Fuschia color is tony L. Johnson, Peggy Johnson and Lee Johnson’s Relations mostly: Burton Farmer, Carter, Dale, Lound,Haile & Hatcher relations

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I will be running land deeds to see where these folks owned lands an who their neighbors (kinsman were)

Naman Curtis born 1782-1826 in Randolph Co NC

Thomas Curtis Jr 1747-1813 in Randolph Co. NC

Joseph Curtis 1750-1796 Randolph Co. NC

Samuel Curtis 1748-1812 Randolph Co. NC

Samuel Curtis 1720-1775 Randolph Co. NC


David Curtis 1745-1816 Wilkes Co. NC

David Curtis 1745-1816 Wilkes-Ashe Co. NC

Joshua Curtis 1735-1810 Wilkes Ashe Co. NC

Joshua Kel Curtis 1785 NC

It can be found at the address below. Lee Olen Johnson

Thanks a bunch

1818: William Patrick (1740 -1818) probated in Rowan Co. and listed 10 children - one named Robert. http://www.mindspring.com/~forsythnc/oldquer1.html

Samel Cobrin, Captain

Solomon Hooser

Thaoms Betty, Lieutenant

Henry Sides

John Kuykendal, Insin

Jacob Forney

Hendry Jonston, Sergen

Boston Best

George Heger, Sergen

Lenard Kilen

Abraham Kuykendal, Corpl.

John Rorite

Adam Dick, Corpl.

John Camp

Robert Leeper/ Philip Rude???

William Raehford

Robart Patrick, Corpl.

Felty Taliner

William Hendry

John Semerman

Andrew MacNab

Cristen Sumirman

James Kuykindal

Watson Feral Junior

Peter Kuykindal

Watson Feral Senor

Wiliam Hagirty

Joseph Green

Andrew Hemton

Peter Eaker

John Moore

Adams Sides

William Moore


William Adeare


Thomas Stone


John Langham


George Rutledge


William Pleghorn


Samel Willson


John Nellson


Thomas Ranils


Richard Ranils


David Stanley


John Watkins


Charles Macfators (?)


Edward Hogin


Robart Brank


Fredrick Hambright


Hendry Richards


Peterer Hoyl


Peter Bumgardnor


Peter Oyster


Peter Club


Michael Rudeseele


William Heger


(On the back of the previous page is written)




A list of the Young Men


John Tufts

Guns Wanting 18

John Armstrong


William Armstrong


John Doughart


John Kilen


John Richman


Jacob Hoyl


Joseph Seler


William Little


Archibald Little


William Patrick


John Patrick


Michel Oyster


William Fronebery


Peter Bumgarnor






Isaac Cobren

Capt. Cobrin

Adam Dick

Married Men 48

Jacob Simerman

Young Men 30

Cristel Eaker

Guns Wanting 18

Mickel Selor


John Dick


Hendry Ramsour






David Ramsour (?)


Alixander Ramus


John Ramus (?)


William Pell (?)

Apr, 1819 - Moses A. Locke -- no wife signs-- lets Tenneson Cheshire (both of Rowan Co., NC) have 208 acres on Bear Creek next Isaac Linster and Samuel Frost, for $110.00, acknowledged in May, 1819. (This is part of a State Grant to Joseph Hughes, which after his death, was allotted to his son, Epps Hughes, then was sold by the Sheriff to the said Moses A. Locke. The original tract was for 402 acres, granted in Oct, 1786, next to Huff, Frost and Gaither. http://www.fmoran.com/ches302.html

Moses A. Locke

Tenneson Cheshire or Tenneson Chesser

1800 - Tenneson Chesser married Mary Gray, (no mo. or day.) 1800, Wilkes County, North Carolina. Wit: Benjamin Johnson and Wm. B. Lenoir http://www.fmoran.com/ches302.html

Sep., 1845 - G. H. Johnson to M. G. Richards for $1 in mortgage deed of trust, personalty to pay debt to Tenison Cheshier and Philip Seaford. Witness: E. M. Chehier (Emily Melissa?) http://www.fmoran.com/ches302.html

