Fuschia color is tony L. Johnson, Peggy Johnson and Lee Johnson’s Relations mostly: Burton Farmer, Carter, Dale, Lound,Haile & Hatcher relations

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My Notes: This is mine and Pegs. Boone families married into the McElyea Families

Isaac Wilcockson, born 1749 in Berks Co., PA; died 1783 in TN. He married Ruth Johnston

David Willcockson, born 1794 in Rowan Co., NC. He married Nancy Johnson

1751 Era: Just when the first Friends came to this “majestic wilderness” is unknown, but certainly there were a few here by 1751. That year Friends at Cane Creek in present Alamance County, comprising the first permanent meeting settled by the Pennsylvania Friends in North Carolina, requested a monthly meeting from the Perquimans and Little River meetings in eastern Carolina. Their petition stated: “There is Thirty Families and upwards of Friends settled in them Parts and Desire still in behalf of themselves and their Friends to have a Monthly Meeting settled amongst them.” Not surprisingly, the first piece of business to come before Cane Creek Monthly Meeting (October 7, 1751) was a request from Friends of New Garden for permission to hold a meeting for worship.

1752 ERA Isaac Holeman (spelling of the name varies) as proved by his signature--moved about 1752 from Virginia, where he undoubtedly associated with the Holeman settlement in the Shenandoah valley, to the enterprising of the North Carolina colony; so the latter state, where he settled permanently stands out conspicuously by way of background. That he brought along His father and mother, whose first names, unluckily. are unrecorded, and when they died, buried them on his own land, produces eight generations as

computed from the last offspring of today. Afterwards two of his younger brothers, William and James Holeman, followed him to North Carolina, and together they established another Holeman settlement. The three obtained
Iand-grants in that part of the then enormous Rowan County which was subsequently set aside as Davie county, and there they lived on adjoining plantations located among the foothills of the Brushy mountains, on the head waters of both Bear Creek and Dutchman's creek.

As adherents of the sect called "Missionary Baptist," both he and his wife belonged to the Bear Creek Baptist Church, one of the oldest religious organizations in that section, with its meeting-house built on what was then called the Holeman road; while the names of their posterity, even to the present generation, have been regularly enrolled on its books. Though he continuously lived in the extreme northwestern corner of what is now Davie county, with Mocksville as county-seat, where he eventually acquired his permanent abode, he bought and sold, in the meantime, several other tracts of land in that region. http://listsearches.rootsweb.com/th/read/NCSURRY/2007-04/1177535485

Isaac Holeman

On October 10,1783, he acquired,his third grant of 300 acres, No. 339 (Deed Book 9, page 339}, described as on the waters of Hunting Creek," being in the part of Rowan county that became Iredell county; and this he sold in 1798 to Benjamin Johnson.

Isaac HOLMAN Birth: 1725 in Fairfax Holman Va. Death: 15 Aug 1807 in Family Plantation Rowan County NC Christening: Bear Creek Baptist married Mary Benton HARDY Death: 1782/1798 in Salisbury Rowan NC reported son of Daniel HOLMAN Death: 1770 in Virginia and wife Elizabeth CARTLEY Birth: Abt 1700 in Shenandoah Va Death: 1792 in Va

Isaac Holman’s brother Thomas Holman Death: Apr 1798 in Wilkes NC/Rowan NC married Mary Ann THOMPSON, their daughter Rachel HOLMAN Death: 10 Mar 1815 in Springfield Robertson County Tn. Married: Mar 1763 in Lancaster Pa: Henry Johnston Johnson Death: 1815 in Springfield, Robertson County Tn Their daughter Rebecca Johnston Johnson Death: in Hurricane Creek, Humphreys County Tn. married John CROCKETT Birth: 1769 in Pa. Death: 1826 in Hurricane Creek Humphreys County Tn

This is the families of Senator Cave Johnson of Robertson Co. Tn and also Post master General of The US

William Holeman

James Holeman

Holeman settlement NC

Bear Creek Baptist Church
September 1754: Joseph Morgan to Henry Simmons for 20 pounds 200 acres on Bear Creek, at the fork. Tests: Seth Ward, Edwd Ward Jr., Jos. Ward, P. Ward http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/r/o/Janet-M-Brown/FILE/0001page.html
Joseph Morgan

Henry Simmons

Seth Ward,

Edwd Ward Jr.,

Jos. Ward,

P. Ward

#1753 Rowan County formed from Anson County.

Rowan County was a large undefined section of the northwestern part of our state and was formed from Anson County The space between the Yadkin and South Yadkin Rivers that is part of Rowan County and as far west as the current Wilkes County, is known as the Forks of the Yadkin. http://www.ncvisitorcenter.com/Davie.html

In 1753 Alexander Cathey was a Justice of the Peace in Salisbury, NC.

He presided over the first courts of Rowan County which were held in 1755.

He was a friend and neighbor of Squire Boone, father of the famous Daniel Boone.

He is buried near Salisbury in the Thyatira Cemetery, formerly Catheys Meeting House; his monument states “Alexander Cathey who died 1766, age 59 years.” Most of the Cathey clan migrated from Rowan to Mecklenburg County, NC, before the American Revolution.
Alexander Cathey
Some of the line arrived in Cecil Co. MD  with the name of JOHN CATHEY b. 1685 Ulster Ireland. 

he arrived between 1746-1751 and they moved from MD into Lancaster Co. PA in early 1730's.

By 1743 the Cathey name is found in Beverly Manor in Augusta Co. VA.

JAMES CATHEY had migrated to ANSON CO. NC by late 1740s'.

That land became ROWAN CO. NC by 1753. 

The Cathey Settlement or IRISH SETTLEMENT was located west of Salisbury NC and where James Cathey was in 1749. 

