Healing through Astrology and Greek Mythology


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“In one of my travels, I decided to ‘increase’ my volume, to get out of my house, and become as big as a block of flats, then get 100 metres tall, and start seeing all the cities around me, and grow more to reach the highest mountains, to become even taller, and become 70 km high and 10 km wide. Then, I jump out of the Earth. I stand right before it, looking at it. We become equal, and I start chatting with Earth, using the language of Εmotion.

- You’ re so beautiful! Full of so many colours! I’d like to be colourful like you! And strong! You’re proudly eddying around yourself!
- You’ re beautiful in your own unique way. Everything’s beautiful in the Universe, each thing in its own form, but partaking of the same Essence, governed by the same Laws, Geometry and Karma, but above all Justice. Whatever I am, you are, as well, and so are the beings that live inside of you. We are all Transmitters and Receivers of energy and emotion. We all play the same game, we all run the same software.

- Oh, you speak so wisely ! How can I upgrade my own beings, so that they won’t take ill, and can give me energy and pure thoughts?

- What you’ve just asked me hurts…I carry some beings on me that have made me sick! Still, I know that I have to grin and bear it, until they come full circle, and recover when the time comes…

- I have a virus inside me that pesters me. Does this remind you of your own beings? What can I do about it?

- Whatever you do…if you don’t let it come full circle, as this is how everything works, it won’t leave you alone. It will do what it has to do, then it will “die,” and its matter will turn into something else.
- So be it… I’ll be patient. What’s going on with the other beings inside me? Is there something I can do, so that they won’t take ill, or give me any hard time every so often?
- These are part of a bigger plan. If you feel ready to change, they will change too. The same holds for my own beings. If I change and go up one level, they will have to follow. It’s the famous power of Necessity. Perhaps, the opposite is true, as well. It may all start from the Microcosm, not the Macrocosm. Perhaps, it’s of little importance where it all begins… If it starts from somewhere, it means that there is a beginning and an ending. Is there?
- Don’t ask me! I’m a simple person. You are the wise one!
- I doubt it! What makes you think we’re different? You are what I am. Haven’t you understood anything from what we’ve been discussing so far?
- OK. Er…one last question. I don’t want to tire you out. You may be busy! Who does all this? Who pulls the Strings, and why?

- He who Rules over all, God. The ‘why’ is something I don't know, either. If and when you find it out, let me know.

After this cute text, we see the effect of Galaxies on Constellations, the Constellations on the Planets, the Planets on us, and we on the Microcosm within…Everything is One! As soon as we realise it, we “hear” and vibrate to the music of Universal Love!
The whole World is an ocean of energy, where everything affects one another. The Universe is made up of Galaxies that contain Constellations, Constellations include Solar Systems, and every Solar system has a Sun in the middle with Planets revolving around it. Every Planet seems to be affected by what “seems” to go around it. This is the Geocentric System, according to which Astrology works.
Let’s talk about the Earth at this point. Supposing that a life form is born at some point on this planet. The map of the sky at the time of its birth is instantly recorded like a photo, that is its astrological chart. Whatever is in the sky at the time is inside our psyche. We are stardust, children of the Stars. Our brain centres are just like the Sky. They say that the Universe is holographic. Whatever exists at one point exists everywhere. Why is it, then, that we differ so much from one another, while we are so much alike?
The Sky is never the same, it constantly changes, and the Archetypes inside us are tangled up in a different way in each person. There will never be two beings with two identical Archetypes. Every single second, everything changes, and nothing is as it used to be before.
Ancient Greeks possessed this knowledge, and hid it in codes inside the Pantheon and the events of Mythology. The 12 Gods are the Archetypes, our centres, the way we live our lives, and the mythological events take place inside our souls. As for the Heroes Ulysses and Hercules, their trials and tribulations are the Soul’s journey around the Zodiac Circle.
Let’ s describe the way in which all this is possible! It is a matter of frequencies.


In mythology, Apollo combines four seemingly different arts together: archery, soothsaying, music and medicine.

