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Note: members are only listed if they are not mentioned above

Amazing Siskinsky Sisters, The

Sophie Siskinsky and her sisters

Anarchists for Freedom


Arcane Order of the Night

Andrew Carpathian and his cult members

ARES (Assassination, Revolution, Extortion, and Sabotage)

Bacchae, The

Band of Baddies

Banko Squad

armed robbers

Barons, The

street gang


Black Apostles, The

The Monks of Dakoth-Kuru

Black Hoods, The

terrorists in Northern Ireland

Blue Boys

criminal gang

Brll'nah>Zhhk<, The

alien race

Cabal of Scriers, The



Cult of the Jackal

Death Squad



Life Foundation operatives

Dragon Lords, The

White Dragon, Tommy Li and other street gang members

Enforcers, The

Exterminators, The

team of villains led by The Chameleon

Femme Fatales

Golden Horde, The

John, Paul, Ringo, and George

Jury, The

League of Three Threes, The

Legion of Light

Litter, The

M’Sieu Tete’s gang

Goldie, Shiner and Silent Joe

Mimes, The

Monks of the Hidden Temple, The

High Priest (Guardian of the Light), Giant One and other guardian monks


National Crime Syndicate

New Enforcers, The

Order of the Goblin, The

Outlaws, The

Penny Ant-Es

People's Liberation Front

terrorist group


Praetorian Guard, The


Life Foundation mercenaries


Russian mercenaries

Rat Pack

Ricardo, Freddy and Dumbo

Rogues, The

Shadowforce Alpha



Silver Squad, The

Sinister Seven, The

Sinister Six, The

Sinister Syndicate, The

Sinister Twelve, The

Sisterhood of the Wasp, The

Slingers, The

Snake Clan

Faire de Lain and his followers in their Peruvian tribe

Spacemen, The

Spider Clan

Taran, High Priestess of the Temple of the Great Weaver, and her followers in their Peruvian tribe

Spider Society, The

Spider-Man Revenge Squad, The

a.k.a. The Legion of Losers


3 unnamed criminals (a strongman, an acrobat, and a tumbler)

Students of Love

Teacher, Brother Bruce, Brother Guy, Brother Lenny, Sister Betty (Betty Brant), Sister Jane, Sister Kate (Kate Cushing) and other cult members

Subhumans, The

NYC sewer-dwellers who assist Morbius

Technomancers, The and their Menagerie

Master Om, Maegis Gunther Senreic, Maegis Hamilton Cromwell and others

Terror Unlimited

terrorist group

Tiger’s Claw, The

street gang

Timmy, Chester and Myron

former AIM agents who tried to steal Hypertron 1.0

True Believers, The

Ultimate Enforcers, The

Universal Liberation Army

terrorist group

Venom Task Force

Det. Clark, Det. Steen and other members of the police task force


Waiters, The

tuxedo-wearing assassins


Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta

Wicked Brigade, The

Wild Pack

band of mercenaries led by Silver Sable



Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. – neighbors of the Parkers in Forest Hills

Abdul – Arabian intelligence agent

Abernathy, Abner – Daily Bugle

Adams – NYPD Extreme Emergency Team

Alexia – Aleksei “Rhino” Sytsevich’s niece

Allan, Elizabeth “Liz” / Elizabeth “Liz” Allen / Elizabeth “Liz” Osborn – Harry Osborn’s wife

