Fuschia color is tony L. Johnson, Peggy Johnson and Lee Johnson’s Relations mostly: Burton Farmer, Carter, Dale, Lound,Haile & Hatcher relations

SOURCE: The History of the Stout Family by Captain Nathan Stout

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SOURCE: The History of the Stout Family by Captain Nathan Stout

I now bring forward David the third son of David.  He was born in the year 1695.  He married Anne, the daughter of William Merrill, and had by her only three children, viz: Nehemiah, Nathaniel and Rebecca.  Nehemiah married Rachel Stout, the history of whose family I have given under the head of John Stout, the son of Joseph.  Nathaniel married Charity Stout and Sarah Stout, daughters of Zebulon Stout, the son of Jonathan, the history of whose family I have given.  Rebecca married Isaac Eaton, a Baptist minister, who was pastor of the church of Hopewell more than twenty years and was truly a great man. http://thomaspaulmerrill.com/Benweb/Merrill%20Lineage%20by%20Dorris_McKinney.htm

The information I have comes from "Benjamin Eaton and His Descendants" compiled by Pink Tatum, 1978. Her notes are in the Rowan Co. Library, Salibury NC. She writes:
Daniel Eaton, son of John and Elizabeth Eaton, Will Book C page 16, 1789. Daniel Eaton married Elizabeth Cantor, March 17, 1798, Bond signed by Daniel Eaton and Ebed Jones.

My ancestor is Phebe Hall who married Isaac Eaton, 1768. Her father Samuel Hall gave written permission for the marriage. Isaac Eaton and Phebe were charter members of Eaton's Baptist Church, Rowan Co NC. Phebe Eaton is buried there, 1798. Isaac Eaton of Buncombe Co NC sold land to John Clifford, 1802. Phebe Hall Eaton's brother George Hall was one of the first settler's in Buncombe Co.

Gerri Ann http://genforum.genealogy.com/eaton/messages/6666.html

1768 May 5, DEED 6: 576 John Payne & Wife Mary to Thomas Jesop , 81 ¾ acres on Horsepen Creek adjacent James Johnson.

Note: James Johnson had a son Joshua Johnson. (Proven by tax list) Records. Notes: It would be Rowan County. Present day Davie County. These guys were close neighbors with the Boones. All of the records are in the Rowan Deed Books that I have sent you.. I'm sure this came out of one of Zae Gwynns books. I have none of her deed books and we need them all.From: Wirelake
Notes: Mary Payne

Notes: Thomas Jesop
1768 Oct: Recorded: Joseph Luckie & wf Jean (J) to Thomas Dickie millright for £6.17, 135 A on S bank Fourth Crk. Robt. Johnson, John Luckie. Prvd Oct. Court 1768 (Linn, Jo White. Abstracts of Deeds of Rowan County NC 1753-1785, 7:28) http://files.usgwarchives.net/nc/rowan/deeds/luckie290gdd.txt

Joseph Luckie

Jean Luckie

S bank Fourth Crk.

Robt. Johnson,

John Luckie

Thomas Dickie

Thomas Dickey (d.1807) – Eleanor Hagen Dickey

By 1769 he was in Rowan/Surry Co NC. Jabez Jarvis was born around 1720 or 1730, perhaps in New Jersey. Sometime after 1750 he left New Jersey for Frederick Co Maryland where he rented land in 1763. http://users.waymark.net/shmartonak/jarvis.htm
Jabez Jarvis

1777 Surry NC Tax Lists "Jabez JARVIS District" (Excerpted):

Charles DODSON
Richard HORN
Bennett ROSE
George GREEN
Eliphalet JERVIS
Richard WOOTON
Ephraim PAGET
Bartholomew MARIAM
Francis COOMS Improvements::0 Vallue: 0 Negros: 0 Value: 0 Horses: 2 Value: 24 Cattle: 3
Value: 9 0:7:8 Cash in Hand: 0 Money on "Interest"0

In different handwriting (includes):

Joseph JONSEN(?)
David BURK http://www.combs-families.org/combs/records/nc/surry/

May 12, 1779 Superior Court Minutes, Surry County, North Carolina, Wednesday,. It was ordered that the following persons be appointed to lay off a road that leads from Richmond to Allen's Iron Work, crossing the Yadkin River at the White Rock into the road that leads from Richmond to Salisbury near Deep Creek. Persons appointed to lay off the road: Viz, Jabez, Jarvis, James York, Thomas Johnson, James Linzy, John Moore, AMOS LONDON, John England, Moses Baker, Robert Ayers, John Summers, Samuel Hagwood, Richard Childress, Joseph England, Wrightman Summers, Spencer Boiling, Thomas Carson, Thomas Giles, Aaron Speer, Phillip Holcomb and William Reden Jr.

