Grade 12 Study Guides T. Holomisa, E. M. J. C schaller, D. J. Brown, B. de Klerk

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Gr12-Tourism-Study-Guide LR
Term 4
Topic 1
1. Company image, Company staff, Physical appearance and product packaging, Company customer policies, Marketing material, Company environmental policies.
2. Uniforms, Appropriate dress code, Good personal hygiene and grooming, Interaction with customers, Good communication skills.
3. The National Defence Force, The National Intelligence Agency, The South African Secret Service, Unpaid volunteers working for charity.
4. Employer and employee details, Employment details, Payment details, Leave details,
Notice/contract period.
5. Workers are not allowed to work more than 45 hours a week or nine hours a day.
6. Overtime must be paid at 1,5 times the normal wage.
7. A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual, party or business. The code of conduct thus takes the aims and objectives of the organisation into account. The code of conduct contains procedures to follow in certain situations and requires certain behaviours.
8. South African National Parks and the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA).

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