Allan, Mr. – Liz Allan’s/Liz Osborn’s father

Allan, Mrs. – Liz Allan’s/Liz Osborn’s mother

Anderson, ‘Big” John – neighbor in Peter Parker’s apartment building

Anderson, Charles – government operative

Anna Makarova Kravinoff – Sergei “Kraven the Hunter” Kravinoff’s mother

Arguelles, Manuel "Mosquito" – young boy/fan of Spider-Man

Askwith family – Canadian politician, his wife and daughter

Baker, Anne-Marie – ESU

Baker, Floyd – Flint “The Sandman” Marko’s (William Baker’s) father

Balinger, Prof. – ESU

Banks, Sharon – attorney; defended “Flash” Thompson

Bannon, Lance – Daily Bugle

“Barker” – Caryn Earle’s dog

Barron, Rick “Red” – nurse

Barto, Dr. Hillman – scientist; designer of Annex’s armor/cyborg system

Barto, Marjorie – Dr. Hillman Barto’s wife

Barto, Melody – Dr. Hillman Barto’s daughter

Bell, Belinda – actress

Bendix, Dr. Albert – physician for Norman Osborn

Bennett, LaFronce – young boy; Spider-Man fan

Bernhammer, Cynthia – attorney; defended Robbie Robertson

Bestman, Gregory – Adrian “The Vulture” Toomes’ business partner

Blake – Midtown High student

Bolton, Dr. Bradley – computer specialist

Boullion, Andre – underworld “fence”; friend of the Black Fox

Bradley, Carrie – stockbroker; self-defense instructor; neighbor of Ben Reilly

Bradshaw, Paul – Walter “Thermo the Thermatronic Man” Michaels’ friend

Brant, Bennett – Betty Brant’s brother

Brant, Betty, later Betty Leeds – Daily Bugle

Briggs, Stephanie – FBI

Briosky, Mr. – casino owner

Brock, Carol – Eddie “Venom” Brock’s father

Brock, Jamie – Eddie “Venom” Brock’s mother

Brock, Mary – Eddie “Venom” Brock’s sister

Broga, Col. Rudev – ruler of a South American country

Brooks, Anna – Canadian reporter

Brother Ian – monk; his order contained the mutant William

Brother Richard – monk; his order contained the mutant William

Brown, Frank – Mary Jane’s mother’s cousin

Brown, Kenny – Daily Bugle

Brown, Mindy S. McPherson – wife of Hobie “The Prowler” Brown

Browne, Blaine – Daily Bugle

Buckner, Grantattorney; defended Peter Parker

Bullit, Sam – politician

Bunsen, Isabel “Izzy” – Daily Bugle

Bushkin, Barney – Daily Globe

Byrnes, Kevin – Mary Jane’s nephew

Byrnes, Timothy – Mary Jane’s ex-brother-in-law

Byrnes, Tommy – Mary Jane’s nephew

Caches, Marina, Prof. – Carlos “Black Tarantula” LaMuerto’s ex-wife

Cahill – member of Daily Bugle board of directors

Caldrone, Javier – Tri Corp Research Foundation

Callahan, "Big” Mike – father of Donny “The Squid” Callahan; Ben and Richard Parker’s friend

Camino, Lee – business executive; target of Headhunter

Campbell, Meredith – Daily Bugle; dated Phil Urich

Caputo, Dr. Julia – physician; treated dying woman believed to be “Aunt” May Parker

Cardinale, Carlos – son of Cecelia “Poison” Cardinale

Carl – Daily Bugle

Carpathian, Ambrose – cult founder of Arcane Order of the Night

Carradine, Jessica – daughter of the man who killed “Uncle” Ben Parker; dated Ben Reilly