His sons moved into Mecklenburg Co. and Haywood Co. NC by late 1700's.

Archibald Cathey is the only one of his siblings to have been listed born in GA.  

His father, Andrew Cathey was born in abt. 1721 PA and his sister, Rebecca G. Cathey b. 15 Sept. 1792 in NC. 

By 1799, Archibald Cathey is listed being born in GA. http://www.argenweb.net/boone/dunehew.html

1753William Hopper surveyed in Rockingham County, then Rowan County,
William Hopper

Wm. Hopper lived near the NC/VA State line,owning land on both sides. They first lived on Matrimony Creek, a branch of the Dan River, in North Carolina and later some lived on smith River in Henry County, VA.
William surveyed in Rockingham County, then Rowan County, in 1753.
In 1761 he obtained a grant of 710 acres. An additional grant of 510 acres from the Earl of Granville on May 10, 1762 was confirmed. In 1773 he signed a petition against moving the Courthouse in Guilford Co.
By 1783 he had died, all of his sons owned adjoining on Matrimony Creek in present Rockingham Co.,North Carolina.
The following are believed to be his surviving sons in the area William Hopper Jr.; Darby Hopper; Joseph Hopper; Joshua Hopper and Thomas Hopper

Matrimony Creek starts in Henry County, VA. and flows south into Rockingham City, NC. It empties into the Dan River near the the western city limits of Eden, NC. It was given it's name in 1728 by a member of William Byrd's surveying party,as they were establishing the VA. -NC. border. Several small branches that flow into it along the way are known as Matrimony Creek as well. There are a LOT of Hopper's in the area.


Joshua HOPPER b: 1740 in Matrimony Creek, Rockingham Co., NC

Mother: Lucy COTTON


1753 Era Married William Rutledge, Sr. was born ca 1734, William died After Aug 24, 1803 in Stokes Co., NC, at approximately 73 years of age.

He married Matilda King in Rowan Co., NC, ca 1753. Matilda was born in VA 1734. Matilda was the daughter of Peter King Sr. and Lulu. Matilda died before 1806 in Stokes Co., NC.
William Rutledge, Sr.

William Rutledge Sr. and Matilda King had the following children:

  1. Johnson Rutledge was born ca 1754.

  2. William Rutledge Jr was born ca 1756.

  3. Peter Rutledge was born in Rowan Co., NC 1758. Peter died aft 1810.

  4. James Rutledge was born in Rowan Co., NC 1758. James died aft 1806 in Giles Co., TN.

  5. Benjamin Rutledge was born in Rowan Co., NC ca 1760. He married Mary Timmins in Stokes Co., NC, 12 July 1797.

  6. Sarah Rutledge was born in Rowan Co., NC 1762.

  7. Mary Rutledge was born in Rowan Co., NC 1764.

  8. Elijah Rutledge was born abt 1773.

  9. Joel Rutledge was born in Surry Co., NC ca 1774. He married Susan West in Stokes Co., NC, 10 November 1802.

  10. Isabella Rutledge was born in Neatman Creek, Surry Co., NC ca 1783. She married twice. She married Alexander Boles Jr in Stokes Co., NC, 25 October, 1800. She married Thomas Southerland.


Peter King Sr. and Lulu

RESEARCH NOTES: I believe this to be a connection to Peter King married to ? Johnson daughter of Francis Johnson See below for details and facts.

1753 - James McMaken warrant dated 30 November 1753 to James Carter to survey 640 acres in Rowan County on ye Dutchmans Creek or Nere it on Lick pen - including the place where McMaken Lives /s/ Fras Corbin Entered 25 July 1753 Back of document reads: Grant 2 January 1761 Ref: Granville District of NC 1748-1763 Abstracts of Land Records, Vol. 5, Margaret M. Hofmann, 1995 http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/c/h/Beverly-J-Schonewolf/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0137.html

James McMaken or James McMachan

1754 - James McMahon plat dated 14 May 1754 204 acres in Rowan County on the south side of Lyleses Creek CC: David Johnson, James Forbes (surveyor's name not given) Entered 25 July 1753 Ref: Granville District of NC 1748-1763 Abstracts of Land Records, Vol. 5, Margaret M. Hofmann, 1995

1762 - James McMahan, from PA, "of Granville" County, NC buys land, 422 acres, near Dutchman's Creek in Rowan County, NC. "Deed Book 4 p. 744 July 20, 1762 James McMahan of Granville Co., NC buys 422 acres within 8 chains of Dutchman's Creek, next to David Johnston, for 5 shillings, the release price being 50 pounds proclamation money on the next day- witnessed by Will Reed and proved."

Will Book "D" p. 220 Rowan County, NC JAMES MCMACHAN. 14 Sept. 1787.

In the name of God Amen! I James McMachan of Rowan County in N. Carolina, be in a tolerable good state of health thanks be to God calling to mind the mortalite of the Body, knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and test:
Principally & first I recomend my soul into the hands of God: & my body to the earth to be decently buried nothing doubting as at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again. And as such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give devise & dispose of the same in the following manner, first I give & bequeath to Susanna my beloved wife all my household goods & all my black cattle & sheep also I give to my sons Samuel & Willm Mcmachan all my land to be equally divided betwixt them beginning at the middle of the west line & run straight to the east & Samuel shall have the south side & William the north & I also appoint the Samuel McMachan & William McMachan to executors of this my last will & test: & further my will is that sd executors shall pay as soon as convenient they can twenty five pounds apiece to the rest of my beloved children to John & Thomas, Elizabeth, & James & Mary of which same I appoint William to pay one hundred pounds & Samuel twenty five pounds & to my son William all my ______ of _____ with I give my bay horse & young mare & waggon - and I will that my beloved wife have comfortable living on the place as long as she lives - I confirm this to be my last will in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 14 day of September 1787
Signed, sealed, declared in presence of us, Lazarus Whitehead jun David Johnson X James McMachan seal

prb. 1799. Wife Susanna to have maintenance on the place. Sons Samuel and William to have all the land. Sons John, Thomas, and James each to have 25 pounds. Daus. Elizabeth and Mary to have 25 pounds. Exrs: sons Samuel and William. Wit: Lazarus Whitehead, David Johnson

James Carter

Fras Corbin

Issued April 6, 1753, Griffith Rutherford, 700 Acres, Grant No. 187, Rowan Book No. 2, Page 45 - No. 143 - Location: Upon the E side of Catawba River, near both sides of Twelve Mile Creek.

