I. Introduction to Department or Program

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Faculty Senate Chair-Elect 1999-2000. Chair-Elect of CWU Faculty Senate. Concomitant responsibilities include membership in Faculty Senate Executive Committee and chair of the Faculty Senate Public Affairs Committee.

Market Definition Committee and Report. 1999-2000. Chair of Ad Hoc Market Definition Committee.. Committee composed of 10 faculty members and one administrative exempt employee. Studied issues of market related to faculty salaries. Report written and presented to Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs Council, President’s Cabinet, and CWU Board of Trustees (May 2000). Recommended the establishment of Salary Administration Board which was effected Fall 2000.
Market Definition Committee and Report. 1999-2000. Chair of Ad Hoc Market Definition Committee.. Committee composed of 10 faculty members and one administrative exempt employee. Studied issues of market related to faculty salaries. Report written and presented to Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs Council, President’s Cabinet, and CWU Board of Trustees (May 2000). Recommended the establishment of Salary Administration Board which was effected Fall 2000.
Faculty Senate. Senator 1998. Service on Faculty Senate. Meetings conducted throughout the year on alternating Wednesdays.
Faculty Salary Adjustment Committee. 1993. Served on committee which developed criteria to be used in salary adjustment for Central faculty. Final copy of document "Department of Foreign Languages Criteria for the Consideration of Salary Adjustment (Merit)" was submitted to the Faculty Senate in December 1993.

  1. College

Asia/Pacific Studies Committee. Ongoing. Member of Asian Studies committee, faculty who oversee and administer the Asian Studies major and minor programs at Central Washington University.
Douglas Honors College. Yearly. Guest lecturer on Tale of Genji and Japanese

classical literature.

CAH Career Performance Equity Review Committee. Committee made recommendations for the distribution of $42, 353 in Plan B salary monies.

Director (Interim). Interim Director of Asia Pacific Studies Program.

Fall 99 -Winter 2000.

CAH Personnel Committee 1999-2000. Service on Personnel Committee for CAH. Chair Michael Chinn.

  1. Department

Search Committee. 2005-6. Assistant Professor of Chinese. Trip to Washington DC to interview candidates at the Modern Language Association annual confence.
Personnel Committee Chair. 1999-2000. Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages Personnel Committee.
Field Trip Leader. Semiannually. Field Trips to Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park with Japanese language students.
Academic Major Advisor. Advisor to students pursuing individual studies majors in Japanese, Chinese (1992-2003), and Asian studies.
Advisor. (Ongoing) Namakemono Anime Club. Japanese Animation club. Club sponsors weekly showing of Japanese animation. Supervise fundraising activities of bakesales, and sushi sales.

Advisor. (Ongoing) Central Washington University Japanese Student Club.
Advisor. 1994-2000. Central Washington University Water Polo Club. First ever water polo club at Central.
Practicum Supervisor. Supervisor to education majors for classroom teaching experience in Japanese language instruction.

International Education and World Languages Day.. (Since 2002) Yearly, May. Organizer. 350+ students from Central Washington high schools attended a program of events scheduled throughout the day starting at 8:30 and ending at 2:30. 25+ program presentations planned with one large musical and dance performance scheduled for midday. Objectives of the program are to recruit students to CWU and its language programs, provide access to the university for the high school students of Washington state, create partnerships between CWU and outside organizations and personnel, and to promote increased awareness and understanding of world languages and cultures.

