Grade 12 Study Guides T. Holomisa, E. M. J. C schaller, D. J. Brown, B. de Klerk

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4. TB and HIV and AIDS risks for inbound tourists
4.1 The risk of TB for inbound tourists

Tuberculosis (TB) is a preventable and curable infectious bacterial disease. It is prevalent in South Africa. Examples of behaviours of inbound tourists that increase their likelihood of being exposed to the risk of TB include
• Traveling on a flight lasting longer than eight hours while being seated within two rows of an infected passenger
• Using overcrowded, public transport and accommodation options
• Spending time in poorly ventilated and overcrowded environments, such as indoor events and festivals.
4.2 The risk of HIV and AIDS for inbound tourists

Tourists must be aware of the risk of HIV and AIDS when they travel as there is no vaccine available to prevent infection.
5. Recommended health precautions when visiting health risk areas

The WHO recommends six general health precautions for tourists visiting health risk areas. Their six Is are
• Insects Have repellents and medication available
• Ingestion Drink bottled water and eat uncontaminated food
• Indiscretion Prevent HIV
• Injury Carry a traveller’s first aid kit. Apply sunblock Immersion Avoid swimming in freshwater rivers and dams
• Insurance Use preventative medicine and have medical insurance. The safety of tourists when they are in South Africa is important for the following reasons
• Tourism generates income
• Tourism creates jobs
Infrastructure development
• Community development.

Unit 5 Travel documentation
Tourists need travel documents to gain entry into a country for security, health, safety, and identification. These documents change from country to country.

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