Carrera, Mia – Roger Hochberg’s girlfriend

Carter – advertising agent

Cassidy, Dr. Viktor – creator of fear-inducing Cassidy Crystals

Castle, Maria / Maria Falconio – Frank “The Punisher” Castle’s wife

Chambers, Joseph – war veteran; burglary victim

Chance, Bobby – boxer

Chang, Philip “Phil”– ESU

Charles Fortesque Smythington IV a.k.a. “Wino Charlie” – homeless alcoholic

Chase, Det. Sloane – NYPD

Chase, Quentin III – trustee that funded the Tri Corp Research Foundation

Chasen, Greg – physician

Chekov, Arthur “Anton” – poet; one of “Aunt” May Parker’s tenants

Chekov, Bette – granddaughter of Arthur Chekov

Cherryh, Randolph Winston – politician

Chesbro – assistant to the Black Tarantula

Chip – ESU

Chow, Raymond – physician

Chum, Oswald – Daily Globe

Clayton, Katrinka Janice "K.J." – Daily Globe publisher

Clemmens, Charles – cab driver; crime informant

Clemmens, Gladys – Charles Clemmens’ wife

Clemmens, Jimmy – Charles Clemmens’ son

Clyde – Midtown High student

Cobbwell, Prof. – scientist

Connors, Billy – Dr. Curt Connors’ son

Connors, Dr. Martha – Dr. Curt Connors’ wife

Coolridge, Melissa – student; sister of Joshua Coolridge

Cooper, Miranda "Randi" – neighbor in Peter Parker’s apartment building

Corazon, Gil – newspaper reporter: Anya “Araña” Sofia Corazon’s father

Cord, Joe – longtime friend of Dmitri “The Chameleon” Smerdyakov

Corliss, Dean – Dean at ESU

Corman – AGK employee, possessed by the Virus

Cosmos, B.J. / B.J. Kosmojian – filmmaker; hired by the Green Goblin

Costas, Jimmy – reformed purse-snatcher

Cox, Kelly – Midtown High assistant principal

Cross, Rabbi Chaim – Edward “Skinhead” Cross’ father

Cushing, Kathryn "Kate" – Daily Bugle

D’Angelo, Dana – Miguel O’Hara’s fiancée

Daley, Brian, Jr. – Brian and Marjorie Daley’s son

Daley, Brian, Sr. – politician

Daley, Marjorie – Brian Daley’s wife

Danner, Vicki – Washington, DC liaison to the Daily Bugle

Danton, Phil – member of Canadian bicycle safety group The Right-Riders

Davis, Principal – Midtown High principal

Davis, Brad – ESU student; briefly dated Mary Jane Watson

Deacon – NYPD officer

Dean, Pamela – Daily Globe

Del, Mr. – Midtown High science teacher

DeLionatus, Anton – Delazny Studios producer

Dempsy, Sharon – Brock family maid

Destino, Col. AlexMarine; victim of Fusion

Deveraux – movie director

DeWinter, Roxanne – reporter in Smithville, PA

DeWolff, Jean, Capt. – NYPD

DeWolff, Phillip – father of Jean DeWolff and Brain “The Wraith” DeWolff

Dex – Morlun’s slave

Diane – girlfriend of Jack; romance opposed by the Golden Horde and the Bacchae

Dillon, Anita – Max “Electro” Dillon’s mother

Dillon, Jonathan – Max “Electro” Dillon’s father

Dillon, Norma Lynn – Max “Electro” Dillon’s ex-wife

Doman, Peter – Midtown High student

Donaldson – Daily Bugle

Dorman, Jake – Midtown High student

Dr. Bromwell – physician for May “Aunt May” Parker

Dr. Cargill – scientist; Joline “Turbine” Cargill’s father

Dr. Fiori – physician; treated Cissy Ironwood

Dunson, David – soldier; Abner Dunson’s son

Duran, Courtney – May “Mayday” Parker’s friend

Dwyer – ESU president

Earle, Caryn – neighbor of Peter Parker

Eddie – manipulated by Midas, the Golden Man

Edwards – Daily Bugle

Edwards, Ginny – publicist for Peter Parker’s book Webs

“El Lobo” – slumlord

Ellis, Ken – Daily Bugle

Epstein, Dr. Nora – Salt Lake City College science department

Esposito, Roseanne – ESU student; Cissy Ironwood’s friend

Estevez, Steven – teacher; former social worker

Ethan – ESU; victim of Carnage

Exmore, Sam – Daily Bugle

Ezili, Mambo – Calypso Ezili’s sister (deceased)

Falconer, Calvin – GARID

Fallon – “blind” date for Peter Parker

Farber, Harvey K. – ESU student

Farrell, Emma Johnson – mother of Robert “Rocket Racer” Farrell

Farrow, Det. Frank – NYPD

“Felix” – Siskinsky Sisters’ panther

Fender, Billy – private investigator

Fielding, Clarence – bookkeeper

Fields, Dr. William – HYDRA scientist; Todd “SHOC” Fields’ father

Fields, Marjory – Todd “SHOC” Fields’ moher

Finch, George – new owner of Ace Signs; fired Geordie “Typeface” Thomas

Finkelstein, Harvey – overzealous admirer of Elyse “Slasher” Nelson

Fisch, Shelly – ESU grant program

Fisk, Vanessa – Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk’s wife

Fitzpatrick, William “Wild Will” – WW II OSS agent; father of Mary Fitzpatrick Parker; grandfather of Peter Parker

Fleming – NYPD Extreme Emergency Team

Folsome, Dr. – physician; pawn of Norman Osborn who “delivered” Peter and Mary Jane’s baby

Forelli, Lynn – Morris Forelli’s daughter

Forrester, Credric – Dagny “Corona” Forrester’s brother

Forrester, Dr. Cedric – scientist; Dagny “Corona” Forrester’s brother

Fox, Conrad – former criminal

Franklin, Bernice – Mattie “Spider-Woman” Franklin’s father

Franklin, Jeremy – Mattie “Spider-Woman” Franklin’s father

Frederickson, Kolina – nurse; love interest for Norman Osborn

Frickett, Sadie – former girlfriend of Morris “Hydro-Man” Bench

Fude, Jimmy – restaurant manager; Tommy Fude’s brother

Fude, Tommy – restaurant manager; Jimmy Fude’s brother

Galannan, Bill – GARID

Gannon, Rich – design engineer

Gardner, Donna – hit-and-run victim; Donnie Gardner’s sister

Gardner, Donnie – Donna Gardner’s twin brother

Garrett, Det. Neil – NYPD

Georgi – Russian scientist; helped create The Rhino

“Gerbil” – injured football player; Spider-Man volunteered to played for him

Gibbs, Harry Det. – NYPD (deceased); his form was used by Vaalu

Gibbs, Jacob – Frank and Vicky Gibbs’ son

Gibbs, Tanya – Frank and Vicky Gibbs’ daughter

Gibbs, Vicky – Frank Gibbs’ wife

Gillis, Officer – NYPD

Gladhand, Charlie – host of TV’s “PEOPLE TALKING”

