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Europe and Britain,
Africa, Asia
Insight Vacations
Australia and New
AAT Kings Tours
(Pty) Limited and
Travel Corporation
NZ Limited
USA & Canada, Central
America, South America
and Antarctica
Security is a major concern to all of us and the situation globally is constantly changing. Events around the world, coupled with the “Travel Advisories” put out by various governments, may at times necessitate changes to the accommodations and itinerary or even trip cancelation. You must accept these risks involved in travel to any country that may experience security difficulties and accept responsibility for your own travel decisions. You are urged to consult with government sources, including the United
States Department of State, news sources as well as your travel advisor prior to making your travel plans.
We require guests to have travel insurance covering all dates of travel with
Insight Vacations, meeting the minimum levels listed below and covering: trip interruption, trip delay, emergency evacuation/repatriation, medical expenses from illness, whether individual or related to a pandemic event, such as COVID-19, and any medically-imposed quarantine such as could result from a guest in the group contracting COVID-19 while traveling with Insight Vacations.

Download 51.14 Kb.

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