Griffith Rutherford,
Griffith became a wealthy farmer and married Elizabeth Graham in 1754.

They had 10 children.

One of Griffith’s daughters, Jane, married Capt. James Cathey, the son of John Cathey and Elizabeth Pickney.

His daughter Blanche married Francis Locke of Rowan Co NC.

Another close relative was Capt. William Moore, the "first white man to settle west of the Blue Ridge".

Capt. Moore has been claimed to be Griffith Rutherford’s brother-in-law, meaning Griffith had an undocumented sister? [History of Western North Carolina - Chapter V - Revolutionary Days by John Preston Arthur, 1914]

Griffith's children:
i. Jane Rutherford b. 1756 d. abt 1844 Maury TN
ii. James Rutherford b. abt 1758 d. 9/8/1781, Battle of Eutaw Spring, SC
iii. Blanche Rutherford b. abt 1760 d. abt 1844
iv. Margaret Rutherford b. abt 1765 d. about 6/1827 Dyer, TN
v. Alfred Rutherford b. abt 1767 d. about 1844
vi. Newton Rutherford b. abt 1770 d. about 1814 Cocke, TN
vii. Elizabeth Rutherford b. abt 1772 d. about 1844
viii. John Rutherford b. 3/13/1774 d. 9/8/1835 Dyer Co. TN
ix. Griffith Weakley Rutherford b. abt 1775 d. 11/11/1846 Wilson Co. TN
x. Henry Rutherford b. abt 8/17/1782 d. 5/20/1847 Key Corner, Dyer TN http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~rutherford/general_griffith_rutherford_updated.htm

E side of Catawba River,

Twelve Mile Creek.


Thomas Willis of Rowan County, North Carolina was born about 1734, married Ann about 1754 in Rowan County, and died before February 8, 1794 in Rowan County.

His children were James, Rachel (b. abt. 1756, m. first Jonathan Wiseman abt. 1774 in Rowan Co.), George (b. 1757, From: bulldog1947@comcast.net From Samuel Lawson

Thomas Willis of Rowan County, North Carolina

North Caolina Group Of WILLIS Family

Benjamin Willis of North Carolina was born about 1765 in North Carolina. His ancestors are said to have immigrated from England. A known son of Benjamin Willis is Rev. Thomas Willis (husband of Keziah Grindstaff), whose Willis-surname descendants lived in Mitchell County for many generations. (The North Carolina Group/90449)

Elijah Willis was born in Georgia in 1809, married Elizabeth Daniel in 1834 in Talbot County, Georgia, and about 1836 or 1837 settled in Autauga County, Alabama. Elijah's father was born in North Carolina. Children of Elijah and Elizabeth were William (born in 1835 in Georgia), John, Mary Francis, James Wesley, George, and Joseph P. (The North Carolina Group/99629)

Henry Willis of Caswell County, North Carolina married Mary Haddock in May 1783 in Caswell County. He died in 1820 in Caswell County. His sons were William, Nicholas, Benjamin, Henry Jr., and Anderson. Anderson was born Dec. 17, 1800 in Caswell County and moved to Habersham County, Georgia, where his sons W. A., John C., and Drury Dobbins were born. (The North Carolina Group/42272 and 127670)

James Willis of North Carolina  was born about 1755 in Cumberland County, Virginia, and died in 1796 in Chatham County, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of Benjamin Wilson, also of Cumberland County. Children mentioned in James' will were Rebecca Caudle, Sally Crow, Suckey Willis (a daughter), Jemima Willis, Wilson Willis, Larkin Willis (born in 1777), Molly Willis, Nannie Willis, Elijah Willis, and Elisha Willis. (The North Carolina Group/118615)

Jesse Willis of Georgia and Dale County, Alabama was born about 1810 in Georgia. He married Martha (last name unknown) and had two girls and a boy named Iverson Asbury Willis in Georgia before moving to Dale County, Alabama, where he was a farmer listed in the 1840, 1850, and 1860 census. His son Iverson Asbury Willis served in "I" Company, Alabama 33rd Infantry Regiment, in the Civil War and was killed on December 31, 1862 at the battle of Stone River at Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  (Craven County, North Carolina Group/60675)

(Rev.) Joseph Willis of Craven County, North Carolina was born about 1713 and died in 1784 in Craven County. Some of his descendants moved to Gallatin County, Illinois.  Joseph had a son Caleb Willis who was born in 1746 and died in 1827 in Sumner County, Tennessee.  (Craven County, North Carolina Group/46443 and 59200)

Richard Willis of North Carolina was born in 1720 and died in 1800 in North Carolina. According to family tradition, he is descended from one of seven "brothers" who immigrated from England in 1647 and settled in New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Virginia. His son Richard Jr. married Catherine Brighan. Richard Jr. lived in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Illinois. (Craven County, North Carolina Group/N4693)

Thomas Willis of Rowan County, North Carolina was born about 1734, married Ann about 1754 in Rowan County, and died before February 8, 1794 in Rowan County. His children were James, Rachel (b. abt. 1756, m. first Jonathan Wiseman abt. 1774 in Rowan Co.), George (b. 1757, From: bulldog1947@comcast.net From Samuel Lawson