Glenville, Sara – undercover CID agent

Godbe, Janine, born Elizabeth Tyne – waitress; love interest for Ben Reilly

Gooner, Melvin – Daily Bugle

Gorman, Edward – ESU chancellor

Grace, Lt. Sylvia – NYPD Extreme Emergency Team

Grafton, Dr. Susan – physician; treated Martha and Billy Connors

Grant, Gloria “Glory” – Daily Bugle

Grantz, Ellen – nurse

Green, Sally – ESU student

Greer, Gabrielle – Ben Reilly’s neighbor

Gregg, Emil – compulsive liar who claimed to the The Sin-Eater

Gregor – servant to the Kravinoff family

Grey, Fettes – screenwriter

Grimes, Amy – Ludlow “Smithville Thunderbolt” Grimes’ wife

Grimes, Jeff – Ludlow “Smithville Thunderbolt” Grimes’ son

Grimes, Willy – Ludlow “Smithville Thunderbolt” Grimes’ son

Grunz – extraterrestrial acquaintance of A'Sai

“Gulyadkin” – Kraven’s pet lion

Haight, Jeffrey – Daily Bugle

Hamilton, Mark – cult leader

Hanks, Chara – Seth Hanks’ mother

Hanks, Seth – idiot-savant math prodigy

Hapgood, Barry Midtown High student

Hardesty, Jennifer Midtown High student

Hardesty, Stephen Jennifer Hardesty’s brother

Hardy, Stan – Tri Corp Research Foundation

Hargrove, Elias – scientist; cousin of Dr. Otto “Doc Ock” Octopus

Harris, Toni – Daily Bugle

Harrison, Joey – Timmy Harrison’s brother

Harrison, Timmy – terminally ill boy; Spider-Man fan

Hart, Donald – wealthy businessman; one of the Game Players

Havershaw, Andrea – Jason Havershaw’s mother; victim of Skull-Jacket

Helga – nurse for “Flash” Thompson

Hibbert, Ellen – NYPD; neighbor in Forest Hills

Hibbert, Hope – Ellen Hibbert’s daughter; babysat by Anna May Watson

Hills, Edwin – software billionaire; one of the Game Players

Hinds, Robert – Midtown High student

Hobie – Canadian performing bicyclist in The Right-Riders

Hochberg, Roger – ESU student; friend of Peter Parker

Hogan, Joseph “Crusher” – pro wrestler

Hollis, Bobby Sue – Buford “Razorback” Hollis’ sister; Legion of Light cult member

Hopkins, Steve – ESU student

Howard, Prof. Mark – ESU science teacher

Hughes, Timber – Alyosha Kravinoff's girlfriend

Hunter, Teale – TV producer

Hutton, Prof. – ESU

Igoe, Max – Daily Bugle

Igor – Russian scientist; helped create The Rhino

Ionello, Jason – Midtown High student

Ironwood, Priscilla “Cissy” – ESU student; dated Peter Parker

Ironwood, Prof. Daniel – ESU astronomer; father of Cissy Ironwood

Jack – boyfriend of Diane; romance opposed by the Golden Horde and the Bacchae

Jack – brother of Kasey; helped Spidey defeat Electro

Jacoby, Kyle – Midtown High gym teacher

Jameson, David – J. Jonah Jameson’s father

Jameson, Dr. Marla / Dr. Marla Madison – scientist; J. Jonah Jameson’s second wife

Jameson, J. Jonah – Daily Bugle

Jameson, Joan – J. Jonah Jameson’s first wife (deceased)

Jameson, Randy – J. Jonah Jameson’s nephew

Janson, Dr. Andrea Janson – HYDRA scientist

Jastrow, Dean – ESU faculty

Jerkins – Daily Bugle

Jerome, Jason – actor; attempted to seduce Mary Jane

Jerome, Johnny – Aunt May’s love interest (before Uncle Ben)

Jill – Daily Bugle

Joey – Midtown High student

Johnsmeyer, James – international financier, backed “The Great Game”

Johnston – former corrupt police officer; operative of The Rose

Jones – member of Daily Bugle board of directors

Jones, “Dirty” Jake (“D.J.”) – paparazzo

Jones, Arnie – newspaper seller on 43rd Street

Jones, Sandy – Daily Globe

Jorgenson, Prof. Hans – ESU biology instructor

Josh – ESU student

Julie – Midtown High administrative assistant

Kafka, Dr. Ashley – founder and director of Ravencroft

Kane, Marcy – ESU

Kannon, Doris – bank teller

Karen – Jason Philip “Hobgoblin” Macendale’s ex-wife (now remarried)

Kasey – brother of Jack; helped Spidey defeat Electro

Katrobousis, Dick – Daily Bugle

Katzenberg, Nicholas “Nick” – Daily Bugle

Kay – Daily Bugle and/or Daily Globe

Keene – Daily Bugle

Kelleher, Mary – ESU botanist; assistant of David Patrick “Sundown” Lowell

Kennedy, Det. Louise – Salt Lake City police officer

Kessler, Jackie – NYPD; Angela “Nocturne” Cairn’s friend; victim of Vermin

Kim – Daily Bugle

King Stefan of Symkaria

Kingsley, Daniel – Roderick “Hobgoblin” Kingsley’s brother

Kirby, Davida – May “Mayday” Parker’s friend

Kirkland – AGK Corporation executive

Kissick, Dr. – ESU biochemist

Klein, Sarah – public relations; J. Jonah Jameson’s neice

Klemmer – Delazny Studios F/X director; framed for a crime

Knight, Leo – Malcolm “Knight” Knight’s brother

Korpse, Dr. Boris – scientist and demolitions expert; assisted Felicia “Black Cat” Hardy

