Fuschia color is tony L. Johnson, Peggy Johnson and Lee Johnson’s Relations mostly: Burton Farmer, Carter, Dale, Lound,Haile & Hatcher relations

SUSANNA 'SUSAN' TYREE Albemarle County, Virginia

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SUSANNA 'SUSAN' TYREE Albemarle County, Virginia

TYREE Albemarle County, Virginia

20 September 1768 Jacob Tyree Location: Albemarle County Description: 192 acres in the Rich Cove

My Notes: Rich Cove is part of the Rockfish River where Terisha Turner lived and one Janett Murrell came back to from Matrimony Creek Rockingham Co NC. These lands on Cove Creek Albemarle Co will go into Amherst Co Va and then into Nelson Co Va.

My Notes Oct 1748 Amherst Co?

Amherst County Created in 1761 from Albemarle County


Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
Benjamin COTTRELL b: 12 Jun 1798 in Virginia
Susanna COTEREL b: ABT. 1799 in North Carolina
Elizabeth COTEREL b: ABT. 1801 in Virginia
Nancy COTEREL b: ABT. 1803 in North Carolina
Mary Polly COTEREL b: ABT. 1804 in North Carolina
Lewis COTEREL b: ABT. 1803 in Virginia
Patsy COTEREL b: ABT. 1809 in Virginia
Harrison Tyra COTEREL b: ABT. 1812 in Ohio
Lucinda COTEREL b: ABT. 1814
Delilah COTEREL b: 15 Mar 1821 in Pike County, Ohio
21. i. BENJAMIN6 COTTRILL, b. June 12, 1798, Virginia; d. April 14, 1874, Wapello County, Iowa.
ii. SUSANNA COTTRILL, b. Abt. June 1799, North Carolina.
iii. ELIZABETH COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1801, Virginia.
22. iv. NANCY COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1803, North Carolina; d. September 1875, Warren County, Iowa.
23. v. LEWIS COTEREL COTTRILL, b. 1803, Pike County, Ohio; d. Bef. 1870, Jackson Township, Pike County, Ohio.
vi. MARY 'POLLY' COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1804.
vii. MARTHA 'PATSY' COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1809, Virginia.
viii. LUCINDA COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1810.
24. ix. HARRISON TYRA COTEREL COTTRILL, b. 1812, Ross County, Ohio; d. 1880, Jackson County, Ohio.
x. DELILAH COTTRILL, b. March 15, 1821, Virginia; d. February 3, 1900, Warren County, Iowa; m. DANIEL ALBERT CLARKE, March 19, 1837, Pike County, Ohio; b. September 23, 1816, Pike County, Ohio; d. January 28, 1896, Warren County, Iowa.
Elda CLARK b: ABT. 1838
Branson CLARK b: 11 Sep 1841
Nancy CLARK b: 18 Aug 1845
Mary L. CLARK b: 20 Jun 1847
Margaret J. CLARK b: ABT. 1850
Isaac CLARK b: ABT. 1854
Nunnally CLARK b: ABT. 1856
Albert CLARK b: ABT. 1859
John Wesley CLARK b: 10 Jul 1861.



Generation No. 6

12. RICHARD COTTRELL COTTRILL (JOHN5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1791 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, and died Abt. 1859 in Blount County, Tennessee. He married MARTHA VAUGHT December 29, 1821 in Blount County, Tennessee. She was born Abt. 1804 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died in Blount County, Tennessee.
i. WILLIAM T.7 COTTRILL, b. Abt. October 1822, Blount County, Tennessee.
25. ii. ANDREW JACKSON COTTRILL, b. Abt. December 1823, Blount County, Tennessee; d. Blount County, Tennessee.
iii. CAROLINE COTTRILL, b. Abt. December 1824, Blount County, Tennessee.
iv. JOHN W. COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1827, Blount County, Tennessee.
v. ELIZABETH COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1829, Blount County, Tennessee.
vi. MARY MARGARET COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1831, Blount County, Tennessee.
26. vii. RICHARD COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1833, Monroe County, Tennessee; d. Monroe County, Tennessee.
viii. GEORGE 'WASHINGTON' COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1842, Blount County, Tennessee.


13. THOMAS6 COTTRILL (JOHN5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1797 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He married LYDIA CHESHER December 27, 1821 in Blount County, Tennessee. She was born Abt. 1804 in Tennessee.

27. i. JOHN7 COTTRILL, b. Abt. October 1, 1822, Knox County, Tennessee; d. Abt. 1849, Parke County, Indiana.
ii. SARAH 'SALLY' COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1824, Tennessee.
iii. CARROLL COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1826, Tennessee.
iv. PRYOR LINDSEY COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1830, North Carolina.
v. AMANDA COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1831, North Carolina.
vi. HARRISON COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1837, North Carolina.
vii. MARSHALL COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1841, North Carolina.
viii. CALLAWAY COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1843, North Carolina.
ix. HENRY CLAY COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1848, Indiana.

14. JOSHUA L.COTTRILL (JOHN5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1801 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He married ELIZABETH 'BETSY' CHESHER January 26, 1826 in Knox County, Tennessee. She was born Abt. 1807 in Knox County, Tennessee.

i. SAMUEL LEE7 COTTRILL, b. Abt. November 1826, Tennessee.


15. JACOB COTTRILL (JOHN5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1803 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He married REBECCA ELIZABETH HEDRICK Abt. 1827 in Monroe County, North Carolina. She was born Abt. 1810 in Monroe County, North Carolina.

28. i. ISAAC7 COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1828, Monroe County, Tennessee.
29. ii. ENSLEY COTTRILL, b. July 9, 1830, Carroll County, Georgia; d. February 27, 1862, Pike County, Missouri.
iii. HENRY R. COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1834, Carroll County, Georgia.
iv. MARY 'POLLY' COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1836.
v. JAMES COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1838.
vi. JOHN COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1840.
30. vii. WILLIAM LINDSAY COTTRILL, b. September 7, 1843, Walker County,Georgia; d. May 1, 1914, Cleveland County, Georgia.
ix. NANCY MAY COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1847.
x. ELIZA ANN COTTRILL, b. Abt. 1849.


