Health Evaluation through Logical Processing (help)

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Infectious Diseases

Over a course of 13 years, this feature of the HELP, initially only a prophylactic antibiotic reminder system, evolved into a very sophisticated 'antibiotic assistant' in 1998. This has resulted in a significant improvement in antibiotic administration costs, adverse drug reactions, and total patient care.

Management of Adverse Drug Reactions

By using the HELP systemadverse drug reactions were detected more than 80 times more, compared to manual methods. The system can help detect these events quickly and prevent the effects, which in turn, results in reduced length of hospitalization and considerable cost savings. The Adverse Drug Reaction subsystem within HELP monitors the patient data that is entered at the bedside. This subsystem inspects for heart rate, mental status, fever, anaphylaxis, signs of rash, and changes in respiratory rate, among other vital signs and indicators [5].


  1. Jump up Gardner, R. M., Pryor, T. A., & Warner, H. R. (1999). The HELP hospital information system: Update 1998. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 54(3), 169-182.

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