05 Feb 1788 (Surry NC DBD:257) Nathaniel WOODRIFF to William COOK, 200 pds., 200 A South side Yadkin River below Joseph WOODRUFF (now John ALLEN). Witnesses W(illiam) MEREDITH, David RIGGS and Jabez HARVIS [JARVIS?] s/Nathaniel WOODRUFF http://www.combs-families.org/combs/records/nc/surry/land.htm
Notes: This land directly across the Yadkin River from land entered by Richard PACE 1791 (Surry NC Historical Map). On 20 Dec 1791, Edmond PACE recorded 200 acres described as on Fishers River adjoining Richmond PACE [sic] including his own improvement. (Surry NC DBE:72) The Surry NC Historical map also show Edmund PACE with a 1791 entry on Davenport Creek of the Fish River. near Jabez JARVIS and David THOMASON http://www.combs-families.org/combs/records/nc/surry/land.htm
Researcher Notes: The Pace familes is part of the William Johnson-Pace familes of Byrd Creek
22 Apr 1795 (Surry NC DBF:300) Jabez JARVIS, Senr. to James MEREDITH, 40 pds., 400 A Branch Codys Creek between Henry SNOW and West MOSELEY. Wits: William MEREDITH, John CRITCHFIELD, and Jabez JARVIS, Junr. s/Jabez JARVIS Sr. http://www.combs-families.org/combs/records/nc/surry/land.htm
1798 deed in Surry Co NC, Book H Page 95, that shows

Jabez, Sr. and wife Elizabeth to Hezekiah Bronson - 71 A. -

Forks of Yadkin and Fisher, a grant to Jabez Sr. #1620. Wit.

Abner Rose, Absolem Bronson, Thos. Rice. http://users.ticnet.com/shmartonak/j2kezia.txt

1769 Dec.6, DEED 7:276: Edward Bond and wife Ann to to Wm Thatcher for 250 acres on Wolf Run, Deep River that was bought from Jesse Johnson, 10 March 1767. Prvd Nov. 1770.

Notes: 1765 March 30: DEED 6:169 Jesse Johnson to John Johnson of the same place , (Amelia County, Va. – BK) 250 acres on Wolf Run on Deep River which John (Jesse?) bought from Rebecca Mills 5 December 1763. Wits: James Johnson, Nathan Stanley, proved July 1763.

Notes: A Jesse Johnson is the brother of Gideon Johnson of Amelia County to Granville Co. to Rockingham Co. NC to Williamson Co. Tn.

Notes: Edward Bonds

Notes Ann Bonds

Notes: William Thatcher

Notes: Deep River

Deep River is home of a Quaker MM
1769 ERA WILLIM JOHNSON AND his father are in Rowan County this area will become Wilkes County NC
Notes: This William Johnson is the son of Jeffery Johnson listed above in the Rowan Co NC Tax list 1762

1832 Oct 31: State of North Carolina, County of Wilkes he came there from Loudon County Va and was born in 1751 April in Fauquier County Va.

On this 31st day of October 1832 personally appeared in open Court, before the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of the County of Wilkes and State of North Carolina, now sitting, William Johnson a resident of the County of Wilkes & State of North Carolina aged Eighty one years, who being first duly