Kramer, Ronda – Midtown High student

Krenshaw, Dean – ESU administrator

Krolnek, Heather – Krolnek “The Stag Beetle’s” daughter

Kuklin, Dr. Bailey – psychiatrist; treated Debra Whitman

Kwan, Terry – Tri Corp Research Foundation

Lamont, Lt. Jake – NYPD

Lana – archaeologist in the far future; discovered Spidey’s web-shooters with Zack

Lanning, Dr. Sydney – ESU scientist

Lefferts, Bob – agent; handles actor Zane Whelan

Leroy – Delazny Studios stuntman; replaced by Spider-Man

Leslie – thug posing “The Slasher”

Lessman – Daily Bugle

Lewis, Det. Garon – NYPD; ex-husband of Shirley Washington

Lewis, Devon – son of Det. Garon Lewis and Shirley Washington

Lewis, Prof. Henry – scientists; experiment created Knight and Fogg

Liam – resident of Belfast, Ireland; terrorized by The Black Hoods

Locker, Mr. – attorney; defended Peter Parker

Lombardo – advertising agent

Loop – Cat’s Eye Investigations

Lopez, Father Enrique – priest; aids NYC immigrants

Lorca, Maggie – Daily Bugle

Lu, Nancy – May “Mayday” Parker’s friend

Lubensky, Nathan R. – Aunt May’s love interest (after Uncle Ben)

Lubisch, Dr. Maxwell – ESU professor

Lumley, Judy – Daily Bugle

Lydia Hardy – mother of Felicia “Black Cat” Hardy; wife of Walter “The Cat” Hardy

Lynn – Anya “Araña” Sofia Corazon’s best friend

Macendale, Jay – Jason Philip “Hobgoblin” Macendale’s son

MacIntosh, Ann – Daily Bugle

MacNamara, Harvey – ESU registrar

Macone, Joey – NYPD

Macone, Mary Ann – Officer Joey Macone’s wife

Magee, Philmont – State Street Hospital patient

Mallone, “Dutch” – gangster of the 1930s; his house was later owned by Ben and May Parker

Mandell, Lorraine – drug addict; Mary Jane Watson’s friend

Manfredi, Caterina – Silvio “Silvermane” Manfredi’s wife (deceased)

Marge – Daily Bugle

Markley, Jeremy Francis – “Fusion’s (II)” son

Marshall, Simon– pharmaceutical chemist (created Cloak and Dagger)

Martha – Sophie’s sister; one of “Aunt” May Parker’s tenants

Martin, Father – priest

Martin, Senator Robert – politician; Chip “Schizoid Man” Martin’s father

Martine – Dr. Michael Morbius’ fiancée

Martinez, Linette – Doctor Octopus (Dr. Carolyn Trainer) operative

Masterson, Buck – oil tycoon; one of the Game Players

Maude – Midtown High secretary

Maxfield, Dr. Alice Joyce “A.J.” – medical researcher

Maxwell, Morris – pawn shop owner; informant

Maye, April – Daily Globe

McBride, Martha Beatrice – Malcolm “Carrion” McBride’s mother

McCabe, Lindsey – private investigator; actress; Jessica “Spider-Woman” Drew’s partner in a private investigation business

McCulloch, Maggie – Daily Bugle

McCullough, Dr. Andrew – criminologist

McDonnell, Oscar – Care Labs scientist; creator of Cyborg X

McFarlane, Kenny “King Kong” or “Kong” a.k.a. Clifford Kenneth Harlan – Midtown High student

McIntire, Mac – NYPD

McKeever, Brian “Tiny” – Midtown High student

McPhee, Lemuel “Bruiser” – inmate at Lewisburg Federal Prison; cellmate of “Robbie” Robertson

McPhee, Stuart – Lemuel “Bruiser” McPhee’s brother

Melvin, James – Jackson “Will O’The Wisp” Arvad’s boss

Menken, Donald L. – Osborn Industries employee

Mercado, Joy – Daily Bugle

Merriwell, Harrison J. – Malcolm “Midas, the Golden Man” Merriwell’s wealthy philanthropist brother

Michaels, Dr. Christine – Walter “Thermo the Thermatronic Man” Michaels’ wife

Michaelson – Daily Bugle

Miguel – The Spider Society’s mage

Mikashi, Prof. Toshiro – ESU scientist, developed The Arachnis Project; father of Miho “Gunplay” Mikashi

