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UTILIZATION RATES: It is referred to the utility of the services health care programmes can be judged by record and reports maintained by health professionals.

It includes the air pollution, noise pollution and ratio active pollution, exposure to toxic substances in food or drink. Among these, the most useful indicators are those measuring the proportion of population having access to safe water and sanitation facilities.


These indicators do not directly measure health. Nevertheless, they are of great importance in the interpretation of the indicators of health care. These include:

  1. Rate of population increase

  2. Per capita GNP

  3. Level of unemployment

  4. Dependency ratio

  5. Family size

  6. Housing the number of person per room

  7. Per capita” calorie” availability.


Health policy means the health services which are specially designed for a particular age group, disease and health aspect for community welfare. The uses of these policies indicators that how much a person is aware about the health policies and the records of health policy indicator the utilization of health policies.

INDICATORS OF QUALITY OF LIFE: The quality of life is directly related to the socio-economic status of a person. If a person will be educated and having a job or proper earning sources he will have a quality life.
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