sworn according to law, doth, on his oath, make the following declaration, in order to attain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832.
That he was born in the County of Fauquier in the State of Virginia on the 6th day of April 1751 (the record of which was entered in his Bible by direction of his father) where he continued to reside until he was about 15 or 16 years of age,(1766 sic) when he removed with his father to the County of Loudoun in the same State – where he lived about two years (1769 sic), when he again removed with his father to Rowan (now Wilkes) County in North Carolina.
In the spring of the year 1776, the Cherokee Indians were very troublesome on the Western side of the Blue Ridge [Mountains] in that part of the Country particularly now embraced in the limits of Ashe County N. C. and a requisition was made upon the militia of Wilkes County for a company to guard the frontier settlements on the Western side of the ridge from there depredations. This deponent among others volunteered himself in the latter part of May in the year 1776 in the said County of Wilkes, and joined the company of volunteers commanded by Captain Joseph Herndon, and marched
directly across the Blue Ridge near to where Ashe Court House now stands, where they found a number of the frontier inhabitants engaged in the erection of a fort – upon reaching that place, Captain Herndon endeavored to prevail upon the inhabitants to abandon the Country and remove to the Eastern side of the mountains, but this they declined to do – and after remaining there for some time in scouring the surrounding country, they returned home and was discharged. In this expedition this deponent believes he served about two weeks.
About the first of August following, this deponent again volunteered himself and joined Captain Benjamin Cleveland's company and rendezvoused near where Wilkes C.H. now stands, and as soon as the company could be properly organized, and the necessary arrangements made, they marched to the Pleasant Gardens in the County of Burke, where they joined the troops under General Rutherford [Griffith Rutherford]. In a few days after joining General Rutherford they marched direct to the Cherokee Towns of Cowee, Watauga, Oconoluflee [?] and some others not particularly recollected – at what was called the Middle Towns, (the troops being a good deal sickly from eating roasting ears & fresh beef) a proposition was made by General Rutherford for a thousand volunteers of the ablest and stoutest man to turn out and march to the Valley Towns – this deponent was one of the number, and as
soon as the requisite number was made up they marched immediately to the Valley Towns, a distance of about sixty miles – upon their arrival, they found a few straggling Indians (the balance having fled) whom they captured and kept prisoners – after burning the Towns and destroying their corn and all the property they could find, they returned again to the middle Towns, where they rejoined that portion of the Army they had left – After remaining a few days at the Middle Town until they rested and recruited, they set out upon their return to North Carolina, and after reaching the County of Wilkes, Captain Cleveland discharged his company & this deponent returned home, which place he reached about the last of October, having been gone about three months. From the time that the deponent returned from the Cherokee Nation until about the month of August 1780 embracing a period of nearly four years this deponent performed sundry short tours of duty against the Tories (who at that time were very troublesome) two of which were performed under Captain William Lenoir on the North Western side of the Blue Ridge – in these two tours this deponent believes he served about a month – and the particular periods of the other tours performed against the Tories cannot now be recollected – About the latter part of August 1780 information was received by Colonel Benjamin Cleveland, that Major Ferguson [Patrick Ferguson] of the British Army was supposed to be approaching North Carolina from
the South with a large number of British and Tories – upon which Col. Cleveland issued orders immediately for all the militia in the County of Wilkes to rendezvous at the Court House – this deponent immediately repaired thither and joined the company commanded by Captain William Lenoir – after remaining at Wilkes C. H. for some time until the troops could be organized, they set out upon their march to oppose Major Ferguson – upon the way they were joined by Colonel Campbell [William Campbell], with a Regiment from Virginia, as also by other troops from North Carolina – when they had advanced perhaps to the Cherokee ford on Broad River it was ascertained that Major Ferguson was endeavoring to post himself on King's Mountain – upon which it was proposed that all those who had horses or who could procure them, should proceed with all possible dispatch to engage with him – this
deponent having no horse, and not being able to procure one was necessarily left behind with the foot men, and did not reach the battle ground – the battle having been fought – and the Americans being on their return with their prisoners a short distance, when the foot men rejoined them – after rejoining the Army, this deponent was detailed by Colonel Cleveland with others to take charge of the wounded (among whom was a brother of this deponent) and after making what preparations they could, and administering to their wants as much as possible, they set out in advance of the Army and proceeded on until they reached Wilkes C H when Col. Cleveland directed this deponent to convey his brother home, as he was in a very helpless condition, and to remain with him until he should recover – which this deponent accordingly did – In this expedition, this deponent believes he was absent nearly 3 months, from the time that he rendezvoused at Wilkes C. H. until his return to that place – not counting the time that he remained with his brother after their return – though it was counted to him for a three months tour, and he drew pay for that length of time. -- In the spring of the year 1781 when Lord Cornwallis was marching through North Carolina, this deponent again volunteered himself and joined a company commanded by Captain Nathaniel Gordon -- the company to which this deponent belonged endeavored to form a Junction with General Greene's Army, which was supposed to be at that time somewhere on the waters of Dan River in the borders of Virginia – but before they had reached the Shallow Ford of the Yadkin, it was ascertained that Lord Cornwallis was ahead of them, and that he kept scouting and foraging parties constantly scouring the country so that they found it would be impossible to reach General Greene without running a great risk of falling into the hands of the enemy – they accordingly took post at a place in the County of Surry where the village of Jonesville now stands – and where they remained until they were discharged. -- In this expedition this deponent believes he served about two weeks.
This deponent has resided in Wilkes County ever since the revolutionary War, and resides there at this time – He never received any written discharge from the service, nor has he any documentary evidence to prove it – but refers to Mr. Elijah Vickes2 who served with him most of the time, whose affidavit is hereto annexed, as a witness who can testify to his service. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and
declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.
Sworn to & subscribed the day & year aforesaid.
S/ R. Martin C.W.C.C. S/ William Johnson