  1. Other:

East West Center/ Asian Studies Development Program. 1997 to present. Recruited participants from Central Washington University to attend three-week seminars in Honolulu. Partial list of CWU faculty attendees: Ken Munsell, Karen Blair, Cameron Otopalick, Toni Culak, Roy Savoian, Moose Mack Koushik Ghosh, Liahna Armstrong, Kalala Ngalamulume, Roxanne Easley, Richard Mack, Ken Munsell, Bobby Cummings and Josh Nelson. Investiture as East West Center Asian Studies Development Program Regional Center.
Food and Culture. 1999, 2000. Joint venture with Dr. Ethan Bergman, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. Developed collaborative learning activity between Japanese language students and Family and Consumer Sciences’ students..
Mombusho Scholarship Selection Committee. Yearly. Committee interviews applicants for Mombusho (Ministry of Education, Japan) scholarships to Shimane University. Recommendations are sent to Shimane and then forwarded to Ministry of Education offices in Tokyo for final selection.
KIMA Interview with T.J. Close over the role of faculty senate in university governance and the changeover to a new university president. Broadcast August, 1999.
Student Health and Counseling Center. November 13, 2002. Presentation on Japanese culture. Invitation from the mental health care staff to explain salient features of Japanese culture, knowledge of which may help in the provision of care to Japanese patients.
Bridges. March 5, 2004. Two Anime club presentations for Bridges project, a Gear-Up grant funded mentoring program to bring students from regional schools to CWU campus.
Bridges. Yearly. Presentations to junior high school students brought to CWU through the Bridges project. Presentation on the origins of the Japanese orthographic system.
Asian Culture Night. February 2005. Preparation and presentation of Japanese foods at Barto Hall during the Chinese New Year celebration. Part of the Living Learning Community International House programming.

A. Membership in Professional Associations:

Modern Language Association

B. Offices Held and Honors Awarded in Professional Associations:


C. Consultantships:

D: Evaluation of Manuscripts for Journals and Books Publishers and of Grant Proposals for Agencies: N.A.

E. Papers and Presentations at Professional Meetings (other than those listed under “Scholarly Activity”) N.A.

F. Other:


Interpreter. (Ongoing) Kittitas Valley Community Hospital Translator's Pool. Kittitas County Law Enforcement Dispatch Translator's Pool.

Translator/Interpreter. October 2006. Kittitas County Lower Court. Interpreter for Japanese exchange professor ticketed for speeding.
Translator/Interpreter. September 2003. Translator for Japanese student arrested for failure to appear after receiving a summons. Judge Jewett presiding.
Interpreter. January 2000. Kittitas County Superior Court. Served as interpreter in Superior Court. Judge Michael Cooper presiding.
Lincoln Elementary School. 1996, 1998. Taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classes Japanese language and customs through song and play activities.


DATE: January 7, 2007
DEPARTMENT: Foreign Languages

Phone 3-3329

E-Mail romboyd@cwu.edu


DEGREES: Ph.D. University of Utah 1974
B.A. University of Utah 1964


Associate Professor, CWU Department of Foreign Languages

CWU 1989- 2007

Director of International Programs and Foreign Student Advisor

CWU 1977 - 1989
Director/Administrator of the CWU'S ESL Program 1979 - 1989
CWU Faculty Exchange Advisor and Fulbright Advisor 1977 - 1989
Coordinator and Program Developer of the AAUP ESL Program with Dale Otto and Don Schliesman CWU 1988 - 1989
Assistant Professor CWU Department of Foreign Languages

1972-1979 (promoted 1979)
Assistant Professor, Humanities Program for Flight Instructors at Highline Community College 1976

(III. Professional Experience cont.)
Assistant Professor, Humanities Program at Columbia Basin Community College 1975
Acting Department Chair, CWU FL Dept. Spring Quarter 1975

Instructor, Morehead State University, Morehead, MN 1971 - 1972

Instructor, Idaho State University, Pocatello ID 1966 - 1967

Teaching Associate, University of Utah 1965-1969

A. Interests and Specialties

18th Century German Literature, European Comparative Literature, Existentialism, The Theater of the Absurd, Phonetics, German Grammar and Language

B. Courses Taught

GERM 151, 152, 153 First Year German

GERM 251, 252, 253 Second Year German GERM 301 Introduction to German Literature

GERM 310 German Civilization and Culture

GERM 341 / 342 Intro. Composition and Grammar

GERM 343 / 344 Intermediate Conversation

GERM 385 German Phonetics

GERM 431 German Classicism and Romanticism

GERM 442 Translation and Interpretation GERM 454 The German Narrative

GERM 456 German Drama

GERM 458 Modern German Literature

GERM 496 Faust and Readings in Germ. Lit.

