Graduate Assistantship for Campus Prevention Programs crossroads: uncw substance Abuse Prevention & Education Program

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Graduate Assistantship for Campus Prevention Programs

CROSSROADS: UNCW Substance Abuse Prevention & Education Program

The position will assist the Assistant Director of CROSSROADS in providing campus programs intended to educate students about alcohol and other drug issues and influence perceptions, beliefs, and behavior to reduce high-risk drinking. Duties include presentations for classrooms and student groups, assisting peer educators in planning and delivering educational programs, and facilitating educational programs. In addition, the GA will assist in the development and dissemination of digital and real-world information and resources related to alcohol and drug use, addiction, and recovery. Experience with program planning, public speaking, managing social media, and effective substance abuse prevention preferred. Evening and weekend commitments. 20 Hours per week. 10-month position with training beginning in early August.

To apply, please email application and your resume or curriculum vitae to or return it to the CROSSROADS offices in DePaolo #2105 or Student Recreation Center #104.

You will be contacted to arrange an interview. If you have any questions, please contact Aimee Hourigan at (910) 962-7458.

Name: Date of Application:
Address: Local Phone:

Student ID: Date of Birth:

Graduate Program: Expected Graduation:

Names and phone numbers of two references.

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What do you feel you could contribute to this position(s)? Why do you want to work with substance abuse prevention and education?
How would a position in substance abuse prevention enhance your overall graduate program and/or professional goals?
Describe your experiences facilitating group discussions and public speaking.
Describe your experiences leading others in planning events or programs.
Do you have specific interests in the area of substance abuse prevention that you would like to make a part of your assistantship?

I understand that I must have at least a 2.5 GPA and maintain good disciplinary standing in order to be considered for this position. My signature below authorizes CROSSROADS to verify my grade point average and conduct history at UNCW now and/or during employment.


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