On the day and year aforesaid, personally appeared in open Court before the Court aforesaid, Elijah Vickes who being first duly sworn according to law, deposeth and saith, that he served with William Johnson the above applicant during the following tours of service –

to wit: first under Captain Joseph Herndon to the Western side of the Blue Ridge against the Cherokee Indians – secondly, under General Rutherford to the Cherokee Nation, and thirdly, under Colonel Cleveland to King's Mountain
and further, that the said three several tours of duty as set forth and specified in the foregoing declaration as having been performed by the said William Johnson, were performed by him – and that the remaining tour of duty set forth in the said declaration, he believes (from his knowledge of the character of said William Johnson) was performed by him. Sworn to & subscribed the day and year aforesaid.
S/ R. Martin C. W. C. C. S/ Elijah Vickes, X his mark

Notes: It is probable that Johnson's brother was Capt. Samuel Johnson (Johnston) FPA W5012 whose wife and son sought a pension. Moss states that Lt. Johnson was wounded in the abdomen during the battle at King's Mountain. Moss, Kings Mtn. Patriots, p. 137.

2 NPA W4368
Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements
Pension application of William Johnson S8764
Transcribed by Will Graves

My Notes Capt. Samuel Johnson below served under Col. Benjamin Cleveland and it was Col. Clevland that ordered William Johnson to take care of the wounded which included his Brother from Kings Mountain battle. Samuel Johnson is the son of Jeffery Johnson of Wilkes County NC

Notes: It now appears the Jeffery Johnson and his wife Moved from Halifax Co Va-Pittsylvania Co Va. to lands that were in Rowan County and the lands became Wilkes County. Jeffery Johnson lived and died on lands that were in Wilkes County NC. Two of the Sons of this Jeffery Johnson are William Johnson and Capt Samuel Johnson, both serving under Col. Cleveland in the Revolutionary War. We know that William Johnson moved from County of Fauquier in the State of Virginia, he was born on the 6th day of April 1751 (the record of which was entered in his Bible by direction of his father) where he continued to reside until he was about 15 or 16 years of age,(1766 sic) when he removed with his father to the County of Loudoun in the same State – where he lived about two years (1769 sic), when he again removed with his father to Rowan (now Wilkes) County in North Carolina. We also know that William Johnson married Mary Parks and he died in 1835 Wilkes County NC. William Johnson also served in the Revolutionary war with on Elijah Vickes of Wilkes County NC

We now know that Capt. Samuel Johnson was one of the youngest of Jeffery Johnson’s children and he died in Sept. 1835 he was married to a Mary Hammon was born abt 1760 she died in 1853 Jan. 21 and they had at least five children. Those known Children are Ambrose Johnson the 5th child, Mary Johnson who married a ? Bora and lived in Grayson Co. Va. Other sons are Lewis Johnson and John S. Johnson, of Wilkes Co. NC in. We know that Samuel Johnson was wounded at Kings Mountain serving under Col. Cleveland and that William Johnson of Wilkes County NC was ordered to attend to the wounded of King Mountain by Col. Cleveland and one of those wounded was his brother. We also know that James Martin acted with power of Attorney for Mary Hammons Johnson and drew up Legal documents for her. That Mary Hammons Johnson owned slaves in 1839 and after. Mary Hammons Johnson is some how connected to Sarah Hammons and a Baptist minister named William Hammons

