Grade 12 Study Guides T. Holomisa, E. M. J. C schaller, D. J. Brown, B. de Klerk

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Gr12-Tourism-Study-Guide LR
Compiling a day by day itinerary
• The main aspects of an itinerary
• Requirements of logical itinerary planning
• Drawing up itineraries according to different scenarios
Travel documentation
• Required travel documents
• An international driver’s permit (IDP)
• Passports
• Visas
• Completing an application form
• Customs regulations

World time zones
• Concepts
• Introduction to a world timezone map
• Daylight saving time (DST)
• The impact of time zones and DST on
• travel planning and travelling
Calculations of world times when travelling
between countries
• Calculating arrival, departure and flying time
• Jet lag and jet fatigue

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Unit 1 Tour plans and route planning
1. Developing tour plans People travel for many different reasons. Whatever the reason if it is well planned it is more likely to be successful.
1.1 What is a tour plan

A good tour plan should indicate
• The route the tour will follow
• The length of the tour
• The mode of transport
The type of accommodation
• The meals and drinks offered
• The places of interest and attractions visited
• Leisure time for the tourist
The dates of the tour
• Cost of the tour (budget.
1.1.1 Types of tours

Packaged tour: Is also known as an inclusive tour because the price is all-inclusive. The itinerary fora packaged tour is planned in advance.
Escorted packaged tour A tour guide escorts the tour and takes care of all services from the beginning to the end of the tour.
Group packaged tour These tours are popular with first time travellers and for tourists who prefer to travel in a group. The itinerary is set and cannot be changed and because the tour was organised for large groups of tourists makes the tour more affordable.

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