Jonathan Wiseman

1754 moved to Rowan county:1749 April 13 Colonial Council at New Bern granted l,000 acres in Anson co to Andrew, Leonard, and John Killion. This was on Killion’s Creek. 1754 he moved to Rowan county because of the Cherokee uprising. 1764 sold 1152 acres on Killians’ creek. http://genforum.genealogy.com/clubb/messages/581.html

Leonard Killian

Sept l749 Leonard Killian granted 590 acres of land on Killians. Creek

This is what is in "The North Carolina Gazetter" by William S. Powell page 277.
Leepers Creek is formed by the junction of Sawmill and Lippard creeks in ne Lincoln County. It flows se into Gaston County where it joins Killian Creek to form Dutchmans Creek. Appears as Leepers Creek on the Collet map 1770.
Lippard Creek rises in s Catawba County and flows into Lincoln County where it joins Sawmill Creek to form Leepers Creek.
I have earlier deeds than 1770 and Leepers Creek and Kuykendall Creek is shown there as two different creeks both running parallel to a point where they flow into Dutchman Creek. lMap by Elmer O. Parker "Approximate Boundaries of Mecklenburg County (N.C.) 1763-1769" http://genforum.genealogy.com/kuykendall/messages/3482.html

Sept l749 Leonard Killian granted 590 acres of land on Killians. Creek

April 13, 1749 Regular Colonial Council held at New Bern, in the petition for land in Anson County, Andrew Killian and his two sons, Leonard and John, were “granted” 1000 acres each. http://www.co.catawba.nc.us/library/gen/History%20of%20the%20Killian%20Family%20in%20NC.htm
The tracts of land that these three Killians entered from l749-54 were in that part of Anson County, which is now Lincoln County, near Beatty’s, Ford on the Catawba River. The Killian’s Creek mentioned was named after this family; for on this stream pioneer Andrew Killian built his home where he remained until the latter half of the year 1754. At that time the Cherokee Indians began hostilities against the white settlers of that section, and had some fighting with the Forneys. Then he (Andrew Killian) moved across the Catawba River into Rowan County. Nothing is known of the whereabouts of this Killian family from 1754 to 1766, but in 1766 Andrew and John were residents of Rowan County. http://www.co.catawba.nc.us/library/gen/History%20of%20the%20Killian%20Family%20in%20NC.htm

William Sherrill, also of Anson had been granted 400 acres on April 5, 1749. http://www.co.catawba.nc.us/library/gen/History%20of%20the%20Killian%20Family%20in%20NC.htm

September 30, 1749, Andrew, Leonard, and John Killian, and William and Abington Sherrill were granted large tracts of land. About all of the above named land grants can be found in the Land Grant Office at Raleigh. In 1750, grants for land were issued to Henry Weidner, Daniel Warlick, Peter Broyl (supposed to be Peter Hoyle), John Batey, the Sherrils, and Leonard Killian; but the petition from George Hager was delayed until the next Council. These grants, relative to the Killians read “on the south side of the Catawba River.” The Killian grants after 1749 read “On Killian’s Creek”, some of which grants date 1750-54. http://www.co.catawba.nc.us/library/gen/History%20of%20the%20Killian%20Family%20in%20NC.htm
June 22, 1766 Andrew Killian and his son, John, bought several hundred acres of land on both sides of Clark’s Creek, west of St. Paul Church in what is now Catawba County, above and below what is known as the Bollinger Ford http://www.co.catawba.nc.us/library/gen/History%20of%20the%20Killian%20Family%20in%20NC.htm
George Killian, the 6th of Daniel Killian, Sr., was born May 6, 1802, and died May 1, 1880. On March 29, 1831, Daniel Ki1lian, Sr., conveyed to his son George 196-acres of land on Beaver Dam Creek. George was married about the year l830 to a Miss Polly Johnson, who was born in 1812 and died in 1885. He moved from the Beaver Dam section in the early 1860’s to Oconee County, South Carolina, about ten miles North of the Town of Walha11a. George had three boys: Julius, Daniel W. (Dr. Dan), and Elbert. George also had four daughters: Adelaide, the oldest girl, never married; Clarice, who married William Hodses, who was killed in the War between the States; Marian, who married Branch Trull of Haywood County, and raised a large family mostly boys; and Julia, the youngest girl, who married John Dryman at the age of 36. They had four boys: Rob, Roy, Fred and Earl. Fred is a Methodist Minister of the Asheville Section. George’s oldest son, Julius, married and moved to Clay County, where he lived all his life. His oldest son was named Lee H. and his youngest, Dock. http://www.co.catawba.nc.us/library/gen/History%20of%20the%20Killian%20Family%20in%20NC.htm


The late Rev. Julius H. Shuford makes the following statement relative to the Killian family: "The Killians are an ancient family and can be traced hack lo the year 1537. During the time when Martin Luther undertook the Reformation of the Church in Germany, there was one John Killian, a licentiate (one licensed to preach or practice a profession) in the Eufort College, who took a very active part in that great movement and made himself very conspicuous in the eyes of Luther's enemies." It is therefore about 400 years since the name Killian first appeared in History.\par \par \tab The next time we hear of this name was in America. Rupp's list of 30,000 immigrants shows that on October 4, 1732 Andreas (Andrew) Killian, a native of the Rhenish Palatinate, landed in Philadelphia on the British ship "Adventure." He must have been a person above average in education as he signed his name io the declaration of allegiance to the Colonial Government, while many of his fellow passengers could only make their mark. By comparing his signature on a photostatic copy of the page on which he signed his name and the signature on a will made by an Andrew Killian (see files of old wills in Clerk's office in Lincolnton, N. C.)
Jean, the 4th child of pioneer Andrew Killian, was probably born about 1727-28. She married William Lewin (Lawing). The Lawings and the Hagers were early settlers in the Beatty's Ford section, and were close neighbors, for the times, to the Killians. The Lawlng family name appears in the early history of the Hager family written by A. Nixon,Esq. William Lawlng is supposed to have been a close relative to Simon Hager's first wife-- probably her father or older brother.