It is now confirmed that William Johnson and Samuel Johnson’s sister Winifred Johnson married the Rev. William Dodson see 1789 Wilkes County Will of Jeffery Johnson who mentions his grandchildren in his will. Rev. William Dodson son in law Elijah Dodson ends up in Humphreys County Tn living by the widow Ann Johnson who I descend from.

John Dods, who departed London aboard the Susan Constant on December 19, 1606 along with Captain John Smith. The Susan Constant, along with her sister ships, the Discovery and the Godspeed, took the long route around the Canary Islands arriving on the Virginia coast on may 6, 1607. The ships were driven inland by a storm and they took refuge in the area that is now known as Hampton Roads, Virginia. They then sailed up the James River landing at Jamestown. John Dods was listed as an labouror on the passenger list for original 105 settlers of Jamestown. He was also a soldier in the expeditions against the Indians.

John was born in England in 1588 and was 18 years old when he arrived at Jamestown. He married Jane Dier, one of the 57 women sent to Jamestown from England aboard the ships Marmaduke, Warwick, and Tiger in 1621, as brides for the single males at Jamestown; Jane was the youngest of the women and was said to be 15 or 16 when she arrived in VA. (The source of the information concerning Jane Dier is from William & Mary College Quarterly, January 1991 by David R. Ransome, " Wives for Virginia, 1621") http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=ladygardner&id=I12062

John Dods is listed as a laborer in the original 105 settlers of Jamestown with Captain John Smith, and also a soldier in expeditions against the Indians.

1607-08 James City Parish Formed served James City County until 1785 One of the original shires & parishes . List of first settlers at Jamestown Island, Virginia, in 1607 as noted by Captain John Smith: Territory of Tappahanna.

John Dodds

The Tax List of James City 16 Feb 1623 lists John Dods and Mrs. Dods as living at the Neck of land near James City, now Chesterfield, Virginia .

Research Notes this is per the Living and Dead List also at Neck Of Land is ( See Johnson and Allied families file-report for more information)

1623 February the 16 List of Names of the Living in Neck of Land Virginia

Neck-of-Land. Corporation of Charles Citty.

The MUSTER of the Inhabitant's of the Neck- of-Land in the Corporation of Charles Cittie in Virginia taken the 24th of January 1624.

Luke Boyse aged 44 yeares arived in the Edwine in May 1619

Allice his wife arived in the Bona-Nova in Aprill 1622


Robert Hollam aged 23 yeares in the Bonaventure August 1620

Joseph Royall aged 22 yeares in the Charitie July 1622

The MUSTER of Josuah Chard

Josuah Chard aged 36 yeares in the Seaventure May 1607

Ann his wife aged 33 yeares in the Bony besse August 1623

The MUSTER of John Dod's

John Dod's aged 36 yeares in the Susan Constant Aproll 1607

Jane his wife aged 40 yeares

The MUSTER of William Vincene

William Vincene aged 39 yeares in the Mary & James

Joane his wife aged 42 yeares




Neck-of-Land. Charles Cittie

The MUSTER of Thomas Harris

Thomas Harris aged 38 yeares in the Prosperous in May

Adria his wife aged 23 yeares in the Marmaduke in November 1621

Ann Woodlase theire kinswoman aged 7 yeares.


Elizabeth    aged 15 yeares in the Margrett & John 1620

The MUSTER of John Price

John Price aged 40 yeares on the Starr in May

Ann his wife aged 21 yeares in the Francis Bonaventure August 1620

Mary a Child aged 3 Months

The MUSTER of Hugh Hilton

Hugh Hilton aged 36 yeares in the Edwine in May 1619

The MUSTER of Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor aged 50 yeares in the Mary Margrett September 1608

Dorothy his wife aged 21 yeares in the London Marchannt May 1620

Mary theire Child aged 3 months.


