sr., was b. 1740, Rowan Co., NC, not impossible that the father returned to VA on business, but does not seem to be what is implied. It is most likely that George the younger was b. 1740, in VA, not NC.] and the widow, Margaret (Ludman) Teter and the children moved to Dutchman's Creek, near Salisbury, NC. Owing to Indian troubles they removed to the North Fork soon after 1760. It is not known where Margaret died.

Their known children were: George, Jr.; Paul, d. 1784, m. Rebecca Henkle; [Rebecca Teeter, head of a family of 7 in 1784, Rockingham, and was still there in 1787. In 1797, Rebecca disposes of all of her land in Randolph and Rockingham Counties, and probably moved west with the rest of her known children to St. Clair Co., IL, with the Badgely party, except for George, who had already settled in Randolph Co.] Philip, m. Susannah Henkle; and Barbara, m. Jacob Henkle. Joseph Kellogg also names Rosina, m. Martin Bidert (Peterson). She died in 1804. And a daughter, who married John Gartmann, and lived in Carolina. There may have been others.

Rebecca, Susannah and Jacob Henkle, along with Anna Margaret, were all children of Justus (Yost, or Johann Justus) Henkle, who was the son of Anthony Jacob Henkel, a preacher, who came from Frankfort, Germany, to Montgomery County, PA, in 1717. He was killed by a fall from his horse in 1728. His son Justus went to NC and then, in 1761, to the North Fork, settling a little above Harper's Mill. In addition to those children mentioned above, there were also: Mary Magdalena, stayed in NC; Catharine, stayed in NC; Abraham, d. 1815, m. Mary C. Teter; Hannah, m. _____ Johnson; Elizabeth, m. _____ Ruleman; Justus, m. Christian Teter; Isaac, m. Mary Cunningham. http://www.gandybooks.com/Gandee/ugan2.html

Isaac Henkle birt: 5 Dec 1754 Dutchman's Creek, Rowan, NC

deat: Oct 1824 plac: N Fork of So Branch Of Potomac R, Pendleton, WV
marr: 13 Dec 1781 plac: , Pendleton, WV http://www.edforguson.com/genealogy/greenlee/g26457.html

Margaret Ludman Teter

George Teter, Sr.,

George Teter, d. 1744, probably Orange Co., VA

After 1760 Absalom Jordan and Mary sold land in Albemarle Co. VA c1760, are next found in Rowan Co. NC, and they (or their son Absalom)

Absalom Jordan
The WALTONs connected to the JOHNSONs  may be this family. 

My interest is the Mary and Louisa WALTON who married Absolam & Jeremiah JORDAN, so I wasn't looking at Johnsons when doing the research back in the early 1990s. 

I think this Absolam is the brother of "my" Jonas Jordan d. 1785 Bedford Co. (in Amelia 1740-1760s) and I tentatively link Jeremiah who m. Louisa Walton to them just because he's in the vacinity and married Mary's sister. 

Absalom and Mary Jordan sold land in Albemarle Co. VA c1760, are next found in Rowan Co. NC, and they (or their son Absalom) end up in GA -- Elbert Co. if memory serves me, but that's just across the river from Oglethorpe. 

I wasn't using a genealogy program at the time I did the GA research and haven't entered Absalom's line this far down.   There are some interesting connectins here IF the same family. 
Gwen Downey January 2009:
I've attached copy of page 286 from Historical Collections of Ga. Chapter, DAR - children of Jesse Walton (Louisa Walton's brother) retain attorney regarding their portion Mullins estate.
        The will of John Mullins of Saint James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia, admitted to record 16 June 1783. 

"I lend to my beloved with Elizabeth Mullins all my personal estate until such time that my youngest son William Mullins shall come to be twenty one years old. 

I give to my beloved son John Mullins 315 acres of land, lying and being in the county of Albemarle on the  waters of Moormans River. 

My will and desire is all the remainder of my estate be equally divided amongst the rest of my children hereafter named: 

Henry Mullins,

Conerly Mullins,

Ann Ewel,

Anthony Mullins,

Daniel Mullins,

Jesse Mullins,

Elizabeth Williams,

Mary Mullins,

William Mullins,

David Mullins, and

Francis Mullins. 

I do appoint and order my two sons Henry Mullins and Conerly Mullins and my well beloved friend James Allen Executors of this my last will and testament and trustees for my wife and children." 

        In Goochland County, a deed dated 14 Dec. 1798 between the heirs of John Mullins:   "John Mullins and Agnes, his wife; Connely Mullins and Mary, his wife; Anthony Mullins; David Mullins and Rosanna, his wife; Jesse Mullins and Elizabeth, his wife; William Mullins; Daniel Mullins; Rice Ennes and Francis, his wife, formerly Francis Mullins; Maxey Ewell and Anne, his wife, formerly Anne Mullins; Elizabeth Clements, infant daughter of Mary Clements, deceased, formerly Mary Mullins; Elizabeth Mullins; William Walton and Milley, his wife; Mary Jourdan formerly Mary Walton by Jeremiah Terrel and Joshua Jordan, her attorneys in fact; Jeremiah Terrel and Louisa, his wife, formerly Louisa Walton; Achilles Walton and others, the heirs of Jesse Walton, deceased; Charles Cobb and Ann, his wife, formerly Ann Walton; William Walton Burk, heir of Betsy Burk, formerly Betsy Walton, and the legal representatives of Susannah Hilton, formerly Susannah Walton.  These being legal distributees of John Mullins, deceased..." From: Linda Sparks Starr
Mary Jordan

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