Miles, Congressman Bradley – politician; manipulated by Fusion

Minelli, Louie – Midtown High student

Modica, Barbara "Bambi" – neighbor in Peter Parker’s apartment building

Modica, Jordan – Barbara “Bambi” Modica’s son

Montesi, Dean – ESU administrator

Moore, Toni – Rick “Red” Barron’s girlfriend

Motta – NYPD Extreme Emergency Team

Muggins, Barner – Mamie Muggis’ husband; “Candi” Muggins’ uncle

Muggins, Candice "Candi" – neighbor in Peter Parker’s apartment building

Muggins, Mamie – Peter Parker’s former landlady; “Candi” Muggins’ aunt

Mullaney, Mike – Daily Globe

Muller, Barney – Delazny Studios director

Mulligan, Colm – co-worker of Ben Parker at textile factory

Mulligan, Jimmy – Cohn Mulligan’s son

Munch – NYPD Extreme Emergency Team

Munoz, Carlos – ESU student

Munro, Hugh – Sir Hugh Munro’s grandson

Munro, Sir Hugh – laird of the village of Localsh; Angus Munro’s uncle

Murrow, Christine – Dr. Clifton “The Vulture” Shallot’s assistant

Nesters, Ray – New York Mannoths pro football player

Nesters, Tony – ESU student; Ray Nesters’ brother

Newton, Prof. – scientist

“Nickel” – talking wolf; friend of Alyosha “Al” Kravinoff

Nikos, Emil – friend and co-worker of Dr. Michael Morbius

Nina – WebCorps

Oakes, William – Midtown High student

Octavius, Mary Lavinia – Otto Octavius’ father

Octavius, Torbert – Otto Octavius’ father

Ohm, George – Daily Bugle

Oliver, Elmo – student

O'Reilly, Seymour – Midtown High student

Orlock, Dr. – ophthalmologist

Osborn, Alton – Norman Osborn’s grandfather

Osborn, Amberson – Norman Osborn’s father

Osborn, Emily – Norman Osborn’s wife

Palermo, Rose Harriet – one of “Aunt” May Parker’s tenants

Palermo, Victor – one of “Aunt” May Parker’s tenants

Papciaks – Peter Parker’s Greek neighbors

Parker, Benjamin “Ben” a.k.a. “Uncle Ben” – Peter Parker’s uncle

Parker, Mary Fitzpatrick / Mary Slattery Parker – spy; Peter’s mother

Parker, May / May Reilly a.k.a. “Aunt May” – Peter Parker’s aunt

Parker, Richard – spy; Peter’s father

Patton, Jess – Daily Bugle; victim of The Thousand

Pauncholito, Andrew Victor – Daily Bugle

Pavan – Spider-Man informant

Pavlov, Stella – Fyodor Rebrov’s daughter; protected by The Rhino

Petty, Mr. – scientist; creator of The Living Brain

Phillips, Dr. Joyce – psychiatrist; treated William “Mindworm” Turner

Pincus, Joseph “Lonesome Pinky” – aspiring county singer; Peter Parker’s neighbor

Polanski, Captain – NYPD

Polly – Restwell Nursing Home resident

Popchik, Ernie – one of “Aunt” May Parker’s tenants

Powell, Amy – Lance Bannon’s girlfriend

Prime Minister Limka of Symkaria

Privitere, Tom – fashion designer for Mary Jane Watson

Proust, Paul – Cat’s Eye Investigations

Purl, Dr. Noah – physician/scientist at Empire State Hospital

Rabinowitz – Daily Bugle

Rachel – Israeli intelligence agent investigating The Robot Master

Ramirez, Prof. – inventor of digital imagery transmission (DIT) chip

Ramôn – Glory Grant’s cousin; manipulated by Midas, the Golden Man

Ransome, Dr. Susan – physician; treated Kristy Watson

Rattamun, Dr. – State Street Hospital doctor

Rave, Travis – theatrical agent/promoter

Raven, Det. Jacob – Salt Lake City Police Dept.

Raven, Helene – Det. Jacob Raven’s wife

Raven, Matthew – Det. Jacob Raven’s son

Rayder – American intelligence agent investigating The Robot Master

Reeves, Tony – Daily Bugle

Regina – model; friend of Mary Jane Watson

Reilly, Horace – paternal uncle of “Aunt” May Parker

Reinholdt, Dr. – government scientist; designed helmet to control Doctor Octopus’ arms

Reiss, Jacob “The Mechanic” – Frank “The Punisher” Castle’s weapons armorer

Rendau, Dr. – ESU counselor

Reynard, Mr. – agent/operative and mercenary partner of Warrant

Reynolds – Daily Bugle

Rickman, Jonathan – scientist or lab assistant; target of Captain Power

Rifkin, Biff – ESU student

Rigoletto, Dante – son of crime boss Don Rigoletto

Robertson, Amanda “Mandy” – wife of Randy Robertson

Robertson, Joe (Joseph) “Robbie” – Daily Bugle

Robertson, Marla – Joseph “Robbie” Robertson’s wife

Robertson, Patrick Henry – Joseph “Robbie” and Marla Robertson’s son (died as a baby)