16. OBEDIAH COTTRILL (SAMUEL LEMUEL5, JOHN L.4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 1816 in Silver Creek, Greene County, Ohio, and died Aft. 1870 in Hardin County, Ohio. He married SARAH MINERVA MCKINNEY December 2, 1838 in Greene County, Ohio. She was born 1820 in Greene County, Ohio, and died Aft. 1870 in Hardin County, Ohio.

1840 Census; Silver Creek, Greene County, Ohio
Obediah Cottrell1 male <5
1 male 20-30
1 female 20-30
(Living by Father Hiram Cottrell)


Researcher Nel Hatchers Notes:



Edward Hatcher Sr md an unknown Jamison. There is no evidence in the records of her given name. His last kid by 1st wife was Ed hathcer Jr bn c1672.


He md his 2nd wife, Mary (probably Ward), before Apr 1684 when she releases dower as Mary Hatcher. Her son and only child, Seth, was bn c1686.


Ed Sr's dau, Martha, DID NOT marry Cottrell. Ed hatcher Sr's Martha was bn c1664 and md Richard Gower c1680. That's well proven by Ed Sr's records.


No parents have been proven for Martha Hatcher who md Tom Cottrell and it's possible she was a HACKER. An early settler [1630s] was one John HACKER whose name was, on at least one occasion, transcribed as Hatcher and subsequently attached by many people as a son of Wm the Im. Bogus! But the garbage piles higher :-) From: nelhatch

Hacker of Henrico Co. Va

In looking thru the Library of Virginia I find no Hacker families in Henrico Co. Va. not that this is the only source, but I did find the Thomas Correll Families: Tuckahoe Creek is MY DNA JOHNSON Lines strong hold.

Notes: Edward Hatcher

Edward Hatcher Jr, as was his brother John Hatcher, was living in Henrico prior to their respective moves to Tuckahoe and then to NC. Their father, Edward Hatcher Sr, died in 1711 and it was after the estate settlement that his kids began moving west and south. Brother Seth Hatcher went to Orangeburg, SC

1718 Jan 22: Edward Hatcher Jr: Publication 22 January 1718.. Note Location: Henrico County. Description: 223 acres on both sides of Tuckahoe Main Creek on the north side of James River. Source: Land Office Patents No. 10, 1710-1719, p. 411 (Reel 10).

Edward Hatcher Sr owned land mainly north of the James River. See his page at

http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/~wmhatch1 for deeds that identify landmarks. Neighbors will often be named in these deeds and witnesses are likely to be neighbors.

This is the families of Tappy Moore, Hudson, possible Robertsons, and of the Hatchers in Dickson and Humphreys County also connects families of Elam, Farmer, Burton, Stovall, Turbins, Wards,


Name: Samuel CURTIS 1

Sex: M

Name: Samuel CURTICE

Birth: 1756 in South Carolina

Birth: 1756 in South Carolina

Death: 7 FEB 1852 in Caldwell, Wilkes Co., NC

Event: Fact 20 JUN 1795 Received a land grant for 100 acres; he lived near present Caldwell, Wilkes Co., NC.

Event: Fact BET 1787 AND 1789 Cpt. Thos Farguson's Dist, Wilkes Co., NC

Event: Fact 1790 Wilkes Co. NC Census, 1st Company: Samuel Curtis; 1 male and 2 females over age 16.


Event: Fact 1 NOV 1796 Order to view Bridley way from Haglers Ford to Landsdowns Mill on Buffalow

Event: Fact 1797 Listed on Wilkes Co., NC, A True List of Tax Payers by Ezekiel Baird: Samuel Curtice, 1 poll, no property; alongside Joshua Curtice Sr. and David Curtice.

Event: Fact 1828 Executor of will of Thomas Cottrell, his father-in-lkaw

Event: Fact 11 SEP 1850 Made his will in Wilkes Co., NC

Event: Fact MAY 1853 Will proven in Wilkes Co, NC


SAMUEL CURTIS settled in Wilkes County near what is present-day Caldwell, North Carolina. He married SUSAN COTTRELL. He lived to be ninety-six years old.

The 1790 Federal Census Wilkes County, NC First Company indicates the following
CURTIS, WILLIAM 1 white male & 1 white female over 16; no slaves; no males under 16
CURTIS SAMUEL 1 white male & 2 white females over 16
JOSHUA CURTIS, 2 white males over age 16; 8 white females over age 16
This could possibly indicate that Joshua had a wife, 1 son, and 7 daughters
in his household.

A chair, known as the "Samuel Curtis chair" was passed on to his son, HEZEKIAH CURTIS, who then gave it to his son, FINLEY PATTERSON CURTIS, when he removed to Tennessee. Finley Patterson Curtis willed it to his son, FINLEY PAUL CURTIS of Butler, Johnson County, Tennessee. When Finley Paul Curtis died in June 1980, he left the chair to MRS. EDWARD BELL of North Wilkesboro, a direct descendant of Samuel Curtis. (Source: Helen B. Bell, from The Heritage of Wilkes County, NC 1982) http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bhreed&id=I15953 Contact: Brenda Keck Reed

Samuel Cutice is reported son of: Joshua Curtis Birth: ABT 1732 in NC

Death: 28 NOV 1818 in Davidson Co., TN and wife Sarah Mary Clark
Joshua Curtis b: ABT 1758 in Ashe Co., NC married Nancy Cotrell reported daughter of Thomas Cotrell and Nancy Allieson
Reported Children of Joshua Curtis and Sarah Mary Clark
Samuel Curtis b: 1756 in Ashe Co., NC married Susannah Cottrell Death: 8 OCT 1844 in Wilkes Co., NC

reported daughter of Thomas Cotrell Birth: ABT 1737 in Deep Run, Henrico Co., VA Death: 1828 in Wilks Co., NC and wife Jane Allison; (See Allison line off Rev. Moses Curtis)

Grandson of Thomas Cotrell b: 2 APR 1711 in New Kent Co., VA Death: 1763 in Amherst Co., VA and wife Suzanna Patterson;

Then to Thomas Cotrell Death: 22 APR 1718 in New Kent Co., VA and wife Martha Hatcher: married 25 MAY 1709 in New Kent Co., VA

Then to Richard Cotrell Death: 16 MAR 1714/15 in New Kent Co., VA Vestry Book of St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA. Richard Cottrell is interned at St. Peters Parish and wife Mary Anderson
Notes: Suzanna Patterson is reported to be off James Patterson who was also married to a Martha Hatcher
Joshua Curtis b: ABT 1758 in Ashe Co., NC married Nancy Cotrell reported daughter of Thomas Cotrell and Nancy Allieson To Thomas Cotrell and wife Suzanna Petterson (Patterson?) to Thomas Cotrell and wife Martha Hatcher ( Thomas Cotrell owned lands on Deep Creek of Tuckahoe Creek waterway system)

Name: Joshua CURTIS , Jr.