Christopher Browne aged 18 yeares in the Dutie in May 1620

The MUSTER of Thomas Oage

Thomas Oage aged 40 yeares in the Starr in May

Ann his wife in the Neptune in August 1618

Edward theire sonn aged 2 yeares.






Neck-of-Land. Charles Cittie

The MUSTER of Robert Greenleafe

Robert Greenleafe aged 43 yeres in the Tryall August 1610

Susan his wife aged 23 yeres in the Jonathan May 1620

Thomas theire sonn aged 3 yeres

Ann a daughter aged 22 week's

The MUSTER of Henery Coltman

Henery Coltman aged 30 yeres in the Noah August 1610

Ann his wife aged 26 yeres in the London Marchannt May 1620

The MUSTER of Hugh Price

Hugh Price aged 35 years in the William & John January 1618

Judith his wife aged 24 yeres in the Marygold May 1619

John his sonn aged 2 yeres.

The MUSTER of Thomas Farmer

Thomas Farmer aged 30 yeres in the Tryall 1616

The MUSTER of Thomas Sheppey

Thomas Sheppy aged 22 yeres in the Supply January 1620

The MUSTER of Allexander Bradway

Allexander Bradway aged 31 yeres in the Supply January 1620

Sisley his wife 28 yeres in the Jonathan May 1620

Adria theire daughter aged 9 months





Neck-of-Land. Charles Cittie

The MUSTER of William Sharp

William Sharp aged 40 yeres in the Starr in May

Elizabeth his wife aged 25 yeres in the Bonaventure August 1620

Isack his sonn aged 2 years

Samuell his sonn aged 2 Months


Richard Vause aged 20 yeres in the Jonathan May 1620


John Dods was born in England 1588 and came to Jamestown in 1607 at the age of 18 years.

John married the Indian maiden Jane, daughter of Chief Eagle Plume of Colorado, of the Iroquois Indian Nation, and be came parents of William Dodson and Jesse Dodson. Jesse Dodson and William Dodson took brides from the Bride Ships about 1630. http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/m/u/s/James-H-Muse/GENE28-0001.html

1638 October 4: Richard Johnson: Henrico Co.: Bill of Sale: 30 acres lying at neck of land: Source Land Office Patents No. 1 1623- 1643 ( v. 1 & 2) p. 668 ( reel 1): Library of Virginia Archives Section

1638 Oct 14:Francis Derrick to Richard Johnson bill of sale 30 acs Oct 14, 1638 … land of George Cawcott dec’d sold to Derrick by John & Dorothy Baker per Henrico Co. Court Aug last CPv1 Linda Starrs research

In a bill of sale from Francis Derrick to Richard Johnson for 30 acres of land on On October 14, 1638, John Baker and Dorothy his wife, daughter of the late deceased Sergeant John Harris have surrendered as of August 27, 1638 unto land of Captain Francis Derrick all the right and title which they claim was the right of the late George Cawcott and witnessed by Lawrence Hulett and John Owell. Francis Derrick deeded 30 acres of land to Richard Johnson and mentioned that Dorothy Baker had been given this land by Mr. George Calwott of James City County. Cawcott had been in Charles Cittie in 1626 with a 100 acre patent. Johnson is important because he, Jonathan Baker and William Baker were head rights of William Farrar in Varinae on the James, and later made claim for a head right for William Mumms whose daughter married Hugh Baker, son of John Baker http://baker.canavancentral.com/shirley.html
1639, we also found a land patent in Henrico at the "Neck of Land" near John Baker by Richard Johnson for 350 acres including head rights for William Mumms http://baker.canavancentral.com/JOHNBAKER.html
1639; Robt. Wiseman, by Richard Johnson, Henrico. www.provenlines.com/hist11h.html

Notes: Robert Wiseman

1639 June 20: Richard Johnson: Henrico Co.: 350 acres at neck of land, butting Northerly upon the land of James Usher. Source Land Office Patents no 1 1623-1643 (v. 1& 2) p. 662 ( reel 1): Library of Virginia Archives section.