Isaac Linster

Samuel Frost


1821 August: Rowan County By _ _ _iance to an order of the worshipful court of said county of August Session 1821, We the subscribers after being duly qualified agreeable to act of assembly in such case made and provided have provided to set off the dower of Elizabeth Robinson, widow of Tully Robinson, dec'd out of the above plan. Beginning at a dogwood one of his original corners running South thirty chains to a red oak sapling thence East fourteen chains and twenty four links to a red oak thence North thirty chains to a Stone, on original line of the old track thence to the first location, containing forty two and one third acres ~ Surveyed October the 10th 1821 by John Little, D.S. (signed by 12 men) J. Henderson Eliphet Smoot, Sr Thos. Cole Daniel Ratledge (crossed out) Scarlet Glascock John Taylor Warner Brown Daniel J. Smoot Nathaniel Comer Baker Johnson Joseph Beale Richard Anderson Charles Anderson Next sheet . . . two scraps of paper - writing still legible . . . Rowan County August 1821 Ordered by the Court that Charles Anderson Esquire, Daniel Rutledge, Warner Brown and Scarlett Glascock act as a Committee to lay off one years provision for the widow and family of Tully Robinson. Rowan County - August Session 1821 Ordered by the Court that the Sheriff Summon a jury of good and lawful men to lay off by metes and bounds the Dower of Betsy T_mey in the lands of her late Husband, Tully Robinson. http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/nc/rowan/wills/robinsn1.txt

Elizabeth Robinson, widow of Tully Robinson, dec'd

Henderson Eliphet

Smoot, Sr

Thos. Cole

Daniel Ratledge (crossed out)

Scarlet Glascock

John Taylor

Warner Brown

Daniel J. Smoot

Nathaniel Comer

Baker Johnson

Joseph Beale

Richard Anderson

Charles Anderson


1822 Davidson County formed from Rowan County

Researcher NOTES: 1809 Elizebeth Leonard Married Danial Johnson were both from Guilford Co. and Lived in Guilford Co. But we found their Marrage and other Records in Davidson Co. http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.northcarolina.counties.guilford/2135.1/mb.ashx

Elizebeth Leonard <1809> Married Daniel Johnson were both from Guilfford Co. and Lived in Guilford Co. But we found their Marrage and other

Records in Davidson Co. Valentin Leonhadt came to old Rowan Co. in The 1700's . 1753-1754

The Leonhardt's Church in Davidson Co. was established (a German Reformed Church now called Pilgrim) the family traces back to him http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.northcarolina.counties.guilford/2135.1/mb.ashx




1825 Sept 6: Dovey Johnston to Reverend Jas. Stafford: Published Marriage and Death notices from Raliegh Register and NC State Gazette 1799-1825 compiled by Carrie L. Broughton: Baltimore Publishing Co. 1966

Years: 1828 Title Mary Johnson, Creator: Languages: Call Number: WB-H/417

Location: MARS Id: 5200.85.1300 (Folder) Other Ids: Physical Description:

Quantity: Other Copies: Related Materials: Arrangement:


Scope / Contents: View Abbreviated Scope / Contents Recorded Copy Reference: WB-H/417 (WB = WillBook) Original: AR (The original will is in the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh.)Location where will was filed and probated: Rowan County

View Abbreviated Scope / Contents Index Terms Subjects

Indexes WillsPersonal Names Mary Johnson, Geographical Names Rowan County

Provenance Mars Mitchell Will Index Rowan County

1828 Aug 29: John Washington Johnston married Eliza Webb Rowan County, NC - County Index to NC Marriages Database http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/nc/rowan/marriages/rowan.txt

Notes: Elizabeth Webb

John Washington Johnson
according to the 1850 census, he was born somewhere in NC about
1802....quite possibly in Rowan County or around there, as that's where
he was for his 1828 marriage to Eliza Webb, and that's where he died in
1852. All six of his children were born there.

With a name like John Johnson, of course, I nearly despair of ever

finding who his parents/siblings are....

His children's names were:

Caleb Webb Johnson 1829-1899, m. Mary Elizabeth Dixon
James C. Johnson 1832-?, m. Sarah C. McKnight
John W. Johnson 1833-bef 1850....
Mary Jane Johnson 1835-?, m. D. H. Bost, also a Mr. Kent
William Locke Johnson 1841-1928, m. Jane Foster Bowman, also Mary Gray
Joseph Dempsey Johnson 1844-1860

megan http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/NCROOTS/1998-01/0885350619

pigoletto@worldnet.att.net * cochonnet@aol.com
Megan Zurawicz, National Coordinator USGenWeb
http://www.usgenweb.net -- http://www.usgenweb.or


1829 Dec 30 Johnson Swink & Eliza Weant, ; Geroge M. Weant, bondsman; Jno. H. Hardie, wit. http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/nc/rowan/vitals/rowmars.txt

Notes: Johnson Swink

Notes: Eliz Weant

Notes George M. Weant

Notes: Jno Hardie


Years: 1830 Title Walter Johnson, Rowan County Creator: Languages: Call Number: WB-B/30 Location: MARS Id: 5200.84.367 (Folder) Other Ids: Physical Description: Quantity: Other Copies: Related Materials: Arrangement:


Scope / Contents: View Abbreviated Scope / Contents Recorded Copy Reference: WB-B/30 (WB = WillBook) Original: AR (The original will is in the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh.)