Birth: ABT 1758 in of Wilkes Co., NC

Death: AFT 1834 in (Posey, IN)

Event: Fact OCT 1808 Requested a letter of dismissal from the Yadkin River Baptist Church (where his brother Samuel was an active member) because he planned to leave

Event: Fact 1794 Moved to Capt. Dyer's District, became Ashe County

Event: Fact 1796 Returned to Buffalo Cove, Wilkes County, appearing on the 1797 tax list

Event: Fact SEP 1808 Sold land in Wilkes Co., NC.

Event: Fact 1831 Joshua Curtis traveled to Wilkesboro and signed for Nancy's share of Thomas Cottrell's estate, a cash distribtuion.

1831, Joshua Curtis traveled to Wilkesboro and signed for Nancy's share of Thomas Cottrell's estate, a cash distribtuion. This document proves that the 1794 marriage bond with no name for the bride was for Joshua and Nancy Cottrell, as most everyone believed. But the handful of estate records do not say where he (or any of the other heirs) lived at the time. They signed at different times over a several month period, which would not have been the case if they all lived nearby.

Subj: Re: Last Record on Joshua Curtis of Wilkes Co., NC
Date: 11/30/2005 9:02:37 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: field@msn.com
To: BrendReed@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)
Hi Brenda -
I was going through my emails (note that I am only on "B") and your note reminded me of a couple tidbits I have come across since then. I am oh so close to closing the loop on Joshua Jr. and thought it would be worthwhile getting your thoughts. I have worked through the Wilkes County tax and deed records, and have improved my understanding of who was where when.

In 1794, the same year he married Nancy Cottrell, JOSHUA CURTIS JR. moved to Capt. Dyer's District, which was the Cove Creek part of what became Ashe County.

By that time, David Curtis had returned from the Pendleton District of South Carolina and was there also. In 1796, Joshua Sr. moved to Cove Creek, but JOSHUA CURTIS, JR.. returned to Buffalo Cove in Wilkes County, appearing on the 1797 tax list.

The remaining records for "Joshua Curtis" in Wilkes County refer to JOSHUA CURTIS JR. He acquired parcels of land totaling 206 acres, which he sold in September 1808, the deed you refer to below. in October 1808, "JOS CURTIS" requested a letter of dismissal from the Yadkin River Baptist Church (where his brother Samuel was an active member) because he planned to leave.

In 1831, Joshua Curtis traveled to Wilkesboro and signed for Nancy's share of Thomas Cottrell's estate, a cash distribtuion. This document proves that the 1794 marriage bond with no name for the bride was for Joshua and Nancy Cottrell, as most everyone believed. But the handful of estate records do not say where he (or any of the other heirs) lived at the time. They signed at different times over a several month period, which would not have been the case if they all lived nearby.
There is a very careful researcher named Nancy Harvey, who you may know, who is a descendant of the Joshua Curtis who appeared in the 1820 and 1830 censuses for Humphreys County, TN, the 1840 census for Benton County, TN and who left a brief will in Benton County in 1842. She has done a good job of locating and proving his descendants, a single son Thomas and a bunch of girls. We both agree that the Joshua Curtis who appears in the 1812 Humphreys County tax list (along with his brother William) is highly likely to be the same Joshua, except she is looking "backward" from Benton County and I am looking "forward." from Wilkes. I am ready to paste in her Joshua research with Joshua research, except she properly points out I am missing a fact or two.
So what's the problem? The age of "Joshua" in all censuses is consistent. However, Nancy (Cottrell) Curtis, who was living in 1850, gave her age as 70, making her born about 1780, which is consistent with her census reporting in 1820, 1830 and 1840. The 1800 Wilkes County census (and her 1794 marriage date) make her at least a year or so younger. Much more problematic is the four females under age 10 that Joshua reported in the 1800 census in Wilkes County. His documented descendants were born starting in 1802--none before 1800. It is possible they had four children in six years before 1800, all of whom were dead by 1840 or so, but that's quite a leap of faith. One problem with the 1800 census is that Samuel and Joshua Jr. appear in Wilkes Co, and Joshua Sr. in Ashe County, but William and Edy (Cottrell) Curtis are not listed. William and Edy appear to be the adults living with Joshua Sr. in Ashe County. However, William and Edy had three children under 10 at that time, but no such children are listed in Joshua Sr.'s household. It's certainly plausible that Joshua Jr. & Nancy's household was not solely composed of their own children, but there's no way to figure that out.
Any thoughts?

William Curtis b: ABT 1760 in Ashe Co., NC reported to have married Edith "Edy" COTTRELL reported daughter of Thomas Cotrell and Nancy Allieson To Thomas Cotrell and wife Suzanna Petterson (Patterson?) to Thomas Cotrell and wife Martha Hatcher ( Thomas Cotrell owned lands on Tuckahoe Creek waterway system)

Also reported to have married Polly Drake Further proof is need that William Curtis md Polly is son of Joshua Curtis, sr. of Wilkes, NC & Davidson, TN. http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bhreed&id=I34033

The 1790 Federal Census Wilkes County, NC First Company indicates the following
CURTIS, WILLIAM 1 white male & 1 white female over 16; no slaves; no males under 16
CURTIS SAMUEL 1 white male & 2 white females over 16
CURTIS, JOSHUA 2 white males over age 16; 8 white females over age 16
This could possibly indicate that Joshua had a wife, 1 son, and 7 daughters
in his household. http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bhreed&id=I34033

Rebecca Curtis b: ABT 1762 in Ashe Co., NC reported to have marred a Mr. Cottrell http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bhreed&id=I34033

Anna Curtis b: ABT 1764 in Ashe Co., NC reported to have married Daniel Ward: born 17 JUL 1779 in Ashe Co .North Carolinia reported son of Benjamin WARD and wife has been proven by Bible records and family letters to be Celia Stewart, daughter of John Stewart and Susannah Tanner. Celia is also known as Selah and Celey Ward. To Benjamin Ward and wife mary Duke to Richard Ward and wife Frances to Seth Ward and wife Anne Hatcher to Capt John Ward and wife Grace

Anne Hatcher is reported daughter of Henry Hatcher and Anne Lound ( Check with Nel Hatcher on this)

My Notes: This family of Capt. John Ward and wife Grace owned the first lands on Wards Creek and Capt. Wards Widow sold lands to William Hatcher the Immigrant. The Tanner families are married into the 2nd and or 3rd generation of Hatchers in the Colonies.