James Usher

1639 Francis Johnson by Richard Johnson The source for the copies is EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS by George Cabell Greer. The date on the fly leave is 1978, but it appears to be a much earlier work. It covers immigrants from 1623 to 1666 From: A.E. Johnson [mailto:bigfoot@cyberback.com

Francis Johnson

1639 Elizabeth Johnson by Richard Johnson The source for the copies is EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS by George Cabell Greer. The date on the fly leave is 1978, but it appears to be a much earlier work. It covers immigrants from 1623 to 1666 From: A.E. Johnson [mailto:bigfoot@cyberback.com

At this point in time we know that Richard Johnson wife is Elizabeth and he has a child named Francis Johnson

From this we know that Richard Johnson is married to an Elizabeth and has a son Francis Johnson now in the Colonies. Francis Johnson was not born in the colonies. Run Check thru LDS IGI

1639, a land patent by Richard Johnson at the "Neck of Land" adjacent to City Point for 350 acres included head rights for William Mumms. John Baker's land was also near "Neck of Land" on the upper James River. http://baker.canavancentral.com/JOHNBAKER.html

1642 Oct: Abraham Wood Henrico Co. Oct 1642 E upon Sizemores Cr running towards Henrico Rivers & the S side butting upon Appamattocke Riv Richard Johnson 350 acs at Neck of Land June 1639 N. upon land of James Usher, E upon Main river, S towards Godspeeds Forte due per adv of his wife Elizabeth and son Francis CPv1 Lind Starrs research

1642 Nov The Elams were represented in Henrico as early as November 1642 in the person of Robert Elam who at that date had a patent for land above Bermuda Hundred, between the lands of Thomas Sheppy and Richard Johnson and among the headrights to the patent is the name of Ann Elam Henrico County, Virginia: Beginnings of Its Families: Part I William Clayton Torrence William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 24, No. 2. (Oct., 1915), pp. 116-142. Henrico County Virginia - Deeds & Wills, 1706-1845 Film #1697555 Family History Library

1652 Nov 20: Robert Elam: Henrico Co Va.; 503 acres on the south side of James River above Beroda Hundred between Thomas Shippey's land and Rich Johnson's: Land Office Patents # 3, 1652-1655 pg 114 on reel 2: Library of Virginia Archives Section:

13 October 1653. Gervase Dodson: Location: Westmoreland County. Description: 1300 acres in upper Machotick Neck adjoining Christopher Boyce, Mrs. Towneshand. &c. Source: Land Office Patents No. 3, 1652-1655, p. 14 (Reel 2).
Thomas Harris he received 600 acres in Lancaster Co. bounding northeast upon a branch of Corotoman River and upon land of one Hawkes, southeast upon land of William Thatcher, etc. This land was granted to Gervase Dodson on June 4, 1655, and sold by him to said Thomas Harris for 4800 lbs. of tobacco and cask. Gervas Dodson appointed Francis Hobbs attorney to acknowledge sale. In his will 1672 Thomas Harris left this land in Lancaster Co. to his oldest son John Harris.
1656 March 3: Edwin Conaway and Gervace Dodson: Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. Related See also the following surname(s): Connaway, Conway. Note Location: Lancaster County. Grantee(s): Conaway, Edwin & Gervace. Dodson, Description: 1000 acres on a creek issuing out of Fleets Bay, commonly called Corotoman Creek, where the Corotomen Indians lately seated. Source: Land Office Patents No. 4, 1655-1664, p. 120 (Reel 4).

1656 March 3: Gervase Dodson . Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. Related See also the following surname(s): Dobson, Dotson. Note Location: Lancaster County. Description: 600 acres on the south side of a creek issuing out of Fleets Bay called Corotoman Creek being the next creek Northerly to Hoddyways Creek. Source: Land Office Patents No. 4, 1655-1664, p. 119 (Reel 4)

1656 Marc h 3: John Burton: Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. Note Location: Lancaster County. Description: 900 acres on the branches of Corotoman River, a branch of Rappahannock adjoining the land of Enoch Hawker and Thomas Harris. Source: Land Office Patents No. 4, 1655-1664, p. 121 (Reel 4).

Notes: Thomas Burton Born: ABT 1607 Died: ABT 1669 at: Rappahannock Co., Virginia Reported son of Robert Burton and Catherine Christian

This is researcher Mary Holland and Olen Lee Johnson Burton Families, this Burton family is connected to the Ward Creek Johnson and Allied families and to the Arrowhattock Johnson and Allied families.

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