Location where will was filed and probated: Rockingham County

View Abbreviated Scope / Contents Index Terms Subjects

IndexesWills Personal Names Walter Johnson,

Geographical Names Rockingham County

Mars Mitchell Will Index Rowan County



1832 Sept 5: Pension of William Rutledge Revolutionary War - North Carolina - #S4171 State of Tennessee } September sessions of the County Wayne County } Court of said County for the year 1832 On this 5th day of Sept. 1832 personally appeared in open court before the justice of said county now sitting, William Rutledge, a resident of said County and State aged seventy six years since June last, in his being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath swear the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. That is to say, He volunteered and entered the above-named service in Rowan County in the state of North Carolina early in the Revolutionary War, under the command of Capt. David Caldwell in General Griffin Rutherford's Brigade. He marched on this tour down on Cross Creek in North Carolina for the purpose of keeping down the Scotch Tories in that quarter. He was then discharged at the expiration of his term of service which was three months. He next volunteered and entered the service in said County of Rowann for the term of three months. He was marched through Burke County over the mountains and crossed near the head of the Catawba River, and from thence over to the head of (the) Tennessee River against the Cherokee Indians under the command of Captain Joseph Dickerson in General Rutherford's Brigade. On this expedition the troops with which applicant was associated drove the Indians from their settlements and towns, burnt their towns, huts, and wigwams and destroyed everything before them. He was then marched back to Rowann County where he was discharged at the end of his term of service. He next volunteered and entered the service, again for the term of three months under Capt. Joseph Dickerson, who was the highest officer in Command on this expedition. He marched down to Pinetree in South Carolina for the purpose of quelling and keeping down the Scotch Tories, and was again marched home and discharged at the end of his term of service, which was one of three months. Applicant then went to live up in Wilkes County, State of North Carolina where he went again into service as a volunteer under Major Micajah Lewis, and marched near to Haw River, thirteen or fourteen miles from Guilford Courthouse, where he and his associate troops defeated the Tories under the Command of Col. Piles. They killed in this engagement a number of the Tories, in full nearly all that were in the action and took no prisoners. Col. Perkins was their General on this occasion on the side of the United States troops. Col. Lee was also in this engagement. About this time the said Applicant was sent in Company with Capt. Robert Cleveland with an express from the Moravian towns to General Green at Guilford Courthouse. Which express was to inform Gen. Green that the British were at the shallow ford on the Yadkin River advancing towards his quarters. This was a short time before the battle fought at Guilford Courthouse. This was the last service that applicant performed except being afterwards engaged in several scouting parties. He has no documentary evidence and he knows of no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service except Col. John Witherspoon of said County of Wayne State of Tennessee. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his name in not on the pension roll of the agency of any state. Sworn to and subscribed in open court the date first above written, Test. Wm. Bennett, Clerk. Wm. Rutledge (signed)

Questions put by the War Department: Question 1: Where and in what year were you born? Answer: I was born in the State of Pennsylvania near the town of Carlisle in the year 1756.

Question 2: Have you any record of your age and if so where is it? Answer: I think I have at home a record of my age on a small piece of paper in my father's own handwriting.

Question 3: Where were you living when called into service; where have you lived since, and where do you now live? Answer: When first called into service I lived in Rowann County, N.C. But afterwards in Wilkes County during the Revolutionary War. I came from Wilks County N.C. to Tennessee something like forty years ago to Williamson County where I resided until I moved to Maury County where I lived until three years last since which time I have resided in Wayne County, Tennessee, where I now live.

Question 4: How were you called into service, were you drafted, did you volunteer, or were you a substitute and if a substitute for whom. Answer: I volunteered in all the expeditions set forth in my declaration.

Question 5: State the name of some of the regular officers who were with the troops where you served; such Continental and Militia Regiments as you can recollect, and the general circumstances of your service. Answer: This question I have answered as well as I am able in the above declaration.

Question 6: Did you ever receive a discharge from the service and if so by whom was it given and what has become of it? Answer: I received four discharges, one from Capt. Caldwell, two from Capt. Dickson, and another from Maj. Micajah Lewis, but I have lost or mislaid them all.

Question 7: State the names of the persons to whom you are acquainted in your present neighbourhood, and who can testify as to your character for veracity, and their belief of your services as a soldier of the revolution. Answer: I am known to Squire Henry Rayburn, Gen. John Rayburn, Col. John Witherspoon, Robert Thompson, Col. Gallaher, Lewis Johnson, and Samuel Johnson, and others, all of whom can testify both as to my character for veracity and the reputation of my being a Revolutionary soldier in the neighbourhood where I now live.

