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Other Booking Changes:
Insight does not charge for minor booking changes however where third party costs are incurred these will be passed on to the guest.
A change of trip date or itinerary after final payment is due (see Summary Booking and Cancelation table) of departure date will be treated as a cancelation.
Cancelation by Traveler:
Travel arrangements for any member of the party may be canceled at any time by written notice by the person who made the booking.
If notice of cancelation is received by Insight before final payment is due (see Summary
Booking and Cancelation table), the deposit will be retained along with the Travel
Protection payment. If cancelation is made after final payment is due cancelation fees will apply (see Summary Booking and Cancelation table). Please also refer to Air Cancelation
Section where applicable.
All cancelations fees as per the Summary Booking and Cancelation table are additional to any cancelation fees or other charges that may be levied by your travel advisor.
Travel Protection Plan premiums are non-refundable.

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