    Mr. John A. Lawing of Charlotte, N. C. gives me much history of the Lawing or Lawings, and in all probability this William and Jean Lawlng (Lewin) were his ancestors. Their oldest son was named Andrew, which sounds like he was named after pioneer Andrew Killian. This Andrew Lawing married, first, Obedience (Biddey) Bradshaw, and the second marriage was to Elizabeth Philips in 19l3 in Lincoln County.

Andrew Lawing had seven sons and two daughters. The Military Census of 1790 gives a Wm. Lawlng with a family of three men, 16 years of age and upwards, one under 16 and five females.

    The Census also gives an Andrew Lawing with one male 16 years and up and four females. It appears that Joseph, John, Andrew, Jr., and Samuel were sons of Andrew Lawing. Joseph Lawing married Mary Moore in 1840, Lincoln County. Their son, Gidson Alex Lawing, married Mary Jane Vance (both born in 1848) in 1866, ad their son John T. A. Lawing, my informant of the Lawing family, was first married to Lillie L. Ramsay of Burke County in 1893 and had eight children--6 boys and 2 girls. John T. A. Lawing married the second time in 1913---Myra Goodman of China Grove- and they have three boys and four girls.

    Andrew and Biddey Bradshaw Lawing's son John was born in 1790, and was a soldier in tile war of 1812, as also his brother Andrew Jr., born in 1793 was a war of 1812 soldier--both were enlisted from Mecklenburg County. John had three sons (John died before 1844 when his mother, Biddey, wife of Andrew Lawing 1st, made her will--she died in 1846): ANDREW K.; JOHN JOHNSON (born 1814); James J. John's wife was Nancy Johnson. After her husband John Lawing died, she married a Scott. John Johnson Lawing moved to Middle Tennessee and married.http://www.fortunecity.com/millennium/bluepeter/1081/publications/killian_history_by_yates_killian/book.htm
Years: 1754

Provenance Click on item to view record. Mars Secretary of State Record Group

Granville Proprietary Land Office: Land Entries, Warrants, and Plats of Survey

Rowan County, M-Mi Title James McMahon,. Rowan Co.

Creator: Office of Secretary of State Granville Proprietary Land Office Languages:

Call Number: S.108.270 - S.108.283 Location: MFR MARS Id: (Folder)

Other Ids: Physical Description: Quantity: Other Copies: Related Materials:Arrangement:


Scope / Contents: View Abbreviated Scope / Contents Plat: 1754 May 14. 204 acres.

Descriptive references for land: Lyle Creek.

Chain carriers: David Johnson, James Forbes.

Surveyor: Not shown.

View Abbreviated Scope / Contents Index Terms Personal Names

James Forbes,

David Johnson,

James McMahon,

Geographical Names Lyle Creek Rowan County

James Forbes,

David Johnson,

James McMahon,

Lyle Creek

Years: 1754

Provenance Click on item to view record. Mars Secretary of State Record Group

Granville Proprietary Land Office: Land Entries, Warrants, and Plats of Survey

Rowan County, Ro-S Title Daniel Swainey,. Rowan Co.

Creator: Office of Secretary of StateGranville Proprietary Land Office

Languages: Call Number: S.108.270 - S.108.283 Location: MFR

MARS Id: (Folder) Other Ids: Physical Description: Quantity:

Other Copies: Related Materials: Arrangement:


Scope / Contents: View Abbreviated Scope / Contents Plat: 1754 May 7. 360 acres.

Descriptive references for land: Linville Creek, Carters Creek

Chain carriers: William Johnson, Henry Brubaker

Surveyor: James Carter Deed: 1761 January 9.

View Abbreviated Scope / Contents Index Terms Personal Names

Henry Brubaker,

James Carter,

William Johnson,

Daniel Swainey,

Geographical Names Carters Creek Linville Creek Rowan County

Henry Brubaker,

James Carter,

William Johnson,

Daniel Swainey,

Carters Creek

Linville Creek

5th April 1754 John Hall, born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia,

John Hall

1832 Revolutionary War Pension Application of John Hall, born in Pittsylvania

County, Virginia, on 5th April 1754. Volunteered for service in the

Militia from Wilkes County, North Carolina, living in Perry County,

Kentucky, 1832 when making application for pension.

Number: S 30451State of Kentucky Perry County Court

On the 16th of October, 1832, Personally appeared before the Judge of Perry Circuit Court, John Hall resident of Perry County, age 79 the 5th of April next, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by Act of Congress session of March, 1832. That he entered the service of the United State in the Revolutionary War as a volunteer and served as following:
First in the year of (now forgotten) he volunteered for three months in Wilkes County, North Carolina in the Company commanded by Captain Ben Cleaveland (Cleveland) in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Armstrong in the line of the State of North Carolina. He Lieutenant was

W. Linor. In this trip he marched under General Rutherford against the Cherokee Indians and defeated them on the Tennessee and High-wasse (Hiawassee) rivers. This was some time before the Battle of King Mountain but he supposes the history of the country will explain

the time. After serving out his three months of service he was honor-ably discharged by Captain Cleaveland (Cleveland) in Wilkes County.
Next trip he enlisted in Wilkes County, North Carolina for nine months under Captain W.Lewis and Joseph Lewis, Major in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Lytle in the line of the State of North Carolina on Continental establishment. They march from Wilkes Courthouse, North

