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Details: Things to be aware of… ARTICLE C10 – CAR REPAIRS AND CAR SERVICING

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Things to be aware of…


C10.1 Car repairs

C10.1.1 All damage issues and related repair work during racing is at the Judge’s discretion and may be referred to the scrutineering Judges and/or Chair of Judges for a final decision.

C10.1.2 No items can be removed or added to a car during racing, other than CO2 cartridges, except in the case of a repair.

C10.1.3 If the primary race car sustains damage during racing and this damage is ruled to be related to engineering deficiencies and the damage can be repaired using any of the defined replacement components then repairs will be allowed, otherwise the back-up race car will be reverted to immediately and a 5 point penalty will be applied. Any repairs using replacement components that can be safely performed in under 30 seconds will not incur any race penalty points. The 30 seconds will start when the race official places the damaged car on the official repair table. The repaired car must be ready to be raced at the end of the 30 seconds otherwise the back-up race car will be reverted to and the team will incur a 5 point penalty for this race event. This may include but not limited to car body, wings & wheels being damaged as part of racing including damage occurring within the deceleration area.

C10.1.4 Team members will be allowed to make ‘trackside’ repairs to the damaged car as racing continues.

C10.1.5 If the back-up car is damaged and cannot be repaired as per C10.1.3 then the repaired primary car will be reverted to and another 5 point penalty will be applied.

C10.1.6 The judges may choose to suspend racing in order that repairs can be made.

C10.1.7 If the judges rule that damaged sustained was not due to engineering deficiencies, immediate repairs or revert to back-up car will be permitted without penalty.

C10.1.8 No penalty is applied for damage incurred during knock-out racing or a team’s final race of any race event.


C11.1 Submitting a protest

Any protest issues must be submitted by the team manager to an Event Director, who will register this and immediately lodge it with the Chair of Judges. Any protest or appeals submitted after this time may be disregarded. All protests must be lodged in writing via the official protest form available from the Event Directors. The Chair of Judges decision related to any protest is final.

C11.2 Unsuccessful protests

Teams should carefully consider their grounds for submitting a protest or appeal. Any protest or appeal that is unsuccessful, with the Judges initial decision remaining unchanged, will result in the team having a 15 point penalty applied against their total score.


C12.1 Overview

There will be six (6) teams of judges plus officials that form the entire judging panel. Each judging team will have one (1) judge appointed as the Lead Judge. Judges are nominees from ICC’s and other education and industry experts invited by F1 in Schools. All judges sign a ‘declaration’ to ensure there are no conflicts of interest with respect to judges and the teams they are judging.

C12.2 Chair of Judges (National and World Finals only)

This is an independent authority appointed by F1 in Schools who oversees all judging procedures. The Chair of Judges will determine the final judging decision where a protest has been submitted or other judging issue needs resolution. The Chair of Judges will also preside over a meeting of all Lead Judges to ratify the final results along with nominations and winners for relevant awards.

C12.3 The Judging teams

C12.3.1 Scrutineering Judges - will assess each primary and back-up race car as per the Specification and Scrutineering scorecards.

C12.3.2 Design & Engineering Judges - will assess each team as per the Design & Engineering scorecard.

C12.3.3 Verbal Presentation Judges – will assess each team as per the Verbal Presentation scorecard.

C12.3.4 Enterprise Judgeswill assess each team as per the Enterprise scorecard.

C12.3.5 Race Judges – will oversee and rule on all race events and any incidents.

C12.3.6 Car servicing officials – will oversee all car service activities and rule on any infringements that may occur.

C12.3.7 Marketing Judges – will assess each team’s use of marketing and social media.

C12.4 Judging Decisions



C13.1 Awards Celebration

The UK Regional and National Final awards will be presented at the Awards ceremony at the end of the competition

C13.2 Participation Recognition

All students will receive an official participation certificate from EAL.

C13.3 List of awards to be presented

A full list of awards to be presented will be announced before the Regional or UK National Final event. All awards will be presented to the team that achieves the highest score in each category taken from the scorecards unless otherwise stated below.


Fastest Car

Team Identity

Team Sponsorship & Marketing

Innovative Thinking

Judges Recommendation

Best Engineered Car

Research & Development

3rd Place Development Class

2nd Place Development Class

1st Place Development Class

3rd Place Professional Class

2nd Place Professional Class

1st Place Professional Class


  1. Summary of revisions from 2015-16 document

  2. Scoring matrix

  3. Development Class Project Submission Checklist

  4. Professional Class Project Submission Checklist

Summary of revisions from 2015-16 document
This section provides an overview of all articles that have been revised from the 2014 Competition Regulations.

Note: Future amendments made on, [Insert date here], will be indicated thus (using red underlined text).
C2.1.4 Removed

C6 Score card revised

C7 Verbal Presentation time limit at National Final extended to 10 minutes

C2 Rendering definition added

Project Element Submission Checklist – amended to include Engineering Drawings / Renderings

Scoring matrix

Please find below a matrix of how each above award is assessed and what judging category contributes to each award…



Sub Heading

World Champions

2nd Place

3rd Place

Best International Collaboration

Best Newcomer

Best Engineered Car

FIA Scrutineering Award

Sponsorship & Marketing Award

Innovative Thinking Award

Team Identity Award

Pit Display Award

Verbal Presentation Award

Portfolio Award

Research & Development Award

Social Media Award

Enterprise Award

Fastest Car Award

Knockout Racing Award




Engineering Drawings


Quality of Finish and Assembly

Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering Portfolio

Design Concepts

3D Modelling

Application of Computer Aided Analysis

Use of CAM/CNC

Other Manufacturing & Assembly

Research & Development


Design Process Evaluation

Quality & Clarity


Enterprise Portfolio Only Assessment

Project Management

Team Work

Sponsorship & Marketing Summary

F1 in Schools Project Evaluation

Quality & Clarity

Team Identity

Overall Team Identity

Pit Display

Pit Display Design Process

Pit Display Logistics & Assembly

Pit Display Content



Marketing & Sponsorship Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Verbal Presentation



Team Contribution

Dynamic / Energy



Concept Clarification

Time / Presentation




F1 in Schools Learning Experiences



Time Trials



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