HUM 298 The Self in Literature

(lV. Teaching Experience cont.)
C. Other

Taught 14 Arranged and Individual Study Courses from September 2003 to September 2006
D. Teaching and Service Awards

2003 - Merit, Level I

2000 - Merit, Level I & II

1997 - Merit, Level I & II

1989 - Merit, 2 steps

1988 - Merit, 1 step

1985 - Merit and Profess. Growth, 2 steps

1984 - Professional Growth, 1 step

1983 - Merit, 2 steps

1982 - Merit and Profess. Growth, 2 steps

1980 - Merit, 1 step

1976 - Merit, 1/2 step

1975 - Growth, 1 step

1974 - Growth, 1/2 step

1973 - Merit, 1 step
E. Student Evaluations

Most questioned categories on the administered SEOI

express a higher mean and a lower standard deviation than those indicated for the department, for the college and for

the university as a whole. These evaluations plus additional verbal and written feedback demonstrates superior teaching

effectiveness, superior student satisfaction and superior classroom structure and decorum.

F. Non-Compensated Teaching

Taught one course each quarter without compensation while

in administration

Developed a computer based phonetics course and course pack with more than two thousand word illustrations of the vowel and consonant sounds in German. Each sound is specifically highlighted to facilitate recognition, pronunciation and understanding. (See Course Pack for GERM 385.) CWU 2004-2006
Continuous course development and up-dating of teaching materials and course packs. Each course is revised each time the course is taught and completely changed with a new edition of the text and/or the adoption of a new text. (See Course Packs of courses taught during the 2003-2006-review period.) CWU 1989 - 2006
Innovative Classroom Teaching and Computer based Instruction in German Linguistics CWU 2002
Member, Pacific Rim Committee: Program development for

an area study program of the Pacific Rim and with grant proposal (funded) CWU 1986 - 1988
Presentation, CWU Today on Yakima Television, The

Foreign Student at CWU and the Economic Impact on the Ellensburg / Washington State Area. CWU 1984
Presenter "Brecht: The Man and His Works" A panel

discussion on Bertolt Brecht shown on a Yakima television station for four days, CWU Today. CWU 1983

Program Evaluator for the CECEMMAC/CMI Mexico Study Abroad Program CWU 1983
Presenter, Regional WAFFLT Conference "Effective Teaching Methods for Special Language Problems"

CWU 1980
Three WAFLT President's Message to all Foreign Language Teachers in the State of Washington published in The Forum, A WAFLT publication CWU 1976-1977
Opening Remarks, Washington Association of Foreign Language Teachers (WAFLT) State Conference, Seattle

(cont.) CWU 1976
(V. Scholarly Activity and Productivity cont.)
Presenter, WAFLT Fall Conference, "Foreign Language

Programs in Two and Four Year Colleges" CWU 1976
Session Chairman, WAFLT Fall Conference CWU 1975
Consultant and Writer of State Publications on The Teaching of Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom in Conjunctions with the State's Foreign Language Coordinator

CWU 1974 - 1975
Co-Chairman, Washington Association of Foreign Language

Teachers (WAFLT), State Conference CWU 1974
Developed 30-Minute German Radio Program for KXLE, German Music and Cultural Information CWU 1973
Presenter and Teacher in the Eastern Washington State College Inland Empire Culture Institute CWU 1973

A. University

2005 - 2006 Cornerstone Program
2003-2006 CWU Visitation Program
1995 CWU Assessment Workshop

1994 - 1995 International Programs Advisory


1994 CWU Alumni Small Grants Committee

1989 - 1991 University Curriculum Committee

1988 - 1989 Dean's Advisory Council

1985 Search Committee, ESL Director

(VI. University Service cont.)

1985 - 1988 Committee Member of the Directors of

International Programs, a committee of the Interinstitutional Council of Academic

Officers (Provosts and Academic Vice-

Presidents of state universities within Washington)
1983 - 1985 Chair, Foreign Student Policy Committee

1983 Search Committee, Director of Continuing Education
1982 Admissions Office Committee for the

Admission of International Students
1982 Member, Search Committee for Assistant

Director for Off-Campus Programs
1981 - 1982 Ad Hoc Committee of the Undergraduate

Council on Foreign Languages and International Studies

1980 - 1984 Chair, International Programs Advisory Committee
1976 - 1977 Member, University Sabbatical Leave

1973 - 1976 Member, Interdepartmental Majors Committee

1973 - 1975 Member, University Linguistics Committee

B. Faculty Senate
1992 - 1998 Faculty Senator

1993 - 1995 Faculty Senate Executive Committee

1994 – 1995 Secretary, Faculty Senate Executive

1973 - 1976 Alternate Faculty Senator

(VI. University Service cont.)
C. Department

1992-2007 Major and Minor Advisor for all German

Students (Review Period 2003-2006

Advisor to 67 Students)
2005-2006 Chinese Search Committee
2003-2005 Departmental Scholarship Committee
2003-2004 Chinese Search Committee