Carolina down to the High Rock Ford on the Haw river. Then he was sent home to take care of a wagon and team belonging to Thomas Robins in the service of the United States until his term of service(nine months) had expired, when he was honorably discharged by Captain W. Lewis at

Augusta in Georgia.
After quiting Lewis' company by discharge he immediately volunteered for three months in South Carolina opposite Augusta in Captain Joseph White's company in the regiment commanded by Colonel Malbody(Frenchman). He served out his term of service of three months and was at the Battle of Stone, South Carolina. Whe he was honorably discharged about three fourths of a mile from the battle ground a few days after the battle by Captain White in the Rifle Company in ----- Regiment.
Next trip as a volunteer in Captain Sam Johnston's company in Major Hartgroves Battalon there being no Colonel. He was out for three months against Colonel Fannin, a Tory colonel near Deep River,North Carolina. And after serving three months he was honorably discharged

by Captain Johnston. This time he was discharged he does not remember.
Next he volunteered in Wilkes County, North Carolina for three months in Captain Samuel Johnston under Colonel Isaac's Regiment( the time forgotten) in the line of the State of North Carolina in the year of the Battle of Guilford (Courthouse,1781). This trip he march about

North Carolina upon the waters of Deep River and was discharged after serving out his term in Randolph County,North Carolina by Captain Johnston.

Next he volunteered under Captain Joel Lewis and Ben Hern, Major acting Colonel. He march down near High Rock Ford of Rock River in pursuit of Lord Cornwallis. He served out three months when he was honorably discharged in Rowan County by Captain Lewis. All of these

engagements were on the Line of the State of North Carolina.

He was born in Pittsylvania County, State of Virginia. He has no record of his age. The places he entered in the service he has described, since then he has lived in North Carolina, then to

Virginia then to Kentucky where he now lives. He recollects no regular officers except what he has described. As to his discharge which he has described, he has long since lost.

He received no commission but was a private soldier. On his own account as to his character he refers to his neighbors, John Walker, Kit Walker and David Caloun who are now present.
Signed: John Hall
Roger Turner, 74 years of age, resident of Perry County, states upon oath in open court that he knew the above John Hall in the Revolutionary War. He knows he served in the campaign of Kings Mountain as by him stated. He also knows he served in other trips in the militia but how long does not know. From his general character he has no doubt his statement is true.
Signed: Roger Turner

Submitted by: Robert V. Woods echw@worldaccessnet.com http://files.usgwarchives.net/ky/perry/military/revwar/pensions/h400-001.txt

John Hall, born in Pittsylvania County,Virginia,

Roger Turner resident of Perry County

Captain Samuel Johnston under Colonel Isaac's Regiment

1754 - James McMahon plat dated 14 May 1754 204 acres in Rowan County on the south side of Lyleses Creek CC: David Johnson, James Forbes (surveyor's name not given) Entered 25 July 1753 Ref: Granville District of NC 1748-1763 Abstracts of Land Records, Vol. 5, Margaret M. Hofmann, 1995

James McMahon

Lyleses Creek

David Johnson,

James Forbes

1 Oct 1754- Deed Rowan CO NC-John ELLIS of Kredwick CO VA- to EVAN ELLIS for livestock.

Wit: William JOHNSON and ABEL WALKER http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/COPE/2005-05/1117391916


RESEARCH NOTES:: Samuel Bryan his will is in Rowan CO NC are John and Margaret ELLIS –

A John Ellis married Margaret Bryan 11 Mar 1779 Rowan CO NC.

Samuel Strode is listed brother of Martha Strode who marr. Morgan Bryan (some list in Chester CO PA ca 1719 ).




Research Notes: this is Frederick CO VA

1743- Morgan & Joseph Bryan admin. estate of Mary CURTIS ( wife of Thomas has been listed ) VS Thomas TURNER & John ELLIS.

Note: this Joseph Bryan should be the father of Rebecca Bryan who marr. Daniel BOONE.

RESEARCH NOTES: this Abel Walker lives in Frderick CO VA and is a Quaker- Hopewell records show Abel Walker JR son of Abel & Sina was b) 13.1.1735 marr. Mary BEESON 11.12.1761 dau. of Edard Beeson & Martha (Mendenhall ? ) http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/COPE/2005-05/1117391916
RESEARCH NOTES: the first 2 pages for Frederick CO VA deeds starting in 1743 shows Richard & Charity Grubb Beeson selling land to sons Benjamin, Richard , Edward and and son-in-law Mordecai Mendenhall. http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/COPE/2005-05/1117391916

On October 11, 1754, Casper Keener was naturalized in Salisbury, Rowan County which was the seat of government located in the middle of North Carolina during its early days.  The following abstract was taken from the minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Session:

"Gasper Keener, Alexander Clingerman, Steffel Goodheart, and Mathias Beever came into open court and took the oath as by law appointed and subscribed the testimony.  Court adjourned until tomorrow at 8:00."

Casper Keener

Alexander Clingerman

Steffel Goodheart

Mathias Beever


In 1755 NC created five District Superior Courts throughout the state. The Salisbury District included the counties which are now Anson, Cabarrus, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Iredell, Mecklenburg, Montgomery, Randolph, Richmond, Rockingham, Rowan, Stanly, Stokes, Surry, Union, and Yadkin Counties.