It is believed that Joshua Curtis was of English descent and served first as an Ensign and later as Lieutenant during the Revoluntionary War. He was born about 1732 and died in Davidson County, TN in 1818. His wife was Mary Clark. Many of his descendants lived in Wilkes County, North Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana. http://www.fmoran.com/wilkes/curtis.html

Teresa De Rios Research Notes: Hi Tony,
Yes, Benjamin Ward did married Celia Stewart, dau of John Stewart and Susanna Tanner (married in Chesterfield CO VA probably ca 1748-1750).  The Ward family in TN possess a family Bible.  I have seen a letter written by John Stewart born ca 1728, in Pittsylvania CO VA dated 1774. He is writing to his father and mother (John Stewart born ca 1700, married Mary Bowman in Henrico CO Dec 1720, dau of Edward Bowman), who were living in Nottaway Parrish, Amelia CO VA (now Nottaway CO VA).  He tells of his daughter Celia marrying Benjamin Ward and moving to NC.  He also mentions one son had died by drowning and mentions other children, says his wife is very ill (Susanna Tanner Stewart).  John and Susanna find themselves in the newly created, Henry CO VA in 1778 and are on tax lists there until the part he own land to is Franklin CO VA.  John also own land in Bedford CO VA near the Franklin Co Line.  His brother Daniel is also in the same neighborhood and later his brother "Littleberry" joins them.
Benjamin Ward, to my understanding is the half brother of Daniel Ward of Franklin CO VA.  Benjamin, Daniel Ward along with John Stewart and son and a Peter BLANKENSHIP are together in a 1774 Pittsylvania CO VA tithe list. They were all neighbors. 
I cannot say  this is my line, most likely not.  DNA has been done, but it´s been hard to prove this John Stewart line as he moved with his brother Daniel and kids to Rowan CO NC by 1789.  Daniel and his brother John left no known will, and really there are not estate papers to find, we have tried very hard.
Now , Micheal ISRAEL is related to us through marriage  . This would be Lee´s direct line through my Stewart line.. Micheal Israel of Albemarle CO moved to Wilkes CO NC, along came a Ballowe/Ballou, Fields, Eppersons.   Michael Israel´s son Johnston Israel, had a daughter named Sarah, who married Edward Stewart born 1780, son of Nathaniel Stewart and Mary Bledsoe.  Edward had no issue. The Israel family moved to Buncombe CO NC by abt 1790, and we hook up with them about 1810. 

HATCHER goes way back to a Steward line in Henrico CO VA,. a John Steward known as "John Steward, the Glover", married the widow Susanna Burton, nee Hatcher. No issue with Steward, they were in they´re 40´s when the marriage too place. I´d imagine John was a widower, and had kids prior to his married to Susanna Hatcher Burton.  He drop from thin air and not much info is on him.    

The WARD_STEWART connection goes back to the late 1600´s, with one female Stewart marrying a WARD, believe she was a dau of John Stewart JR born ca 1670 and wife Michelle Ballowe.  This John Stewart JR was the son of John Steward SR born ca 1634 England,came to VA abt 1668, married  a Dorothy (LNU), no will, probably destroyed.
> Back to Hatcher, I think they have more connection to John The Glover Stewart´s line. It is thought that one of his son´s was an EDWARD who married Martha Hatcher.  This Hatcher line was connected with the CHEATHAMS , KNIBB families.  Teresa From: lilliebelle3@yahoo.com

Notes: Cheathams connect to me and Pegs lines as does a Blankenship line of Humphreys Co. Tn

Hi Tony,
> Not much is known of the brother in law of Daniel Boone: John Stewart.  John Stewart was killed by Indians in what is now  KY abt 1769.  I believe a marriage bond was found in Rowan CO NC where John Stewart did marry Hannah Boone , Feb 14 1764.  All Boone researchers state Hannah and John only had girls.  But, we have a couple of people in the Stewart DNA project that claim John Stewart did have a son named William Boone Stewart born ca 1764-1769.  Wm Boone Stewart moved to the same county in KY that the Boone´s later move to.  Hannah Boone, relict of John Stewart was made admix of the estate of John Stewart. It must have been all personal estate, as John Stewart never owned land that I or anyone else could find. He may have lived with Hannah´s father on his farm,. who knows. Or he could have rented out land from someone else, but he would have still had to pay taxes on that leased land. I don´t have personal

> property or land tax lists for Rowan CO NC.   Oh, by the way, the personal estate of John Stewart was very small.   Hannah Boone Stewart, relict of John then marries Richard Pennington, see Wilkes CO NC census for 1790.  Most of all of her daughters with John Stewart marry, and if my memory serves me right, the OSBOURNE family intermarried with her daughter´s. Do not confuse this Osbourne line with the one from Henrico CO. They were from New Jersey.  It is still very much up in the air as to if Hannah and John Stewart had a son, like I said all the Boone researchers say, only daughters.  I don´t know who this John Stewart was, where he came from etc. nor do I know if he had siblings in Rowan CO. It is a very elusive line to research. He may have come down from PA, as many did from Rowan CO NC. 
> As for the Ward line, yes, they intermarried at least 3 times with Stewart´s , going back to either very late 1600´s or early 1700´s, before 1710.   John Stewart and Susanna Tanner did have a daughter named Selah/Celia who married Benjamin Ward, half brother of Daniel Ward of Franklin CO VABenj Ward and wife did move to what became Ashe or Watuaga CO NC by abt 1774 or 1775, they lived in the wilderness as this area was not populated by many white folks at this time.  Selah Ward Stewart had a sister named Mary Bomwan Stewart that married a Dr Ward and lived in TN, no issue from this marriage that I am aware of.   If you need more info on this Ward line in TN, I would contact Charles Ward, I have his email address if you need it. He is a very good WARD researcher and we have worked together before unraveling the Stewart lines.  I also have email address of the people from the William Boone Stewart line, but in my
> humble opinion, they have not researched Rowan CO NC, only KY .  I know William Boone Stewart did have a son named James Stewart that married Tabitha BRAINE in KY.  I am going on memory here, so some things my be a bit off.  One other thing, I don't think John Stewart "did much writing" in Rowan Co, that´s why there is little to nothing on his presence there. I believe his time was spent as a long hunter and explorer with the Boone family and others.  You are aware that Daniel Boone and family did live for a time in VA right? I believe it may have been the Frederick CO VA area of Shenandoah Valley.
> Teresa
> --- On Sat, 6/12/10, Tony Johnson wrote:
> Teresa From: lilliebelle3@yahoo.com

