Home Economics

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Home Economics

  1. Meal planning simply means ________________ A. Planning what we want to eat B. Eating anything we see C. Eating inadequately.

  2. The most important meal of the day is ________________ A. Lunch B. Breakfast C . Dinner

  3. Another name for dinner is _________________ A. Brunch B. Supper C. Lunch

  4. A meal that contains all classes of food in the right proportion is known as ___________ diet. A. Balanced B. Ratio C. Ration

  5. ____________ is a list of all available dishes in a restaurant or an eatery. A. Menu B. Order C. Take away

  6. A person whose job it is to prepare meal at restaurants is called _____________. A. Cooker B. Chef C. Housemaid

  7. The best food for children to eat in the morning is ________________ A. Garri and Egusi Soup B. Amala and ewedu C. Bread and tea with boiled egg

  8. Which comes first, want or need? ______________________

  9. One merit of wise spending and buying is __________________ A. It saves foodstuff B. It reduces unnecessary buying and spending C. It takes much of the family's income.

  10. To spend wisely, one needs to learn how to negotiate. This statement is __________ A. True B. False

1a. How can you define meal planning? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1b.. Give three effects of wrong meal planning. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
2. Give two example for the three meals of the day
A. Breakfast:
B Lunch:
C. Dinner:

  1. Differenciate between need and want. Siting 2 examples of each.

3b. Bulk buying is the process of buying foodstuffs or other items in large quantity. Outline 2 benefits of bulk buying.

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