1755.Abstracts of Minutes of Court of Pleas and Quarter
Joseph Cloud was appointed deputy surveyor for Rowan County, NC

Joseph Cloud

Notes: Joseph Cloud abt 1710 married to Nancy Moore b abt 1721 parents are Joseph Cloud and Ruth Jervis note of interest is he and Nancy married in Anson County NC also of RESEARCH NOTES: Provided by Nancy D. Breidenthal::

John Fuller Lane Birth: 7th November 1727 in Baltimore,Anne Arundel, aryland Death: 1785 in Washington County Tennessee reported married to Elizabeth Cloud daughter of Isaac Cloud of PA granddaughter of Joseph Cloud Birth: 1651-09-26 in Calne, Wiltshire, England and wife Mary Green

It is not surprising to find the first settlers of our county to be Quakers from Pennsylvania. In the year of 1738, Isaac, Isaac Junior, and Joseph Cloud, of Chester county, Pennsylvania, made several entries for land along Banister River, where they first made their homes. They later moved westward to what is now Patrick County, then to North Carolina and Tennessee. In 1740, Daniel and Gideon Smith patented lands along with the Clouds, and it was probably from these two hardy hunters that Smith Mountain and Smith River took their names. http://www.myvirginiagenealogy.com/va_county/pi.htm

Executive Journals of the Council of Colonial Virg, Vol. V, Nov. 1, 1739 - May &, 1754, p 146.May 3, 1744, Joseph Cloud and others were granted ten thousand acres of land  in Brunswick (later Pittsylvania) County, VA beginning at the mouth of Marrowbone Creek on the Southside of Irwin River and running up the creek and river. http://mykindred.com/cloud/TX/getperson.php?personID=I68803&tree=mykindred01

1746 Joseph Cloud enters for 400 acres on Mill Creek at a place called Buffalo Camp Natural Conditions in Pittsylvania County as Shown by Early Land Grants from an Old Surveyor's Book, (contributed by Mr. N. G. Clement) http://newmexicoalhn.net/otero/abel_lee_history.html Notes: Check when Pittsyvania Co Formed?

Executive Journals of the Council of Colonial Virg, Vol. V, Nov. 1, 1739 - May 7, 1754, p 264.
November 8, 1748, John Donalson, tidence Lane, Richard Lane Sr., Richard Lane Jr. and Joseph Cloud sold land in Lunenburg County, VA to James Terry. http://mykindred.com/cloud/TX/getperson.php?personID=I68803&tree=mykindred01
Hannah Beals was born about 1745 in Frederick Co, Va. She died on 4 Feb 1804 in Frederick Co, Va. married (1) William HOGGATT, son of Phillip HOGGATT and Mary GLENDENNING. William was born on 14 Jul 1727 in Chedsford, Chester Co., Pa. He died on 27 Apr 1772 in New Garden, Guillford Co., Nc. Hannah also married (2) Joseph CLOUD, son of Mordecai CLOUD and Abigail JOHNSON. Joseph was born on 1 Mar 1743 in Chester Co, Penn. He died on 24 Jul 1815 in Warren Co., Ohio.

Researchers Notes” FYI....The "New Garden" mentioned near Guilford Courthouse was a prominent Quaker community From: johnsondna

In the county levy in December 1746, we find the following familiar names in the list of those who were paid for a wolf's head: Gideon Smith, Joseph Echols, Joseph Cloud, Hugh Henry and William Callaway for William Harvey. http://www.myvirginiagenealogy.com/va_county/pi.htm

at a court held for Lunenburg in June 1749 Richard Parsons was appointed surveyor from Allen's Creek to Banister River; Joseph Cloud from Smith River to the settlements. This road led from a point on Staunton River in northern Halifax by Mt. Airy, Chalk Level, and Chatham, crossing Banister river near the old Poor Farm, and turning west led across Henry and Patrick Counties. It took its name from John Hickey, whose store and settlement were near its western limits. http://www.victorianvilla.com/sims-mitchell/local/clement/mc/abb/05.htm

Executive Journals of the Council of Colonial Virg, Vol. V, Nov. 1, 1739 - May 7, 1754, p 282.

April 8, 1749, John Dawson, Joseph Cloud and James Terry were granted twelve thousand acres near the Tarrarat and Yadkin Rivers thence up both sides. http://mykindred.com/cloud/TX/getperson.php?personID=I68803&tree=mykindred01

Lunenburg County, VA Order Book, 1748 - 1752, p 155.
June Court Term, 1749, Joseph Cloud was appointed surveyor of part of the new road leading from the Staunton River to the Mayo settlement at the Wart Mountains.
Abstracts of Minutes of Court of Pleas and Quarter, 1755.
Joseph Cloud was appointed deputy surveyor for Rowan County, NC

James Watkins Sr. 15 May 1755 to Joseph Cloud Sr. for L45 VA money 150 A. on S. side Dan River. Richard Crunk, Elias Brock,Mary Crunk. Phoee Watkins also signs.  (Phoebe and James also have a mark as a middle name or in its place that is like an overlayed F and J and T)  State Archives in Raleigh, NC, for a few hours. I found these records for Watkins on the Dan River.  1753-1762

James Watkins Sr. 15 May 1755 to Joseph Cloud Sr. for L45 VA money 150 A. on S. side Dan River. Richard Crunk, Elias Brock, Mary Crunk. Phoee Watkins also signs.  (Phoebe and James also have a mark as a middle name or in its place that is like an overlayed F and J and T) From: Geneology York

Oct. 25, 1755, John MOORE obtained 600 acres from Evan LEWIS in Anson Co., NC. On Feb. 22, 1762, Mary MOORE, widow of John MOORE, sold 130 acres to her brother-in-law Moses MOORE, and on May 16, 1762 she sold 170 acres to Jeremiah POTTS and 300 acres to Joseph CLOUD. [Anson Co. Deed Abstracts, 1757-1766, p. 19.]

