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AT: Planet X – Not Real

If planet X was really out there it would have been discovered a long time ago

Robbins, Ph.D. in Astrophysics, 9

(Stuart, Exposing PseudoAstronomy, “Planet X and 2012: Why Planet X Is NOT Coming in 2012”, 2/3/9, http://pseudoastro.wordpress.com/2009/02/03/planet-x-and-2012-why-planet-x-is-not-coming-in-2012/, accessed 6/28/11, CW)

The claim has often been made that it’s out there but we just haven’t observed it yet — after all, the sky is a big place! But, this claim is just wrong. We don’t have to observe the object with telescopes to know it’s there. After all, we don’t observe dark matter, but we know it’s there (and I will cover dark matter denialism in another post). We know dark matter is present because we observe its gravitational effects. And so if there were an unobserved, unseen Planet X that was fast-approaching Earth – even if it were 4 years away – we would know about it. Spacecraft would be slightly off-target. Planets would be where they’re supposed to be. There are thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers out there who are searching the sky every night to look at known objects or looking for unknown objects. If a planet were experiencing the gravitational effects of an incoming planet or star, the masses of people who rely upon calculated orbits without that object would notice that something was wrong. The argument that amateurs wouldn’t know any better is also fallacious because quite often, amateur astronomers are better-versed with the sky than most professional astronomers. A professional astronomer – even if they are an observationalist, may know a few constellations, but likely they will only know where their object or objects of interest lie (I’m speaking from experience here). Amateurs, on the other hand, are very well-versed with where objects are in the sky, what you can see if you look in a certain patch, where asteroids will be, and where comets will be. So amateurs are more likely to notice the perturbations than professionals. The other claim is that Planet X is known about but Big Government is hiding it from You. In other words, the “conspiracy theory.” But again, this is really not possible. For the same reasons given above that many thousands of amateur astronomers would see the gravitational effects of this object, they would also very likely find the object. Amateur telescopes can observe asteroids that are as small as a few tens of kilometers across (the size of a city). There’s no way that they would miss a planet – or especially a star – that is only 4 years away from hitting us. And there’s no way to keep many thousands of amateur astronomers from all over the world quiet.

AT: Planet X – Not Real

History doesn’t side with Planet X theorists – it’s merely their own misinterpretations of history

Robbins, Ph.D. in Astrophysics 9

(Stuart, , Exposing PseudoAstronomy, “Planet X and 2012: Why a 3600-Year Planet X” (Nibiru) Doesn’t Exist, 2/6/9, http://pseudoastro.wordpress.com/2009/02/06/planet-x-2012-why-a-3600-year-planet-x-nibiru-doesnt-exist/, accessed 6/28/11, CW)

Disclaimer: This is another case of proving a negative, which you really can’t do in astronomy. However, the evidence that I can present that it didn’t come by should either convince you or cast serious doubt on much of the other evidence that people present for it having come by. And that’s really in this simple statement: Planet X folks place huge emphasis on the skill of ancient civilizations to make astronomical observations. The Mayans had their amazing calendar and knew everything about Venus’ orbit. The Chinese have the oldest records of comets. All 15 major civilizations in 705 B.C. apparently revised their calendar within the next 5 years due to observing Earth’s year had switched from 360 days per year to 365. These are all major pieces of “evidence” for various claims in the Planet X and 2012 doomsday scenario and conspiracy. So let’s assume that’s correct. If that is correct, then these same civilizations, a mere 3600 (nearly) years ago must have observed something as large as a planet that reached – if nothing else – as close as the inner solar system. After all, the Chinese could see comets, much smaller than a planet. They could see Saturn, much farther away than Mars (by a factor of around 25 times). And they knew that these objects were different than regular stars. They recorded them. Practically every civilization knew about them. And yet, somehow, there exist no records whatsoever of a planetary body encroaching on the inner solar system. If nothing else, this is the blatant logical fallacy of “inconsistency.” They were great astronomers. Yet they all managed to miss this gigantic event. The only efforts I’ve seen that attempt to explain this simply are required to resort to conspiracy theories: The evidence was there but every single shred of it, and everyone who knew about it, has been kept hidden by the world governments. Except for those token few who manage to get the truth out, past the Army of Darkness, to be brought into the Light. (Yet somehow they are not subject to attempts of silencing.)