Robertson, Randolph “Randy”/“Rand” – Joe “Robbie” Robertson’s son

Rodney – Polly’s son

Roeberg, Senator – politician

Roland – nerdy youth, attracted to a girl named Theo

Romeo – Stalla Pavlov’s boyfriend

Rossi – Daily Bugle

Roth, Dr. Gerald – oil conglomerate employee

Royton, Raymond – Department of Justice investigator

Rue, Percy Alexander – Ryker’s Island prison warden

Sanchez, Dr. Benita – ESU researcher; developed rejuvenator device used by Adrian “The Vulture” Toomes

Sandy – hair stylist for Mary Jane Watson

Santellio – ran illegal gambling operation; informant for Spider-Man

Sarah – deputy sheriff in Virginia

Saunders, Kristine – John “Man-Wolf” Jameson’s girlfriend

Schiffman, Max “Maxie”– show business agent

Schneider, Betsy – writer of Quentin “Mysterio” Beck’s autobiography

Schwinner, Dr. Eric – GARID scientist

Sedatsky, Dr. Raymond – dentist; experimental laser drill inventor

Shana – child; met Spider-Man during his search for The Commuter

Sheldon, Phil – Daily Bugle

Siler, Nyra – Midtown High student

Slattery, Prof. – ESU biochemistry professor

Sledge, Jason – janitor; former criminal

Sloan, Dean Morris – ESU biophysics department chairman and Dean

Smith, Beth – Canadian scientist whose work was pursued by The Chameleon

Smith, Betsy / Betsy Schneider – Joe Smith’s second wife

Smith, Daphne “Boomer” – Midtown High science teacher

Smith, Dr. Armstrong – computer specialist; murder victim

Smith, Francis – underling and victim of Doctor Octopus

Smith, Joe, Jr. – Joe and Liz Smith’s son (died as a baby)

Smith, Liz – script supervisor; Joe Smith’s first wife

Snider, Det. – NYPD detective

Snow, Charlie – Daily Bugle

Sophie – Martha’s sister; one of “Aunt” May parker’s tenants

Sorenson, Dr. David – Terry “Equinox” Sorenson’s father

Sorenson, Dr. Margay – Terry “Equinox” Sorenson’s mother

Sorenson, Janet – Terry “Equinox” Sorenson’s daughter

South, Gullivar – renegade government operative

“Spartacus” – Papciaks’ dog

Stackmeyer, Stanley – Midtown High student

Stacy, Arthur – private investigator; Gwen Stacy’s uncle

Stacy, Capt. George – NYPD; Gwen Stacy’s father

Stacy, Gwen (clone), later Gwen Miles, a.k.a. Joyce Delaney

Stacy, Gwendolyn “Gwen” – ESU student; Peter Parker’s girlfriend

Stacy, Helen – Gwen Stacy’s mother

Stacy, Jill – ESU student; Gwen Stacy’s cousin

Stacy, Nancy – Gwen Stacy’s aunt

Stacy, Paul – ESU tutor; Gwen Stacy’s cousin

Staphos, Dr. Monica – GARID scientist

Starr, Dawn – ESU student

Stephen – young boy rescued by Spider-Man during a fight between the two Vultures

Stern – Daily Bugle

Stewart – NYPD Extreme Emergency Team

Stillwell, Dr. Farley – scientist; helped create The Scorpion

Stillwell, Dr. Harlan – scientist; Dr. Farley Stillwell’s brother; helped create The Human Fly

Stone, Chantal – Tri Corp Research Foundation

Stone, Nelson – FBI

Stone, Tyler – runs Alchemax

Sublinova, Ernst – Silver “Silver Sable” Sablinova’s father

Swann, Dr. Evan – ESU physics professor

Sytsevich, Miriam – Aleksei “Rhino” Sytsevich’s mother

Tarantino, Dr. – psychiatrist; treated Dwight “Master of Vengeance” Faron

Taylor, Gen. Orwell – leader of The Jury

Taylor, Hugh – guardsman; Gen. Orwell Taylor’s murdered son

Taylor, Jenna – Thomas “Puma” Fireheart’s executive assistant

Ted – WebCorps

Thacher, Richard – Midtown High student

Thaxton, Dr. – scientist in the employ of Richard “The Disruptor” Raleigh

Theo – love interest of Roland

Thomas, Joseph “Joey” – Geordie “Typeface” Thomas’ brother; soldier killed-in-action

