Healing through Astrology and Greek Mythology

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Planets’ nature matches that of Signs. The planet that has the same nature with a Sign is called the Ruler of that Sign. The rulings are as follows:

Aries – Mars
Taurus – Venus
Gemini – Mercury
Cancer – Moon
Leo – Sun
Virgo – Mercury
Libra – Venus
Scorpio – Pluto
Sagittarius – Jupiter
Capricorn – Saturn
Aquarius – Uranus
Pisces – Neptune
In an aspect between planets, the outer one always influences the inner one. Starting from the inner ones and ending with the outer ones, the order is:
Moon – Sun – Mercury – Venus – Mars – Jupiter – Saturn – Uranus – Neptune – Pluto.
So, the last Planets colour the first ones. In the Pluto-Mars pair, Mars is coloured, in the Uranus-Mercury pair, Mercury is coloured, in the Saturn-Venus pair, Venus is coloured by Saturn etc.
In our example on the Chart, we have the Sun and Mars both in Leo and in the same degrees. Both the Sun and Mars are coloured by the Sign, but the Sun is also coloured by Mars. As we saw, Mars is like Aries as that’s its Ruler, so that Sun also receives Aries features, such as impatience, nervousness, etc. In the trine aspect between the Moon and Venus, the Moon is coloured by Venus as a more inner planet. So, we look at the aspects and the properties of the planets and we draw a conclusion about how those influence our psyche.
A test to experiment in the connection between planets.
Which Signs’ features does:
The Sun have in Aquarius in the 6th House in opposite aspect with Neptune?
The Moon have in Gemini in the 1st House in trine aspect with Saturn?
Mercury have in Scorpio in the 3rd House in conjunct aspect with Pluto?
The Sun has Aquarius features because of the Sign it’s in, Virgo features because of the 6th House and Pisces features because of the opposition with Neptune. The opposition is an unfavourable (malefic) aspect, so it receives the drawbacks of the Planet Neptune, that is, the drawbacks of Pisces.
The Moon has Gemini features, Aries features because of the 1st House and Capricorn features because of the trine aspect with Capricorn’s Ruler, Saturn. The trine aspect is a favourable (benefic) one, so the Moon receives the advantages of the planet and Capricorn.
Mercury has Scorpio features, Gemini features because of the 3rd House, and Scorpio features because of the conjunct aspect with Scorpio’s Ruler, Pluto. Conjuncts are neither benefic nor malefic, but Pluto is a malefic planet, so it gives malefic features when it colours another planet in conjunct aspect. So, this Mercury has bold Gemini features, as it’s that Sign’s Ruler, that is, it’s in the House that’s its place, and bold Scorpio features, as it’s in Scorpio but also in conjunct aspect with Scorpio’s Ruler.
It takes time and study to fully understand all the above. For now, they can help you begin the interpretation journey of your own astrological Chart.


Two focal points of our Chart that need to be mentioned are the Nodes of the moon. Their symbols are:

North Node

South Node

Those are two important points that reveal to us the journey of the Soul. The North Node is placed exactly opposite from the South Node and, depending on the Zodiac Sign they are in, they show us: The South our past, who we were and what we leave behind and the North our future, what we came to complete in the life we live, what is the lesson we must learn so that we move on. They are the points that show us where we come from and where we are going. In our example, the North Node is in Leo, so the South is in Aquarius. This shows us the past of a rebel who cannot be subjugated, opposition, loneliness, someone who in this life acquires leading and creating abilities and is ready to demonstrate them to his community. In most people, we see that the South Node is strong, meaning that they are stuck with old habits of the soul and do not want to walk along towards their destiny, on the way the North Node is showing them. In such cases, we must look at how the Nodes meet with the planets. For some the road to evolution is easy while for others it is tough. But the aim of our life journey is achieving to cross that path.
This way, we will have learnt our lesson and we will be able to evolve but also reach faster to the Catharsis… to the Creator… to Heaven. If we do not accept the difficult road and remain at a standstill, we are probably simply recycled and turn over the same things for a long time or over many lives…
These two points are also called Dragons, with the North Node being the head and the South being the tail of the Dragon, two points in the Sky that are found where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the Sun’s orbit as those two can be seen from the Earth, that is, with the geocentric system used by Astrology, as we have pointed out that in reality (Heliocentric System) the Sun does not move.
At most points of the Zodiac, as it rotates, the Moon is found a little above or a little under the Sun whenever they are at the same degrees. However, when they meet close to the Nodes, the Moon covers the Sun, as their trajectories meet. The closer they are to the intersection point (the Nodes point) the more total the eclipse.

The point from which the Moon ascends north of the ecliptic is called North Node, while the point from which it descends south of it is called South Node.

Later on, while wandering in the myths of Ancient Greece, we will see explicit references to the Moon’s Nodes that are presented to us as Dragons and guide us to the journey of our Soul.

So far, this is enough for someone to acquire a basic knowledge of Astrology and be able to interpret their Astrological Birth Chart, so that they can proceed and learn about how this is all connected with the myths, as well as how it is all interconnected.

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