Notes: Yadkin River Baptist Church is where Thomas Fields was the recorder prior to the arrival of the Boones

Notes: The Wards, Hatcher, Tanner families all connect back to Wards Creek and are very intermarried: Of Note Ben Hatcher Sr. and Jr witnessed the will of John Watson in 1707 Henrico Co Va. John Watson is the father in law of Michael Johnson died 1718 on Tuckahoe Creek and Matching DNA to mine and Pegs Hudson Johnson of Barton’s Creek.

ANNA CURTIS is believed to have been born in 1771 to Joshua Curtis and Mary Sarah Clark of Wilkes County, NC. She is believed to have married DANIEL WARD, son of Benjamin and Selah Stewart Ward of Ashe County, NC, circa 1800, though no clear proof has been found to date though this researcher continues to search for one. Anna had eight children and forty-nine grandchildren. She spent her final years with her daughter, Phebe Ward Shull, and probably died 1850-1860 at Watauga County, NC.

Lennis Isaacs wrote in These My People - Wards of Watauga County the following: Daniel Ward: It is not known for sure but tradition has it that DANIEL WARD married ANNA CURTIS. This may well be true for there was a family of Curtiss' living here about that time. DANIEL moved to Powells Valley, according to the way LUTHER WARD remembered hearing his history, and made an herb doctor and lived to be 110 years old. He had a daughter, PHOEBE WARAD, that married PHILLIP SHULL and it may be that DANIEL came back to Watauga to live when he was old as some records show that DANIEL was in Watauga in 1850 and was 80 years old at that time."

A true list of Tax Payers in Wilkes County, 1797 by Ezekial Baird (from New River Notes)

Curtice, David 1797 1 Poll 630 acres
Custice, Joshua, Sr. 1797 1 Poll
Curtice, Samuel 1797 1 Poll
Ward, Benjamin 1797 1 Poll 333 acres
Ward, Joshua 1797

In 1810 DANIEL WARD was enumerated in Ashe County, North Carolina with 3 male children under age 10 born 1800-1810. Daniel was age 26-45 (born 1765-1844). Two female children under age 10 are in the household, and an adult female age 26-45. [Census Records, Ashe Co., NC, 1810] The adult female is probably his wife, ANNA CURTIS, daughter of JOSHUA CURTIS and MARY SARAH CLARK of Wilkes County, North Carolina. No marriage record has been found to date for Anna Curtis and Daniel Ward by this researcher.

NSDAR records for Joshua Curtis indicate that he had a daughter Anna Curtis who married a Mr. Ward. Family tradition supports that the Mr. Ward was Daniel Ward. In 1850 Anna Ward is enumerated with Daniel Ward's daughter, Phebe Shull, in Watauga County, North Carolina.] Joshua Curtis is a documented citizen of Wilkes County, North Carolina and a patriot of the American Revolution. His son, Samuel Curtis, lived near the Ward family in Ashe County.

In 1830 Daniel Ward sold land in Carter County, Tennessee to his son-in-law, Phillip Shull, with the stipulation that if either of his sons, John or William Ward, desired to repurchase the land when attaining age twenty-one that they would have the right to do so. Daniel Ward removed to Lee County, Virginia with his sons, Samuel, William, and daughter, Celia. Between 1840 and 1845 DANIEL WARD removed to Lee County, Virginia to live with his son, WILLIAM WARD, along with daughter, CELIA WARD. Anna Ward is not believed to have accompanied DANIEL, SAMUEL, WILLIAM, and CELIA WARD to Virginia. She presumably removed to Watauga County, NC to live with her daughter, Phebe Ward Shull, for reasons unknown at this time.

Notes: Lee County is a border County of Hawkins Co. Tn

ANNA WARD was found in the household of PHILIP and PHEBE SHULL on 3 October 1850 as indicated in the US Census for Watauga, Watauga County, NC that lists PHILLIP and PHEBE SHULL as residents in Household # 519 on page 71 as follows: PHILLIP SHULL, age 53, born 1797, NC, farmer with $1500 real property; PHEBE SHULL, age 48, born 1802, NC; MATILDA SHULL, age 26, born 1824, TN; THOMAS SHULL, age 22, born 1828, farmer with $100, born in TN; RODA SHULL, age 20, born 1830, TN; TEMPERANCE SHULL, age 19, born 1831, TN; SARAH SHULL, age 16, born 1834, TN; WILLIAM SHULL, age 16, born 1834, TN; CAROLINE SHULL, age 12, born 1838, NC; SIMON SHULL, age 9, born 1841, NC; JOSEPH SHULL, age 8, born 1842, NC; SOPHINA SHULL, age 4, born 1846, NC; and ANNA WARD, age 78, born 1772, NC, she could not read nor write. (No relations were given in this census record.)

ANNA WARD was not found in the 1860 US Census Records in Watauga, North Carolina, nor was she living with DANIEL WARD, SAMUEL WARD, WILLIAM WARD, or CELIA WARD in Lee County, Virginia according to census records in both counties, nor was she found living with any of her other children.

A family history of JOSHUA CURTIS of Wilkes County, North Carolina indicate that he was married to MARY SARAH CLARK (parents unknown). Joshua and his wife raised a large family in Wilkes County. Joshua Curtis removed from Wilkes County, North Carolina to Davidson County, North Carolina where he died in 1818. Joshua served as a Naval Officer, Ensign, and Lieutenant in the American Revolution according to NSDAR records. He had a large family: William Curtis married Edy Cottrell; Rebecca Curtis married Mr. Cottrell; Rachel Curtis; Mary "Polly" Curtis; Samuel Curtis married Susannah Cottrell (of Wilkes County, NC); Joshua Curtis, Jr. md Nancy Cottrell (removed to Indiana); Nancy Curtis md John Henry Stonecipher; Phoebe Curtis md Samuel Stonecipher; Susanna Curtis (died at Marion County, Kentucky) md Ezra Stonecipher (died at Illinois). The NSDAR records indicate that his daughter, ANNA CURTIS, married MR. WARD. The family history cited in the Heritage of Wilkes County confirms this information. However, the NSDAR disputes certain parts of this record.

