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Earth not Hollow

There is no stable proof of hollow earth – only folk tales and stories passed on through generations.

Welsh 11 (Theresa, the Seeker Books, “Hollow Earth: A Mostly Nutty Idea”, 6/1/11, http://www.theseekerbooks.com/articles/hollowearth.htm, accessed 6/27/11, CW

*The “book” = The Hollow Earth by Raymond Bernard )

The so-called "proof" for this hardly holds up. The most interesting piece of evidence is the testimony of Admiral Richard Byrd who supposedly flew into the opening at the north pole and found a warm climate, green pastures and pre-historic animals in 1947 and into the Antarctic opening in 1955. However, the validity of Byrd's story is hard to evaluate from an author who makes sweeping generalizations that defy logic. For instance, he says that the northern lights, the brightly-colored auroras of the extreme north, are the lights of the internal sun shining through the opening and asks (as he frequently does in this book) "what else could they be?" I laughed when I read this because there are plenty of other things they could be! The November '01 issue of National Geographic has a nice story on the aurora borealis phenomena and attributes it to interaction between the solar wind and the earth's magnetosphere (although it adds, mysteriously, that the details of how this works are still unknown) The book claims the openings at each pole are 1400 miles wide! That is quite a large opening, and should be visible from space. Why don't airplanes routinely see this opening? The book claims airplanes never fly over the actual pole and that no one has ever been to either pole (except for Admiral Byrd and a few others who report seeing the green area with a warm temperature). The books says that the explorers who claim to have reached the poles did not actually get there, due to problems computing their real location. Compasses point straight down near the poles and there was no simple way to determine someone's position at the time of the early explorers. (what about GPS? This book was written before we had GPS technology, and of course, Admiral Byrd made his flights before any such technology existed) Although we have pictures from space, what if a fog or cloud constantly covers that part of the earth? What if the opening is actually smaller? Could it exist without us knowing? How much do we know about what's inside our planet? I can't answer these questions, but they would make a good start for future research.
Science proves there’s nothing in the center of the Earth except rock and liquid metal

Cain, the publisher of Universe Today, 9 (Fraser, Universe Today, “Earth’s Inner Core”, 3/9/9, http://www.universetoday.com/26710/earths-inner-core/, accessed 6/28/11, CW)

Deep beneath the Earth lies the core. This is a ball of solid metal surrounded by liquid metal. The solid part is the inner core of Earth, and the liquid part is known as the Earth’s outer core.

Scientists have long suspected that the interior of the Earth is much denser than the rest of the planet. That’s because the average density of the planet is 5.5 g/cm3, while the surface is only 3 g/cm3. In other words, if the surface is less dense than the Earth, on average, then the core must be much denser. During the formation of the Earth, 4.6 billion years ago, the planet was a molten ball of rock and metal. Because it was a liquid, however, the heavier elements like iron and nickel were able to sink down into the center. In fact, the inner core of the Earth probably has vast amounts of the heaviest elements, like gold, platinum and uranium. But the fact that the Earth had two cores, inner and outer, was first discovered in 1936 by seismologist Inge Lehmann. He observed that seismic waves created by earthquakes on its surface would bounce off the two cores differently. This is similar to how light waves refract differently as they pass through liquids. By measuring these seismic waves, scientists have been able to map out the size of the inner core. The inner core of the Earth is thought to be about 2,440 km across; about 70% the size of the Moon. It’s very hot, probably 3,000 to 5,000 Kelvin. Scientists once believed that the inner core was possibly a single, solid object; maybe even a single crystal of iron. But recent evidence has found that it has detailed structures, and even has an inner, inner core.

***Planet X***

Planet X = Global Warming

There is no such thing as global warming, planet X is the true cause of climate change

McCanney, Professor at Cornell University 3 (James, Almighty Wind, “What is Planet X?”, 1/3/03, http://www.amightywind.com/planetx/planetx.htm, accessed 6/22/11, CW)

Planet X is also already effecting the Earth. The effects of it were recognized by planetary scientists as far back as 1995. Its magnetic field had probably began to effect Earth even earlier. Remember "El Niño" and the 500 year floods of 1993? Weather patterns have changed dramatically, producing "strange" weather. Climatic conditions are changing. The polar ice caps and mountain glaciers are melting. It has been revealed that in 1995 a worldwide "disinformation" campaign was launched by government "insiders," blaming the strange weather patterns on "Global Warming." But a number of highly respected scientists, who were not in on the "coverup," rejected totally the theory of "global warming." Rather, they [rightly] pointed out that the polar ice caps and mountain glaciers are melting from underneath, not from the surface. Why? Due to the approach of Planet X, solar flares are increasing on the Sun. The Sun is ejecting massive amounts of electromagnetic energy into space. Some of this electromagnetic energy is being attracted and absorbed by Earth's magnetic core, causing the molten iron core of Earth to heat up. The increased heat from Earth's core is filtering through the mantle of Earth to the surface, causing the melting of the ice caps and glaciers from beneath. There is no "global warming" being caused by household sprays and fossil fuels, and never has been. Such a claim is disinformation put out by those involved in the coverup. A recent news release revealed that there is now somewhere between 20 and 200 feet of water under the polar ice caps. This amount of water under the ice caps serves as a lubricant, and in the event of a major earthquake and polar shift, could cause the ice caps to suddenly slide into the ocean. When that happens, it will cause massive tidal waves that will wash over whole continents.
Planet X is the cause of global warming and we will never be able to solve for it

End Times Watcher, online writer about space topics, 11 (Mystery of the Iniquity, “Effects of Planet X!”, 2/22/11, http://mysteryoftheinquity.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/effects-of-planet-x/, accessed 6/23/11, CW)

This is a short list of twenty five symptoms of Nibiru the brown dwarf with multiple moons in the alignment of an ‘X’ in pictures from a south pole observatory telescope. These symptoms include but are not limited to: 1. Massive migrating animal deaths taking place all over the globe 2. Major super storm floods taking place everywhere 3. Magnetic pole migration that have been going on since 2004 4. Irregular weather causing food shortages 5. Increased volcano eruptions 6. Increased earthquakes 7. The wobble in the earth’s rotation getting worse 8. Sunrise coming 2 days early in Greenland 9. Yellowstone ground bulging from active magma swells 10. No media coverage of Planet X/Comet Elenin calculated to pass only 21.6 million miles from earth 11. FEMA buying food and supplies for an expected New Madrid Fault Catastrophe 12. Severe winter weather 13. Airports closing down to remark their runways over magnetic pole migration. 14. Rogue tides from rising oceans 15. Sea Level Strangeness 16. Moon out of place 17. Increased solar radiation 18. Increased sink hole activity and large cracks forming 19. Global Warming of all planets in our solar system 20. Unprecedented changes in sun and planets 21. Wacky Compasses 22. Leaky magnetic field 23. Weather/climate-induced food shortages 24. Mega solar flare activity 25. Global ocean conveyor disruption This list could grown to more than a thousand things that are going wrong on the earth for the same reason, as this link describes 600+ things caused by global warming alone. The lying science community and media and our corrupt politicians want you to believe that human beings are causing all of these problems when in reality they are all caused by the approach of a brown dwarf entering our inner solar system for a once every 3600-year orbit around our Sun. This Planet X/Nibiru/ELEnin Brown Dwarf Event Timeline has the most comprehensive analysis and commentary describing a chronological sequential timeline of events than you can find anywhere on the internet. Google, NASA, the US Govt and the Media are doing everything possible to hide Nibiru from the people in order to avoid sending the global population into panic, when in reality they are withholding valuable lifesaving information as accomplices to deliberate global genocide.

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