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Disorders of blood coagulation

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Disorders of blood coagulation

Abnormal bleeding may be caused by:

  1. Damage to vascular endothelium

  2. Reduction in platelet numbers

  3. Defective platelet function

  4. Disorders of blood coagulation

Disorders of blood coagulation can result in to uncontrolled haemorrhaging into joints, muscles and deep tissues with the formation of haematomas. Coagulation disorders may be classified into 2 categories:

A). Hereditary

This include:

Haemophilia A due to deficiency of anthaemophilic factor (factor VIII). It is the commonest hereditary coagulation disorder.

Haemophilia B (Christmas disease) due to deficiency of factor IX.

Von-Willebrands disease caused by deficiency or abnormality of the Von-Willebrands factor resulting in a defect of platelet adhesion.
NB: Haemophilia is carried by females and affect males

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