With archery, the Sun shoots its darts, like light cast on the darkness of our souls. With soothsaying, one can acquire an insight by uniting the conscious and the unconscious, and controls his destiny, becoming the Lord of himself. Music is frequencies, the vibrations of the Universe. Every-thing across the Universe translates into vibrations. Every Being has its own music, every astrological chart has its own frequency, and it is given off. It is the music played by the Planets and the Stars at the time of the being’s birth, and this is what follows it. When there is a discordance between the music of specific Planets-Archetypes in the Astrological chart, it is a challenge for the person to bring these Planets in harmony. Herein lies Apollo’s last art: medicine. One heals himself by changing he’s internal frequencies that lead to self-healing. Still, one can be healed by the outside environment, as well, by listening to the right kind of “music,” that is the harmony of nature, outside artificial places, or even someone else’s “music”—someone the person is in a positive synastry with, that is their frequencies fit, The planets’ positions on each astrological chart meet each other in positive aspects, so there can be healing.
Let us talk now about self-healing. It is a fact that, if we cannot attune our inner world to the Universe on our own, someone else difficulty will do this for us.

Thinking causes vibrations…it creates matter. When someone is thinking in a discordant way, that is they are fraught with fears and uncontrollable passions, they send the wrong kind of messages to the natural body, which has as a result the occurrence of a problem in a specific organ.

Sometimes, we see this happening directly. After a grim thought, our stomach is in knots, or we get itchy, all of a sudden. What we need to do is clear our thoughts…make them more positive. It’s not that simple, of course. We have to pinpoint the cause of bad thoughts, find their root, and denature them. There is certainly some bad event lying behind what cannot change…What changes, though, is the way we view it. Furthermore, quite often, we get worked up about situations that have not happened yet, trying to prevent them; in other words, we live with nonexistent fears. Behind these lies some tough astrological aspect we have to work on.
This is not easy. It takes patience, perseverance, and frankness with oneself. The first step is an attempt at Self-Awareness…Who I am, not who I think I am. . To embark on this process, we will have to stop going about our routine activities for some minutes every day, and relax. Either through meditation or prayer, or through breathing exercises. As soon as we reach a state of tranquillity, we will be able to think with a clearer mind. It would be better if we devote some minutes to this activity every day. It is healing for the soul and the body as we get rid of the toxins we have accumulated from stress and grim thoughts. After we do this for several days—at least for a week—, we will realise we are stronger. We will have to view any event in a calm way. We will have to go back to the past, and consider every “bad” event that happened to us, in an attempt to see clearly what it really gave us. Could it be that through this event we were forced to LOOK deeply into ourselves? Could it have been the springboard for a new life or a different way to deal with situations? What sort of people would we be if we didn’t go through any difficulties?
Whatever happens to us is of major help. We must deal with it calmly, and try to see what it really brings into our lives, that is we must sneak into our subconscious, and speak to our Soul. Soul knows the journey… We are our Soul!


After we ponder all this, we start looking “behind the curtain” and seeing what results negative events have brought us. Then we FORGIVE those who caused these negative events as they actually did us a whole lot of good. When this happens, our heart opens up, and we feel grateful to God and the Universe. Then, we relax and live every single moment of our lives without thinking how this or that will come along, since we will have understood that, if it goes well, it will be alright, if it doesn’t go well, it will be for a reason, and there will be some karmic lesson that we will have to learn. So, stress and sadness go away, and we live the ‘here and now’. ‘Here and Now’ is the only Real thing as the past is something that is over, and exists only as a memory, and the future is something that has not yet taken place. By living with our memories to a great extent, reminiscing about the past, or being alert for things that will happen, making plans that may never work out, we miss out on beautiful Now, which is the beauty of life, and the only thing that brings serenity, bliss, and healing.


After we achieve all this, it’s time for deep Self-Awareness, so we study our Astrological Chart, and focus on a specific touch aspect for some time, trying to elevate it. Then, we do the same for the rest of the aspects. However, it is a long process that may take us a lifetime to complete. It is a very beautiful journey towards Self-Awareness, which changes our lives, and creates happy people.


Regarding the tough astrological aspects that we may expect, having studied our Astrological Chart, I cite an excerpt from Neoplatonic philosopher Proclus. In his work “Commentary on Ptolemy,” analyses the usefulness of Astrology and, in Chapter 17, he replies to those who say that there is no point in knowing the future:

Because, first of all, we have to examine this: That even those events that happen under necessity either bring fear, or are pleasant, if they take place unexpectedly, then they cause panic due to the fears, and frenzy because of sudden joy. However, if they are predicted, they inure the soul through prognosis, and prepare it through studying things that do not exist as if they did exist. And, if they happen to take place, they make the soul accept them with peace and calm.”
So, how can we identify when a hard aspect is on the way? We must know well in which degrees of which Signs the planets on our Birth Chart are found. Then, we take a look at the position in which planets are each day, that is, which are the planets’ transits. We have learnt the aspects and their functionality, so we can figure out when a planet "sees" one of our birth planets or our ascendant in an aspect. We emphasise the Sun, the Moon, and our Ascendant, as far as our Birth Chart is concerned. As for each day’s transits, we emphasise: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. If, for example, we have our Sun or Moon in 17Ο Cancer, when Pluto gets to 17Ο Capricorn, it sees the planet that’s in 17Ο Cancer in an aspect of 180 degrees (opposite). If Jupiter is in 17Ο Libra, it sees it in a 90-degrees aspect (square).