Anna Curtis Ward is probably buried in Watauga County, North Carolina near her daughter, Phebe, and her family. DANIEL WARD in 1877 died at Rocky Station, Lee County, Virginia in the home of son, SAMUEL WARD, and was buried in what is now known as the Ward-Lawson Cemetery above present-Stickleyville on the SAMUEL WARD homeplace. His gravestone has been destroyed. Their 5th-great-granddaughter, Brenda Keck Reed, had a memorial stone crafted and placed in the Jonathan Ward Cemetery in his memory.

Nancy Curtis b: ABT 1766 in Ashe Co., NC reported to have married John Henry STONECIPHER , Jr In 1786 JOHN HENRY STONESIFER is listed in the Wilkes County, NC Tax List as having 1 poll and 640 acres of land. [Lenoir Family Papers # 426] reported son of John Henry STONECIPHER Also Married: 27 AUG 1781 in Wilkes Co., NC Elower BURCK http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bhreed&id=I16222

Phoebe Curtis b: ABT 1768 in Ashe Co., NC reported to have married Samuel STONECIPHER 11 OCT 1783 in Lewis Fork, Wilkes Co., NC Death: 26 AUG 1879 in Crooked Fork, Morgan Co., TN reported son of Joseph Marion STONECIPHER Birth: ABT 1760 in Culpeper Co., VA Death: 30 JUL 1847 in Morgan Co., TN reported wife is Salome ROSE Birth: 1 MAY 1784 in Buffalo Cove, Wilkes Co., NC Death: AFT 1847 in Morgan Co., TN Grandson of Johannes Henrick STINECIPHER and wife Ellen DORTCH http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bhreed&id=I58309

Susan Curtis b: 1 MAY 1784 in NC Death: 2 SEP 1803 in Marion Co., IL or Death: AFT 1840 in Morgan Co., TN married Ezra B. STONECIPHER Death: 1838 in Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bhreed&id=I15962

Rachel Curtis b: ABT 1786 in Ashe Co., NC Fact Never married. http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bhreed&id=I15964

Mary Curtis b: ABT 1788 in Ashe Co., NC Event: Fact Never married. http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=bhreed&id=I15964

Notyes: This Curtis family is a DNA Match to Descendants of Eli Thomas Curtis of Humphrey’s Co Tn
Bridle Way

Notes; See above Bridle Way is associated with Warrior Gap, Rev. William Dodson Formed the Primitive Baptist Church on Warriors Creek- Warriors Gap. His family of Elijah Dodson will be found in 1837 living on Hurricane Creek of Humphreys Co. Tn. Where the matching DNA of Eli Thomas Curtis Lived, and Elijah Dodson and wife Sarah Dotson-Dodson lived 7 places from my Ann Johnson widow of John Johnson son of Hudson Johnson and wife Agness of Barton’s Creek, Dickson Co Tn.
Cove, Wilkes Co, NC
True List of Tax Payers by Ezekiel Baird
11-44: 21 May 1786, Elizabeth Denmam to Brarzilla Baird, both Rowan Co. NC, £235, 291-1/2 acres on both sides Pott's Creek adj. Henry Sloan's corner and line, part of grant to Elizabeth Denman; wit. Ezekiel Baird, William Denham; rec. on oath of William Denham Aug. 1787. (FHL film 313,547) (MAD: not Duncan) http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~dobson/nc/ncrowan.htm

State of North Carolina Ashe County At a county court begun and held for the county of Ashe on the Second Monday being the 8th day of May, A. D. 1809Present

Nathan Horton
Ezekiel Baird, Esqr
Elijah Pope http://newrivernotes.com/nc/ashe1809co.htm

Ezekiel Baird was the son of John Baird,(John b 1665 in Scotland, came over on"Caledonia" in 1683, settled in the Jerseys). Ezekiel's brothers were Bedent, William, Samual, Abidiah, Borzilla and Jonathan. Ezekiel's mother was Mary Bedent. Before Ezekiel's father married Mary Bedent, he was married to Mary Hall; they had 3 sons: David, Andrew and Zebulon. Ezekiel married Sarah Susanna Blodgett and they had 2 sons: William, who went west and was lost track of, and Bedent E. Baird who is my gggg grandfather. Contact me for more info if you'd like. http://genforum.genealogy.com/baird/messages/758.html

Rowan Co., NC on Nov. 3 1764 Land records indicate the move occurred by 1764 because Gideon Johnson is shown as a resident of Rowan Co., NC on Nov. 3 1764 when he sold his home place of 249 acres on Saylor's Creek to Col. Thomas Tabb of Amelia Ashley Johnson and John Johnson Jr. as witnesses. (A deed disposing of the Lunenberg Co. land has not been located.)

1764-1765 Quaker MM’s sending people to Deep Creek MM

Caroline Meeting sent between 1764-65: Joseph Hoggatt, Jeams and Talton Johnson, William Lane, Joseph Sanders, John Sanders, Jr., Strangeman, Nathan and Zacharias Stanley. Anthony Hoggatt and wife transferred from Camp Creek in Va. http://www.genforum.familytreemaker.com/cass/messages/707.html


1765 Rowan County James Lankford purchased land in 1765 along Fagg's Creek

Generously contributed by: Marlene Shake

Source:  Land Map of Stokes County, North Carolina dated 1790. 

The Custom House put this together - 1977 date. Stokes Co., NC Historical Documentation. 

Lists 1790 tax listings. Colonial Roads, Indian Trails, Landgrants and various other records are posted on this map. It is like a plat, showing names of land owners and where the land was located. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~langford/timeline_nc.htm

Sarah Mills (b 8/17/1745 Va, m Tarleton Johnson 3/7/1765 at Deep River MM) In 1765 Deep River is in Rowan Co. NC

1807 August 4, Absalom Johnson, Tarleton Johnson and Isaac Johnson deed to Howell Lewis for land which was not willed by their father, James Johnson, decd., p. 120 Deed Book T Granville County, North Carolina 1806-1810

Notes: Henry MILLS was born 23 9th month 1720. He died 10 10th month 1810 at age 90 years according to the records of Center MM, NC. He married about 1740 probably at Hopewell MM, VA to Hannah THORNBURG (1725-1791) the daughter of Walter Thornburg. Their children included: Moses; Sarah m. Tarlton Johnson; Margaret; Aaron m. Charity Mendenhall; Hannah m. Manlove Wheeler; Hur; Charity m. Samuel Hoggatt; Joshua; Ruth m. James Johnson; Rebecca and Rachel.