10 March 1756 Richard Duggeon: Location: Lunenburg County. Description: 250 acres on the Middle Branch of Sandy Creek, adjoining Joseph Clouds line Source: Land Office Patents No. 34, 1756-1765, p. 9 (Reel 33-34).
10 August 1759 Robert Barrett, (Clerk) Location: Lunenburg County. Description: 737 acres beginning at Joseph Clouds corner by the north fork of Mill Creek of Mayo River, adjoining Randolphs line. Source: Land Office Patents No. 34, 1756-1765, p. 342 (Reel 33-34).
10 August 1759 Samuel Harris: Location: Halifax County. Description: 400 acres on both sides the Middle fork of Sandy River adjoining the land of Joseph Cloud. Source: Land Office Patents No. 34, 1756-1765, p. 364 (Reel 33-34).
Abstracts of Minutes of Court of Pleas and Quarter, 1759.
Rowan County Court ordered that Joseph Cloud's mill on Rock Horse Creek be recorded a public mill http://mykindred.com/cloud/TX/getperson.php?personID=I68803&tree=mykindred01

1762: THOMAS ROBINSON, Francis Beaty wit deed for Moses Moore of Anson Co to Valentine Mauney of same for land on the NS Indian Crk adj Joseph Cloud, dec'd. 170A granted to John Moore, dec'd, then conveyed to Jeremiah Potts then to Moses Moore and 200A granted to Moses Moore. Bk 1 Pg 579-581 23 Nov 1762 Mecklenburg Co NC.

Pittsylvania County, VA Entry Book, 1737 - 1770, April 9, 1763.
Joseph Cloud entered 400 acres on Peter's Creek beginning at a White Oak marked J.C., thence down both sides of the creek.

20 July 1768 Robert Barrett, (Clerk) Location: Lunenburg County. Description: 737 acres beginning at Joseph Cloud’s corner by the North fork of Mill Creek of Mayo River. Source: Land Office Patents No. 37, 1767-1768, p. 239 (Reel 37).

Rowan County, NC Tax Lists, 1757 - 1800, 1771.
Petition to the NC House of Burgesses from the Inhabitants dwelling on the three creeks of the Catawba River, Rowan County.  Contains list of Tyths in the "Settlement on Dan River, Peter's Creek, the Grat Creek, Doble & Elk Creek, Snow Creek."  Petition was written by John Deatherage and signed by Joseph Cloud Sr., Joseph Cloud Jr., William Cloud, Isaac Cloud . . . also five Langfords, including William Langford (Lankford) who was the father of Isaac Cloud's wife. http://mykindred.com/cloud/TX/getperson.php?personID=I68803&tree=mykindred01

Stokes County NC Historical Documentation, The Cus, 1772.
Joseph Cloud Sr. submitted a petition addressed to NC Governor Josiah Martin demanding payment to Quakers for flour and grain furnished to the Provincial Army in its actions against the Regulators.

Notes: 1772 Aug : Joseph Cloyd on the Waters of the James River, begin in a valley in a hollow adj sd Cloyd’s land, Johnson & Biss Aug 1772 CPv7 Lind Starrs research in Augusta Co. Virginia

Surry County, NC Will Abstracts, p 32.
March 10, 1774 Joseph Cloud Sr. gave a Bill of Sale to Isaac and Jason Cloud, "My mill and improvements on Peter's Creek for 100 pds. Sterling."  The sale was witnessed by Joseph Cloud Jr. and John Lankfo http://mykindred.com/cloud/TX/getperson.php?personID=I68803&tree=mykindred01

THRASHER Guilford County, North Carolina (Deed Book One)

P. 409, 8 November 1777, Isaac Thrasher of Guilford to Joseph Cloud Thrasher of same, one hundred thirty pounds, 218 acres, on both sides of Lick Fork of Hogans Cr., part of the land to John Thrasher Senr. December 1761 for 693 acres, begin at a white oak on the W side of the creek, S 272 p. to a cor. white oak, E 128 p. to a cor. white oak, N 201 p. to a red oak, W 50 p. to a dogwood, N64 p. to a cor. white oak, W 28 p. to the beginning; signed: Isaac Thrasher; witness: John Guist, William Baley; proved November 1777 Term by Guist.
Notes: 1772 Aug : Joseph Cloyd on the Waters of the James River, begin in a valley in a hollow adj sd Cloyd’s land, Johnson & Biss Aug 1772 CPv7 Lind Starrs research in Augusta Co. Virginia
History of Henry County, Virginia, p 305.
Joseph Sr. and his son, Joseph Jr., took the oath of allegiance to the newly established Federal government.  The oath was administered in 1777.  This Joseph Cloud's name has not been found in any later records. http://mykindred.com/cloud/TX/getperson.php?personID=I68803&tree=mykindred01

1778 Henry Co Tax List Joseph Cloud Sr.
Thomas Shipp affidavit in John Martin file describes service under Capt. Cloud in September 1780. Near the Broad River John Martin and Thomas Lankford were out from headquarters ranging to discover Tories when Martin was wounded in the head by Tories who lay in ambush. Lankford made his escape and left Martin. The Tories took their horses and Martin's gun and left Martin lying for dead, but he came to himself and returned to camp. John Deatherage picked the shot out of Martin's head where they had penetrated through his hat and skin in his temples. Martin was carried home with attendants as a guard. Martin was in the service nine weeks when he returned home. But our army proceeded on pursuit of an army of British and Tories and in a few days after we overhauled them, killed and took them all at Kings Mountain and then marched the prisoners to old Moravian Town, then in Surry County. All our troops were on horseback http://www.fmoran.com/revlp.html

Jan 1781: George Joyce was born 25 Oct 1759 VA and died 15 Sep 1835 Bullitt Co, KY. He entered service in Charlotte Co, VA 7 June 1759 as a private under Capt. Henry King. In Jan or Feb of 1781 he moved part of his property to the

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