Thompson, Eugene “Flash” – Midtown High student who bullies Peter Parker

Thompson, Harrison “Harry” – “Flash” Thompson’s father

Thompson, Jessie – “Flash” Thompson’s sister

Thompson, Rosie – “Flash” Thompson’s mother

Thornton, Wendy – Daily Bugle

Thorpe, Luke – Canadian hunter

Thorson, Walter – Tri Corp Research Foundation

Thraxton, Dr. – scientist; experiments mutated The Man-Monster

Tiki – manipulated by Midas, the Golden Man

Tinker, Shea – computer hacker

Todd, Hunter – drug dealer; lackey of Garrison “Mr. Brownstone” Klum

Tolliver, Rev. Jackson – priest; de-programmer of the brainwashed

Tomkins, Dr. – physician; treated “Aunt” May Parker

Tomkins, Tommy – Joe Smith’s manager

Tony – young neighbor of Peter Parker, almost molested by his babysitter, Judy

Toomes, Malachai – Adrian “The Vulture” Toomes’ nephew

Toomes, Marcus – Adrian “The Vulture” Toomes’ brother

Toomey, Mr. – security guard at the Daily Bugle

Trainer, Dr. Seward – Dr. Carolyn “Lady Octopus” Trainer’s father

Trask, Raymond – casino owner

Trevane, Det. Connor – NYPD

Trilby, Dilbert – Daily Bugle

“Truck” – football player

Tucker, Alice – Midtown High student

Turk, Rick – actor; worked with Mary Jane Watson

Twaki, Dr. Ted – Tri Corp Research Foundation

Urich, Ben – Daily Bugle

Vale, Mr. – con-artist; attempted to prey on “Aunt” May Parker

Vandergill, George – industrialist; blackmailed by Roderick “The Hobgoblin” Kingsley

Varley – former corrupt police officer; operative of The Rose

Vaughn-Pope, Desiree – Narda “Belladonna” Ravanna’s sister

Velasco, Fredo – immigrant; victimized by slumlord “El Lobo”

Velasco, Robert – immigrant; victimized by slumlord “El Lobo”

Vicary – electronics expert; forced to help Dwight “Master of Vengeance” Faron

Vigarro, Mr. – Toxic Shock Pictures movie director

Vincent – The Sisterhood of the Wasp’s mage

Vivian – King Stefan of Symkaria’s fiancée

Vogel, C. J. – Midtown High student

Waley – NYPD

Wallace – supported players in “The Great Game”

Wallace, Melinda – army officer; James “Solo” Bourne’s girlfriend

Walsh, Lynn – Daily Bugle

Walters, William “Bill” – Daily Bugle

Warren, Monica – Dr. Miles “The Jackal” Warren’s wife (deceased)

Warren, Mr. – Midtown High science teacher

Washington, Shirley – Daily Grind owner; Devon Lewis’ mother

Watson, Anna May – M.J.’s aunt

Watson, Gayle a.k.a. Gayle Watson-Byrnes – Mary Jane’s sister

Watson, Judge Spenser – Mary Jane’s uncle

Watson, Kristy – Mary Jane Watson’s cousin

Watson, Lorraine – Mary Jane’s aunt

Watson, Lou – Mary Jane’s uncle

Watson, Madeline – M.J.’s mother

Watson, Mary Jane “M.J.”, later Mary Jane “M.J.” Parker – Peter Parker’s girlfriend/wife

Watson, Philip – M.J.’s father

Watson, Sybil – Mary Jane’s aunt

“Weasel” Jack – informant for Spider-Man

Weathers, Mr. – Midtown High administrator

Webb, Bill – Daily Bugle

Weber, Dr. Karl – scientist; husband of Dr. Reni Weber

Weber, Dr. Reni – scientist; wife of Dr. Karl Weber

Weele, Margaret – Jackson “The Big Wheel” Weele’s wife

Whelan, Zane – actor

White, Prof. – college science teacher in Salt Lake City

Whitman, Debra – ESU

Wicker, Barney – politician; assassination target

Wilkes, Shantal – ESU student; Mary Jane Watson’s friend

Williams, Sarah – Daily Bugle

Williams, Spence – Daily Bugle

Wilson, Louis – archaeologist; employed by Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk

Winkler, Dr. – scientist

Winthrop, Desiree – fashion model; Ben Reilly’s friend

Wirtham, Joshua – Dr. Elias “Cardiac” Wirtham’s brother (deceased)

Wisen, Gary – Hollywood executive; one of the Game Players

Woolcot, Fritz – research scientist; Alex “Ashcan” Woolcot’s abusive father

Wormly, Richard – Daily Bugle

Yin, Angelica – Daily Bugle; Meiko “Dragonfly” Yin’s sister

Young, Max – former assistant of Mendel Stromm; designed Spider-Slayers for Alistair Smythe

Zack – archaeologist in the far future; discovered Spidey’s web-shooters with Lana

Zelinsky, Leo – tailor

Zimmer, Mickey – Daily Bugle

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