The unfavourable aspect of an unfavourable planet brings along its unfavourable qualities. The favourable aspect of an unfavourable planet brings along its favourable qualities. Jupiter is a favourable planet and is “kind” to us in either favourable or unfavourable aspects with other planets. You must know well what was said on the first pages of the book, so that you make the right combinations easily… The key to the Knowledge of Astrology is combinations.

When it comes to Futurology, we don’t just look at planet transits. A Futurologist combines numerous systems in order to find a result. Those systems need Astrology courses; they cannot be understood by reading a few pages. The transits (today’s Astrological Chart) alone can only give us a general idea about what awaits us, but not specific events. In this book, the features of every Sign or planet are mentioned in a few lines, but for further analysis, one will need to read several books to help them get the full picture.

If we implement even half of what I have mentioned, we will have reached a level where we will be aware of the flow of events, and external factors will not easily assail our disposition. This is because our Will will be very strong, like an impregnable Wall.

If we begin to implement all of the above, we will see that bliss will knock on our door, and stay. Nothing will be the same as before. No external factor will affect our internal wonderful Universe, or shatter our peace. We will be imbued with Love.
Hell and Paradise are here. It is incumbent on our Will if we will choose our Life here to be either of the two…


As we said, our life here is but a journey… everything that is born and dies has a Beginning and an End, whether on a microcosmical level, where we find one sole life, or on a macrocosmical level, where many lives may exist in the journey of the Soul, which comes from the Material World, gets incarnated, completes the experiences of the Zodiac Cycle and goes back to its destination: its reunion with the Divine. The Beginning and the End of the Cycles is symbolized by the Eclipse, that is, the union of the Sun and the Moon (Sun conjuct Moon). We talked about Eclipse in a previous chapter, when we talked about the Moon’s Nodes.

In ancient peoples, we find that, during an Eclipse, tradition presents the head of a Dragon eating the Sun, while right after, at the end of the Eclipse, the Sun comes out of the Dragon’s mouth victorious. We find such references in the opus Mahabharata in which Kala Rau wants to devour the Sun God Vishnu, and in Egyptian tradition where the Sun God Ra fights with the reptile Apophis, while in China and Peru, there was the conviction that Dragons attack the Sun during the Eclipses. The ritual that most people followed was to shout out loud and beat drums with the aim to scare the Dragon and reinforce the Sun in the fight. We also find something similar to that in Roman tradition, in which the people holler to give power to Apollo and help him beat the Dragon…
Let’s stay on Greek mythology, where we find a newborn Apollo, who is the Sun in our astrological chart, Destroying the Python, guard of the Delphi Oracle, with the help of Hephaestus who gave him a golden quiver with arrows.

The Nymphs and Apollo’s mother, Leto, watched the fight while encouraging the Sun - God. Then, they chanted Paean and other hymns to celebrate his victory. That incident gave birth to the Pythian Games, which were celebratory sporting events in Delphi, in honor of the Sun God Apollo and constituted the most important event, second only to the Olympic Games. In a previous version of the myth, the Dragon is female and goes by the name of Delfyni, giving the name Delphi to that region.
With the vanquishing of the Python meant that the latter’s secrets and Knowledge would pass to the hands of the Sun-Apollo. So he prevailing as the Pythian Apollo. It is now Apollo who, through Pythia, gives oracles; those are ambiguous as he leaves us the choice.
In Mythology, the Dragons are the North and the South Node of the Moon, with the North Node being the head and the South is the tail of the Dragon. Our Sun, as an Archetype, possesses the Knowledge of the Nodes of the Moon, that is, where we come from and where we are going, what is our purpose. It is a piece of knowledge we carry on our subconscious. This takes us back to the soothsaying quality of the Sun-Apollo we mentioned on page…
The Sun is our Sign, but is also the symbolic journey of the Hero around the Zodiac Circle, starting from the Aries and completing the journey in Pisces. Just as the Sun moves around the Zodiac in a circle every year, it is the journey of the Soul through the Zodiac, to the World of Genesis.
To continue with the Dragons, another Dragon was the Colchian Dragon who guarded the Golden Fleece in the forest of the god Ares. When the Hero Jason arrived, according to a version pictured on an amphora, the Dragon eats Jason and then lets him out again, next to the Goddess Athena. In another version, Medea causes the Dragon to sleep and Jason kills him. That contact between the two made the Sun-Jason the new keeper of the Dragon’s secrets. Jason is a Solar Hero. He governs the Argo and embarks on a sea voyage aiming to take the Golden Fleece.

