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Coverage should be at least the following amounts

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Coverage should be at least the following amounts:
Trip Interruption:
Cost of the trip (excluding air)
Trip Delay:
$150/day, $750 total per person
Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation:
$100,000 per person
Medical Expense:
$25,000 per person
Most travel insurers require you to purchase your coverage within a certain time of making your initial deposit/payment. Guests are advised to research and purchase insurance as soon as possible after making the deposit/payment
As one convenient option, Insight Vacations offers a Travel Protection Plan, underwritten by Arch Insurance Group, that meets or exceeds the above coverages. Availability of travel insurance and extent of coverage can change, so please refer to our website insightva- for information or contact one of our reservation specialists. If you wish to purchase Insight Vacations Travel Protection Plan, you must purchase the Travel Protection
Plan within 14 days of making your initial deposit/payment.
You are not required to purchase your insurance from Insight Vacations and are welcome to choose any travel insurance product that meets or exceeds the requirements above. If you purchase your insurance from another seller, we will ask you to provide Insight Vaca- tions with information regarding your insurance policy prior to final payment being due.
No policy covers every risk. Coverages, conditions, exclusions and limitations under each policy differ. The minimum amounts listed above may not cover all your costs. You will be responsible for costs in excess of coverage amounts and for all costs if coverage does not apply. We encourage you to research your choices for a policy best suited to your circumstances.
Should you choose to travel on Insight Vacations without the required travel insurance, you will need to declare this option when you complete your trip registration.

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