Guide to Clear Thinking

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Definition:  Use of power to coerce the desired reaction or silence the opposition.
Catch-phrase:  We’re only trying to he'p you . . .
Examples:   Medieval: torture.  2001: Threatening the Kansas school board that its students might not be accepted at universities if they voted to diminish the teaching of evolution.  Sennacherib’s threats to inhabitants of Jerusalem from the city walls (II Kings 18:26-27)  Sending in the tanks at Tiananmen Square 

Hecklers at speeches  Phone threats  ACLU threatening an expensive lawsuit if a school allows a biology teacher to present Intelligent Design ideas (or even weaknesses of evolution)  Bowling Green State University: colleagues of Dr. Jerry Bergman (creationist) told him if they discovered a student was a conservative Christian, they would fail him or her.  Dr. Trevor Phillips said, “I don’t think these kind of people should get degrees, and I’m going to do what I can to stop them.”  Threatening creationist professors with loss of tenure, or forbidding them to publish and then claiming “creationists never publish anything.”  See Ben Stein’s movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and Jerry Bergman’s book Slaughter of the Dissidents for examples of Darwinist persecution of Darwin-doubters.
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