The ship Argo embarks on its journey as the Soul. It is pushed off the land by fifty Argonauts, who constitute the necessary elements for the commencement of its existence in the material world. Step by step, it puts on its bodies and its chitons, until the beginning of lifes in Zodiac, in Colchis, in the sacred grove of the war god Ares. Once Jason has taken hold of the Golden Fleece, he begins along with Medea the journey Home back to the Creator. The ordeals they go through are our lives in this World until we come full Circle. Planet Mars is the ruler of Aries. Very often, we see the mythological facts with Dragons and Heroes to be connected to Mars or show us that the sun Hero or Apollo who is linked with the Sun, kill the dragons as newborns, that is, at the start of the journey. Also associated is the Sign of Taurus which comes second in line in the Zodiac and has to do with how the Soul, beginning from the starting point, taking from Aries the Knowledge of the Dragons (North and South Nodes of the Moon), the Knowledge of the journey, finds the Point from which it will enter the physical world, the material world, where everything has a form, that is, it will enter a body. Let’s now see how they are connected…

Hercules, a Heliac (Sun) Hero, before embarking upon his journey in the Zodiac, still a newborn, strangled two pythons in his crib… God Apollo was a newborn too, when He killed the Python… The Colchian Dragon guarded the Golden Fleece of the ram in the forest of the god Ares.
Another dragon is the Ismenian Dragon who is a son of Ares. The Ismenian Dragon was found in Thebes by Cadmus who, having received an oracle in Delphi, followed a cow that had a spot identical to the Moon on its skin, as Pausanias narrates1. Cadmus created Thebes at the region where that cow stopped (cow is the female of Taurus). He then killed the Ismenian Dragon and sowed his teeth, from which grew out warriors, the Sparti (“sow-men”). Only five of them lived and they were the first citizens of Thebes. Following an order of the King of Colchis, Aeetes, Jason too sowed the teeth of the Colchian Dragon, using a plough hauled by bulls with fiery breaths… and others Spartoi grew out.
It is obvious that the journey starts from Aries Zodiac sign and its ruler, Ares, and it needs the Taurus to survive and live on. Aries is the impulsive seed that always seeks a uterus (Taurus) for fertilization and Life. This is why the Tropical Zodiac starts with Aries… There is another system that was used by Ancient Babylonians and is still in use today, it is called Draconic Zodiac2 and it functions by placing the North Node at the position 00Ο of Aries! It mostly studies the evolutionary course of the Soul…
There is another city that has the same beginning as Thebe. Ilus, son of Tros, according to an oracle he had received, followed a cow, also particularly spotted, and built the city of Troy (or Ilion) on the hill where that cow sat to rest… The beginning of Genesis… The Cow defines the point where energy takes shape and becomes material… The point where the Soul enters a body. And a new cycle begins… According to the Neoplatonist philosopher Proclus3 and other researchers, the Fall of Troy, has to do with the Purification of the Soul and its separation from its inferior elements, the chitons it receives during the Genesis, its bodies, that it must lose to return to the Spiritual World.
The Fall came with the Trojan Horse that the priest Laocoön did not trust and forewarned the Trojans “I fear the Danaans, even those bearing gifts”. However, the Trojans defied him and, enraged, he threw a javelin at the Horse. Then, two gigantic Pythons, by the names of Porkis and Charivia, came out of the sea and drowned him and his children. Afterwards, they curled up around the statue of the Goddess Athena. The Trojans were quick to consider that this was a favorable sign and welcomed the Horse… thus began the purgation through Fire (“Pur” in Greek), with the help of the Dragons. Why trough Fire ?
Through Fire, comes Catharsis… Hercules, wearing the chiton given to him by his wife Deianeira with centaur Nessus’ poison, was in such pain that he was tearing up his flesh. He begged for someone to burn him. Philoctetes felt sorry for him and burned him on the top of Mount Oeta. Zeus took him to the Mount Olympus… So, Troy was burnt too, as a Soul to be purged and go back to its Creator.
Thebes too fulfills the journey of the Soul. It started from the point where the cow sat, where the Ismenian Dragon, son of Ares, was; from the Dragon’s teeth came the Spartans, the first citizens. Moreover, Amphion with the lyre erects the seven gates of the city of Thebes4 where, according to Pausanias, there is a sanctuary of the Supreme (Ypatios) Zeus and a little lower, at the Neestes, there is a sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone. Pausanias also informs us that Neestes took their name from the last chord of the lyre5 Furthermore, there is a correspondence between the Worlds and the Gates. We have the seven musical notes, the seven Skies, the seven veils of Isis or Salome, the seven bodies-chitons of the Soul… those that “The Seven Against Thebes” by Aeschylus, come to conquer, who meet a young lady on their way, the Lemnian queen Hypsipyle, and ask her to lead them to a river to drink some water. So, she leaves a newborn alone, who has under her protection, son of the priest of Zeus, whom the Nemean Dragon devours and then gets killed by the Seven men. That incident led to the birth of the Nemean Games in honor of Zeus and the baby boy. The Seven, however, did not succeed at tearing down the walls of Thebes and ten years later, the Epigoni come and finish it over… The siege of Troy lasted ten years as well… Also, it took Odysseus ten years to go back to Ithaca… I think that, perhaps, the number ten is a symbolic number from the moment of the besiegement of the Spiritual World until the total “conquest” of the Soul, that is, since the point when the soul has already received all the lived experience of the Zodiac and embarks on the journey back to the Creator.
Draco’s Head is the name of the North Node point… In the words of Pausanias6, we also find that, on the way from Thebes to Glisantas, there is a region that the Thebans call “Draco’s Head” and the myth says that α snake had put its head out of its pit and profet Tiresias who happened to be there cuts its head with a knife giving that name to the region. According to Hesiod, there is also another myth around the prophet Tiresias. It says that while taking a walk on Mount Cyllene on the Peloponnese, he witnessed the mating of two snakes. The latter attacked him and he killed the female snake using his staff. Then he was transformed into a woman. Seven years later, at that same place, he saw once again the mating of two snakes. This time, he killed the male one and he was transformed back into a man. This is a representation of our Soul’s incarnations. The Soul uses lived experiences from both sexes on its journey. And the number seven is the number dominating in the material World, as we saw earlier. Also, in Glisantas, the place we said earlier, where the mount is (Ypatio mount), the mount of Zeus, took place the battle with the Epigoni (the End). So, where the North Node is, comes the End of the soul’s journey. This marks its final destination in this world before reaching its Creator.