He further states that he was under General Rutherford at the battle fought at Ramsour Mill, where Capt. Gillespie was killed, where the United States troops and the Tories had a very considerable engagement. A number were slain on both sides, but the Tories were completely routed, some taken prisoners and the rest driven from the field. He also states that the said Maj. Lewis was mortally wounded in the engagement at Whiteside Mill on Rudee fork of Haw river and that he was carried off the field and died the next day. Sworn to and subscribed in open court the date first above written

Test. William Bennett, Clerk. William Rutledge (signed) And the said Court do hereby declare... after the investigation of the matter and after putting the questions prescribed by the War Department, that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier, and served as stated... and the said court further states and certifies that it appears to them that William Baker, who has signed the preceeding Certificate, is a clergyman in said county and state, and that Henry Rayburn, Esq., has signed the same is a resident in the said state and county, and is a creditable person, and that their statement is entitled to credit. Isaac G. Grimes (signed) Holloway Prater (signed) William B.T. (signed) J.P.s Certification by William Barnett, clerk of the court of pleas and quarters sessions of Wayne County, dated 28 Sept. 1832.

We, William Baker, a clergyman, residing in said county and state, and Henry Rayburn, residing in the same county and state, hereby certify that we are all well acquainted with William Rutledge, who has subscribed & sworn to the above declaration; that we believe him to be seventy six years of age; that he is reputed & believed in the neighbourhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution, and that we concur in that opinion, and that we have often heard him speak of his services in the Revolution before the first of June last. William Baker (signed) Henry Rayburn (signed) State of Tennessee } September sessions of the County Wayne County } Court of said County for the year 1832

This day being the 27th day of Sept. 1832, personally appeared in open court before the justices of said county John Witherspoon, aged about 67 years next October, & after being duly sworn according to law, on his oath made the following statement: That he was personally acquainted with William Rutledge, who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration in the Revolutionary War, that he knew the said Rutledge was in the United States service during said War, and he states he also knew the said Rutledge when he was in the service under Maj. Micajah Lewis at the defeat of Col. Piles, and that he well remembers that said Rutledge was at those engagements. He has known the said Rutledge ever since the Revolution, both in N. C. and Tennessee, in Williamson county, & also in Wayne County, and that he has no doubt that the said Rutledge performed the service in said War as stated in his declaration, & that he has always been believed & reputed in the neighbourhood where he now lives, to be a soldier of the Revolution, and that the said Rutledge is a man of veracity. John Witherspoon (signed) State of Tennessee } Wayne County }

March the 11th, 1834, on this day personally appeared before William Hawk, an acting Justice of the Peace in and for the said County and state aforesaid, William Rutledge, aged about seventy seven years who being duly sworn, deposeth & saith that by reason of old age and consequent loss of memory, he cannot swear positively as to the precise truth of his service, but according to his best recollection, he served not less than the periods mentioned below & in the following grades for nine months, as mentioned in his former declaration including the three first terms of service mentioned in said declaration, he served as a private soldier in the militia, he thinks he served two weeks as a private soldier in the militia in the scouting parties mentioned in said declaration, his service making in all nine months and two weeks & for such service he claimed a pension. William Rutledge (signed)

William Rutledge

1782 April 3: married: Wilkes Co. NC : Mrs. C. Rutledge no dates inscribed. (Chloe Johnson Rutledge, wife of William Rutledge, a Rev. War Vet. from Rowan County, NC.) She married William Rutledge April 3, 1782, in Wilkes County, NC. She was the daughter of Jeffrey Johnson and Rachel Walker They moved to Maury County, Tennessee about 1795. Chloe died about 1825 in Maury County, DOOLEY CEMETERY, COLUMBIA, MAURY COUNTY TENNESSEE http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~maury/cemetery/DooleyCem/Dooleylisting.htm


Feb, 1833 - Andrew Baggerly --no wife signs-- lets Thomas Cheshire, (both of Rowan Co., NC) have 300 acres on the waters of Bear Creek, beginning on the line of Al--- Hadgaan at a chestnut and going east 47 chains to an alder in the line of Hablin Hays, north 20 chains to a black oak, east 1 chain and 50 links to a black oak, north 5 chains to a black oak, east 21 chains and 50 links to a post oak, north 50 chains to a chestnut, west 15 chains and 37 links to a black oak on the corner of William Stephens, south 24 chains and 40 links to a stone on the corner of said Stephens, west 35 chains and 58 links to a stone on the line of Joseph Jones, south 28 chains and 30 links to a white oak on the corner of said Jones, west 20 chains to a hickory on the corner of said Jones, then south to the beginning, for $262.00. Witness: S L. Howell and Will F. Kelly and proved by the latter in Feb court of 1833. http://www.fmoran.com/ches302.html

Andrew Baggerly

Al--- Hadgaan

Hablin Hays,

William Stephens

Joseph Jones

S L. Howell

Will F. Kelly



1835 ERA Rowan Co. NC, Ephraim GAITHER married Sarah JOHNSON, 1850 in Davie County Census http://www.mindspring.com/~ncgen/censusG.html




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