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Topic 2 Map work and tour planning

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Topic 2 Map work and tour planning
Planning is very important in any industry and more so in the tourism industry than most because attention to detail makes the difference between a successfully planned our and an unsuccessful one. In this topic you will learn about
• Tour plans and route planning
• Compiling a day-by-day itinerary
Compiling a tour budget
• The concepts World Health Organisation, health certificates, travel clinics, compulsory and recommended vaccinations
• Health and safety precautions for tourists travelling to high-risk destinations
• Required travel documentation for tourists travelling between countries
• Customs regulations when departing from or arriving in South Africa
The concepts duty free goods, prohibited goods, green channel, red channel, to declare, travel allowances
• World time zones and daylight saving time
• The impact of time zones and daylight saving on travel planning
• Calculating arrival and departure times with and without daylight saving time
• Jet lag and jet fatigue.

Tour plans and route planning
• Developing tour plans
• Route planning
• Choice of transport and accommodation to suit customers needs and preferences
• Choice of tourist attractions and activities to suit tourists profiles
Compiling a tour budget
• Factors influencing the development of a budget
A basic tour budget

Health and Safety
1. Health
• Concepts related to health
• Precautions to take when travelling to high- risk destinations
• Vaccinations required for entering/leaving areas of high risk
• TB and HIV and AIDS risks for inbound tourists
• Recommended health precautions when visiting health risk areas
2. Safety of tourists
• Reasons why the safety of tourists in South Africa is important
• General safety precautions for tourists

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