Health, safety and environment specification

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A light vehicle, heavy goods vehicle, bus or trailer.


Petroleum Development Oman LLC.

Asset Manager

The Company Manager responsible for a particular asset.

Department Head

Head of a Company Department.

Discipline Coordinator

The Company Manager responsible for an operational location.

Urban Area

An area containing housing/villas.


Any area on the Coast within Muscat or Salallah.


Any person driving on company business.

Light Vehicle (LV)

Any motor vehicle having a kerb weight less than or equal to 4000kg and having 8 passenger seats or fewer.

Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV)

Any motor vehicle with a kerb weight of more than 4000kg, which is designed specifically to pull a trailer or to carry cargo.


Any vehicle designed to be towed by a motor vehicle (including semi-trailers).

Kerb Weight

The unladen weight of a vehicle as recorded by the Royal Oman Police at registration.


Any motor vehicle with 9 or more passenger seats.

Light Bus (LB)

Any bus having 25 or fewer passenger seats and a kerb weight less than or equal to 4000kg.

Local commute bus

Any bus which has a maximum commute distance of 50km.

Heavy Bus (HB)

Any bus having 26 or more passenger seats or a kerb weight over 4000kg.

Long commute bus

Any bus which has a maximum commute distance of over 50km.

Passenger Seat

A permanently attached seat which is not folding or inward facing. Folding or inward facing seats shall not be allowed in any vehicle, except ambulances. All seats must be fixed with 2 or 3 point seatbelts


Asphalt, paved or concreted roads.

Graded Roads

Roads which have been prepared by grading, consisting of a solid surface with definite road edge markings by means of fencing, windrow or other markings and which have a safety lane. Graded roads also include construction roads and pipeline rights-of-way.

Off Road

All areas outside camps, towns, and villages (including tracks) which are not blacktop or graded roads.

Muscat Capital Area

The area bounded by the Bid Bid filling station, the Barka roundabout and Al Hajer on the Quriyat Road


Full or half loads of casings, pipes, jumbo chemical bags and aggregate.

Interior/coastal night driving limit

The lit dual carriageway from Nizwa to Muscat and Sohar to Muscat.

Professional Driver

Any person employed as a fulltime driver.

Flammable Substance

A substance which is:

  • A liquid with a flash point below 23oC

  • Any flammable gas

Hazardous Materials

Materials classified as dangerous to humans and/or the environment (generally explosive, radioactive, flammable, toxic, or corrosive).


The hours of full darkness, from 15 minutes after sunset until 15 minutes before sunrise.


A minimum of three HGV vehicles driving together on the same journey.

Safe Journey Management Plan

The safe journey management form which is completed by the SJM for the driver to control the journey.


Road Safety Assurance Standard

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