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Independent packaged tour These tours are planned to meet the individual needs of the tourist and are flexible and can be changed if necessary.
Scheduled tours Scheduled tours have a timetable with set departure and arrival times.
1.3 Tourists profiles

A tourist profile is a summary of personal information and facts relevant to the tourist’s wants and expectations. The tourist profile helps the travel agent plan a tour and make sure that the needs of the tourist are met.
1.4 Available budget

A tour budget is calculated using the costs of the different tour components. They include

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• Accommodation
• Meals included in the tour
Attractions, including entrance fees, permits and optional extras
• Additional costs, including airport tax, service charge, etc.
1.5 Available time

When developing a tour plan, it is important to consider how much time a tourist has available. Steps need to betaken to avoid wasting time while also ensuring tourists have adequate leisure and relaxation time.
2. Route planning

Route planning involves choosing the best way to travel to all the destinations identified in the tour plan. The distances between the places visited en route must betaken into account. The following will help to develop a logical route plan
• Knowledge of the geography of the region
• A variety of maps
• Distance tables to determine distances between major cities
• Computers or smartphones Tour brochures, travel guidebooks, and travel magazines.
3. Choice of transport and accommodation to suit customers needs and preferences

3.1 Transport

Tour plans use a variety of transport options for each leg of a tour. Examples include cars, buses, planes, etc. A customer’s choice of transport may also be influenced by how environment friendly they are. They might take into account by these facts
• Fuel emissions from motorised vehicles are harmful to the environment
• Aircraft emit CO and other greenhouse gases into the upper atmosphere
• Oil, black water, greywater, rubbish, hazardous waste, ballast water, diesel and CO from cruise liners pollute the sea and harm coral reefs and marine life.

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