AT: Planet X – Not Real

It’s physically impossible for Planet X to exist

NoPlanetX 8 (2012 predictions, “ A helping of TRUTH (Why Planet X can not and does not exist)”, 10/25/11, http://2012predictions.org/helping-truth-why-planet-can-not-and-does-not-exist-t201.html, accessed 6/28/11, CW)

That link leads to a website full of doomsday scenarios. There is a page about Planet X, look for it. You can read it if you want, but you don't have to, since I'm basically going to summarize scientific reasons why Planet X is impossible. (I know it refers to the 2003 prediction, but the proof would otherwise be scientifically and historically sound) 1. The laws of physics prevent an object with the supposed mass of Planet X to orbit around the sun in the same way as a comet. Even if it could, it would eventually become apart of the same kind of orbit Earth and all the other planets follow. 2. Nibiru doesn't mean what Planet X doomsayers believe they are. It means ferry boat in Sumerian. And as for the Babylonians? They sometimes used the word to describe the movement of Jupiter, or Marduck as it was also referred to. So Nibiru is nothing more than another way to say Jupiter. 3. One man (Zecharia Sitchin) managed to mix up the word of ancient civilizations and accidentally came up with a doomsday prophecy when, in fact, such a thing was never predicted. In fact, both the Sumerian's and the Babylonians thought the Earth was a disk, and there for astronomically ignorant. If they couldn't figure out the Earth was round, how could they ever predict the end of the world via a large celestial body? 4. Mathematically, Planet X cannot exist. If Planet X is coming in 2012 like people think it will, and if Planet X comes around ever 3600 years like I've heard it does, then we wouldn't be alive right now. 3600 years before the year 2012, humans were already on the face of the Earth. In the Year 1588 B.C., the year when Planet X would have passed us by, there were plenty of civilizations running around before and after this year. During the entire 16th century B.C., there was the Fifteenth through eighteenth dynasties of Egypt, the Shang Dynasty of China, the First dynasty of Babylon, the Vedic civilization of India, the Mayas, the Greek, the Mycenaean, as well as many others. And they all lived through the year 1588 B.C. Furthermore, none of them have left any known mention of any strange events, so it is obvious that even if Planet X does exist, it has a much wider time frame than 3600 years. (I only checked one source for the year, so that's my fault). 5. To WhatsUpWithThis. If Planet X DID pass us by when Pompeii was destroyed, then why didn't Planet X affect the entire world? Why didn't fire and brimstone wipe out entire civilizations? Why didn't giant meteors of death kill thousands? Why didn't anyone notice anything in the sky? Because Planet X did not pass us by. And as for the so-called discovery in 1983? It's true that two astronomers found a strange body in the sky, but it was just a distant galaxy. Go ahead if you have any other pro-X theories you want to challenge me with. And what does the Solar Plain have to do with anything? 6. The following website disproves Planet X quickly. http://www.planet-x.150m.com/index.html (Still on 2003, but the facts are good otherwise) 7. The Earth wouldn't just "stop" if Planet X came along. A planet can't just "stop" rotating. 8. Zetatalk. 9. Planet X was predicted to come in 2003... Nope, we're still here. 10. To Pandora. For one, 2003 UB313, or Eris as it is now known as, is only 23% larger than Pluto. Largest body discovered since Neptune? I don't think so. Eris would be dwarfed many times over if compared to Neptune, as would Pluto and our Earth, with is larger than both Pluto and Eris. It is also classified as a dwarf planet now, so it is no longer the tenth planet, as Pluto is no longer the ninth. Finally, when I say Planet X, I am referring to "Nibiru", "Marduck", and just about any other name for a giant f**king planet speeding towards Earth in a very elliptical orbit, and not a hypothetical planet (Not dwarf planet, mind you) that is beyond Neptune, but still resides in our Solar System. I am not completely rejecting the latter, but I'm leaning towards that it doesn't exist. The former doesn't exist period.

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