Homework assignment for Programming Languages cse 3302

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Homework assignment for Programming Languages CSE 3302
There are three homework questions based on the assigned reading “Reading for Pop Quizzes” posted/linked on the website. You must answer any TWO of them and you may answer the third question for EXTRA CREDIT. Please indicate at the beginning of your answer which question is to be counted as extra credit. Be sure to link through the UTA system in order to have permission to read the ACM articles if you are not an ACM member (through the UTA libraries links).
Homework must be submitted electronically, typed, to Dr. T no later than Monday December 5th at 2:00 pm to tiernan@cse.uta.edu

  1. Compare and contrast the ALGOL-58 report and the ALGOL-60 report. Give examples showing the difference in description using BNF from 58 to 60 of one statement (58 part D and 60 part 4), one expression (58 part C and 60 part 3) and one basic symbol (58 part B and 60 part 2). In your example give the description from 58 and then the BNF description from 60 and discuss at least one way in which the BNF is clearer.

  1. For the Hoare paper, discuss Hoare’s purpose in proposing his axioms and the goals of proving program correctness. Also find a citation of the Hoare paper in a publication from 2000 or later and give a brief description of the publication it is cited in and what the citation is used for in the publication.

  1. From Dykstra’s letter, describe at least three reasons that Dykstra gives or implies to support his contention that GOTO is harmful. Then find the ACM letter titled “ “GOTO Considered Harmful” Considered Harmful” by Frank Rubin in Communications of the ACM March 1987. Give at least two reasons why Rubin feels GOTO is NOT harmful. Then find and cite at least one other letter (from later months of the Communications of the ACM) responding to Rubin and given one reason from that letter supporting either Dykstra’s position or Rubin’s position.

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