2002-2003 Department Library Committee
2001-2002 Search Committee for the ASL position
1990 - 1991 Department Curriculum Committee

1974 Acting Chair, Foreign Language Department (Spring Quarter)

1972 - 1976 Chair, FL Department Curriculum Committee

D. Administrative Performance:
1977-1989 Yearly Superior or Outstanding administrative evaluations from the Vice

President for Academic Affairs. In 1983 I was recognized by the Vice President for Academic Affairs as one of two adminis- tors for distinguished service to the university.

E. Student Service
2002-2006 Only German Professor responsible for all matters pertaining to the German program, including yearly course scheduling, German curriculum, library acquisitions, campus visitations, emails to and from students, letters of recommendation and record-keeping, advising and teaching sufficient courses for students to be able to finish their degree

(E. Student Service cont.)
1990-1998 General Advisor to Incoming Freshmen
1990 - 2003 Foreign Credential Evaluator for German Study Abroad Participants
1977 - 1989 Academic Advisor to Foreign Students

1977 - 1989 Study Abroad Advisor

1977 - 1989 Advisor to the CWU International Club

1977 - 1989 Host Family Program for new Foreign Students

1977 - 1983 Student Fulbright Advisor

A. Professional Associations

1983 - 1989 Member, Washington State China Relations Council
1983 - 1989 Member, Institute of International Education (IIE)
1980 - 1989 Member, Northwest Interinstitutional Council Study Abroad (NICSA)
1980 - 1989 Member, Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

1980 - 1989 Member, National Association for Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA)
1976-1977 Member of The Washington State Council for Curriculum Coordination

1976 Member of American Conference for Teaching Foreign Languages, ACTFL
1976 Member, Executive Board of the Pacific

Northwest Council on Foreign Languages, PNCFL
(A. Professional Associations cont.)
1976 Chair, General Session of the Washington Association of Foreign

Language Teachers and the Oregon

Association of Foreign Language Teachers (WAFLT/OAFLT) Joint Conference
1976 Member of the American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages, ACTFL
1973 - 1979 Member, Washington Association of Foreign Language Teachers

B. Offices Held and Honors Awarded in Professional Associations
1974 - 1977 Executive Officer Washington Association of Foreign Language Teachers (WAFLT), President Elect, President, Past President
1989 WAFLT Annual Conference, Recognition

and Plaque for Service as President to the Association

C. Conferences Attended
WAFLT State Conference in 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976,

1977, 1988, 1989
NAFSA National Conference in 1982 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987


CIEE National Conference in 1986, 1987, 1988

NAFSA Regional Conference in 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982,

1983, 1984, 1986, 1987

IIE Regional Conference in 1985, 1986

Washington State China Relations Council in 1984, 1985, 1986
PNCFL Regional Conference, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976

ACTFL National Conference 1976

1989-2006 Community Translation Service

Provided translations free of charge to various individual and church groups
1980 - 1989 Numerous presentation to the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs and local churches and ot other groups about the foreign student and host family programs at Central


Study / Travel / Residence Abroad

In order to keep current with language developments and

changes, upgrade my language skills, research course and teaching materials and to be able to present accurate infor- mation to my students on contemporary life and current events in Germany, I traveled and lived for extended

periods of time in Germany as illustrated below. These visits allowed me to provide my students with an exceptional teaching experience.
2006 Summer 77 days - Germany

2005 Summer 73 days – Germany

2004 – Summer 65 days – Germany

2003 – Summer 66 days - Germany

2002 - Summer 65 days – Germany

2001 - Summer 31 days - Germany

2000 - Summer 65 days - Germany

1998 - Summer 45 days - Germany

1997 - Summer 50 days - Germany

1996 - Summer 56 days - Germany

1995 - Summer 52 days – Germany

1994 - Summer 54 days - Germany

1993 - Summer 53 days - Germany


(A. Professional Growth Activities cont.)

1991 - Summer 56 days - Germany

1990 - Summer 57 days - Germany

1989 - Summer 60 days - Germany

Computer Courses Completed

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