We can see that in Greek mythology, there is much symbolism of the soul’s journey and of the start from Aries, and extensive reference to the fight between the Hero and the Dragons.

The Dragons are the guardians of Knowledge and bearers of the Mysteries. A challenge for our Sun is to learn their secrets, to learn where he comes from and which is his destination, to be found like Hercules in front of a Triode, that is, at a point where he has one path behind and two paths in front of him, where he will have to follow the tough road of Virtue or the easy road of Meanness. He will have to confront the double prophecy from the oracle of Delphi, Where Pythian Apollo, keeper of the Dragon’s secrets, showing him which is the right path to his evolution… If we follow the wrong path, we will experience the unavoidable sufferings in order for the Catharsis to come, in this or another life.

We must go back to our Astrological Chart to see where our North and South Nodes are, in which Signs and in which Houses, gain insight into those Signs and Houses in order to learn how they operate on us, see whether there are planets next to our North and South Nodes, if so which ones, and see in ourselves if we operate the South Node or the North one. In case we operate the affairs of the South, namely the tail of the Dragon, it means that we persist on living in the past and in situations that do not let us evolve. Usually, such issues are expressed as obsessions either in personal affairs or financial ones or in a need for imposition. Once we sort out where the problem that is holding us back not offering us happiness lies, we walk up to the North Node where we will find that which will bring us fulfillment and harmony.

So, as Heroes, we will be connected to the Dragons, the Nodes of the Moon, we will fight the obsessions and fears of the South Node, and we will move on to the completion that the Dragon’s head, the North Node, offers us.
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3. Proclus, Commentary on Plato’s Republic (1.175): “The myths want to indicate, I believe, through Helen, the whole of that beauty that has to do with the sphere in which things come to be and pass away and that is the product of the Demiurge. It is over this beauty that eternal war rages among souls, until the more intellectual are victorious over the less rational forms of life and return hence to the place from which they came”.
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