Hannah THORNBURG born Abt. 1725; died March 27, 1791 in Guilford CO, N.C. She was the daughter of 106. Walter THORNBURGH and 107. Margaret BEESON.

Children of Henry MILLS and Hannah THORNBURG are:
i. Moses Mills, born November 04, 1743 in recorded in New Garden MM, N.C.; died August 1759 in recorded in New Garden MM, N.C.
ii. Sarah Mills, born August 17, 1745 in recorded in New Garden MM, N.C.; died November 01, 1825; married Tarlton Johnson March 17, 1765; born Abt. 1740; died May 05, 1821.
iii. Margaret Mills, born October 27, 1747 in recorded in New Garden MM, N.C.; died October 1759 in recorded in New Garden MM, N.C.

(Source: Paul Mills, Mills Family History: Quakers and Other Early Arrivals, (Compiled by Paul Mills).), http://www.haworthassociation.org/Bios/Huber/Generation6-7.htm


Birth date: 1763
Birthplace: St Peters Parish, New Kent Co, VA
Death date: Aft 1800
Place of death: Webster, Wayne Co, IN
Burial date:
Burial place: Webster, Wayne Co, IN
Other Spouse:
Father: Tarlton JOHNSON,
Mother: Sarah MILLS,

Marriage date: 27 Jan 1780

Marriage place: Deep River, Guilford Co, NC


Birth date: 8  Sep 1763
Birthplace: Guilford Co, NC
Death date: Jun 1801
Place of death: Wayne Co, IN
Burial date: 1801
Burial place: Wayne Co, IN

Other Spouse:

Father: Henry MILLS,
Mother: Hannah THORNBURGH, Submitted by: Shirley Jackson at saj17@iowatelecom.net


By 1765 Col. Charles Ellis PERKINS   family was living in Rowan Co, NC that part that became Gulliford Co., and in 1785 Rockingham Co.

1739 MAR 26 born Peter Perkins died 1813: He is reported to been born on Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico Co. Father Nicholas Perkins and Betinia Hardin
Other Children of Nicholas Perkins and Betinia Hardin

26 MAR 1742 Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico Co., VA born Charles Perkins

7 JUL 1745 Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico Co., VA born Nicholas Perkins

20 NOV 1747 Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico Co., VA: Born Constatine Perkins

9 AUG 1752 Goochland Co., VA: Born Anne Perkins

3 MAY 1757 Halifax Co., VA Thomas Hardin Perkins


1)  Col. Peter PERKINS was born 26 Mar 1739 in Goochland County, VA. He died 12 Feb 1813 in Williamson County, TN.  Peter Perkins was an ardent patriot and during the Revolutionary War served first as a captain and later as colonel of the Pittsylvania County, Virginia Militia.  He also threw open his home, Berry Hill, to be used as a military hospital after the Battle of Guilford Court House, not so far away.   Peter married Agnes WILSON, daughter of Peter WILSON "The Immigrant" and Alcey, about 1760.    from 1783 to 1788, Peter and his brother Constantine Perkins owned the Troublesome Creek Ironworks in Rockingham County, N.C. Later, about 1795, Peter Perkins moved to Stokes County, N.C., and around 1805 or 1806, to Tennessee. Peter Perkins and his wife, Agnes Wilson, had one child, Alcey (1766-1814), who married the second son of Robert Hairston (d. 1783) and Ruth Stoval (d. 1808)

2) Bethenia PERKINS * was born 7 Jul 1743 in Goochland, Virginia. She died 1809 in Stokes County, NC.   She married  Absalom Bostick, who was one of Stokes County's most active early settlers. He was country treasurer, justice of the peace, tax lister, member of the House of Commons (1790-1795) from Stokes County. Before Stokes was created, from Surry County in 1798, he represented Surry County at the Hillsborough Convention in 1788 and at Fayetteville in 1789.   Their plantation in Stokes County was named “Shoebuckle.”    (Read more about Bethenia and Absalom  on the Bostick page.)

Col. Charles Ellis PERKINS  was born 6 Mar 1742/1743 in Goochland County, VA. He died about 1780 in Guilford Co.(Now Rockingham), North Carolina.   Charles married Mary TATE on 11 Aug 1760 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.   By 1765 the family was living in Rowan Co, NC that part that became Gulliford Co., and in 1785 Rockingham Co.. There are references in the Gulliford Co. deeds that indicate that Charles and Mary (Tate) Perkins lived on a portion of his father-in-law’s tract on land on Beaver Island Creek before moving to VA. The obituary of their third child Nicholas Tate Perkins, states that he was born in Gulliford Co., Dec of 1767 and moved at the age of ten (abt. 1777) to Pittsylvania Co., VA.  

Charles and Mary had  the following children:      

1)   Ella (dau of Charles) PERKINS (b.Abt 1763 d.1831) -  sp: Stephen LYON (m.11 Dec 1782)    

2) . Mary PERKINS  (b.1 Aug 1774-Gulliford Co.,NC d.1857-Christain Co.,KY.) - sp: (Mr.) KING   

3) . Anna PERKINS  (b.28 Jul 1765)  sp: James WALKER   

4) Nicholas Tate PERKINS  (b.29 Dec 1767-Rowan Co/Stokes Co.,NC d.6 Aug 1843)  sp: Ann PERKINS (b.10 Aug 1770 d.7 Jul 1839),   

5) Bethenia Hardin (dau of Charles) PERKINS  (b.1 Aug 1770-Rowan Co/Stokes Co.,NC d.17 Jul 1812)  sp: James SNEED (b.29 Dec 1764 d.20 Sep 1853)  6)  Micajah/Maaca PERKINS  (b.1 Jun 1772 d.1852-Tuscaloosa,AL),  sp: James MARLOW,  

7)  Elizabeth PERKINS  (b.26 Feb 1776-Gulliford Co.,NC) sp: Israel ROBINSON,  

8) Charles PERKINS (b.13 Mar 1778-Virginia d.14 Feb 1813-Stokes Co.,NC)

4)  Nicholas, Jr. PERKINS was born 7 Jul 1745 in Goochland County, VA. He died 8 Dec 1800 in Davidson County, TN.   Nicholas, married Leah PRYOR, daughter of John Henry PRYOR and Martha Gaines, on 26 Aug 1765. Leah was born 20 Nov 1747. She died 8 Feb 1810.  Their children were:     

1)  Maj. Nicholas (III) "BigBee" PERKINS (b.14 Mar 1779 d.6 Jan 1848-TN)  | sp: Mary Hardin PERKINS (b.1794 d.23 Apr 1840-Williamson Co.,Tn)  

2) Ann PERKINS (b.10 Aug 1770 d.7 Jul 1839)   | sp: Nicholas Tate PERKINS  (b.29 Dec 1767-Rowan Co/Stokes Co.,NC d.6 Aug 1843)   

3)  John Pryor PERKINS (b.Circa 1765-Perkins Ferry,Halifax County,Virginia) | sp: Elizabeth Camp HARRIS (m.25 Jun 1795)   

4)   Margaret (dau of Nicholas & Leah Pryor) PERKINS   

5)  Agatha PERKINS,  

6)  Elizabeth (dau of Nicholas & Leah Pryor) PERKINS,  

7) Constantine (son of Nicholas & Leah Pryor) PERKINS,

 8)  Peter (son of Nicholas & Leah Pryor) PERKINS,  

9)  Bethenia (dau of Nicholas & Leah Pryor) PERKINS,  

10)   Sarah PERKINS

Special Note:    Maj. Nicholas “BigBee” Perkins (pdf) was involved in the arrest Vice President Aaron Burr:   It’s a very interesting story!    I don’t know the names of all of his children.   

5) Maj. Constantine PERKINS was born 20 Nov 1747 in Goochland County, VA. He died about 1790 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.  “Bachelor’s Hall” was the home of Constant Perkins.  His land grant here was for 639 acres in 1770.  He ran a store here on the Berry Hill Road.  He was a major in the militia.   Peter and his brother Constantine Perkins owned the Troublesome Creek Ironworks in Rockingham County, N.C.   Constantine married Agatha MARR, daughter of Gideon and Sarah Miller Marr.

6)  Susannah PERKINS was born 20 May 1750 in Goochland County, VA. She died about 1815.   I show she had 3 husbands:   Susannah married

(1) Green PRYOR.  Susannah also married

(2) John Miller Marr (son of Alexander) MARR.   Susannah also married

(3) Col. Thomas (son of John & Dorothy Edwards) HARDEMAN. Thomas was born 8 Jan 1750. He died 3 Jun 1833.

7)   Anna G. PERKINS "Annie" was born 9 Aug 1752 in Goochland County, VA. She died 20 May 1829 in Henry County, VA.  Annie married Joseph H. SCALES on 8 Jan 1771.

8) Mary Hardin PERKINS was born 6 Aug 1754 in Goochland County, VA. She died 24 May 1798 in Davidson County, TN.   Mary married Col. Thomas HARDEMAN. (son of John & Dorothy Edwards Hardeman) Thomas was born 8 Jan 1750. He died 3 Jun 1833.

8) Lt.  Thomas Hardin PERKINS was born 3 May 1757 in Halifax County, VA. He died 15 Nov 1838 in Williamson County, TN.   Thomas Hardin Perkins built "Meeting of the Waters" in Williamson County, TN.   Ridley Wills, II and his wife, Irene, lived in this home.  As stated in the book, "Old Enough To Die" by Ridley Wills II:   The “home built between 1800 and 1809 by Thomas Hardin Perkins, a brother of Bethenia Perkins Bostick.  She was the wife of Absalom Bostick and the mother of John Bostick, who came to Williamson County about the time his uncle completed Meeting of the Waters.”   Thomas Harden Perkins (1757-1838) lived east of his father.  His father died when he was only five years old and left his half the home tract on the south side of the river.  In 1776, he was an ensign in the militia.  He later followed his brothers to Williamson County, Tennessee.   Thomas married (1) Mary Magdalena O'NEAL. Mary was born 4 Mar 1763. She died 28 Oct 1835 in Davidson County, TN   Thomas also married (2) Rachel TATE. Rachel died 24 Feb 1838 in near Clarksville, TN.

9)  Elizabeth PERKINS was born 1 May 1759 in Halifax County, VA. She died 7 Jan 1818.   Elizabeth married (1) Capt. William (son of Giles & Hannah Hughes) LETCHER, son of Giles LETCHER and Hannah HUGHES, on 20 Nov 1778 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. William died 2 Aug 1780 from /was murdered during Revolutionary War by a Tory.   Elizabeth also married (2) Col. George (son of Robert & Ruth Stovall) HAIRSTON, son of Robert HAIRSTON and Ruth STOVALL. George was born 1750. He died 1827 in Henry Co., VA.   George was a Captain in Col. Penn's Regiment in 1781. He later commanded the 3rd., 4th., 5th., and 6th. Virginia and 36th. North Carolina Regiments and was acting Brigadier General in the War of 1812. http://oursoutherncousins.com/hardin.html

1765 Gideon Johnson received an Original Land Grant six miles west of Wentworth NC: That same year his daughter Elizabeth Johnson married James Wray. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mochrist/johnsonbymcconnell.htm

March 19, 1765, Gideon Johnson bought 250 acres on the south side of the Dan River from Peter and Agnes Wilson Perkins of Pittsylvania Co., VA for 120 pounds of English money.

1765 Rowan Co., NC records show Gideon Johnson witnessed a land deed from Perkins to Joel Warren, a distant relative of Ursula Allin Johnson, for 125 pounds VA money to sell 250 acres on the south side of the Dan River on the same day that Gideon Johnson bought his farm. Gideon Johnson's neighbors were James Gates and James Presnell of Orange Co., NC, who also bought land from Peter and Agnes Perkins in 1768.

1765 abt born Rowan Co. NC Catherine Hill; 1783 July 10 Married to Winkfield Shropshire in Surry Co. NC

1788 Born James Henry Shropshire Guilford County, Nc died 1859 in Yell County, Arkansas Married: 17 Dec 1805 in Greene County, Georgia to Sarah Eva “Sally” Henley 2nd wife or first Elizabeth Coalson


1820 Nancy Shropshire in FRANKLIN CO. TN

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